Delores Fossen Books In Order

Men on a Mission Books In Publication Order

  1. Marching Orders (2003)

Top Secret Babies Books In Publication Order

  1. Saving His Son (By:Rita Herron) (2001)
  2. Mommy Under Cover (2005)

Five-Alarm Babies Books In Publication Order

  1. Undercover Daddy (2007)
  2. Stork Alert / Whose Baby? (2007)
  3. The Christmas Clue (2007)
  4. Newborn Conspiracy (2008)
  5. The Horseman’s Son (2008)

Silver Star Of Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. Trace Evidence In Tarrant County / For Justice and Love (2007)
  2. Justice for a Ranger (By:Rita Herron) (2007)

Texas Paternity Books In Publication Order

  1. Security Blanket (2008)
  2. Branded by the Sheriff (2008)
  3. Expecting Trouble (2009)
  4. Secret Delivery (2009)
  5. Christmas Guardian (2009)

Silver Star Of Texas: Cantara Hills Investigation Books In Publication Order

  1. Beneath The Badge (By:Rita Herron) (2008)
  2. Questioning the Heiress (2008)

Kenner County Crime Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Secrets in Four Corners (By:Debra Webb) (2008)
  2. Profile Durango (By:Carla Cassidy) (2009)
  3. She’s Positive (2009)
  4. Collecting Evidence (By:Rita Herron) (2009)
  5. Snowed in with the Boss (By:Jessica Andersen) (2009)

Texas Maternity Hostages / Labor and Delivery Books In Publication Order

  1. The Baby’s Guardian (2010)
  2. Daddy Devastating (2010)
  3. The Mommy Mystery (2010)
  4. Savior in the Saddle (2010)
  5. Wild Stallion (2010)
  6. The Texas Lawman’s Last Stand (2010)

Silver Star Of Texas: Comanche Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. Classified Cowboy (By:Mallory Kane) (2009)
  2. Shotgun Sheriff (2010)
  3. Rawhide Ranger (By:Rita Herron) (2010)

The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. Grayson (2011)
  2. Dade (2011)
  3. Nate (2012)
  4. Kade (2012)
  5. Gage (2012)
  6. Mason (2012)
  7. Josh (2014)
  8. Sawyer (2014)
  9. Landon (2016)
  10. Holden (2017)
  11. Drury (2017)
  12. Lucas (2017)

Daddy Corps Books In Publication Order

  1. GI Cowboy (2011)

Mustang Ridge Books In Publication Order

  1. Christmas Rescue at Mustang Ridge (2012)
  2. Standoff at Mustang Ridge (2013)

Mercy Ridge Lawmen Books In Publication Order

  1. Her Child to Protect (2021)
  2. Safeguarding the Surrogate (2021)
  3. Targeting the Deputy (2021)
  4. Pursued by the Sheriff (2021)

Cowboy For Every Mood Books In Publication Order

  1. Kade (2012)
  2. Gage (2012)

The Marshals of Maverick County Books In Publication Order

  1. The Marshal’s Hostage (2013)
  2. One Night Standoff (2013)
  3. Outlaw Lawman (2013)
  4. Renegade Guardian (2013)
  5. Justice is Coming (2013)
  6. Wanted (2013)

Saddle Up Books In Publication Order

  1. Saddled (2001)
  2. Courting the Outlaw (2014)

Sweetwater Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. Maverick Sheriff (2014)
  2. Cowboy Behind the Badge (2014)
  3. Rustling Up Trouble (2014)
  4. Kidnapping in Kendall County (2014)
  5. Cowboy Deputy / The Deputy’s Redemption (2015)
  6. Reining in Justice (2015)
  7. Surrendering to the Sheriff (2015)
  8. A Lawman’s Justice (2015)

Shivers Books In Publication Order

  1. His to Possess (2014)

Appaloosa Pass Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. Lone Wolf Lawman (2015)
  2. Taking Aim at the Sheriff (2015)
  3. Trouble with a Badge (2016)
  4. The Marshal’s Justice (2016)
  5. Six-Gun Showdown (2016)
  6. Laying Down the Law (2016)

The McCord Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. What Happens on the Ranch / Cowboy Trouble (2016)
  2. Texas on My Mind (2016)
  3. Lone Star Nights (2016)
  4. Cowboy Underneath It All (2016)
  5. Blame It on the Cowboy (2016)

