Donna Fletcher Books In Order

Rancheros Books In Order

  1. Untamed Fire (1991)
  2. Renegade Love (2013)
  3. Diablo’s Angel (2020)

Scottish duo Books In Order

  1. Isle of Lies (2002)
  2. Love Me Forever (2003)

Warrior Books In Order

  1. Legendary Warrior (2004)
  2. Dark Warrior (2004)

Twin Books In Order

  1. The Daring Twin (2005)
  2. The Bewitching Twin (2006)

Highlander Books In Order

  1. Taken By Storm (2006)
  2. The Highlander’s Bride (2007)

Sinclare Brothers Books In Order

  1. Return of the Rogue (2008)
  2. Under the Highlander’s Spell (2008)
  3. The Angel and the Highlander (2009)
  4. The Highlander’s Forbidden Bride (2009)

Warrior King Books In Order

  1. Bound to a Warrior (2010)
  2. Loved By a Warrior (2011)
  3. A Warrior’s Promise (2012)
  4. Wed to a Highland Warrior (2012)

Highlander / Cree & Dawn Books In Order

  1. Highlander Unchained (2013)
  2. Forbidden Highlander (2013)
  3. Highlander’s Captive (2013)
  4. My Highlander (2018)
  5. Highlander’s Magical Love (2018)

Sexual Appetites of Unearthly Creatures Books In Order

  1. Sexual Appetites of Vampires (2014)

Macinnes Sisters Trilogy Books In Order

  1. The Highlander’s Stolen Heart (2014)
  2. Highlander’s Rebellious Love (2014)
  3. Highlander the Dark Dragon (2015)

Cree & Dawn Books In Order

  1. Highlander’s True Love (2015)
  2. Highlander’s Promise (2015)
  3. Highlander’s Winter Tale (2015)
  4. Highlander’s Rescue (2016)
  5. Cree & Dawn Short Stories Volume 1 (2016)

Pict King Books In Order

  1. The King’s Executioner (2016)
  2. The King’s Warrior (2016)
  3. The King & His Queen (2017)

Highland Warriors Books In Order

  1. To Love A Highlander (2017)
  2. Embraced By A Highlander (2017)
  3. Highlander The Demon Lord (2018)

Macardle Sisters of Courage Books In Order

  1. Highlander of My Heart (2019)
  2. Desired by a Highlander (2019)
  3. Highlander Lord of Fire (2019)

Highland Promise Books In Order

  1. Pledged To A Highlander (2020)
  2. Entrusted To A Highlander (2020)
  3. Highlander Oath Of The Beast (2021)

Highland Intrigue Trilogy Books In Order

  1. The Silent Highlander (2021)
  2. The Condemned Highlander (2021)

Pepper The Prepper Books In Order

  1. Pepper, The Highlander & The Dead Guy (2021)


  1. San Francisco Surrender (1990)
  2. Tame My Wild Touch (1992)
  3. Rebellious Bride (1993)
  4. The Buccaneer (1995)
  5. Whispers on the Wind (1997)


  1. Highlanders Short Story Collection: Volume One (2018)

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Donna Fletcher Books Overview

Love Me Forever

Left for dead after a carriage accident, Brianna Cameron wakes to find herself in a one room cottage with a tall, dark, and badly scarred man tending her wounds. Once a fierce warrior who charmed many a woman into bed, he is now a broken man, shattered by war. But caring for Brianna seems to heal the scars on his soul…
and open his heart to the redemptive power of love.

Legendary Warrior

A Legendary Love Is Born

Reena Cullen grew up listening to tales of the one they call the ‘Legend’ a merciless warrior who is both feared and respected. So when her village is devastated by a cruel landlord, she knows in her heart the Legend is the only one who can rescue her people. But the flesh and blood man is even more powerful and sensuous than the hero she imagined

Magnus is fascinated by this petite, bold beauty who has come to him for help. He cannot refuse her, for she has stirred fires within him as no woman before. Yet another reason impels him to keep the lady close a secret that could threaten everything she loves. If she uncovers his dark mysteries, will Reena shun the handsome devil she has bargained with or will she surrender completely to a fierce and dangerous passion?

Dark Warrior

He is her salvation, her lover…
her destiny Mary waits, trembling in the darkness the prisoner of a fearsome tormentor who would have her at any cost. Then a mysterious cloaked figure appears at her dungeon door. A champion has come to free the beautiful lass and carry her off to safety, with arms as powerful and sure as the trees of the forest. He calls himself Michael, the Dark One. Though he must keep his face hidden from her, Mary is captivated by his strength and kindness…
and irresistibly drawn by his masculine fire toward a most willing and sensuous surrender. But the warrior who once held her captive will stop at nothing to reclaim his prize and if Mary does not return to him, many innocents will die. Yet how will she survive if she is forced to abandon the most passionate love she has ever known?

Taken By Storm

Burke Longton has traveled to Scotland to find his brother, but instead finds himself in a dungeon, accused of a crime he did not commit. Before he can devise a plan to escape, a motley crew bursts into the cell, and he is rescued by a fiery hellion who is as beautiful as she is fierce…
They call her Storm an avenging angel to the wrongly imprisoned, an outlaw wanted by the Scottish government. Everything and everyone she’d ever loved has been taken from her, and now she’s determined to never let that happen again. She does not have time for tenderness or love…
until she meets Burke. Rugged and courageous, his kisses promise nights of fevered passion, while his eyes challenge her to dream of a future together. Dare she let this man storm past her defenses and convince her to trust her heart again?

The Highlander’s Bride

Forced to marry…

Cullen Longton was stunned by the news: he has a son! Cullen is now determined to find his child, who was stolen by a vengeful enemy, and has followed the trail to a nunnery in the Scottish Highlands. A beautiful, desperate woman promises to assist him in his quest…
for a price.

