Donna Ball Books In Order

Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Smoky Mountain Tracks (2006)
  2. Rapid Fire (2006)
  3. Gun Shy (2007)
  4. Bone Yard (2011)
  5. Silent Night (2011)
  6. The Dead Season (2012)
  7. All That Glitters (Short Story) (2012)
  8. High In Trial (2013)
  9. Double Dog Dare (2013)
  10. Home of the Brave (2014)
  11. Dog Days (2015)
  12. Land of the Free (2016)
  13. Deadfall (2017)
  14. The Devil’s Deal (2018)
  15. Murder Creek (2020)

Blood River Books In Publication Order

  1. Unfixable (2021)

The Kincaids Books In Publication Order

  1. Raging Rivers (1992)
  2. Prairie Thunder (1993)
  3. Mountain Fury (1993)
  4. Westward Winds (1993)

Ladybug Farm Books In Publication Order

  1. A Year on Ladybug Farm (2009)
  2. At Home on Ladybug Farm (2009)
  3. Recipes From Ladybug Farm (2010)
  4. Love Letters from Ladybug Farm (2010)
  5. Christmas on Ladybug Farm (2011)
  6. Vintage Ladybug Farm (2012)
  7. A Wedding on Ladybug Farm (2014)

Hummingbird House Books In Publication Order

  1. The Hummingbird House (2013)
  2. Christmas at The Hummingbird House (2015)
  3. Love, From the Hummingbird House (2018)

Heart of the Wolf Books In Publication Order

  1. Wolf in Waiting (1995)
  2. Secret of the Wolf (1995)
  3. Shadow Of The Wolf (1995)

Devoncroix Dynasty Books In Publication Order

  1. The Passion (1998)
  2. The Promise (1999)
  3. Renegade (2011)

Dogleg Island Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Flash (2015)
  2. The Sound of Running Horses (2016)
  3. Flash of Brilliance (2017)
  4. Pieces of Eight (2019)

A Century of American Romance/Dreams Books In Publication Order

  1. The Sensation (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1990)
  2. Saturday’s Child (By:Dallas Schulze) (1990)
  3. American Pie (By:Margaret St. George) (1990)
  4. A> Loverboy (By:Judith Arnold) (1991)
  5. My Only One (By:Lindsay McKenna) (1991)
  6. Kissed by the Sea (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1994)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Winners (1982)
  2. Summer Masquerade (1982)
  3. Twice in a Lifetime (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1983)
  4. A Matter of Trust (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1983)
  5. Morning Song (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1983)
  6. Best Of Friends (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1983)
  7. Suddenly Love (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  8. Falkone’s Promise (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  9. A Modern Girl (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  10. Gilded Heart (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  11. Second Sight (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  12. Desert Fire (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  13. The Key (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  14. The Third Time (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  15. Silver Threads (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  16. Daydreams (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1984)
  17. Easy Access (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1985)
  18. Open Hands (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1985)
  19. Rainbows And Unicorn (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1985)
  20. The Growing Season (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1985)
  21. Uncertain Images (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1985)
  22. The Last Frontier (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1985)
  23. Afterglow (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1985)
  24. Painted Sunsets (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1986)
  25. The Straight Game (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1986)
  26. Minor Miracles (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1986)
  27. Obsessions (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1986)
  28. Satin Fires (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1986)
  29. After the Storm (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1986)
  30. Scarlet Sunrise (As: Leigh Bristol) (1987)
  31. Amber Skies (As: Leigh Bristol) (1987)
  32. Silver Twilight (As: Leigh Bristol) (1987)
  33. Under Cover (As: Donna Carlisle) (1988)
  34. Search the Heavens (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1988)
  35. Hearts of Fire (As: Leigh Bristol) (1988)
  36. A Man Around The House (As: Donna Carlisle) (1989)
  37. Interlude (As: Donna Carlisle) (1989)
  38. Sunswept (As: Leigh Bristol) (1990)
  39. Earthbound (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1990)
  40. Twice Blessed (As: Leigh Bristol) (1991)
  41. For Keeps (As: Donna Carlisle) (1991)
  42. The Stormriders (As: Donna Carlisle) (1991)
  43. Under the Mistletoe (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1991)
  44. Cast Adrift (As: Donna Carlisle) (1992)
  45. Angel (As: Leigh Bristol) (1992)
  46. Yesterday Comes Tomorrow (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1992)
  47. The Darkest Hour (1992)
  48. Once Upon A Time (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1992)
  49. It’s Only Make Believe (As: Donna Carlisle) (1992)
  50. The Last Real Man (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1993)
  51. Legacy (As: Leigh Bristol) (1993)
  52. Matchmaker, Matchmaker (As: Donna Carlisle) (1993)
  53. Forever Always (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1993)
  54. Stealing Savannah (As: Donna Carlisle) (1994)
  55. Quinn’s Way (As: Rebecca Flanders) (1994)
  56. Exposure (1996)
  57. Just Before Dawn (1997)
  58. The Alchemist (As: Donna Boyd) (2002)
  59. The Awakening (As: Donna Boyd) (2003)
  60. The Message in the Miracles (As: Donna Carlisle) (2003)
  61. Keys to the Castle (2010)
  62. Sanctuary (2011)
  63. Shattered (2012)

