Dennis L. McKiernan Books In Order

Mithgar: The Iron Tower Books In Publication Order

  1. The Dark Tide (1984)
  2. Shadows of Doom (1984)
  3. The Darkest Day (1984)

Mithgar: The Silver Call Books In Publication Order

  1. Trek to Kraggen-Cor (1986)
  2. The Brega Path (1986)

Mithgar Books In Publication Order

  1. Dragondoom (1990)
  2. The Eye of the Hunter (1992)
  3. Voyage of the Fox Rider (1993)
  4. Tales of Mithgar (1994)
  5. The Dragonstone (1996)
  6. Silver Wolf, Black Falcon (2000)
  7. Red Slippers (2004)
  8. City of Jade (2008)
  9. Stolen Crown (2014)

Mithgar Graphic Novels In Publication Order

  1. Tales from the One-Eyed Crow (1991)

The Black Foxes Books In Publication Order

  1. Caverns of Socrates/Shadowtrap (1995)
  2. Shadowprey (2014)

Mithgar: Hel’s Crucible Books In Publication Order

  1. Into the Forge (1997)
  2. Into the Fire (1998)

Once Upon Books In Publication Order

  1. Once Upon a Winter’s Night (2001)
  2. Once Upon a Summer Day (2005)
  3. Once Upon an Autumn Eve (2006)
  4. Once Upon a Spring Morn (2006)
  5. Once Upon a Dreadful Time (2007)

Mithgar Universe Books In Publication Order

  1. The Dark Tide (1984)
  2. Shadows of Doom (1984)
  3. The Darkest Day (1984)
  4. Trek to Kraggen-Cor (1986)
  5. The Brega Path (1986)
  6. Dragondoom (1990)
  7. Tales from the One-Eyed Crow (1991)
  8. The Eye of the Hunter (1992)
  9. Voyage of the Fox Rider (1993)
  10. Tales of Mithgar (1994)
  11. The Dragonstone (1996)
  12. Into the Forge (1997)
  13. Into the Fire (1998)
  14. Silver Wolf, Black Falcon (2000)
  15. Red Slippers (2004)
  16. City of Jade (2008)
  17. Stolen Crown (2014)

Mithgar Universe Books In Chronological Order

  1. The Dragonstone (1996)
  2. Voyage of the Fox Rider (1993)
  3. Into the Forge (1997)
  4. Into the Fire (1998)
  5. Dragondoom (1990)
  6. Stolen Crown (2014)
  7. Tales of Mithgar (1994)
  8. The Dark Tide (1984)
  9. Shadows of Doom (1984)
  10. The Darkest Day (1984)
  11. Trek to Kraggen-Cor (1986)
  12. The Brega Path (1986)
  13. The Eye of the Hunter (1992)
  14. Silver Wolf, Black Falcon (2000)
  15. City of Jade (2008)
  16. Red Slippers (2004)
  17. Tales from the One-Eyed Crow (1991)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. At the Edge of the Forest (2012)
  2. Jezebel (2014)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Strange Reflections (2013)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. After the King (1991)

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Dennis L. McKiernan Books Overview

The Dark Tide

Tuck Underbank is a Warrow think a hobbit with shoes and ”large jewel like eyes” living in the peaceful Boskydells. When an unnaturally cold winter strikes and the evil Modru threatens the world, he and a number of his fellow Thornwalkers go to the High King’s aid. But a vast expanse of lightless blizzard called the Dimmendark sounds bad, doesn’t it? is spreading over the land, and Tuck soon finds that the ”dark tide” is going to swamp them all. Despite the fact that they’re tiny and temperamental, the Warrows get included in the military forces. But the High King doesn’t have enough warriors to hold off the horde of slobbering monsters who are coming to attack. And the battle goes horribly wrong, separating the friends from one another and possibly dooming them all.

Trek to Kraggen-Cor

Dennis L. McKiernan’s world that never was has taken its place beside J R R Tolkien’s Middle Earth and Ursula K Le Guin’s Earthsea as a special realm of adventure and magic with the best selling Iron Tower Trilogy. Now the first book of The Silver Call Duology continues the tale with a call to war! More than two hundred years after the Dark Lord’s defeat by the brave alliance of Warrow, human, Dwarf and Elf, evil is again stirring, and man and Dwarf must turn to the small but stalwart Warrows for aid. And thus it is the Peregrin Fairhill and Cotton Buckleburr, keepers of the Silver Horn, find themselves marching with the Dwarf King at the head of a mighty army. They are pledged to lead the way along the almost forgotten path to Kraggen Cor, legendary realm under the Mountain. But Kraggen Cor is now home to all creatures of evil that yet remain in Mithgar. And even if Perry and Cotton can reopen the ancient way, will they be leading their allies to glorious victory or certain doom?

The Brega Path

THE FINAL BATTLE! Kraggen-Cor, once the heart of the Dwarf kingdom, now the mountain fastness of all the creatures of evil that remain in Mithgar. Here the Dwarf King Durek has led his forces to fufill his destiny and reclaim his realm. But with the Dawn Gate held by ememy troops and the Dusk-Door of Kraggen-Cor barred by a nightmare guardian, Durek must split his forces. He sends the Warrow Perry, the human Kian, and several doughty Dwarf warriors to chance The Brega Path, the legendary twisting way through the heart of Kraggen-Cor. With the powers of evil in pursuit, can this small band win through to Durek¹s army before the enemy springs a diabolical trap which could prove the death of all the Dwarves in Mithgar?


A thousand years before the Winter War, two sworn enemies each set forth to find the warhammer that could challenge their most terrible foes. But neither of them could know of the perils that lay ahead perils to life, and limb, and heart.

