Debra Webb Books In Order

Athena Force Books In Publication Order

  1. Double-Cross (By:Meredith Fletcher) (2004)
  2. Justice (2004)
  3. Deceived (By:Carla Cassidy) (2005)
  4. Look-Alike (By:Meredith Fletcher) (2006)
  5. Pawn (By:Carla Cassidy) (2006)
  6. Line of Sight (By:Rachel Caine) (2007)
  7. Vendetta (By:Meredith Fletcher) (2007)
  8. Beneath the Surface (By:Meredith Fletcher) (2007)

Behind Closed Doors: Family Secrets Books In Publication Order

  1. The Lie (2020)
  2. Blood Strangers (By:Vicki Hinze) (2020)
  3. Savage Beauty (By:Peggy Webb) (2020)
  4. Deadly Reflections (By:Regan Black) (2020)
  5. Fatal Deceptions (By:Cindy Gerard) (2020)

Bone Books In Publication Order

  1. Bone Deep (2013)
  2. Bone Cold (2014)

Breakdown Books In Publication Order

  1. Her Deepest Fear (By:Vicki Hinze) (2018)
  2. No Looking Back (2018)
  3. Trust No One (By:Regan Black) (2018)
  4. Just One Look (By:Peggy Webb) (2018)
  5. The Dead Girl (2018)
  6. So Many Secrets (By:Vicki Hinze) (2018)
  7. All the Lies (By:Peggy Webb) (2018)
  8. What She Knew: Breakdown (By:Regan Black) (2018)

Code Red Books In Publication Order

  1. Tremors (2005)

Colby Agency Books In Publication Order

  1. Safe by His Side (2000)
  2. The Bodyguard’s Baby (2001)
  3. Protective Custody (2001)
  4. Solitary Soldier (2002)
  5. Personal Protector (2002)
  6. Physical Evidence (2002)
  7. The Marriage Prescription (2002)
  8. Contract Bride (2002)
  9. Undercover Wife (2003)
  10. Her Hidden Truth (2003)
  11. Guardian of the Night (2003)
  12. Her Secret Alibi (2003)
  13. Keeping Baby Safe (2003)
  14. Guarding the Heiress (2003)
  15. Cries in the Night (2004)
  16. Striking Distance (2004)
  17. Romancing the Tycoon (2004)
  18. Agent Cowboy (2004)
  19. Situation: Out of Control (2004)
  20. Full Exposure (2004)
  21. Colby Conspiracy (2005)
  22. Investigating 101 (2006)
  23. Raw Talent (2006)
  24. The Hidden Heir (2006)
  25. A Colby Christmas (2006)
  26. A Soldier’s Oath (2007)
  27. Colby vs. Colby (2007)
  28. Hostage Situation (2007)
  29. Colby Rebuilt (2007)
  30. Guardian Angel (2008)
  31. Identity Unknown (2008)
  32. Small-Town Secrets (2009)
  33. The Bride’s Secrets (2009)
  34. His Secret Life (2009)
  35. First Night (2009)
  36. Colby Lockdown (2010)
  37. Colby Justice (2010)
  38. Colby Control (2010)
  39. Colby Velocity (2010)
  40. Colby Brass (2010)
  41. Colby Core (2010)
  42. Missing (2011)
  43. Damaged (2011)
  44. Broken (2011)
  45. Classified (2011)
  46. Decoded (2011)
  47. Colby Law (2012)
  48. High Noon (2012)
  49. Colby Roundup (2012)
  50. Bridal Armor (2013)
  51. Ready, Aim…I Do! (2013)
  52. Would-Be Christmas Wedding (2013)

Colby Agency: Family Secrets Books In Publication Order

  1. Gunning for the Groom (With: Regan Black) (2016)
  2. Heavy Artillery Husband (With: Regan Black) (2016)

Colby Agency: Sexi-ER Books In Publication Order

  1. Finding the Edge (2018)
  2. Sin and Bone (2018)
  3. Body of Evidence (2018)

Curse Of Raven\’s Cliff Books In Publication Order

  1. Motive (2008)

Dangerous Protectors Books In Publication Order

  1. Dylan / Against the Wall (With: Regan Black) (2014)
  2. Mike / Too Far Gone (With: Regan Black) (2015)
  3. Nathan / Nothing to Lose (With: Regan Black) (2015)
  4. Dallas (With: Regan Black) (2019)