Mossy Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. Mossy Creek (2001)
  2. Reunion at Mossy Creek (2002)
  3. Summer in Mossy Creek (2003)
  4. Blessings of Mossy Creek (2004)
  5. A Day in Mossy Creek (2006)
  6. At Home in Mossy Creek (2007)
  7. Gone But Not Forgotten (2008)
  8. Critters of Mossy Creek (2009)
  9. Closer Than They Appear (2014)

Sweet Tea Books In Publication Order

  1. Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes (With: Debra Dixon,Sandra Chastain,Deborah Smith,Virginia Ellis,Nancy Knight) (2000)
  2. More Sweet Tea (By:Sandra Chastain,Deborah Smith,Virginia Ellis) (2005)
  3. On Grandma’s Porch (By:Sarah Addison Allen,Sandra Chastain,Deborah Smith) (2007)
  4. Sweeter Than Tea (By:Kimberly Brock,Deborah Grace Staley,Tom Honea,Jane Jacobson,Valerie Keiser Norris,S.P. Sipal,Clara Wimberly,Misty Barrere,Willis Baker,Martina Boone,Deedra Climer,Darcy Crowder,Kathleen Hodges) (2012)

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  • My Only One (By:Lindsay McKenna)
  • Kissed by the Sea (As: Rebecca Flanders)
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    Donna Ball Books Overview

    Smoky Mountain Tracks

    North Carolina native Raine Stockton, a dog trainer and the ex-wife of a deputy sheriff, knows the woods of Hanover County as well as anyone. She stopped volunteering for Search and Rescue work after a tragic loss, but now she reluctantly returns to active duty-along with a young and inexperienced Golden Retriever named Cisco-to help find a mother and six-year-old girl who have been kidnapped and taken deep into the wilderness. Suspecting there’s more to the case than meets the eye, Raine must struggle to overcome her personal demons, turn her search in new directions-and learn to trust Cisco to lead the way.

    Rapid Fire

    With her kennel business and her part-time job with the forest service, Raine Stockton is having a hectic summer when the FBI drops in to see her about her old flame Andy Fontana. Fontana disappeared from her life when he was connected with an act of sabotage that left several people dead. Now, he’s an eco-terrorist on the Ten Most Wanted list, and the feds think Raine can help them bring him to justice.

    The FBI suspects Andy has returned to retrieve a fortune in diamonds he hid in the wilderness. He also may be responsible for a recent wave of property damage, and an unsolved hit-and-run death. With the help of her loyal Golden Retriever, Cisco, Raine must discover the truth about the man she once loved, and uncover a killer in the process.

    Gun Shy

    Michelle White may have committed suicide. For days, her body has lain in a cabin along with her terrified dog. So they call in Raine Stockton. Raine hardly has time for the poor dog she’s named Hero. But as she falls for him, questions surface about his late owner-and Raine realizes that Hero may be the only witness to a murder.

    A Year on Ladybug Farm

    Their husbands were gone, their families were grown, and the future stretched out before them like an unfulfilled promise…

    Tired of always dreaming and never doing, Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget make a life altering decision. Uprooting themselves from their comfortable lives in the suburbs, the three friends buy a run down mansion, nestled in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley. They christen their new home ‘Ladybug Farm,’ hoping that the name will bring them luck.

