Don Sakers Books In Order

Scattered Worlds Books In Order

  1. The Leaves of October (1988)
  2. Dance for the Ivory Madonna (2002)
  3. Weaving the Web of Days (2004)
  4. The Eighth Succession (2013)
  5. Children of the Eighth Day (2014)
  6. All Roads Lead to Terra (2010)
  7. A Voice in Every Wind (2003)
  8. A Rose from Old Terra (2007)

Rule of Five Books In Order

  1. The Rule of Five: Year One (2017)
  2. The Rule of Five: Year Two (2018)
  3. The Rule of Five: Year Three (2019)
  4. Five Planes (2018)

PsiScouts Books In Order

  1. At Risk (2019)
  2. Bright Promise (2019)


  1. Act Well Your Part (1986)
  2. Lucky in Love (1987)
  3. The Curse of the Zwilling (2003)
  4. The SF Book of Days (2004)


  1. Meat and Machine (2014)
  2. Elevenses (2015)


  1. The Cold Solution (2011)

Anthologies edited

  1. Carmen Miranda’s Ghost Is Haunting Space Station Three (1990)

Non fiction

  1. A Cosmos of Many Mansions (2017)

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Don Sakers Books Overview

The Leaves of October

The Hlutr: immensely old, terribly wise. and utterly alien. Long before life crawled from the oceans of Earth, the forests of the Hlutr stood on a million worlds. Their soundless songs filled space, and their mastery of evolution had brought peace to countless planets. When Mankind went out into the stars, he found the Hlutr waiting for him. Waiting to observe, to converse, to help. Waiting to judge. and, if necessary, to destroy. Humans were savage, uncontrolled, aggressive and unpredictable. Should the Hlutr encourage them – or exterminate them? Parts One and Two of this book, originally published as Analog novelettes, each appeared in The World’s Best SF anthologies for their respective years. The novel was a finalist for the Compton Crook Award. Wavelengths Online calls it ‘an underrated SF gem.’ Speed-of-C Productions is proud to bring The Leaves of October back into print with a brand-new epilogue written just for this edition.

A Voice in Every Wind

Imagine a world where creatures communicate by scent and taste as much as sound and sight, where meaning lives in every rock and stream, and every breeze brings a new voice A pair of linked novellas introduces us to the planet Kaa and its alien inhabitants. From the viewpoint of a remarkable alien, Dleef, we witness a world alive with sensation and emotion; and we meet a Human explorer, Treyl, who is witness to a powerful and profound transformation. For on Kaa, consciousness and sapience are new experiences and Treyl is present at nothing less than the birth of intelligence and culture on Kaa. Sixty years later, with the Human galaxy convulsed in war, Kaa’s fragile and beautiful society is menaced by the arrival of a notorious war criminal. Standing in his way is Captain Le Galvao of the Terran Empire. But Le is opposed by the Human inhabitants of Kaa. For in the depths of the forest, a secret project is underway, a project that could alter the future of Humanity

Act Well Your Part

The New Boy in Class

At first Keith Graff dislikes his new school, Oak Grove High. He misses his old friends, and despairs of ever fitting in. Then he joins the school’s drama club, where he meets the boyishly cute Bran Davenport:

Be honest, fella, he said to himself as he looked out the window at the cloudy October sky. Bran Davenport probably doesn’t even like boys, at least not in the way you’re thinking of. And if he did, which was a pretty big if, even if he did he probably wouldn’t give you a second look. He’s a senior, member of the Thespians, star of last year’s play, and aide to the drama teacher. You’re a newcomer, lower than a fresman…

Lucky in Love

When his best friend Keith moved away, there was a big hole left in Frank’s life. Then a bad car crash put him in the hospital. While there recovering, he got a visit from the star of his high school basketball team, Purnell Johnson. It wasn’t long before his luck started to improve: Their eyes met. and for long seconds they were locked like that, then Purnell turned away. ‘I suppose I’d better go.’ ‘Don’t,’ Frank said, reaching out to put a hand on Purnell’s arm. ‘Lucky, what’s happening here?’ ‘Come here.’ Frank pulled him closer, and suddenly they were face to face. Frank lifted his head and their lips touched. He slipped his arm around Purnell’s neck and they kissed again, longer and stronger than before. Then Purnell drew back. ‘Stop it,’ he said weakly. ‘Damn it, Lucky, who told you that you could come into my life and disturb everything like this?’ ‘Be quiet and kiss me again.’ Frank embraced him, and once again they kissed. This time there was more fire, more strength in the kiss and Frank knew that Purnell would not leave.

Carmen Miranda’s Ghost Is Haunting Space Station Three

Nineteen stories by nineteen authors, all based on one unforgettable image in a song by Leslie Fish: Carmen Miranda’s Ghost Is Haunting Space Station Three! Stories range from horror to romance to satire to…
just plain silly. Authors include Anne McCaffrey, C.J. Cherryh, Leslie Fish, Esther Friesner, Susan Shwartz, Julia Ecklar, S.N. Lewitt, B.W. Clough, Melissa Scott, and Lisa A. Barnett. This volume would be a cult classic, if only a fitting cult could be found.

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