DiAnn Mills Books In Order

Texas Charm Books In Publication Order

  1. Country Charm (1999)
  2. Equestrian Charm (2000)
  3. Cassidy’s Charm (2001)

Nebraska Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Temporary Husband (2004)
  2. Kiowa Husband (2004)
  3. Renegade Husband (2005)
  4. Mail Order Husband (2013)

Texas Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Leather and Lace (2006)
  2. Lanterns and Lace (2006)
  3. Lightning And Lace (2007)
  4. A Texas Legacy Christmas (2007)

Call Of Duty Books In Publication Order

  1. Breach of Trust (2009)
  2. Sworn to Protect (2010)
  3. Pursuit of Justice (2010)

Crime Scene: Houston Books In Publication Order

  1. The Chase (2012)
  2. The Survivor (2013)

FBI: Houston Books In Publication Order

  1. Firewall (2014)
  2. Double Cross (2015)
  3. Deadlock (2015)

FBI Task Force Books In Publication Order

  1. Trial By Fire (2016)
  2. Deadly Encounter (2016)
  3. Deep Extraction (2017)
  4. High Treason (2018)

Kaleidoscope Books In Publication Order

  1. Love In Pursuit (2001)

Hope of Sudan Books In Publication Order

  1. Long Walk Home (2019)
  2. Where Tomorrow Leads (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Rehoboth (1998)
  2. Licorice Kisses (2002)
  3. The Turncoat (2003)
  4. Compassion’s Charm (2004)
  5. Footsteps (2004)
  6. When the Lion Roars (2005)
  7. Flash Flood (2005)
  8. When the Nile Runs Red (2007)
  9. Awaken My Heart (2008)
  10. A Woman Called Sage (2010)
  11. The Fire in Ember (2010)
  12. Under a Desert Sky (2011)
  13. Attracted to Fire (2011)
  14. Love’s Betrayal (2016)
  15. Burden of Proof (2018)
  16. Fatal Strike (2019)
  17. Airborne (2020)
  18. Trace of Doubt (2021)
  19. Dreams and Secrets: An Enchanting Christmas Novella (2021)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Lost Boy No More (2004)
  2. The Dance of Character and Plot (2013)
  3. Writing Right to Success (With: ,Lynette Eason,Susan May Warren,James Scott Bell) (2016)
  4. Exploring the Art of Character (2020)
  5. Exploring the Art of Plotting (2021)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. The English Garden (2001)
  2. From Italy with Love (2004)
  3. Kaleidoscope (2004)
  4. Holiday Hope (2005)
  5. Fresh Brewed Love (2005)
  6. Patchwork Holiday (2005)
  7. Mackinac Island (2006)
  8. Brothers of the Outlaw Trail (2006)
  9. The Oregon Trail Romance Collection (2015)

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DiAnn Mills Books Overview

Renegade Husband

One of your favorite Heartsong Presents romances, Renegade Husband, is now available as a complete and unabridged audiobook. When Audra moves to frontier Colorado to marry the local pastor, she is assured a life of adventure. She never realizes how much adventure until her stagecoach is robbed and she learns it’s her future husband’s twin brother who committed the crime. Through his life, Caleb Windsor has been blamed for the sins of his brother. But when he tries to stop his twin’s outlaw lifestyle by arranging a marriage for him, Caleb doesn’t realize how it will affect his own heart especially when it seems Audra is much better suited to himself. Could Audra ever love a Renegade Husband? Can Caleb clear his name in time? Heartsong Audiobooks are perfect for in the car, for mom’s that just can’t seem to find enough time in the day to read, or for grandmother’s who don’t enjoy reading for long periods of time. Now with the Heartsong Audiobooks you can simply listen, relax, and enjoy!