The Eye of the Hunter

With The Eye of the Hunter riding in Mithgar’s skies and creatures of darkness ravaging the land, five brave souls Riatha, the Elf Aravan, Gwylly, Faeril, and Petal must restore the land from the grasp of evil.

Tales of Mithgar

Snowbound at an inn called the One Eyed Crow, storytellers from across the realm of Mithgar share eleven mythical adventures around the fireplace.

The Dragonstone

Haunted by visions of a terrifying war, Arin the elf embarks on a perilous quest to obtain the one relic that can turn back the rough beast slouching his way toward the land of Mithgar The Dragonstone.’

Silver Wolf, Black Falcon

Dennis McKiernan’s newest epic, Silver Wolf, Black Falcon, takes us back to Mithgar in a time of great peril as an Elf and an Impossible Child try to save this ravaged land from a doom long ago prophesied…
. Praise for Dennis McKiernan’s novels:’Engrossing…
Fans of Tolkienesque fantasy…
will enjoy this lavishly told quest.’ Library Journal ‘Provocative…
appeals to lovers of classic fantasy the audience for David Eddings and Terry Brooks.’ Booklist ‘Imaginative action…
there are no lulls in McKiernan’s story.’ Columbus Dispatch ‘McKiernan’s narratives have heart and fire and drive. His images and characters bring the power of archetypes to his exciting adventure stories.’ Katherine Kerr ‘Once McKiernan’s got you, he never lets you go.’ Jennifer Roberson

Red Slippers

The bestselling fantasy author returns to one of his most acclaimed and renowned creations the exciting, enchanting, and awe inspiring realm of Mithgar in a long awaited collection of short stories that will sweep readers into the very heart of another world. Full of adventure, magic, bravery, and blood, each story has a different teller and an ending few mortals could ever imagine.

City of Jade

The national bestselling author presents the long awaited new fantasy novel set in the world of Mithgar his most renowned and acclaimed creation. The myth of a lost city carved of precious jade has proven irresistible to many in Mithgar. Now Aravan, captain of the Elven ship Eroean, has undertaken a quest to find it. With his true love Aylis, the Magekind Seeress, beside him and a crew of men and dwarves, he sets sail to follow the lure of legend. The journey will be long and perilous and the voyagers will find more than treasure awaiting them in the City of Jade. They will find dark sorcery and great danger, and some among them will find death.

Caverns of Socrates/Shadowtrap

Featuring a chapter from the author’s new hardcover, The Dragonstone, a fantasy novel features an elite group of computer adventurers who become caught in a deadly world of virtual reality. AB.

Into the Forge

Finally, the story of the Great War of the Ban is told! Two young wanderers are given a small copper coin by a dying human, who tells them to deliver it ‘East to Agron’ and ‘warn all,’ but dies before explaining who they are to deliver it to, and what they are to warn them of. Making matters worse, in order to deliver the message, the pair must pass through a war in the East between the Black Mage Modru and the alliance of free folk opposing him, and end up being drawn into events which threaten to overwhelm them, save for the coin which has much more significance than anyone could imagine!

Into the Fire

Tipperton and Beau, having delivered a mysterious coin to the reclusive King Agron, discover that the coin was actually a plea for help from King Blaine for aid in the Great War of the Ban. But despite their deeds so far, the two adventurers are still not free from duty. Tip burns to avenge the death of his lady love, fallen in battle, and Beau the healer cannot ignore the suffering of those around him. So they join the fight, leading Agron’s army into the lands of their enemy, the Black Mage Modru, carrying with them an ancient prophecy of victory…

Once Upon a Winter’s Night

From the bestselling author of the Mithgar novels comes a new version of a classic French fairy tale. A young woman marries a mysterious Prince, only to have magic steal him away and, Once Upon a Winter’s Night, her quest begins. ‘McKiernan brews magic with an insightful blend of laughter, tears, and high courage.’ Janny Wurts

Once Upon a Summer Day

Borel, Prince of the Winterwood, has been dreaming of a beautiful, golden haired maiden night after night. He believes that she truly exists and that she is in terrible danger. To save her, Borel must journey through the land of Faery and face the dark forces that await him…

Once Upon an Autumn Eve

Once Upon an Autumn Eve, a wounded knight named Sieur Luc rides into the Autumnwood and into the heart of Princess Liaze. But even as love blooms between them, dark forces snatch him away. Guided by the enigmatic Fates, Liaze sets out on a desperate quest to follow the trail of her true love no matter what perils she may encounter.

Once Upon a Spring Morn

The gallant knight Roel and his great love Celeste, princess of the Springwood, embark on a desperate odyssey across the shadowlands to save Roel’s sister from the forces of darkness threatening her very soul…

Once Upon a Dreadful Time

The vile witch Hradian sets events in motion to free her master, the wizard Orbane, who’s been trapped in the Castle of Shadows. But her scheme results in unforeseen consequences threatening not only the world of Faery but that of mortals as well. Rising to the challenge, the heroes and hero*ines of Winterwood, Summerwood, Springwood, and utumnwood join forces to rally humans and Fey alike to a cause that may be lost before it begins.

After the King

After the King presents an outstanding collection of new fantasy stories by an extraordinary assemblage of some of the very best writers to ever continue the tradition Tolkien began with The Lord of the Rings. Stephen R. Donaldson, Peter S. Beagle, Andrew Nortong, Terry Pratchett, Robert Silverberg, Judith Tarr, Gregory Benford, Jane Yolen, Poul and Karen Anderson, Mike Resnick, Emma Bull, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, John Brunner, Harrr Turtledove, Dennis L. McKiernan, Karen Haber, Barry M. Malzberg, and Charles de Lint contribute to a dazzling anthology that captures the spirit and originality of Tolkien’s great work. The millions whose lives have been touched by J.R.R. Tolkien will find the same primal storytelling magic here, undiluted an running ever on.

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