Dolores Gordon-Smith Books In Order

Jack Haldean Murder Mystery Books In Order

  1. A Fete Worse Than Death (2007)
  2. Mad About the Boy? (2008)
  3. As if by Magic (2009)
  4. A Hundred Thousand Dragons (2010)
  5. Off The Record (2010)
  6. Trouble Brewing (2012)
  7. Blood from a Stone (2013)
  8. After the Exhibition (2014)
  9. The Chessman (2015)
  10. Forgotten Murder (2018)
  11. The Chapel in the Woods (2021)


  1. Frankie’s Letter (2012)
  2. The Price of Silence (2017)
  3. Serpent’s Eye (2017)

Non fiction

  1. How To Write A Classic Murder Mystery (2017)

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Dolores Gordon-Smith Books Overview

A Fete Worse Than Death

It’s summer 1922: Jack Haldean, crime writer and former Royal Flying Corps pilot, is enjoying the village fete. But then, one of Jack’s fellow officers is shot in the fortune teller’s tent and another ex-colleague found dead at the local pub. Jack soon realises that the roots of the crime go back to the Battle of the Somme when a group of British soldiers were betrayed, ambushed and killed in the tunnels beneath the Augier Ridge. Once again, he must face a deadly enemy.

Mad About the Boy?

‘Recaptures the vitality and insouciance of the Golden Age of writers.’ Robert Barnard

It’s the height of summer, 1923. At a ball in Sussex, former Royal Flying Corps pilot Jack Haldean investigates an apparent suicide, but everything is thrown into chaos when a group of Russian revolutionaries becomes involved in the affair. In a case involving deception, greed, jealousy, kidnapping, torture, and more murder, Jack will face an agonizing choice.

Dolores Gordon Smith is the author of A Fete Worse than Death, the first in the Jack Haldean series. She graduated from the University of Surrey in 1981. She lives in Cheshire, United Kingdom.

As if by Magic

Praise for Dolores Gordon Smith:

With vision and vigor, Gordon Smith pulls off another Golden Age delight. Richmond Times Dispatch

A classic postwar country house mystery with a Christie like denouement. Kirkus Reviews

Dorothy Sayers fans will be most rewarded. Publishers Weekly

Freezing and hungry, George Lassiter breaks into a stranger’s house where he witnesses a murder. But when the police find no evidence, they and George s friend Jack Haldean believe George was delirious. Dangerous events soon prove everyone wrong.

Dolores Gordon Smith is the author of two previous mysteries in the Jack Haldean series. She graduated from Surrey University in 1981.

A Hundred Thousand Dragons

The latest ‘Jack Haldean’ mystery, set in the Roaring Twenties – A Hundred Thousand Dragons lie, underneath an Arabian sky. How do a few lines of poetry, a chance encounter in a London hotel, and a death in Sussex lead to a lost city of Arabia, and to the tombs of the Whispering Dead? Jack Haldean has evaded the truth for years, but now, enmeshed in the web of murder, theft and deception, he must find the answer and face up to the truth – a truth as deadly as any dragon…

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