Diana Hamilton Books In Order


  1. Song in a Strange Land (1986)
  2. Impulsive Attraction (1987)
  3. Dark Charade (1987)
  4. Painted Lady (1988)
  5. The Wild Side (1988)
  6. A Secure Marriage (1989)
  7. Betrayal of Love (1989)
  8. Passionate Awakening (1990)
  9. An Inconvenient Marriage (1990)
  10. The Devil His Due (1991)
  11. Games for Sophisticates (1991)
  12. Troubleshooter (1992)
  13. A Honeyed Seduction (1992)
  14. Savage Obsession (1992)
  15. Threat from the Past (1993)
  16. Legacy of Shame (1993)
  17. Separate Rooms (1994)
  18. In Name Only (1994)
  19. The Last Illusion (1994)
  20. Waiting Game (1994)
  21. Hostage of Passion (1995)
  22. The Faithful Wife (1997)
  23. A Husband’s Price (1998)
  24. The Bride Wore Scarlet (1998)
  25. The Christmas Child (2000)
  26. The Italian’s Pleasure (2006)
  27. A Seasonal Secret (2007)
  28. The Spaniard’s Virgin Housekeeper (2008)


  1. Solution, Marriage (1996)
  2. Marriages by Arrangement (2000)
  3. Husbands and Wives (2000)
  4. Christmas Secrets (2002)
  5. Maybe Baby! (2002)
  6. Mediterranean Men Bundle (2006)
  7. Escape to Italian Idylls (2006)
  8. Christmas, Kids and Kisses (2006)
  9. Italian Husbands Bundle (2006)
  10. His Convenient Woman (2007)
  11. Seductive Spaniards (2007)
  12. A Bundle of Christmas Babies (2007)
  13. Seduced By the Billionaire (2008)
  14. Spanish Affairs (2008)
  15. One-Click Buy: June 2008 Harlequin Presents (2008)
  16. Housekeeper in His Bed (2009)
  17. The Italian’s Love-Child (2009)
  18. Merry Christmas Love Mills and Boons (2009)
  19. Brides & Tycoons Bundle (2009)
  20. The Italian’s Summer Seduction (2010)
  21. She Can’t Say No to the Greek Tycoon (2011)
  22. Housekeeper at His Command (2011)
  23. Claimed by the Italian (2012)
  24. Greek Affairs: The Virgin’s Seduction (2012)
  25. Mistress to the Mediterranean Male (2012)
  26. New Year Fireworks (2012)
  27. Men of Power (2015)
  28. Mediterranean Seduction (2016)
  29. Latin Lovers: Claiming The Heiress (2021)


  1. Marriage at His Convenience (2003)
  2. A Spanish Passion (2009)

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Diana Hamilton Books Overview

The Christmas Child

James Carter had just been jilted, so his proposal of marriage was a surprise to Matilda Trent. Nevertheless, Mattie loved James and she accepted intending to prove she could be more to him than just a convenient wife. The result was unexpected a baby due at Christmas! But before Mattie could tell James she was expecting she discovered the reason he’d split up with his ex fiancee: James had never wanted to be a father…

The Spaniard’s Virgin Housekeeper

Izzy Makepeace’s only option is to take a housekeeping job with the powerful Garcia family.

Spanish billionaire Cayo Garcia thinks he’s seen Izzy’s type before: out for all she can get! But then her innocence surprises him; sweet Isabel is ripe for seduction. Cayo is used to having his demands met and Izzy’s position as housekeeper puts her directly at his beck and call!

Christmas Secrets

Spend this holiday season with…
Something Divine A Heavenly Christmas Olivia Hardy could do without Christmas. In fact, she would much rather hibernate and forget the season entirely. But when her rakish neighbor, Ethan Sherbourne, receives a visit from a woman who deposits a baby in his arms and stalks off, Olivia finds herself unexpectedly involved. It seems like holidays aren’t’ quite finished with Olivia yet. Something Naughty Christmas Passions Ava Sorensen’s long awaited visit home for the holidays is turned upside down when a snowstorm forces her to spend the night in a horse stable! Matters get complicated when Ava is accompanied by too hot to handle Leo Ferrante and the chilly night sends sparks flying between the two. Now if only Leo weren’t engaged to Ava’s best friend…
And Something Nice A Seasonal Secret Carl Forsythe’s return home is bittersweet newly divorced and without any family to call his own, there’s not much to celebrate. When he suddenly finds himself at Beth Hayley’s front door, Carl is stunned to discover that that passion they once shared four years ago is still very much alive. But Beth has a secret she’s been hiding from Carl. And she intends to keep it that way.

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