Leather and Lace

Casey O’Hare forsakes life with an outlaw gang to start anew in 1884. WANTED posters across the country attribute various crimes to her of which she is innocent. The outlaw leader, Davis Jenkins, and her brother Tim ride in her pursuit, while a stranger by the name of Morgan enters her campsite in the snow covered mountains of Utah. Under gunpoint, he leads her down the icy slopes to safety, but Casey learns Morgan is using her to get to Jenkins and vows to escape him, too. Will Casey’s past catch up with her, or will she find a place to rest in the arms of love? The Texas Legacy Series is a fast paced, adventure filled romantic series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Find all 3 books in the Fiction Romance catalog in the Browse Our Shelves section of barbourbooks. com!

Lanterns and Lace

Jenny Stevens is headed for Kahlerville, Texas, determined to wrench her two year old niece, Rebecca, from her adoptive father. As she steps off the train, Jenny encounters the mysterious Robert Turner and the seemingly dedicated physician Grant Andrews. Is Jenny’s life as well as her heart in peril? Grant Andrews is resolute in his desire to keep Rebecca in his care, yet finds himself drawn to her impudent aunt. Will another man’s threats and the issue of Rebecca’s custody keep him from pursuing what could be the love of his life? Will Robert Turner dog Jenny’s steps until she succumbs to his demands? Love flowers as devious plots thicken. The Texas Legacy series will blow you away! If you haven’t read Leather and Lace buy it today. Book three, Lightning and Lace is now available!

Lightning And Lace

Bonnie Kahler, immersed in grief since losing her husband, attempts to rise from the ashes of mourning. Will love and faith give her the power to conquer the demons within and evils without? In an attempt to outrun his past, Preacher Travis Whitworth arrives in Kahlerville, incognito. When he stumbles across a dead body, suspicion falls on his shoulders. Is Travis in too deep to win Bonnie’s love? As Bonnie finds herself drawn to Travis, her life and heart are threatened. When secrets unravel, will she be strong enough to face the twisted truth? The Texas Legacy Series just keeps getting better! Have you read Leather and Lace and Lanterns and Lace? Find the whole series in the Fiction Romance catalog at www. barbourbooks. com.

A Texas Legacy Christmas

Zack Kahler heads back to Texas with a homeless eight year old pickpocket named Curly in tow. But soon Zack finds his hands full as he tries to run a newspaper, recover from a lost love, and keep his unruly charge out of trouble. Boardinghouse worker and life long outcast Alice Hawkins has had her fair share of hurt and rejection. When Zack and Curly show up on her doorstep, more than one wounded heart is stirred with love. But soon a life threatening illness and misunderstanding threaten to destroy all their hopes. Can the love of Christmas present a miracle to heal these Texan hearts?

Breach of Trust

2010 Christy Award winner! 2010 Inspirational Readers Choice Award winner!Paige Rogers is a former CIA agent who lost all she treasured seven years ago when her entire team was killed in a covert mission. She blames their leader Daniel Keary whom Paige believes betrayed them. Disillusioned and afraid for her life, she disappeared and started a new life as a small town librarian. But when Keary announces his candidacy for governor of her state, he comes after Paige to ensure that she won’t ruin his bid for office. He threatens everything she holds dear, and Paige must choose between the life of hiding that has become her refuge…
Or risking everything in one last, desperate attempt to right old wrongs.

Sworn to Protect

2011 Christy Award winner!Border Patrol Agent Danika Morales has Sworn to Protect the southern borders of our nation, but that oath has cost her. Two years ago, her husband, Toby, was killed trying to help the very immigrants Danika was responsible for sending back to Mexico. His murder was never solved. But now, a recent string of attacks and arrests leads her to believe that someone in McAllen is profiting from sneaking undocumented immigrants into the country…
and it may somehow be tied to Toby’s death.

Pursuit of Justice

Special Agent Bella Jordan is assigned to investigate a series of murders in West Texas that are linked to the Spider Rock Treasure. Since she spent the first fifteen years of her life in this area, FBI authorities believe she can get the job done. What they don t know is that one of their prime suspects a man who’s been on their wanted list for years is deeply connected to Bella s past. The other prime suspect is Carr Sullivan, the man who owns the ranch where the murders occurred. Carr was once one of the wealthiest businessmen in Dallas and has a shady past a mile long. But it appears he s turned his life around. Can Bella trust him, or is he just trying to cover his tracks? As Bella probes deeper into the case, threats on her own life convince her the killer is someone she knows. But it soon becomes clear he s not working alone, and she ll need to face the past she s tried so desperately to forget in order to solve the case and prevent more murders.