    As the friends take on a home improvement challenge of epic proportions, they encounter disaster after disaster, from renegade sheep and garden thieves to a seemingly ghostly inhabitant. Over the course of a year, overwhelming obstacles make the three women question their decision, but they ultimately learn that sometimes the best things can happen when everything goes wrong…

    At Home on Ladybug Farm

    From the award winning author of A Year on Ladybug Farm comes the continuing story of three women who learn what it takes to turn a house into a home. A year after taking the chance of a lifetime, Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget are still trying to make a home for themselves on the newly renovated Ladybug Farm. Life in the Shenandoah Valley is picturesque, but filled with unexpected trials such as the introduction of two young people into the ordered life the women have tried to build for themselves. As the walls of the old house reveal their secrets and the lives of those who have gone before begin to unfold, the cobbled together household starts to disintegrate into chaos. And when one of their members is threatened by a real crisis, they must all come together to fight for the roots they’ve laid down, the hopes they share, and the family they’ve become.

    Love Letters from Ladybug Farm

    Love is in the air in this delightful novel third in the bestselling Ladybug Farm series from award winning author Donna Ball. Renovating a broken down mansion in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley gave three lifelong friends a welcome second chance. But after taking the biggest risk of their lives, are these women also willing to risk their hearts? All the effort Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget have put into transforming an historic but overgrown farm into an upscale winery and special events business is paying off Ladybug Farm has been chosen to host a society wedding. What this really means is that they are about to be invaded by warring mothers in law, a Bridezilla, and a completely clueless groom. They have their hands full keeping Ladybug Farm from descending into total chaos. But there’s something about a wedding…

    Wolf in Waiting

    Forbidden lovers. He was the standard against which all others were measured the strongest, the smartest, the sexiest and the most noble kind: Noel Duprey, whose birthright forbad him even to look Victoria St. Clare’s way, for his destiny would never allow him to take her as his bride. Furthermore, Noel believed she was a traitor, out to destroy his legacy out to destroy him. But all she was really after was his heart…
    Within a few lost souls, the Heart of the Wolf beats fierce and wild. Feel them, fear them, tame them…

    Shadow Of The Wolf

    To catch a killer TV journalist Amy Fortenoy knew the only way to catch the elusive ‘werewolf killer’ was to dangle herself as bait. But when she got in over her head, sexy Ky Londen came to her rescue. Suddenly she was reallyin trouble. Because teaming up with the alluring P.I. Raised the stakes which now included her heart. Ky had his own very private reason for joining the investigation. Yet he never should have involved the determined ace reporter. She was a sultry distraction he couldn’t afford. For if he lost his concentration, they could lose their lives to the beast within himself. Within a few lost souls, the Heart of the Wolf/B beats fierce and wild. Feel them, fear them, tame them…

    The Passion

    In finely crafted prose and lush detail, Donna Boyd weaves a spell binding tapestry of romance and suspense set against richly imagined landscapes of sensuousness. An intense saga of love and betrayal, The Passion is a story of those who walk the fine line between man beast. On the eve of a brutal murder in contemporary Manhattan, Alexander Devoncroix finally reveals to his son and heir a tightly guarded chapter in the family history, which is know to no outsiders. In a world in which a superior race of werewolved holds the positions of power, human and werewolf segregation had become the norm. But for the first time, the leaders of the pack have accepted a human. In dazzling nineteenth century Paris, we meet three pivotal players: the young human Tessa LeGuerre, who falls under the spell of a very powerful, very sensual werewolf; Alexander Devoncroix, the charismatic werewolf who adores humans too well, but whose ultimate loyalty is to the pack; and Elise, the imperial pack leader who lays claim to Alexander. Beloved ‘pet’ of select members of the pack, Tessa naively embraces all things werewolf an ambition that results in unspeakable tragedy.

    The Promise

    ‘I saw the only woman I ever loved almost destroyed by my secrets. But it was the telling of them, in the end, that brought her to ruin.’From the journals of Matise Devoncroix

    Hannah Braselton North has abandoned civilization to spend her life in the Alaskan wilderness. And now she holds in her hands the supposed ‘memoirs’ of one Matise Devoncroix. It is a story of strange desires and forbidden love the tale of a magnificent hidden race and a tortured, doomed relationship. And it is somehow connected to the critically injured male wolf Hannah pulled from the same airplane wreckage in which she discovered the diary.

