Dino Buzzati Books In Order


  1. The Tartar Steppe (1945)
  2. The Bears’ Famous Invasion Of Sicily (1947)
  3. A Love Affair (1963)
  4. The Mystery Shop (1991)


  1. Catastrophe (1965)
  2. Restless Nights (1983)
  3. The Siren (1984)
  4. 9 Stories on the Magic of Cities (2018)

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Dino Buzzati Books Overview

The Tartar Steppe

Young Giovanni Drogo arrives at the bleak border area of The Tartar Steppe where he is to take a short assignment at Fort Bastiani, an encampment manned by veteran soldiers who have grown old without seeing a trace of the enemy. As his length of service stretches from months into years, he continues to wait patiently for the enemy to advance across the desert. Despite, or because of, the fact that they tell him he is perfectly free to leave, he waits for one great and glorious endeavour. Internationally acclaimed since its publication in 1945, The Tartar Steppe is a provocative and frightening tale of hope, longing and the terrible sorcery of the magnificent gesture.

The Bears’ Famous Invasion Of Sicily

So many years have gone by! So many years that no one remembers the evil duke who once lived in Cormorant Castle or how the bears came down from Sicily’s mountains to defeat him. No one even remembers that Sicily once had mountains. First published in 1947, Dino Buzzati s sprightly fairy tale chronicles this forgotten history the terrible winter that sent the starving bears down into the valley in search of food, as well as their struggles with an army of wild boars, wily professors who may or may not be magicians, the snarling Marmoset the Cat, and, worse still, suggestions of treachery within their own ranks. Despite the odds, the bears from valiant King Leander to his little cub Tony, from the mechanically minded Marzipan to observant Dandelion triumph with bravery, ingenuity, humility, and high spirits.

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