Dee Williams Books In Order


  1. Carrie of Culver Road (1991)
  2. Polly of Penn’s Place (1992)
  3. Annie of Albert Mews (1993)
  4. Hannah of Hope Street (1994)
  5. Sally of Sefton Grove (1995)
  6. Ellie of Elmleigh Square (1996)
  7. Maggie’s Market (1997)
  8. Katie’s Kitchen (1998)
  9. Wishes and Tears (1999)
  10. Sorrows and Smiles (2000)
  11. Forgive and Forget (2001)
  12. A Rare Ruby (2002)
  13. Hopes and Dreams (2002)
  14. Pride and Joy (2003)
  15. Love and War (2004)
  16. Sunshine After Rain (2005)
  17. After the Dance (2007)
  18. All That Jazz (2008)
  19. This Time for Keeps (2009)
  20. A Moment to Remember (2010)
  21. Lights Out Till Dawn (2011)
  22. The Flower Girls (2012)
  23. More Hopes and Dreams (2016)


  1. Maggie’s Market / Katie’s Kitchen (2004)

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Dee Williams Books Overview

Annie of Albert Mews

When Annie Rogers is asked out by Peter, she suggests Lil help make it a foursome. Lil gets on famously with Peter’s friend Julian, and she is soon busy earning money from singing spots that Julian sets up. Annie, no longer needed by her friend, begins to feel more isolated than ever.

Hannah of Hope Street

Hannah has had to grow up fast, taking on responsibility for her sister Alice after the death of her parents. After a violent incident with their guardian, they are out on the streets. She has no option but to accept the help of Maudie, whose home at the end of Hope Street is full of thieves.

Sally of Sefton Grove

This is the story of a 19 year old girl living in Rotherhithe in the 1930s. She is still grieving from her mother’s death and is dissatisfied with her life, but the war changes things, and she begins to understand that she must make her own future.

Ellie of Elmleigh Square

This Co*ckney saga set in late 1920s Rotherhithe tells the story of a young girl who always seems to be caught in the crossfire between her out of work father and her harassed, bitter mother.

Maggie’s Market

Maggie Ross loves her life amongst the stallholders of Kelvin Market, where her husband Tony has a stall. But when Tony disappears into thin air, Maggie’s world collapses. Struggling on her own, Maggie cannot tell who her friends are, like Inspector Matthews, to whom Maggie is increasingly drawn.

Katie’s Kitchen

When Katherine Carter’s common law husband dies without a will, his house and business revert to his bullying, womanizing brother, Gerald. Katie and her son move into cheap lodgings offered by a friend, but when a young girl turns up, bloodstained and incoherent, their troubles pale in comparison.

Wishes and Tears

When a naive encounter leaves 16 year old Janet pregnant, there’s no question of her keeping the baby. Bundled off to an unmarried mother’s hospital, Janet faces the hardest moments of her sheltered life alone. Forced to give her daughter up for adoption, Janet promises that one day she’ll find her.

Sorrows and Smiles

When young Pam King starts to go out with Robbie Bennetti, she can’t understand her grandmother’s fury. What secret is Ivy refusing to reveal? When Robbie fails to return from a visit to Italy, it seems brokenhearted Pam will never know until almost a lifetime later.

Forgive and Forget

As World War Two enters its final year, Ruth Bentley feels life has dealt her more than her fair share of blows. She’s lost her home in a bomb attack, and with her husband in the army, her daughters evacuated to Wales, and her mother killed and father injured in the attack, Ruth is left to face the devastation alone. But she finds comfort in the camaraderie of the Civil Defence office where she works and in her friendship with Lucy, a clippie on the buses. Lucy’s husband is at sea, and the two women dream of the day when they’ll be reunited with their loved ones. But as victory approaches, Ruth finds that the legacy of war is more powerful than even she had imagined…

Hopes and Dreams

It’s 1942 and Dorothy Taylor, now eighteen, dreams of distant lands far from the grey backstreets of Rotherhithe where she has spent all her life. As the war rages on, excitement comes in the form of the Americans posted in London. Although Dolly is engaged to Tony, a boy from her street who has been called up, she can’t help but fall in love with Joe, a dashing American GI who eventually asks her to marry him. But America is not all she imagined it would be, and she’s shocked by the cool welcome Joe’s mother gives her. As she struggles to make friends and understand the man she’s married, Dorothy begins to realise that she made a terrible mistake when she walked away from Tony, and wonders if he even remembers the innocent young girl who broke his heart. Only when she returns to Rotherhithe can she find out if there is still a chance of happiness for the two of them.

Pride and Joy

For sixteen year old Mary Harris, growing up in Rotherhithe in 1934 has its ups and downs. She has a good job in a biscuit factory and a best friend, Liz, who’s fun to be with, but she’s worried about her younger brother Eddie. Eddie is a difficult child whose bad behaviour affects the whole family. Although Mary’s stepfather Ted denies losing his temper with the boy. Mary’s seen the bruises on Eddie’s small body. She wishes her parents would take Eddie to a specialist as perhaps then they would find out what’s wrong with him. Mary escapes her problems for a while when she meets Liz’s handsome brother Billy, who’s a sailor. And when a fortune teller predicts romance is in the air, Mary’s sure that Billy is the one for her. But the future holds some surprises for Mary, and there’s heartbreak to come before she can find true love.

After the Dance

Dee Williams’ latest saga, both warm and nostalgic, will transport you back to the lost era of Swingtime. It’s late 1935 and Sue Carver is living happily with her parents in Rotherhithe, working in the office of a local car dealer. She constantly has to resist the advances of her boss, the wealthy Fred Hunt, and her best friend Jane warns her to be careful. Fred’s not the only one to have taken a liking to Sue: Jane’s brother Ron also shows his admiration for her. But Sue’s main love is dancing. She and Jane are always to be found at the local dance hall and when one memorable night the band brings in a new singer, Cy Noble, Sue can’t help falling for him. Cy fails to tell her he is married, taking advantage of her naivety, and they spend a wild night together. But reality hits hard After the Dance. Cy moves on and Sue is devastated to find out she is pregnant. Her parents are horrified when they find out, and just when she thinks things couldn’t be worse, tragedy strikes. Will Sue ever find the love and happiness she craves?

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