Wrangler’s Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. Lone Star Cowboy (2016)
  2. Those Texas Nights (2016)
  3. One Good Cowboy (2017)
  4. Branded as Trouble (2017)
  5. No Getting Over a Cowboy (2017)
  6. Just Like a Cowboy (2017)
  7. Cowboy Dreaming (2017)
  8. Texas-Sized Trouble (2018)
  9. Lone Star Blues (2018)
  10. The Last Rodeo (2018)
  11. Cowboy Heartbreaker (2018)
  12. Cowboy Blues (2018)

Lawmen of McCall Canyong Books In Publication Order

  1. Cowboy Above the Law (2018)
  2. Finger on the Trigger (2018)
  3. Lawman with a Cause (2018)
  4. Under the Cowboy’s Protection (2019)

Coldwater Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. Lone Star Christmas (2018)
  2. Hot Texas Sunrise (2019)
  3. Sweet Summer Sunset (2019)
  4. A Coldwater Christmas (2019)
  5. Lone Star Midnight (2019)
  6. Texas at Dusk (2019)

Blue River Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. Always a Lawman (2017)
  2. Gunfire on the Ranch (2017)
  3. Lawman from Her Past (2018)
  4. Roughshod Justice (2018)

Longview Ridge Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. Safety Breach (2019)
  2. A Threat to His Family (2019)
  3. Settling an Old Score (2020)
  4. His Brand of Justice (2020)

Lone Star Ridge Books In Publication Order

  1. Tangled Up in Texas (2020)
  2. Chasing Trouble in Texas (2020)
  3. Wild Nights in Texas (2020)
  4. That Night in Texas (2020)
  5. Hot Summer in Texas (2020)
  6. Whatever Happens in Texas (2021)
  7. Tempting in Texas (2021)
  8. Corralled in Texas (2022)

Last Ride, Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. Spring at Saddle Run (2021)
  2. Christmas at Colts Creek (2021)
  3. Summer at Stallion Ridge (2022)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Unbridled (1998)
  2. His Child (2002)
  3. A Man Worth Remembering (2002)
  4. Confiscated Conception (2003)
  5. Veiled Intentions (2004)
  6. Santa Assignment (2004)
  7. Peekaboo Baby (2005)
  8. Secret Surrogate (2006)
  9. Unexpected Father (2006)
  10. The Cradle Files (2006)
  11. Covert Conception (2006)
  12. Wrangled (2011)
  13. Dead Ringers (2013)
  14. Near Dead (2014)
  15. Unexpected Gift (2018)

Daddy Corps Books In Publication Order

  1. GI Cowboy (2011)
  2. Baby Bootcamp (By:Mallory Kane) (2011)
  3. Cowboy Brigade (By:Elle James) (2011)
  4. Major Nanny (By:Paula Graves) (2011)
  5. Camouflage Cowboy (By:Jan Hambright) (2011)
  6. Baby Battalion (By:Cassie Miles) (2011)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Coming Home for Christmas (2014)
  2. Home on the Ranch (2018)

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Delores Fossen Books Overview

Undercover Daddy

All federal agent Luke Buchanan wanted was his son. That and revenge against everyone involved in the illegal adoption that had resulted in his baby boy being stolen from him. So when he finally tracked down the woman who’d been raising Christopher as her own, he was hell bent on making her pay. But Luke wasn’t the only one after Elaina McLemore. Someone was hunting her, following her every move. And from the moment he saw the fear in Elaina’s eyes, he vowed to protect her and the baby they both loved at all costs. But who would protect him from the tender feelings Elaina sparked inside him?

Stork Alert / Whose Baby?

When Kelly Manning learned that her child might have been involved in a baby swap, she confronted the problem head on. Rich, powerful and dangerously attractive, Nick Lattimer was the only hope she had of finding out the truth. But he had the power to claim both the baby boy she’d raised and the biological son she’d never known.

Someone wanted them dead…
someone who’d stop at nothing to make sure the babies’ cries were silenced forever. There was only one way for Kelly to keep the boys safe.

She’d have to join forces with the last man she should trust and the only person who loved the children as much as she did.

The Christmas Clue

This Christmas he’d have to play Santa in disguise. Federal agent Matt Christensen hadn’t planned on spending Christmas Eve dodging bullets. He hadn’t planned on fatherhood, either. But when he discovered he had a daughter, Matt vowed he’d do anything to find her including cozying up to a beautiful murder suspect with dangerous connections.