Devlin & Falco Books In Publication Order

  1. Trust No One (2020)
  2. Gone Too Far (2021)
  3. Can’t Go Back (2021)

The Enforcers Books In Publication Order

  1. John Doe on Her Doorstep (2005)
  2. Executive Bodyguard (2005)
  3. Man of Her Dreams (2005)

Faces Of Evil Books In Publication Order

  1. Obsession (2011)
  2. Impulse (2011)
  3. Power (2012)
  4. Rage (2012)
  5. Revenge (2013)
  6. Ruthless (2013)
  7. Silence (2013)
  8. Vicious (2013)
  9. Vile (2014)
  10. Heinous (2014)
  11. Depraved (2014)
  12. The Dying Room (2015)

Faces Of Evil: Private Eyes Books In Publication Order

  1. Envy (2016)
  2. Dark Whispers (2016)
  3. Still Waters (2016)

Forrester Square Books In Publication Order

  1. Reinventing Julia (By:Muriel Jensen) (2003)
  2. Twice and for Always (By:Cathy Gillen Thacker) (2003)
  3. All She Needed (By:Kate Hoffmann) (2003)
  4. Ring of Deception (By:Sandra Marton) (2003)
  5. Keeping Faith (By:Day Leclaire) (2003)
  6. Word of Honor (By:Dani Sinclair) (2004)
  7. Third Time’s the Charm (By:Kristin Gabriel) (2004)
  8. Too Good to Refuse (By:Mindy Neff) (2004)
  9. Illegally Yours (By:Jacqueline Diamond) (2004)
  10. Come Fly with Me (By:Jill Shalvis) (2004)
  11. Best-Laid Plans (By:Debbi Rawlins) (2004)
  12. Escape the Night (By:Joanna Wayne) (2004)
  13. Tell No One (By:Marion Lennox) (2004)
  14. Nobody’s Baby (2004)
  15. The One That Got Away (By:Leslie Kelly) (2004)
  16. Secret Lullaby (By:Isabel Sharpe) (2004)

Jackie Mercer Books In Publication Order

  1. Dirty (2011)
  2. Low Down (2014)

Kenner County Crime Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Secrets in Four Corners (2008)
  2. Profile Durango (By:Carla Cassidy) (2009)
  3. She’s Positive (By:Delores Fossen) (2009)
  4. Collecting Evidence (By:Rita Herron) (2009)
  5. Snowed in with the Boss (By:Jessica Andersen) (2009)

Less Books In Publication Order

  1. Traceless / Clint (2007)
  2. Nameless / Ryan (2008)
  3. Faceless / Carson (2008)

Life Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Never Happened (2006)

Montana Confidential Books In Publication Order

  1. Special Assignment (2001)
  2. Someone to Protect Her (By:Patricia Rosemoor) (2001)
  3. Secret Agent Heiress (By:Julie Miller) (2001)

Shades Of Death Books In Publication Order

  1. The Blackest Crimson (2016)
  2. No Darker Place (2017)
  3. A Deeper Grave (2017)
  4. The Coldest Fear (2017)
  5. The Longest Silence (2018)

Silent Weapon Books In Publication Order

  1. Silent Weapon (2005)
  2. Silent Reckoning (2005)

The Specialists: Heroes Next Door Books In Publication Order

  1. The Hunk Next Door (2014)
  2. Heart of a Hero (2015)
  3. To Honor and To Protect (2015)
  4. Her Undercover Defender (2015)

Stormwatch Books In Publication Order

  1. Frozen Ground (2019)
  2. Deep Freeze (By:Vicki Hinze) (2019)
  3. Wind Chill (By:Rita Herron) (2019)
  4. Black Ice (By:Regan Black) (2019)
  5. Snow Brides (By:Peggy Webb) (2019)
  6. Snow Blind (By:Cindy Gerard) (2020)