But powerless to resist her

Sara McHern is a prisoner behind convent walls, where she must remain until her father finds her a husband. Cullen& 146;s arrival is the answer to her prayers and she will reunite him with his son only if he agrees to wed her. Then passion ignites, and a marriage of convenience is suddenly transformed into something fiery hot. Cullen never imagined he would surrender his heart to this feisty lass, but as they struggle to escape the web of deceit that surrounds them, love may be the only thing that will save them.

Return of the Rogue

Marriage was her only means of escape…

Though Honora Tannach came of age amid the misty moors of the Scottish highlands, where warring clans battled to the death for the future of their wild land, nothing frightens her so much as a lifetime trapped in the castle of her cruel stepfather. She is thrilled when a marriage is arranged to the son of a Scottish laird…
until her betrothed is revealed to be Cavan Sinclare. Though the savage warrior once saved her life, Honora knows no one can tame the heart of such a brute, no matter now finely chiseled his features or how enticing his eyes…

After escaping his captors, Cavan’s only concern is protecting his clan from the menacing invaders who threaten at every turn and his beautiful wife is a dangerous distraction. But in the face of fiery passion, their reluctance will fade…
and Cavan will discover that there is no greater strength than the power of true love.

Under the Highlander’s Spell

A Thrilling Rescue…
Highland warrior Artair Sinclare would do anything to find his missing brother. But the only woman who can help him is about to be burned at the stake! Zia, a talented healer, has been branded a witch by vicious local villagers. Swooping in to save her at the very last moment, Artair swears to protect her…
even if the only way to keep her safe is to pretend to be her beloved husband. A Tempting Alliance…
Marry this savage stranger? Never! Yet the beautiful and determined Zia soon realizes that she needs Artair’s help to proceed with her life’s work. She submits to their risky charade, growing closer to Artair all the while. Hunted by treacherous enemies, they escape to a wild, wooded place deep in the Scottish Highlands, where unexpected desires ignite…
and Zia finds herself utterly, wholly Under the Highlander’s Spell.

The Angel and the Highlander

The fearless warrior has finally met his match…
When Alyce Bunnock’s father tried to marry her off, she fled, taking shelter at Everagis Abbey, donning a nun’s habit, and renaming herself Sister Terese. But when Lachlan Sinclare arrives to restore her to her family, the safety of the convent is shattered. At the sight of the handsome Highlander, Alyce fears for her freedom and weakens with desire. Lachlan has been tasked with finding shrewish Alyce, but can think only of beautiful Terese. Yet with every forbidden touch, Lachlan comes closer to the truth. And once her secret is revealed, Alyce must choose between the independence she’s always craved and the tempting man she cannot resist.

The Highlander’s Forbidden Bride

She will pay for her sins…
After being freed from the hellish barbarians who held him captive, Ronan Sinclare knows he must return to his clan to claim his powerful heritage. But first he must destroy the woman who ruined everything. Even as he seizes Carissa and makes her his prisoner, Ronan is tormented by memories of the woman he loved and lost: the gentle Hope, whose death by Carissa’s hand he has sworn to avenge. Carissa knows nothing but survival. Raised by a brutal man, she shows only coldness to the world…
but inside burns the heart of a woman longing for passion. Forced to hide her true self from the proud, fierce warrior even as she dreamed of someday being his bride, Carissa would do anything to keep her darkest secret. But she cannot hide the truth or her desires from her captor forever…

Bound to a Warrior

It has been prophesied that four men, raised as brothers, will bring Scotland back to her rightful glory. The first is running for his life.

Charged with the restoration of Scotland’s one true king, Duncan MacAlpin isn’t surprised to find himself fleeing an army across the verdant hills of his homeland. But having to do so while shackled to a woman…
that is a true challenge to Duncan’s ingenuity and self-control. For the lovely, untouched maiden he’s chained to is far too captivating to resist.

Despite her innocence, Mercy guards her own dangerous secrets. Proud and unafraid-hunted and imperiled for who she is and what she knows-she is determined to regain her freedom and never let it be taken from her again. Yet locked so tightly to her imposed escort, tempted by the warmth of the powerful Highlander’s body, she aches to give herself over completely to desire…
and risk the heart she has fought so hard to protect.

San Francisco Surrender

BEGUILING THIEFLovely Victoria Chambers had a dangerous secret: forced by desperation into a lifeof crime, the eighteen year old beauty was actually the notorious wharf thief known as ‘The Serpent’! But from the moment she set eyes on sinfully seductive Sebastian Blood, the voluptuous vixen in disguise realized that her nights on the docks were numbered! She yearned to yield to his searing midnight embrace, even though he’d be sure to uncover her deception. She’d gladly forget the criminal trade, burning to surrender her trembling flesh to Sebastian ‘s deepest, darkest desires…
SEDUCTIVE STALKERBlood better known as ‘The Dragon ‘ vowed to beat the thieving ‘Serpent’ at his own villainous game, but the instant he laid eyes on the spirited street urchin, he found himself strangely captivated and definitely suspicious. The wily waif’s enchanting emerald eyes, wildly sensual lips, and poorly disguised curves drove the rugged San Franciscan to distraction. This was no boy! He wouldn’t rest until he d uncovered the deceiving damsel, stroked her silken skin into submission, and made her pay for her wicked charade with a night of rapturous lovemaking!

Rebellious Bride

Sheriff’s daughter Lillian is determined to live without romance and is shocked to wake up one morning in the bed of Rolfe, the town’s most eligible bachelor.

Whispers on the Wind

Inheriting the haunted estate of Cornwall, Belinda Latham encounters the sensual and restless ghost of the late Maximillian Radborne, who fills her nights with passion, and she is torn when the local vicar asks her to marry him.

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