    But the deeper she delves into Devoncroix’s story and the stronger her recovering ‘patient’ becomes the more the sad, reclusive scientist realizes that what she is reading is no mere fiction. The world’s true rulers have been revealed to her: fierce, strong, beautiful, and sensual creatures who have long dominated civilization in secret. The burned and bloody wolf she has taken into her small cabin is one of them: a living relation of the tragic Matise, Nicholas Devoncroix. And as his broken body mends, his awesome powers of attraction strengthen as well as do his memories and his rage…
    and his lust for vengeance.


    The Long Awaited Third Installment in the Devoncroix Dynasty Emory Hilliford, an unassuming anthropology professor, is drugged, held captive and interrogated by a mysterious stranger who wants only one thing: the truth about an ancient race of beings known as the lupinotuum, half man/half wolf, who have walked among humans for centuries. Once they ruled the tundra, now they rule Wall Street. Once they fought with teeth and claws, now they fight with wealth and power. And Emory Hilliford, an orphan who was raised by a family of sophisticated, influential lupinotuum in twentieth century Venice, is uniquely positioned to chronicle their culture, their history, and their secrets. Unknown to all but a select few, Emory has also been carefully groomed to play a crucial role in history, one that could have deadly consequences for his own race, and theirs. Now forced to tell his story, Emory must decide how much of the truth he can afford to reveal, and what secrets he will take to his grave because his own time is running out. From the ancient legends of Greece and Rome to the mysteries of the Dark Ages and the glitter of modern day New York, Renegade is a sweeping saga of passion and betrayal, sacrifice and destiny, that will consume your days and haunt your nights long after the last page is turned. Praise for Donna Boyd’s Devoncroix Dynasty ‘…
    A horror/love story offering some of the density of background found in the best vampire fiction…
    Boyd knows how to keep a tale moving.’ Kirkus Reviews ‘Boyd transforms the monsters of myth and legend into erotic and charismatic beings.’ Library Journal ‘A maelstrom of suspense, love, and terror…
    a gripping, intense fantasy with riveting characters.’ Rendezvous ‘ Boyd makes the esoteric werewolf culture consistently and appealingly exotic, witty and sexy…
    . Readers will crave another novel set in this magical realm.’ Publisher’s Weekly

    Second Sight (As: Rebecca Flanders)

    This mystical adventure chronicles the physical, spiritual, and emotional journey of Gabriel Marpa, the child of white explorers who becomes the reincarnation of the Grand Lama of Tibet. He is the chosen one, who must be initiated in the sacred ways in order to confront a prophecy that tells of a long war against powerful invaders. Bess and Jodorowsky transform their hero’s spiritual quest into a supernatural thriller, full of suspense and unbelievable adventures.

    Afterglow (As: Rebecca Flanders)

    His first encounter with her landed Adrian A. Wesley III in jail. that was just for openers. By the end of the night, the Philadelphia blue blood’s cashmere coat was drenced in Kentucky bourbon, he’d witnessed one of Santa’s helpers get glassy eyed on Purple Passions and he’d asked a complete stranger to spend the weekend with him…
    Sandy Garrett had agreed to the illicit weekend only because she didn’t believe the invitation for a minute. By morning, Adrian’s brush with the mas*ses would surely be reduced to an amusing anecdote and Sandy herself would be forgotten. Might as well believe in Santa Claus as believe she’d ever lay eyes on Adrian Wesley again. But wasn’t Christmastime the season for miracles?

    A Man Around The House (As: Donna Carlisle)

    From the award winning author also known as Rebecca Flanders comes: House Husbands Inc…
    This sounded like the answer to busy executive Kendra Phillips’ prayers. Her house was falling apart, her lawn was overgrown, there were squirrels in her fireplace and she was wearing her last clean blouse. She needed more than help, she needed a wife! Business entrepreneur Michael Drake promised to take care of all of that, and more. He would manage her finances, cook her meals, clean her house, take care of her lawn, and even feed her cat all for a fee, of course. All she had to do was turn herself over completely to him. This was the most tempting offer Kendra had had in a long time. But if doing the dishes was the beginning of foreplay, what kind of fireworks would explode between them at the end of the day?