Trading Places Books In Publication Order

  1. The Rancher Wore Suits (By:Rita Herron) (2002)
  2. The Doctor Wore Boots (2002)

The Undertaker’s Daughter Books In Publication Order

  1. The Undertaker’s Daughter (2018)
  2. The Secrets We Bury (2019)
  3. The Lies We Tell (2019)
  4. The Darkness We Hide (2020)

Winchester, Tennessee Books In Publication Order

  1. In Self Defense (2019)
  2. The Dark Woods (2019)
  3. The Stranger Next Door (2019)
  4. The Safest Lies (2019)
  5. Witness Protection Widow (2020)
  6. Before He Vanished (2020)
  7. The Bone Room (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Tempting Trace (1999)
  2. Here to Stay (1999)
  3. Free Falling (2000)
  4. Longwalker’s Child (2001)
  5. A Stranger’s Kiss (2003)
  6. Whispers in the Night (With: Amanda Stevens) (2003)
  7. See Her Die (2003)
  8. Dying to Play (2005)
  9. Urban Sensation (2005)
  10. Person Of Interest (2006)
  11. Vows of Silence (2006)
  12. Past Sins (2006)
  13. Staying Alive (2007)
  14. Danger Zone (2007)
  15. Out-Foxxed (2007)
  16. Secrets in Four Corners (2008)
  17. Find Me / Come Find Me (2008)
  18. Everywhere She Turns (2009)
  19. Anywhere She Runs (2010)
  20. Powerful Protectors (2011)
  21. The Equalisers (2012)
  22. The Traitor (2013)
  23. The Back-Up Plan (2013)
  24. See Him Die (2015)
  25. What She Doesn’t See (2015)
  26. Marriage Confidential (With: Regan Black) (2017)
  27. Reluctant Hero (With: Regan Black) (2017)
  28. There Once Was A Child (2018)
  29. Cries in the NightPerson of Interest (2018)
  30. Come Find Me (2018)
  31. When You Come Back (2019)
  32. Secrets & Lies (2019)
  33. Secrets She Kept (With: Carol Ericson) (2021)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Mysteries of Lost Angel Inn (2004)
  2. Epiphany (2005)
  3. A NASCAR Holiday (2006)
  4. Bet Me (2007)
  5. A Very NASCAR Holiday (2009)
  6. Love is Murder (2012)

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Debra Webb Books Overview

Look-Alike (By:Meredith Fletcher)

They looked alike, fought alike…
but when it came to spy games, Samantha St. John and Elle Petrenko had different codes. Upstanding CIA agent Sam played by the rules. Russian spy Elle had more colorful ways of getting the job done. Ways that put her at odds with her newfound sister and in the path of one dangerous male. Sam’s loyalties lay with her former classmates, the women of Athena Academy who’d asked her to find a link between a blackmailer and her parents’ deaths. But Sam needed Elle and her mystery man to succeed. Could the sisters’ newly formed bond survive this personal mission, the heart of which might reveal a devastating truth about their past?

Line of Sight (By:Rachel Caine)

After three Athena Academy students are kidnapped, FBI special agent Katie Rush is first on the scene. The Athena grad will stop at nothing to make sure the girls are returned safely even if it means working with a psychic. This unconventional relationship is not ideal for a by the book agent, but Katie can’t dismiss his dead on revelations. Now in a race against time, with young girls’ lives on the line, Katie must do something she’s never attempted: Put her trust in a handsome stranger.

Vendetta (By:Meredith Fletcher)

History will repeat itself…
unless she can stop it. Juicy stories are investigative reporter Winter Archer’s bread and butter. So when her beloved mentor asks her to write the biography of Athena Academy’s founder, Winter jumps at the chance. But someone out there will stop at nothing not even murder to ensure that long buried secrets remain hidden. And Winter can’t finish the job unless she joins forces with the one man who is most definitely off limits. Only together can they uncover the deadly plot that spans decades and threatens to destroy a legacy…
Athena Force Will the women of Athena unravel Arachne’s powerful web of blackmail and death…
or succumb to their enemies’ deadly secrets?