The Turncoat

. Jessica Chapman has her happy ending planned out. Does it really matter that she and her fiance don’t agree on every little detail? Or even on some big ones like her passion for music and the theater. Jessica plans to become Nathan Fisher’s wife and live ‘happily ever after’ in Houston. But then Jess is offered the internship of her dreams. The handsome and tenderhearted Colin Phillips sees something special in Jessica, believing the Lord has chosen her to train vocally gifted children in Dallas. Could God also have chosen her to play a more important role in Colin’s life? Should Jess settle for an ill fitting, lackluster marriage? Or will the Lord orchestrate the perfect duet? ‘The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song.’ Psalm 28:7

Compassion’s Charm

After years of substance abuse, Rachel Morton found the Lords compassion and redemption. Two years later, shes ready to redeem the time she lost with her three precious children. But Rachels mother, who doubts her daughters change, refuses to give up custody of the kids. Attorney Adam Raeburn didnt want Rachels case. He figures, she made the choice to live a selfish, dangerous life, just like Adams older brother had and forgiveness doesnt undo consequences. But as Adam gets to know Rachel as Gods new creation, seeing beyond her past, he is charmed by her compassion. Rachel must learn to rely on the Lord and to be satisfied with His will. Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

Flash Flood

As if losing her job at Flash Communications wasn’t bad enough, Alina Marlow’s expert help has been promised to the last person she expected to see her one time fiance, Ryan Erikson. Her heart never let him go, but the secret that forced her to break their engagement six years ago remains. Ryan Erikson knows his work is of a delicate nature downsizing and transitioning a family owned company into a larger corporation. He’ll need patience, and lots of it, to handle bitter employees and Alina the woman he’s loved for eight years. She seems as determined as the persistent Ohio rain to douse any future for them. As threatening floodwaters rise, can the Lord rescue Alina and Ryan physically and romantically? Or will the past drown the fragile love that remains? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

When the Nile Runs Red

Paul Farid was once a member of the royal family who openly persecuted any Sudanese who failed to practice Islam. Now he’s a Christian who puts his life on the line to aid the persecuted Sudanese. His wife, Larson, is a doctor committed to giving her life for peace. Colonel Ben Alier has fought for twenty one years against the government’s mandates to control the oil, religion, slavery, and politics of Sudan. He neither trusts nor rests any hope in the newly formed government. Ben’s health deteriorates while Larson finds out she is going to have a baby. Their worlds collide, and as the relational tensions escalate so does the physical danger.

Awaken My Heart

1803, the colony of Texas Marianne Phillips, the daughter of a wealthy rancher, has never agreed with her father’s harsh treatment of the poor mestizos who first inhabited the colony of Texas. When rebels kidnap Marianne, in hopes her father will trade back their land for her freedom, she realizes her loyalty lies with her abductors, not her father, who plans to marry her off to the don of a nearby estate.

Armando Garcia is the locals’ reluctant leader, but his people revere and depend on him. Knowing that without his leadership they’d be forced from their land, Armando accepts his role, but does not approve of the latest attempt to manipulate their enemy. When he learns that Marianne actually speaks his language, of her loyalty to his people, and of the faith that keeps her strong, Armando is faced with a difficult decision. Will his newfound love keep him from letting her go? Or will he set her free and risk losing their land forever?

A Woman Called Sage

They took away everything she loved…
now, she’s out for revenge. Sage Morrow had it all: life on a beautiful Colorado ranch, a husband who adored her, and a baby on the way. Until five ruthless gunmen rode up to their ranch and changed her life forever. Now Sage is a bounty hunter bent on retribution. Accompanied only by her majestic hawk, she travels throughout the Rocky Mountains in search of injustice, determined to stamp it out wherever it’s found. The stakes are raised when two young boys are kidnapped and Sage is forced to work with Marshall Parker Timmons to rescue them. But Sage may ultimately get more than she bargained for. In this exciting historical romance set in the late 1800s, murder, intrigue, kidnapping, and questions of faith will keep you in suspense until the final pages.