To get inside the isolated West Texas compound of a known criminal, Matt needed Cassandra Harrison’s contacts. But could he ignore the other needs Cass brought to mind? She was vulnerable and soft…
almost innocent. With an arsenal of gunmen intent on crushing his Christmas mission, he’d have to protect them both if they wanted to survive the cold, cold night and bring his baby home for the holidays.

Newborn Conspiracy

Shot on a covert rescue mission, Logan McGrath came home to Texas to recuperate. He’d wanted peace, but instead found a terrified redhead on his doorstep. An alluring stranger who’d given birth to a beautiful baby boy…
his baby boy.
Mia Crandall claimed he wasn’t the donor she’d chosen.
But someone had arranged the illegal surrogacy, and now they wanted Mia out of the way. Only, Logan soon realized the killer who hunted her wasn’t nearly as frightening as the tender feelings she stirred inside him. And if Logan ever wanted to get a chance at fatherhood, he’d have to protect the mother of his child at all costs.

The Horseman’s Son

From the moment he first saw his son, ranchman Dylan Greer knew the baby he’d adopted was his in every way that mattered. And no one not even the beautiful, strong willed cop who claimed she was the child’s mother was going to change that. Collena Drake swore a criminal ring had stolen her baby and that someone was crossing every line to keep the illegal adoption secret. Now, in order to protect one innocent child, Collena made him a tempting offer: get married and share custody. As a businessman, Dylan thought the plan brilliant. But as a man…
resisting his ‘bride,’ especially as the danger mounted, would be damn near impossible.

Trace Evidence In Tarrant County / For Justice and Love

Sheriff Carley Matheson had her hands full: A sixteen year old unsolved murder and a strong hunch that the killer had resurfaced and struck again. As if things couldn’t get any worse, the Texas Rangers had sent Sloan McKinney the one man she’d always tried to keep at a distance to spearhead the investigation. Now the only way to keep the citizens of Justice, Texas, safe and solve two connected crimes was to join forces. But someone resented Carley and Sloan digging up the past, and before long two of Texas’s finest found themselves caught in the crosshairs of a murderer.

Justice for a Ranger (By:Rita Herron)

Rugged Texas Ranger Cole McKinney, abandoned by his father, hated the thought of helping his half brothers. Also Rangers, they’d called him back to Justice, Texas, to help solve two murder cases cases with their father as the prime suspect. Solving these crimes could help mend the wounds of Cole’s past. Maybe even clear his so called father’s name Gorgeous, curvy and whip smart, Joey Hendricks came to Justice as the governor’s special investigator. Working the cases with Cole caused their emotions to burn so hot, a ifery night in bed might be their only release. But Joey’s own family secrets in Justice could blow her one chance for love and these murders sky high.

Security Blanket

Texas P.I. Quinn ‘Lucky’ Bacelli had finally tracked down Marin Sheppard, a woman he was certain knew more about her missing criminal brother than she was letting on. And Lucky wasn’t the only one with that suspicion. Someone was willing to kill Marin and her son to get information. After coming to the rescue of the beautiful single mother and her baby boy, Lucky learned about her dangerous past and offered a pretend engagement. But as the connection between Marin’s child and a ruthless killer was revealed, the case became frighteningly more real than any he’d ever taken. And standing in as fianc and father had left Lucky with everything to lose .

Branded by the Sheriff

Years ago, Sheriff Beck Tanner had believed the worst about Faith Matthews. Now she was back in their small Texas town, forcing him to question everything he thought he knew about her. And when the killer who’d murdered her family set his sights on Faith and her innocent baby girl Beck’s protective instincts kicked into high gear.

As dangerous pranks turned into deadly games, Beck needed Faith to trust him with the secrets of her past. And with a sad*istic killer circling closer, all of Beck s attention had to be on keeping her baby safe…
and ignoring his inconvenient attraction to the beautiful mother…

Expecting Trouble

Agent Cal Rico knew that Jenna Laniere was lying. But then he discovered that she was only trying to protect her baby from an untrustworthy ex and his ruthless associates. A deadly game of cat and mouse forced Jenna into hiding. And if Cal didn’t help, the struggling single mother would have nowhere else to run. So it didn’t matter that claiming the child as his own would ruin his career. Cal had to risk his future to help save Jenna from her past. As an agent, it was his duty. As a man falling for this tiny family, he couldn’t turn away if he wanted to…

Secret Delivery

Sheriff Jack Whitley hadn’t seen Alana Davis in nearly a year. Not since he’d saved her life and helped to deliver her baby. And when she’d mysteriously disappeared, he’d raised her son as his own. So despite the way Alana’s vulnerability tugged at his heart, Jack vowed he wouldn’t let her claim his child. But with a dangerous killer hot on her trail, he found himself wanting to be her protector. Keeping her safe meant he ran the risk of losing his son. And ultimately his heart.

