Diane Farr Books In Order

Star Trilogy Books In Order

  1. Under the Wishing Star (2003)
  2. Under a Lucky Star (2004)

Spellspinners Books In Order

  1. Wicked Cool (2010)
  2. Scary Cool (2012)
  3. Epic Cool (2016)


  1. The Nobody (1999)
  2. Fair Game (1999)
  3. Falling for Chloe (2000)
  4. Once Upon a Christmas (2000)
  5. The Fortune Hunter (2002)
  6. Duel of Hearts (2002)
  7. The Mistletoe Test (2017)


  1. A Regency Christmas Eve (2000)


  1. Dashing Through the Snow (2011)

Non fiction

  1. The Girl Code (2001)
  2. Kissing Outside the Lines (2011)

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Diane Farr Books Overview

Under the Wishing Star

Widower Malcolm Chase wants to dismiss his daughter’s cruel governess and hire kind Natalie Whittaker instead. Natalie fears it would be unseemly for a woman of her station to move into a bachelor’s household. The obvious solution? Marriage. But Natalie desires a union of love, not convenience a wish that just might come true when fate gives her feminine wiles a fighting chance…

Under a Lucky Star

Cynthia, daughter of the Earl of Ballymere, is as cold as she is lovely. But Derrick Whittaker is different from the suitors she has turned away he has already held her in his arms and felt the passion between them. He knows that true wealth lies in love and he was rich beyond his wildest dreams for that one fleeting moment…
But sometimes the heavens grant lost love a second chance…
and even the coldest hearts can thaw beneath the warm light of a lucky star.

Wicked Cool

Zara Norland has a problem. It’s getting harder to hide who-or what-she is. Which is pretty ironic, actually. Because Zara doesn’t know who, or what, she is. Enter Lance: Incredibly hot, supernaturally powerful, and full of answers to questions she hasn’t even thought to ask. But is everything he says true? Now Zara must decide if Lance is the love of her life or her enemy. Which world does she belong to? And is the choice really hers?

Fair Game

A young woman of unearthly beauty. Her unscrupulous mother. A powerful womanizer demanding repayment of a large debt. All amount to a most peculiar sojourn in the country, a tangle with a hat pin, and a shocking barter that leaves everyone Fair Game
Winner of the Golden Leaf Award for best first historical romance…
‘ p ut this writer’s name on your list of authors to watch.’ Romantic Times

Falling for Chloe

Gil Gilliland is a friend nothing more to his childhood chum, Chloe. But Gil’s mother sees more to their bond. And in a case of mother knows best, what seems a tender trap may free two stubborn hearts. ‘Ms. Farr beguiles us.’ Romantic Times

Once Upon a Christmas

NOTE: SMALL FONT VERSION. The author has left this version available because some readers may prefer the slightly lower price. There is a large font version available for $10. 99. After a tragic loss, Celia Delacourt faces a life of loneliness and poverty until her distant cousin, the Duchess of Arnsford, unexpectedly takes her under her wing. Celia suspects an ulterior motive, but is grateful to spend Christmas with family, however remote the relationship and despite the daunting grandeur of the ducal palace. Celia has braced herself to face the worst Christmas of her life. But when Jack Delacourt comes home determined to thwart the schemes of his mother, the duchess Celia finds a friend and ally. And she begins to wonder…
will this be the worst Christmas of her life? Or the best? Finalist for the RITA award for Best Regency Romance ‘Perfect reading on a cold day during the holiday season while sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace!’ Huntress Book Reviews

The Fortune Hunter

Desperate and destitute, the devilish Lord Rival has drawn up a list of wealthy women who might be willing to wed and Lady Olivia Fairfax is one of them. But when he finally meets the mysterious spinster, she is hardly the lonely na f he expected. ‘I enjoyed every word.’ Julia Quinn

Duel of Hearts

Lilah Chadwick wants to stop her father from marrying a young woman. Lord Drakesley wants to stop his cousin from marrying Lilah’s father. So the two join forces to stop their loved ones from making a drastic mistake only to discover that falling in love is never a mistake.

A Regency Christmas Eve

Celebrate the most joyous of seasons with these delightful stories of holiday romance from five of today’s best loved Regency authors. Each tale is set on Christmas Eve, capturing the season’s true spirit of charity and goodwill and proving time and again why love is the greatest gift of all…

The Girl Code

This good humored, Generation X inspired, illustrated ‘love dictionary’ contains tongue in cheek slang terms for the different stages of love and dating, for body parts and common sexual experiences, ways of making up and breaking up, and the basic rules of play that every woman should know. 50 two color illustrations.

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