Dixie Browning Books In Order

Diamond Jubilee Books In Order

  1. The Homing Instinct (1990)

Outer Banks Books In Order

  1. Keegan’s Hunt (1993)
  2. Lucy and the Stone (1994)
  3. Two Hearts, Slightly Used (1994)

Tall, Dark and Handsome Books In Order

  1. Alex and the Angel (1995)
  2. The Beauty, the Beast and the Baby (1996)
  3. Stryker’s Wife (1996)

Lawless Heirs Books In Order

  1. The Passionate G-Man (1998)
  2. His Business, Her Baby (1998)
  3. A Knight In Rusty Armor (1999)
  4. First Time Home (2005)

Passionate Powers Books In Order

  1. A Bride for Jackson Powers (2000)
  2. The Virgin and the Vengeful Groom (2000)

Divas Who Dish Books In Order

  1. Her Passionate Plan B (2005)
  2. Her Man Upstairs (2005)
  3. Her Fifth Husband? (2005)


  1. Home Again My Love (1978)
  2. The Warm Side of the Island (1978)
  3. Unreasonable Summer (1980)
  4. Tumbled Wall (1980)
  5. Chance Tomorrow (1980)
  6. Wren of Paradise (1981)
  7. East of Today (1981)
  8. Journey to Quiet Waters (1981)
  9. Winter Blossom (1981)
  10. Renegade Player (1982)
  11. Island on the Hill (1982)
  12. Logic of the Heart (1982)
  13. Finders Keepers (1982)
  14. Loving Rescue (1982)
  15. A Secret Valentine (1983)
  16. Practical Dreamer (1983)
  17. Shadow of Yesterday (1983)
  18. Image of Love (1983)
  19. Reach Out to Cherish (1983)
  20. Visible Heart (1984)
  21. Late Rising Moon (1984)
  22. Stormwatch (1984)
  23. Time and Tide (1984)
  24. The Tender Barbarian (1985)
  25. By Any Other Name (1985)
  26. Matchmaker’s Moon (1985)
  27. Something for Herself (1985)
  28. A Bird in Hand (1985)
  29. In the Palm of Her Hand (1986)
  30. A Winter Woman (1986)
  31. There Was Once a Lover (1987)
  32. A Matter of Timing (1987)
  33. Belonging (1987)
  34. Along Came Jones (1988)
  35. Fate Takes a Holiday (1988)
  36. White Witch (1988)
  37. Dandelion (1989)
  38. Thin Ice (1989)
  39. Ships in the Night (1989)
  40. Gideon’s Fall (1991)
  41. Just Say Yes (1991)
  42. The Mariner’s Bride (1991)
  43. Gus and the Nice Lady (1992)
  44. Kane’s Way (1993)
  45. The Warfield Bride (1993)
  46. Bedeviled (1995)
  47. Slow Surrender (1995)
  48. Halfway Home (1996)
  49. Seaspell (1997)
  50. Entwined (1998)
  51. Beholden (1998)
  52. The Bride-in-law (1999)
  53. Single Female (Reluctantly) Seeks…. (2000)
  54. Cinderella’s Midnight Kiss (2000)
  55. The Paper Marriage (2000)
  56. Longshadow’s Woman (2001)
  57. More to Love (2001)
  58. The Mail-order Brides (2001)
  59. Undertow (2003)
  60. Blackstone’s Bride (2003)
  61. Social Graces (2003)
  62. Driven to Distraction (2004)
  63. Look What The Stork Brought In? (2012)


  1. Silhouette Christmas Stories 1987 (1987)
  2. Visible Heart / Handyman Special / Wanderer’s Dream (1992)
  3. Bad Boys (1993)
  4. Spring Fancy (1994)
  5. Dream Catchers (1995)
  6. Spring Fever (1997)
  7. Heart of the Home (1997)
  8. A Daddy Again (1998)
  9. Big Sky Grooms (2001)
  10. Made for Love (2002)
  11. Tender Love Stories (2002)
  12. Going to the Chapel (2002)
  13. Her Personal Protector (2002)
  14. A Man of Means / The Millionaire’s Pregnant Bride (2003)
  15. Cowboy and a Gentleman / Beckett’s Children (2003)
  16. Beckett’s Convenient Bride / The Sheikh’s Bidding (2004)
  17. Social Graces / Having the Tycoon’s Baby (2004)
  18. Driven to Distraction / Like a Hurricane (2004)
  19. Gamble / As Good as Gold / Spirit of the Wolf (2004)
  20. Beauty and the Baby / Social Graces (2004)
  21. Driven to Distraction / Cherokee Stranger (2004)
  22. Baby Notion / Like Lightning (2005)
  23. Montana Legends (2005)
  24. Her Fifth Husband? / Last Reilly Standing (2006)
  25. The Virgin’s Awakening (2006)
  26. Dark, Devastating & Delicious! (2009)


  1. Home for the Holidays (2003)
  2. Beckett’s Convenient Bride / New Year’s Baby / Danger Becomes You (2005)

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Dixie Browning Books Overview

Stryker’s Wife

Kurt Stryker wasn’t a man of many words, but he did have a desire for Debranne Kiley. So when he needed a wife to keep custody of the boy in his care, he started practising his ‘I do’. Now this woman had him longing to say three little words he’d never planned on uttering again.

His Business, Her Baby

Harrison Lawless is a product of wealth, adored by women and used to having anything he wants. But when pregnant widow Cleo Barnes refuses to sell him her lodge, complications arise for the longtime bachelor! A true battle of the sexes, where sparks lead to passionate fires.