Beneath the Surface (By:Meredith Fletcher)

Shannon Connor has begun to question the information she’s uncovered about the prestigious school that wrongfully expelled her. Who is the mysterious source feeding her such explosive intel? Finding the truth has always been easy until the search means staying one perilous step ahead of a murderous enemy and one arm’s length away from a gorgeous government agent. Now, as the legendary school faces its greatest enemy, will Shannon finally return to the fold or destroy the academy that shaped her?


Courage Bay, California…
a community founded on bravery. Now meet the town’s new generation of heroes the men and women of Courage Bay Emergency Services. Bold enough to risk their lives and their hearts. Fearless enough to face any emergency…
even the ones that are no accident. Code Red: Earthquake An earthquake collapses a parking garage. A woman is trapped, a support pillar pressing down on her SUV. Fire captain Joe Ripani won’t risk his men the rescue is too dangerous. He’ll go in alone…
Lisa Malloy’s ex boyfriend Joe Ripani saves her from certain death. But a few months ago he was running scared…
when Lisa wanted a deeper relationship. The sex was great, but settle down? Not Joe. So when Lisa discovers she’s pregnant, Joe’s proposal takes her by complete surprise. Lisa says yes knowing Joe’s commitment is to the baby. But Lisa hopes that given time Joe will feel the same about their marriage…
and their love.

Personal Protector

Atlanta’s most beloved news reporter wants her new cameraman fired. Why? Because she can’t even glance at the sexy Latino without wanting to touch him to see if he feels as hot as he looks. He’s a distraction she can’t afford…
not when her first priority is staying alive. But what Piper Ryan doesn’t know just might save her life. Because Ric Martinez is more than just a cocky cameraman with a knack for protecting Piper and making her melt with desire. He’s an undercover agent on the biggest bodyguard assignment of his career: her!

Agent Cowboy

In jeopardy and running for her life, Kelly Parker was the lone witness to a ghastly triple murder. And her only chance for survival rested on the impossibly broad shoulders of Trent Tucker. His mission: Protect Kelly from a deadly threat while unraveling the clues of a complicated case. Though the ex bounty hunter turned Colby Agent knew he should keep his professional distance from Kelly, his feelings for the young beauty became increasingly personal. But would the combustible passion that raged between them be extinguished by the killer on their trail?

Full Exposure

Specialist Cole Danes’s investigation revealed the unthinkable: a trusted, longtime personal assistant toVictoria Colby had been the source leaking highly sensitive information that could have resulted in the agency’s destruction. But it soon became clear that a secondary party was the real culprit. Single mom Angel Parker was being manipulated and controlled by a sinister mercenary driven to destroy the Colby Agency using any means necessary. Only, that was about to stop…
dead!Cole was determined to complete his mission, and he needed Angel to accomplish that end. But he didn’t expect to need Angel…
. He had every intention of being as ruthless as his adversaries and using Angel as his pawn, but spending time in seclusion with her wore away his emotional armor. Now he was more concerned with protection than retribution, which could prove fatal for them both.

Investigating 101

NOW RECRUITING: THE COLBY AGENCYTodd Thompson had been given the greatest opportunity of his new career: a chance for a permanent position at the prestigious Colby Agency. His assignment: to locate a prominent geneticist’s missing pregnant wife. Trouble was, working side by side with Serena Blake the brainy beauty who suspected foul play provoked certain feelings Todd couldn’t ignore. And when a series of mysterious incidents put Serena in jeopardy, Todd vowed he’d stop at nothing to keep her safe. But now, as the danger escalated around them, the hunt for a sinister criminal threatened to resurrect long buried secrets of the past that could threaten Todd and Serena’s future forever.