Christmas Guardian

Despite his dark past and dangerous edge, Jordan Taylor fell for the helpless infant left on his Texas doorstep with a frantic plea for help. The millionaire security agent had built a fortress around baby Gus…
or so he thought until Kinley Ford showed up at Christmas fourteen months later. Kinley wanted only to see her son; instead she’d led the killers on her heels straight to Gus. Killers who wouldn’t hesitate to use him as the ultimate pawn. Kinley got to Jordan’s heart, and after a lifetime of loss, he vowed to sacrifice everything to protect his surrogate son and the woman who’d ensnared him. Everything. Even his life.

Beneath The Badge (By:Rita Herron)

As a Texas Ranger, Hayes Keller was used to tough assignments. But protecting Taylor Landis after a recent attack and keeping his professional distance was the most challenging job Hayes had ever faced. Every instinct told him not to let her get under his skin, but sticking by her side all day and through the hot summer night was pushing him to the limit. Still, he needed to keep his cool until her attacker was caught. No matter how much she insisted there was more beneath Hayes’s badge than just a sexy, masculine Texas Ranger.

Questioning the Heiress

It was just a day’s work for Texas Ranger Egan Caldwell. Except this time, the victim of the crime was rich, beautiful heiress Caroline Stallings. Egan and Caroline couldn’t be more different she was upper crust, he was a lawman. Yet this woman stirred feelings in him that refused to be ignored. Problem was, Caroline’s memory had gone the way of Egan’s willpower and her amnesia had attracted a killer. Ensuring her safety was something he took very seriously. But giving in to their distracting, combustible attraction was the only chance Egan had of uncovering the secrets hidden in Caroline’s mind…
before someone else did.

Secrets in Four Corners (By:Debra Webb)

As sheriff of Kenner City, Colorado, Patrick Martinez couldn t believe the body of an FBI agent had turned up in his normally quiet jurisdiction. Even more shocking was the appearance of Officer Sabrina ‘Bree’ Hunter, a painful yet passionate memory he d hoped to leave buried in his past. Now, working side by side was crucial to solving this case. But one look from her dark eyes and Patrick couldn t fight the attraction that still left him powerless nor ignore the secret he knew she was holding onto. Then a stalker set his sights on Bree, and Patrick learned just how deep that secret ran…

Profile Durango (By:Carla Cassidy)

The last time he’d seen forensics expert Callista ‘Callie’ MacBride, she was the target of a hit man, and FBI Agent Tom Ryan had been assigned to keep her safe…
but he hadn’t kept his distance. Now, when every agent in the Four Corners was on the hunt for who killed one of their own, Callie was again in danger. And like before, it was Tom playing protector while trying to avoid their still simmering attraction. He knew Callie resented his sudden return, but the haunted look in her eyes told him there was more to the story. And he was right but the truth rocked him to the core…

She’s Positive

Although forced to put aside personal differences to rescue a child, FBI hostage negotiator Colin Forester and his estranged wife, Danielle, couldn’t ignore the issues that had pushed them apart or the chemistry that still stirred their blood.

Still, focusing on the case was crucial. Not to mention it kept Colin’s mind off the secret he sensed Danielle was torn about revealing. As the standoff with the hostage taker intensified, so did the reignited passion Colin had feared was lost forever. But would what Danielle was hiding guarantee their future or irreparably tear them apart?

Collecting Evidence (By:Rita Herron)

The first thing FBI Agent Dylan Acevedo remembered when he saw Aspen Meadows again was their steamy week in a hotel room. Unfortunately, Aspen had no memory of him, the murder she’d witnessed, or that he could be the father of her infant son. So, as much as he wanted to hold her and demand answers, her safety came first. Collecting evidence and hunting down clues always kept him working long into the night. But now, reunited with one unforgettable woman and excited by the prospect of fatherhood, Dylan found he had a lot more reasons to come home. And a lot more to lose.

Snowed in with the Boss (By:Jessica Andersen)

CEO Griffin Vaughn knew Sophie LaRue was trouble the moment he agreed to hire her. Still, he hadn’t become one of the wealthiest men in the world by being distracted by silky blond hair and legs that didn’t quit, and he refused to start now. But thanks to a freak blizzard, he and Sophie were trapped in his Colorado mansion and they weren’t alone. With someone watching from the shadows, Griffin attempted to ignore their building attraction and focus on protecting Sophie. A successful businessman, Griffin thrived on challenge until his innocent assistant made him an offer he couldn’t refuse .

