Deepak Chopra Books In Order


  1. The Return of Merlin (1995)
  2. Deepak Chopra’s Lords of Light (1999)
  3. The Angel Is Near (2004)
  4. Soulmate (2004)
  5. The Daughters of Joy (2005)

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Deepak Chopra Books Overview

The Return of Merlin

Some legends endure the effects of time, reaching back to the mystery and the magic of a place and a people whom we know are part of who we are today. Camelot is such a legend and the mist shrouded fields, the ancient stone walls, the graceful figures of Arthur and Guinevere are the touchstones that connect us to purity of the heart and a sense of honor that knows no fear of death. In The Return of Merlin, Deepak Chopra, author of numerous bestsellers, proves a born storyteller. Although a book of incandescent fiction, The Return of Merlin is rich with the spiritual themes identified with Deepak Chopra: the hidden possibilities of wonder in the everyday world, the peace that lies behind the infinite masks of change, and the miraculous transformations made possible by shifts of perception. The message Merlin delivers is that ‘we can dream a new world from the purity of our own hearts.’ The rebirth of Camelot becomes vision and prophecy. Simon Jones has appeared in the films Miracle on 34th Street, For Love or Money, Green Card, Brazil, and Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, among others. He has beer featured on Broadway in The Real Thing, Benefactors, and Private Lives. Ageless Body, Timeless Mind; Perfect Weight; Restful Sleep; and Journey Into Healing, by Deepak Chopra, are also available from Random House AudioBooks. Boundless Energy and Perfect Digestion will be available from Random House AudioBooks in October 1995.

Deepak Chopra’s Lords of Light

As elegant as his bestselling How to Know God and as practical as his phenomenal The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, this groundbreaking new book from Deepak Chopra contains a dramatic premise: Not only are everyday coincidences meaningful, they actually provide us with glimpses of the field of infinite possibilities that lies at the heart of all things. By gaining access to this wellspring of creation, we can literally rewrite our destinies in any way we wish. From this realm of pure potential we are connected to everything that exists and everything that is yet to come. Coincidences can then be recognized as containing precious clues about particular facets of our lives that require our attention. As you become more aware of coincidences and their meanings, you begin to connect more and more with the underlying field of infinite possibilities. This is when the magic begins. This is when you achieve the spontaneous fulfillment of desire. At a time when world events may leave us feeling especially insignificant and vulnerable, Deepak Chopra restores our awareness of the awesome powers within us. And through specific principles and exercises he provides the tools with which to create the magnificent, miraculous life that is our birthright.

The Angel Is Near

One of the great spiritual teachers of our time…
Deepak Chopra’s books on human spirituality have been phenomenal international bestsellers. Now, the author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and the Way of the Wizard, creates an extraordinary fiction series built on his insights into the divine. With gripping storytelling power, The Angel Is Near plunges us into a modern, globe spanning thriller of epic proportions. Instead of guns and bombs, the weapons in this novel are far more powerful: good and evil. And at stake is the very future of humankind…
. Unleashes a saga of courage, terror and revelationIn a burned out village in Kosovo, two soldiers are struck down by a flash of blinding light…
In New York state, a doctor runs to help a stricken neighbor, only to be charged with the bloody murder of the man he came to save…
In a Nevada laboratory, a cynical scientist analyzes a bizarre life form and discovers the impossible…
All the around the world the fabric of reality is unraveling. Scientists scramble to understand it. Ordinary people confront bizarre, terrifying phenomena. And an American doctor named Michael Aulden stands at ground zero in a war of the body, mind and soul as humankind must choose between the goodness that has always been ours, or the evil that has found a home on earth…
Deepak Chopra’s The Angel Is Near


Raj Rabban, a medical doctor, thought he knew all about love and death. Then he meets fiery, red haired Molly on a Manhattan subway, and what begins as infatuation grows deeper than anything he had ever imagined possible. Molly is the flame that ignites his soul, and for a brief time they inhabit a private paradise reserved for lovers. She begins to teach him one of life’s deepest lessons that intimacy is the way to freedom when fate takes a hand. Through tragic circumstances, Raj’s joy is destroyed and almost his sanity. He has nowhere to turn, and therefore he must go beyond. From Molly, Raj learns to survive death and loss, and in so doing he unfolds a great secret he cannot save his soul, but his soul may be able to save him.

The Daughters of Joy

Struggling writer Jess Conover needs a job. But when he meets lovely, willowy Elena on a cold November night in Boston, he is swept into an age old mystery instead. At first he thinks that it is Elena herself who makes him feel as if his whole reality is about to be transformed. Then Jess discovers that this woman, who talks so knowingly about love, is the leader of a ‘mystery school’ going back many centuries. The Daughters of Joy, as they are called, serve Amor, the god of love. In the modern world, with its restless longing and terrifying violence, Amor may seem extinct. Yet the lessons of love have been passed on like a secret treasure from generation to generation. Jess is compelled to enter ‘the second world’ that lies behind our own, a place nurtured and preserved by a handful of women who can guide him on this remarkable adventure of the heart.

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