Lost Boy No More

Lost Boy No More tells the incredible true story of Abraham Nhial but the story is not his alone. As a nine year old child, Abraham found himself orphaned as civil war in his homeland of Sudan ravaged his entire village because they refused to embrace Islam. His journey is one of a perilous walk along with 35,000 lost boys of Sudan who fled to Ethiopia. Abraham and others like him made it to the border but hard times were not over as he endured the refugee camps of Ethiopia. Abraham becomes a Lost Boy No More when he discovers real salvation through Jesus Christ. Lost Boy No More gives more than a narrative of Abraham’s story. It also gives a history of Sudan and the persecution of Christians by Islamic militants.

The English Garden

Visit garden settings in the England of 1601, 1850, 1943, and today. Experience how love and faith entwine like the vines on the trellis.

From Italy with Love

A CBA Bestseller History…
romance. Italy offers it all. And for two young American women Italy offers the intrigue of personal heritage, as they receive letters inviting them to uncover their family origins. In Gail Gaymer Martin’s ‘An Open Door,’ a fashion writer explores Milan and finds a grandmother she never knew. In DiAnn Mills’ ‘The Lure of Capri,’ Terri Donatelli seeks her past on the Isle of Capri and finds her future.


four women’s lives are laced with secrets and mysteries. They long to know and be known fully. But they’re not sure how much of their hearts and lives they can afford to share: How much does Gail really know about the man of her dreams? If Jake knew the burden Carillon carries, would he still want her? Can Allison and Beau unravel the mystery that binds them together? Will Peter be able to break through the shroud of secrecy surrounding Daisy? Romance readers will enjoy these four contemporary novels of mystery, suspense, love, and faith. Four women long to know and be known fully. But they’re not sure how much of their hearts and lives they can afford to share…

Holiday Hope

One beautiful, hand tied patchwork quilt is the common thread linking hearts and renewing lives in these two charming Christmas novellas. In the first story, the quilt is lovingly created by a dying woman. In the second story, the quilt is passed on to others who need its comfort.

Fresh Brewed Love

Couples clash over cups of coffee in these delightful novellas by a talented team of authors. In Fresh Brewed Love, every reader’s thirst for romance will be well satisfied. From a bookstore’s coffee corner to neighborhood caf?s to a coffee company in Costa Rica, each story is well blended.

Patchwork Holiday

From the back cover: ‘One beautiful hand tied patchwork quilt is the common thread linking several hearts and lives from 1943 through present day.’ pages: 342; 8. 25′ x 5. 25′

Mackinac Island

Amid the rich history of Mackinac Island, the power of faith and love is tested. When Neal Wellington is forced to seek help, Ninette Curvier comes to his rescue. Will her faith give him the strength to face his past? When Jane Douglas nurses ‘Mad’ August Durant, her prayers change his life. Will his transformation last? Francine Woods finds love with Thomas Carlton. When mystery enters her life, will her faith and love stand the test? A stranded Alison Kessler is rescued by Jacob Randall. Although Alison resists his attentions, will that keep Jacob from rescuing her again? Can these four generations of women meet life’s challenges on the shores of Mackinac Island?

Brothers of the Outlaw Trail

Historical Romance: Set in the historic Wild West, each of the compelling stories in this collection features one of a band of outlaw brothers, who seek faith in God and true love amid much struggle. Can Reuben Wilson free himself from the mountain of regret he feels for turning his younger brothers into outlaws? Will God help Caleb Wilson create a new life as sheriff of Dime Box, Arizona? Will Colt Wilson administer revenge on the bounty hunter who put him in jail? Will a miracle of God’s love transform the life of professional gambler Benjamin Wilson an outlaw with no use for God?

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