    Yesterday Comes Tomorrow (As: Rebecca Flanders)

    A mystery weekend turns into an unforgettable adventure in love for Amelia Langston when journeys back in time to the 1870 South, where she finds love with a murder suspect.

    Just Before Dawn

    As a serial killer stalks a quiet, resort community in Florida, the parents of a missing teenage girl begin receiving cryptic midnight phone calls from a young woman who sounds very much like their daughter.

    The Alchemist (As: Donna Boyd)

    In a sweeping epic of dazzling magic, soaring suspense, and dark longing, three immortal souls are united by fate and a fearless ambition that will change the course of history even as it destroys their own way of life…
    . On an upper floor of a plush, high security building on Central Park West, an elegant man sits in the office of Dr. Anne Kramer, confessing to the heinous murder that has horrified the modern world. Randolf Sontime is renowned for his personal charm, and Dr. Kramer is fighting to keep from falling victim to it. For the first time in her life, she truly understands the meaning of the word charisma. Not knowing that her own destiny is irrevocably tied to his, Anne Kramer listens to the story of Sontime’s life. It began with the magic, you see. And so, perforce, must I. As a boy named Han at the House of Ra, an isolated oasis in the Egyptian desert of a far ancient time, Sontime lived in privilege. There the chosen were trained in the science of alchemy magic, philosophy, miracles. Only two other initiates were as skilled as he: Akan, quiet and studious, a boy whose thirst for knowledge was matched only by his hunger for truth; and Nefar, beautiful and brilliant, a girl as filled with wonder and unfathomable ambition as Han himself. Together they discovered that in union, theirs was a power unmatched in the physical world. But even in the House of Ra, there were boundaries to be observed, knowledge that only the masters understood and feared. As the threesome s thirst for answers and for each other deepened, they were tempted by the dark arts that they had sworn to avoid. Look at three magnificent youths who stand astride your world and scoff at the rules you must obey…
    . Look at us, and call us gods. Their power was palpable, their desire total until the fateful moment when their alliance was forever damned, their gifts horribly corrupted.A seductive work that seethes with mystery and passion, The Alchemist hurtles readers back through time to an era when magic was sacred and the workings of the world lay in the hands of a few gifted, but tortured souls. In a stunning feat of unbridled imagination, Donna Boyd has created her most hypnotic novel to date. From the Hardcover edition.

    The Awakening (As: Donna Boyd)

    The celebrated author of The Alchemist leaves the world of ancient Egypt with this chilling, modern ghost story of an unraveling family.

    Keys to the Castle

    The author of the Ladybug Farm series delivers an exhilarating new novel of a middle aged woman who follows her heart to love and happiness. When a dashing French poet swept forty something workaholic Sara Graves off her feet, she did something completely unexpected: She married him. Then three weeks later he died, leaving her a house she can’t afford to keep in a country she’s never been to. Traveling to France to settle the estate, Sara is shocked to discover that her husband wasn’t the impoverished poet he claimed to be and that the estate he left her is a 400 year old crumbling castle in the Loire Valley. Now Sara must sell Chateau Rondelais before it not to mention her late husband’s disarmingly handsome lawyer and best friend makes her question her decision to leave and opens her heart to change and all its unexpected possibilities.

    Mossy Creek

    A delightful new collection of original Southern stories set in the charming, fictitious down home town of Mossy Creek, where there’s a friendly face on every corner and a heartfelt story behind every door…

    Reunion at Mossy Creek

    Return to Mossy Creek, when a class reunion stirs up more than just memories.

    Summer in Mossy Creek

    Treat yourself to another helping of down home charm with new stories of ‘the warm, offbeat, fun loving place that is Mossy Creek, GA’ Romantic Times.