Raw Talent

When a confidential file was stolen from the prestigious Colby Agency, it was A. J. Braddock’s mission to retrieve it. His assignment: locate Gabrielle Jordan, the enigmatic woman who’d vanished with it. Except he never expected to find her hiding out in Mexico, safeguarding two boys &151; the victims of a failed kidnapping plot. But Gabrielle’s fierce tenderness toward the youngsters stirred the ex military man’s own protective instincts. Now, forced to rely on each other to stay alive, neither could resist the passion that simmered between them &151; leaving A.J. torn between duty and desire .

A Colby Christmas

Golden boy Brad Gibson never expected his climb up the corporate ladder would involve dodging bullets. But after he discovered corruption at a leading financial firm, someone wanted his head. Even worse, he feared he was about to lose an exciting opportunity to join the Colby Agency. Now on Christmas Eve he was locked inside a skyscraper equipped with a state of the art security system alongside Colby receptionist Elaine Younger, a doe eyed beauty not to be underestimated. But with four masked men intent on bringing the agency to its knees, it was going to be a long night of gunfire and dangling mistletoe before Christmas dawned on the most dangerous couple in Chicago.

A Soldier’s Oath

Willow Harris needed someone who was willing to go beyond the law to get her son back. It was a dangerous mission in a foreign land against ruthless kidnappers. Hope was all Willow had until she found THE EQUALIZERS. Spencer Anders may have been new to the Equalizers, but he was a proven professional. Specializing in hostage retrieval, Spencer had earned his stripes overseas. Now with Willow in on the mission, anything could happen things he couldn’t control. The only thing Spencer knew for sure: surrender was not an option.

Colby vs. Colby

With their reputations and Sunday dinner in jeopardy, Victoria Colby Camp and her son Jim were not about to give in when it came to Sam Johnson. He was Jim Colby’s newest Equalizer but a mystery to everyone else. Until the past caught up to him when Officer Lisa Smith was called in to drag him back to the City of Angels to clear his name. Hired by the Colby Agency, Lisa was by the book in every way, except when it came to Sam. After all this time, she couldn’t forget him and she had tried. With Sam framed for three gangland killings, Lisa found herself unraveling a man who trusted no one. But Sam would have to let Lisa in if they were ever going to expose a brutal killer before it was too late for the next victim and the Colbys.

Hostage Situation

NO ROOM FOR NEGOTIATION Renee Vaughn went undercover to bring down a powerful druglord. Finding her ‘in’ to the reclusive criminal’s life was easy his brother Paul Reyes was his polar opposite. A classic good man in a bad situation and the Equalizers’ newest agent was about to have her way with him. Now on the receiving end of a dirty double cross, Paul and Renee were running for their lives. As they joined forces to elude his brother’s hitmen, their attraction grew deeper. But would it withstand Paul discovering the truth about who Renee really was? Who was being held hostage here when both their hearts were put directly in harm’s way?’

Colby Rebuilt

Colby agent or not, he didn’t dare cross the line with this woman not yet Former U.S. marshal Shane Allen made one mistake on the job, and it cost him his reputation. Now he had a second chance working an inside case for the newly rebuilt Colby Agency. And nothing, certainly not some tagalong woman, was going to ruin it.

After her sister’s murder, justice was all that Mary Jane Brooks wanted. And Shane was crucial to nailing those responsible, even if he did send her pulse racing.

Keeping things professional was downright impossible, especially when Mary Jane kept putting out conflicting signals. If Shane’s instincts were right, this fragile beauty was a virgin in the worst kind of trouble but was he ready to take it all the way?

Guardian Angel

Who was the mysterious Guardian Angel? He’d succeeded where the FBI had failed, rescuing countless kidnapped children and bringing them to safety. His closely held hidden identity as reclusive Nathan Tyler was the only thing safeguarding his most private secrets. And they were about to go public…

Colby agent Anne Martin had a serial kidnapper on her hands and no viable leads. Except the Guardian Angel. Undisclosed liaisons with the vigilante weren’t safe. The man was no saint, but neither was she. And breaking all the rules was only the fi rst step they’d take together…

Identity Unknown

Colby Agency’s Patrick O’Brien knew only two things for sure: Sande Williams was a complete mystery and a woman in serious trouble. She was also gorgeous, but he wasn’t about to put that in his internal report.