A Knight In Rusty Armor

MEN of the YEARMAN of the MONTH’I’m not a family man, but I sure as hell am willing to try.’Travis Holiday, former Coast Guard officerWhen Travis learned he had a son, he’d gone into emergency mode: build a home, become a dad, settle down. No more heroics. But when he came upon the dark haired goddess stranded in a coastal storm, Trav just had to help. He knew Ruanna Roberts was running from something but all that mattered now was his son. So why did his arms instinctively open up to Ruanna and not let go?Some men are made for lovin’ and you’ll love our MAN OF THE MONTH, the last of The Lawless Heirs!THE LAWLESS HEIRS

The Virgin and the Vengeful Groom

Determined to seek revenge, navy SEAL Curt Powers set out to find the person who had stolen his heritage. But when innocent beauty Lily O’Malley turned out to be the object of his search, Curt disregarded his careful strategy and took the biggest chance of his life.

Her Man Upstairs

Okay, so maybe hiring a centerfold stud to remodel my home was crazy. But I, Marty Owens, practical bookstore owner, was a desperate woman, and contractor Cole Stevens was a man with muscles and strong hands and a seductive voice promising me he could get the job done fast. It made perfect sense for him to move in so he could work days and nights. But no logic can explain my wild fantasies about getting cozy with Cole in every room in the house the bedroom, the shower, the kitchen…
. Ladies, I’m in over my head with the man upstairs, but can I tempt him to repair his heart and build a home for us?

Halfway Home

Becoming one of Virginia’s wealthiest women after unexpectedly inheriting a fortune, formerly impoverished Sara Young must protect herself from a lecherous stepbrother by marrying his most hated enemy.

Dream Catchers

In Medicine Woman, Kezawin resists her feelings when it is foreseen that any man she loves will die, while in White Witch, Kinnahauk wonders if a shipwrecked Englishwoman is his fated bride.

Spring Fever

Three single women find love in most unusual places in a trio of romantic tales ”Lightfoot and Loving” by Cait London, Dixie Browning’s ”Grace and the Law,” and ”Out of the Dark” by Pepper Adams.

Heart of the Home

Designed for Mother’s Day gift giving, a collection of original stories by four best selling authors Fern Michaels, Brenda Joyce, Bronwyn Williams, and Denise Domning celebrates the gift of children and the calling of motherhood.

Big Sky Grooms

Bestselling authors Susan Mallery, Bronwyn Williams and Carolyn Davidson bring you three brand new stories about Montana’s most popular family the Kincaids, men and women who carved out lives in Big Sky Country and found true love in Whitehorn, Montana. Lengendary rancher Caleb Kincaid discovers love is sweeter the second time around in the arms of an old flame. Younger brother Will woos the townspeople to his bank with the help of a sassy saloon girl who has a head for business and pleasure. Black sheep cousin James saves a schoolteacher from bandits and soon discovers she’s stolen his heart!

Tender Love Stories

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR Kasey Michaels Compliments of the Groom. She wins a newlywed contest, but she isn’t married. She needs a husband fast! HARLEQUIN ROMANCE BESTSELLING AUTHOR Day Leclaire Who’s Holding the Baby? A little white lie leads to a fake engagement…
all for the sake of an adorable baby. One Night Wife. She wakes up in hospital and can’t remember her own name or her devastatingly handsome husband! USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dixie Browning A Secret Valentine. Everything about him disrupts her sensible, well ordered life. He’s bold, brash…
and much too attractive. East of Today. A leasing mix up forces two strangers to share a beach house that can’t contain their attraction!

A Man of Means / The Millionaire’s Pregnant Bride

A New York Times Bestselling Author From the moment powerfully seductive Rey Hart first set eyes on Meredith Johns, he became mesmerized by the lovely young woman. For not only did Meredith stir his jaded soul with her tempting innocence, he discovered she was a top notch biscuit maker! However, installing the beleaguered Meredith on the Hart ranch as his coveted cook was a cinch compared to breaking the enchanting spell she had cast over this long, tall Texan’s heart.

Driven to Distraction / Cherokee Stranger

A widow’s second chance…
The dissolution of Claire Hamilton’s marriage left her heart as cold as the Montana snow. She resolved to stand alone against a blizzard of murder accusations, violent attempts to seize her land, and the hungry wolves of winter. Until Joshua Gable saved her life…
Standing warrior strong beside her, Joshua offered to keep Claire safe from harm. And as his closeness ignited the flames of passion within her, Claire knew he could be the one to prove that it was possible to love again…

Home for the Holidays

Texas style passion awaits three sisters this Christmas. Share their celebration with these brand new love stories by bestselling authors Leanne Banks, Dixie Browning and Kathie DeNosky. Faith’s Sugar Plum Daddy by Leanne Banks Romance and happily ever after aren’t on Faith Donner’s Christmas list. But when a handsome oil mogul responds to her children’s plea for a new daddy, this top chef at the Mission Creek Caf can’t bring herself to turn him away. Christmas Eve Reunion by Dixie Browning Ann Elise Baker hadn’t looked back since she left for the bright lights of Dallas. Now, stranded in her hometown, her old flame comes to her rescue. She’d forgotten how he’d made sleepy little Mission Creek sizzle, and now she longs for the chance to spend this Christmas and future ones by his side. New Year’s Baby by Kathie DeNosky When Marilou Baker decides she can’t face her sisters in her condition eight months pregnant and abandoned she enlists the help of a sexy stranger as her pretend fiance. But this holiday charade has more surprises than she expected.

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