Donald F Glut Books In Order

New Adventures of Frankenstein Books In Order

  1. Frankenstein Lives Again (1977)
  2. Terror of Frankenstein (1977)
  3. Bones of Frankenstein (1977)
  4. Frankenstein Meets Dracula (1977)
  5. The New Adventures of Frankenstein Collection: Volume 1 (2014)
  6. The New Adventures of Frankenstein Collection: Volume 2 (2017)


  1. Bugged! (1974)
  2. Spawn (1976)
  3. Dinosaur Valley Girls (1998)
  4. Brother Blood (2010)
  5. Jawbreaker! (2021)

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Donald F Glut Books Overview

Dinosaur Valley Girls

FINALLY AVAILABLE! The long awaited novelization of the famous cult film Dinosaur Valley GirlsT by master writer and, in this case, director Donald F. Glut. Learn just how the Beauties meet the Beasties with thrills, chills and stills! Loaded with ‘stillistrations’ from the film and includes both ‘A Dinosaur Valley Dictionary’ and ‘Dino saur Valley Bestiary.’ Donald F. Glut is a writer, editor, film maker, and director. His authorship covers fields as varied as the history of the Mesozoic era in his acclaimed book, Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia, through science fiction including the best selling novelization of The Empire Strikes Back. He is the director and co producer of DVG as it is known to affectionados and conceived the story line, wrote the screen play and now, at last, has provided the novelization of this cult classic.

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