She’d woken up in a morgue with toe tag and all! How could that happen, and why didn’t she know who she was or where she’d come from? One by one the people associated with her were turning up dead. Was she an unwilling participant in an identity scheme or an accomplice? It was just the kind of case the Colby Agency took on and just the kind of woman who could worm her way into Patrick’s closed off heart. But would he be next in line for termination…

Small-Town Secrets

Mission: Close a 16 year old cold case: three teenage girls slain in a small Midwest town.

Client: Dana Hall, twin sister of one of the victims. Troubled, amnesiac, alienated from family, suffering from horrific nightmares about the killer’s identity.

Investigator: William ‘Spence’ Spencer. Thirty six. Bachelor. Top notch skills, on the job 24/7. Shows exceptional sensitivity to client’s needs.

Comments: Significant danger. Escalating threats against Dana’s presence in town. Spence believes Dana is hiding something relevant to investigation. Possibility he may be hiding something himself. Has his strong, naturally protective nature compromised his professionalism? There’s always a first time.

The Bride’s Secrets

Mission: Find a runaway bride. Expose her true identity.

Target: Eve Mattson, self described ‘problem solver’ for hire. Has been on the wrong side of the law most of her life. Recently showed signs of putting the past behind her, especially after leaving the wrong guy at the altar.

Investigator: J.T. Baxley, new employee who’s mistaken his bride to be for an honest woman. Superior investigative skills, emotionally vulnerable, willing to take a bullet in the name of justice. Extremely handsome!

Supervisor’s Comments: Twists and turns no one saw coming. Attraction again developing between Baxley and Mattson? Neither ever trusted anyone. Reports that the two have been spotted in passionate embraces in the midst of lethal situations!

His Secret Life

Mission: Find the hero who doesn’t want to be found.

Client: A wealthy businessman who won’t rest until he repays the man who saved his family from a car crash and fled the scene.

Investigator: Jane Sutton, former army counterintelligence officer, is the proverbial ‘plain Jane.’ Smart, tenacious, tough as nails, but longing for love. Didn’t bargain for the danger that surrounds her target, Troy Benson or her irresistible attraction to him.

Supervisor’s Comments: On the lam from witness protection, Troy lives with a devastating secret from his past and trusts no one. Unwilling to let Jane help him reclaim his true identity. Reluctant to believe that what she really might find is the hero of her dreams.

First Night

As far as Christmas packages went, Brandon Thomas was one tall drink of water. And at the moment he was in over his too handsome head. He’d showed up at the Colby offi ces covered in blood and desperate for help unraveling a mystery of murder. Luckily for Brandon, Merri Walters was a determined investigator not about to let an innocent bystander get railroaded especially so close to Christmas. With careful coaxing, Merri learned that Brandon unknowingly possessed information high level people wanted to keep secret. Now, the only challenge was keeping Brandon at arm’s length in order to make sure they both stayed alive to see the New Year.

Colby Lockdown

The Colby Agency has long handled private investigations with discretion and success. Staff from the top down maintain pristine reputations and always work within the law. Until now…
With a long list of clients comes an equal number of enemies. Someone wants revenge and is determined to get it starting with Victoria Colby Camp. The only hope of survival lies with investigator Slade Convoy and a stranger Mia Dawson, an assistant in the D.A.’s office. With the offices in lockdown and holding hostages, the captors have one demand: kidnap D.A. Gordon and deliver him to the Colby Agency. Slade’s assignment: gain the cooperation of Mia, the only one who knows how to get past Gordon’s security, by any means necessary and bring in Gordon. Together Slade and Mia have no choice but to break the law in order to execute the operation. But will they be able to plead their case once justice is served? And will the operation fail when Slade learns Mia has her own agenda?