    A Day in Mossy Creek

    Maybe it’s the post New Year’s boredom. maybe it’s the cold, frisky air. Whatever the cause, the citizens of Mossy Creek seem determined to get into trouble on a clear winter day in mid January. Police Chief Amos Royden and his loyal officers, Mutt and Sandy, can barely keep up with the calls. Hank and Casey Blackshear’s great aunt Irene, 93, leads a protest march of angry old folks on their electric scooters. Louise and Charlie Sawyer battle renovation pitfalls literally in their cranky house. Pearl Quinlan fights her sister, Spiva, over a plate of brownies. Patty Campbell performs a makeover on Orville Gene Simpson’s front yard, against Orville’s will. All that and more! Last, but not least, Amos and Ida finally stop fighting their secret attraction, but then the trouble really begins!

    At Home in Mossy Creek

    Book six in the Mossy Creek Hometown Series about life, love in a small Southern town. Mayberry meets Mitford. Humor, romance.

    Critters of Mossy Creek

    Springtime brings thoughts of love to people all over the world, and Creekites are no exception. Although love to Creekites isn t necessarily romantic. Take, for example, how they feel about their pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and fish take center stage as we once again see how the Southern half lives. Your favorites are back and in just as much trouble as ever. Amos and Ida are still circling each other’s wagons. Sandy Crane has a little Faith. Jayne Reynolds emerges from widowhood to take a long lingering look at Mossy Creek s Bubba Rice. Ed Bailey and his beloved dog Possum, Lil Ida Hamilton, Peggy Caldwell and others will make you laugh and cry at human and animal antics. Cat heists. Fish ponds. Bird nappings. Don t miss the fun with Critters of Mossy Creek! Welcome To Mossy Creek!The funny, heart warming Georgia mountain town whose slogan is Ain t goin nowhere, and don t want to. A few years ago, BelleBooks partners Debra Dixon, Deborah Smith, Sandra Chastain, Virginia Ellis, Donna Ball and Martha Crockett veteran authors with more than 100 romance and women s fiction books to their credit at major publishers decided to create a collective novel about a whimsical Appalachian town. Each author picked several characters to shepherd through the stories, and voila! A collaborative book was born. The series launched with MOSSY CREEK, followed by REUNION IN MOSSY CREEK, SUMMER IN MOSSY CREEK, BLESSINGS OF MESSY CREEK, A DAY IN MOSSY CREEK, AT HOME IN MOSSY CREEK, and now, in September 2009, Critters of Mossy Creek. Each book features the regulars plus a sterling group of outside authors. Mossy Creek contributors include bestselling novelists Sabrina Jeffries, Anne Bishop, Sharon Sala, Patti Callahan Henry and many more. The series has garnered glowing reviews, book club, large print and mass market sales, and a devoted fan base who eagerly await the next book. In November 2009 veteran Mossy Creek author Carolyn McSparren begins a spin off Mossy Creek mystery series: THE MERRY ABBOT CARRIAGE DRIVING SERIES, with Book One: CART BEFORE THE CORPSE.

    Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes (With: Debra Dixon,Sandra Chastain,Deborah Smith,Virginia Ellis,Nancy Knight)

    Six award winning authors have created a poignant, humorous collection of nostalgic tales. Here life’s lessons are handed down liberally sprinkled with hilarity from eccentric relatives, outrageous pets and unrepentant neighbors, and served up with a generous dollop of that most valued of all Southern commodities: good old fashioned storytelling. From Mississippi to Georgia, from Florida to Tennessee, these daughters of the South will take you on a lush tour of the times and the places they know best, each voice as refreshing and inviting as a glass of cold sweet tea on a hot afternoon.

    More Sweet Tea (By:Sandra Chastain,Deborah Smith,Virginia Ellis)

    Settle back into that comfortable chair and enjoy a second helping of poignant, humorous and nostalgic tales about how things used to be in the legendary South. From vindictive mules and small town marriage rituals that include a pig, to Grandma’s story of how a quilt square got her a husband and a home remedy of the hemorrhoidal variety that goes awry, More Sweet Tea delivers what readers have been thirsting for since the first in the Sweet Tea series, Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes.

    On Grandma’s Porch (By:Sarah Addison Allen,Sandra Chastain,Deborah Smith)

    Stories and ‘True Facts’ about growing up Southern in the good old days. More than a dozen southern authors contribute warm, nostalgic stories and fun trivia about ‘the era before shopping malls, Disney, and Wal Mart.’ Includes the authors’ favorite nostalgic recipes.

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