The Baby’s Guardian

In the past twenty four hours Sabrina Carr had been shot at, kidnapped and held hostage. As if being eight months pregnant wasn’t stressful enough!Now, after narrowly escaping the clutches of masked gunmen, Sabrina and her baby needed a protector. That’s when hot Texas cop Shaw Tolbert came to her rescue. As the surrogate mother to his child, Sabrina couldn’t help the sizzling attraction to Shaw that the danger stirred up or the kiss that told her she meant more to him than she ever realized. With her attackers still on the loose, Sabrina’s priority was keeping the baby safe. But how could she keep her cool when things were so hot?

Savior in the Saddle

Willa Marks is pregnant. Afraid. And can’t remember anything beyond two months ago. What she does know is that she can’t trust the police to keep her safe. So when two men-cops-appear at her door, all she can think about is escape. But instinct tells her to trust one of them….

Brandon Ruiz is ex-military. Sheriff of a small town in Texas. And Willa’s ex-boyfriend. Or so he claims. Now that they’ve found her, he’s determined to keep Willa safe from her would-be assassin. But to do that he has to stay distanced. He can’t let her touch, her scent, reach him. Can’t let her kisses inflame him.

He thinks if she remembers, she’ll be safe. But he’s wrong….

Wild Stallion

Her unborn son was all the family she had…

Then he was stolen minutes after Bailey Hodges gave birth. Months following the hospital standoff, the terrifying memories still existed. Someone wanted her to die that night. Someone still wanted her dead. But nothing would stop her from finding her child. Not even Jackson Malone, the Texas tycoon whose intense gray eyes and protective demeanor she couldn’t resist.

The moment Jackson discovered that the mother of the ‘orphan’ he’d adopted was alive, his suspicions went on high alert. Nothing mattered more than keeping the baby safe-and defending Bailey from the danger that hovered closer than either of them expected. Yet would reuniting mother and child cost Jackson his only chance at having a family of his own?

The Texas Lawman’s Last Stand

Texas lawman Bo Duggan got the shock of his life when Mattie Collier showed up on his doorstep, claiming his daughter was really hers and not his son’s twin. But before Bo could argue, Mattie became a gunman’s target and duty compelled him to protect her. After getting the children to safety and then going on the run, Bo couldn’t help but admire the way Mattie wouldn’t back down-from a fight and from believing she was his baby’s mother. Bo had trouble imagining a life without the little girl he’d given his heart to. And before long, he had to admit, he had trouble imagining living without her mother, too.

Classified Cowboy (By:Mallory Kane)

Texas Ranger Lieutenant Wyatt Colter will never forgive himself for allowing a witness to go missing on his watch…
even if he did take a bullet as a result. Now forensic anthropologist Nina Jacobsen has unearthed human remains that might explain the mystery, and Wyatt finally sees his chance to solve a cold case that has haunted him for two long years. He knows Nina has her doubts about his ability to remain objective, but then someone tries to bury Nina with the evidence and, trust him or not, Wyatt appoints himself her own personal watchdog. And this time, this cowboy will get his man–and his woman.

Shotgun Sheriff

Comanche Creek’s not big enough for two to investigate a murder. That’s the feeling Texas Ranger Livvy Hutton gets when she’s sent there as a forensic expert. Yes, she’s horning in on Sheriff Reed Hardin’s territory and can’t ignore a distinct chill in the air between them. But according to evidence Livvy uncovers, she senses the cowboy cop’s acting ornery to protect his good ol’ boys from arrest for the murder. And backing off is not in her nature. Then, just days into the investigation, Livvy detects bigger trouble: a mutual attraction she and Reed have no business acting on. A torrid affair could compromise the case or spark some much needed and very satisfying cooperation!

Rawhide Ranger (By:Rita Herron)

Texas Ranger Cabe Navarro was full blooded Comanche his ripped frame even recalled history’s greatest warriors. Raven haired and eagle eyed, Cabe trespassed on sacred land to investigate ritual murders, only to fix his full attention on the daughter of a local rancher. They were on opposite sides of the law, and their initial attraction could have killed the case dead. But when Jessie Becker became a prime target for foul play, all bets were off. Knee deep in dangerous territory, Cabe made quick decisions to keep her alive and almost at arm’s length. He knew she needed his brand of protection, as a Texas Ranger and as a man. And that he was helpless to fight it when the line between the two started to blur…


On the day Lieutenant Nate Ryland’s baby daughter is kidnapped, he finds hope in the most surprising of allies: Darcy Burkhart, a woman he never thought never wanted to see again. But Darcy’s son has also been taken and there’s nothing that will keep them from bringing their children home. Unfortunately this is no ordinary adversary, and even someone like Nate, who’s used to dealing with the worst of society, can’t predict the enemy’s next move. As the search continues, Nate finds himself admiring the woman he once considered his greatest opponent and desiring her in a way he never would have thought possible.


Texas rancher and socialite, Adi McLaurin, gets more than she bargained for when she travels to her long lost brother’s untimely funeral. She discovers she has an orphaned eight year old half breed niece.

Grayson Renaux, the child’s half Choctaw uncle, lied. It was so bold a lie, it surprised him that God hadn’t struck him dead. It was for her own good that Adi would never know the full truth. He swore away his own happiness to protect his niece and consequently swore to protect his dead friend’s crazy sister. But, if he didn’t protect her from himself, it would destroy Adi’s well ordered life and his niece’s too.

To save her family’s ranch, Adi had agreed to marry a state politician. Her wedding gown was ready and the guests beginning to arrive for the week long celebration. But her life, Grayson’s, and the lives of all of her siblings were suddenly turned upside down when Adi found herself unwittingly, but legally, bound to Grayson.

His Child

After being abducted and artificially inseminated, Jessie Barrett was in danger and running for her life. And the one man she could turn to for answers was Jake McClendon–the biological father of her unborn child.

In the midst of their clandestine investigation to uncover the conspiracy behind her kidnapping, Jessie was unwittingly drawn to the sexy Texas rancher. She knew she should keep her distance and safeguard her heart, but all she wanted was to kiss him senseless. Except when he insisted they pretend to be man and wife so he could protect her, her defenses started to crumble. Now the ultimate challenge was to keep from falling in love with the father of her baby.

Confiscated Conception

Shock didn’t describe Rachel Dillard’s feelings when her estranged husband told her the news: her precious embryo had been stolen! A child their child had been born and had become a pawn in a killer’s deadly game. Finding their baby was her priority now, but the familiar heat of Jared’s arms was proving a dangerous distraction…
. One touch of Rachel’s lips and Lieutenant Jared Dillard knew he’d do anything to have her back in his bed. Bringing their baby home was the first step. Stopping a murderer was the second. And if risking his life was the only way, he would prove the power of a father’s love…

Veiled Intentions

She bet her badge and her honor when she bent the rules to hunt the deadly sniper who’d declared open season on newlyweds. Now police detective Katelyn O’Malley would answer to hotshot Sergeant Joe Rico, her new boss and temporary fianc . Joe had a plan to draw the sniper out by dangling his and Katelyn’s very public whirlwind ‘marriage’ as bait. But in private, the line between pretense and passion blurred. And as duty and desire tangled them in a web of escalating danger, they raced to discover if the killer had spun the deadliest trap of all .

Baby Bootcamp (By:Mallory Kane)

War vet Matteo Soarez’s assignment is simple: watch and listen. An undercover agent for Corps Security and Investigations, Matt learned patience the hard way on a dusty desert battleground. So sitting in a Texas cafe waiting for information is a piece of cake-make that a piece of pie. Faith Scott’s cherry pie, that is. The young cafe owner and mother-to-be could light up a room with her smile, and send a jaded ex-soldier’s heart racing like a stallion with just a touch. But Matt’s job involves saving the governor’s life, and protecting vulnerable single mothers isn’t his priority. Yet when Faith’s cafe becomes the epicenter of danger, Matt knows he cannot let Faith and her baby become collateral damage. Even if it means compromising the mission….

Camouflage Cowboy (By:Jan Hambright)

A single mother with a sick child was not something Agent Nick Cavanaugh was prepared to face. Unfortunately, his very special assignment included finding the woman and protecting her from learning the truth about his client and the vultures about to descend on her privacy. With no choice but to stick by Grace Marshall until all threats were neutralized, it took one little boy and his need for a cure no time at all to work their way into Nick’s heart. Peeling back Grace’s layers, Nick uncovers a mysterious past, and also a passion that stirs his soul and in ames his desire. As he struggles between what is dutiful andwhat is right, a killer unexpectedly makes his move.

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