Colby Justice

With the deadline for his demands fast approaching, Victoria Colby Camp’s captor starts to exact the revenge he deems justice. Now in session: a mock trial sure to end in a death sentence for Victoria…
unless Equalizer Ben Steele and Colby rookie Penny Alexander can pull off a daring, nearly impossible rescue. The only problem is some serious friction between the two. Loner Steele travels with so much emotional baggage that he can’t trust a woman partner. Alexander, new to the job and insecure, harbors a secret that could fatally jeopardize the mission. And once Steele finds her out, anger, resentment, lies and accusations trail their every heart stopping move. Can this risk all rescue operation and The Colby Agency be saved?

Colby Control

When the Colby Agency and the Equalizers merged, their agents were expected to work together. But the moment Ted Tallant met hotshot investigator Nora Friedman, there were sparks and not the good kind. Nora was a risk taker, while Ted was a by the book kind of guy. When they were sent to Vegas on a case, those sparks turned into something hotter. They were good together really good. But when an enemy from Nora’s past twisted their assignment into something deadly, all hell broke loose. And suddenly skill and attraction weren’t enough. They would have to trust each other or everyone would die.

Colby Velocity

Former Equalizer Leland ‘Rocky’ Rockford did not have a problem working with Colby Agent Kendra Todd. As far as he was concerned, partnering with her was one of the benefits of their agencies’ merger. Something about her calm and composed air made him want to ruffle her feathers until they were assigned to a murder case. Fully in professional mode, Rocky was willing to do whatever necessary to support Kendra and keep her safe. But as the case started cracking, so did the walls around her guarded heart. Now, with questions and the bodies piling up, they must outmaneuver the shadowy element that not only wants them to fail, but wants them dead…

Colby Brass

As a Colby agent, Trinity Barrett is one of the best at finding the missing and delivering justice. He hasn’t confronted a challenge he couldn’t handle with ease until now. To locate an abducted child and bring her home safely, he must team up with Equalizer Evonne Cassidy his ex wife. Launching a dangerous search in Chicago’s underbelly is not Evonne’s biggest obstacle partnering with Trinity is. They’d managed to keep their history a secret, but in close quarters they can’t deny the passion that still connects them. And if there’s any hope for a Christmas reconciliation, they’ll first have to survive their risky assignment .

Colby Core

After years in captivity, waiting for a rescuer who never came, Tessa Woods meets a mysterious stranger who’s determined to help bring down a human trafficking ring and save the other victims including her child. But can she put all her dreams of a merry Christmas into the hands of a handsome agent?Colby agent Riley Porter thinks being a former SEAL has prepared him for anything. When he goes undercover to find Tessa, he doesn’t expect his professional mission to become personal. Yet caring for the brave, passionate woman who’s ready to risk her life to end an evil cycle is far beyond his control. As the danger escalates, Riley must convince Tessa to do the impossible for their own survival: trust him to protect her.


‘I need your help. Please.’And with those words, tough guy Jonathan Foley melted. It had been years since he’d seen the only woman to climb his wall of solitude months since he’d joined an elite team of operatives called the Equalizers and hidden away his secrets. But now Melissa Shepherd needed him and there was no denying her. Melissa’s niece was Missing and she knew only Jonathan could see past the lies in her small Alabama hometown and find Polly. Searching alongside the man she’d loved and lost would prove difficult and downright dangerous. But she’d have to because for the little girl, time was running out .


Nicholas Sterling had secretly returned to Raven’s Cliff with one goal in mind: reverse the curse and finally put the townspeople’s anguish to rest. But his plan was tragically interrupted when Camille Wells showed up on his doorstep, suffering from amnesia, claiming he was a father and that their baby was missing. As he and Camille scoured the village looking for the infant, Nicholas made every effort to push aside the heated attraction neither time nor circumstances could extinguish. After all, finding his son and ending the curse was his priority. Giving in to passion would be his undoing .

John Doe on Her Doorstep

Dr. Dani Archer’s orderly life had become complete chaos. First, her father mysteriously died, then a sexy stranger with no memory appeared on her doorstep…
. Complicating matters, someone was trying to kill her. Like an avenging angel, the John Doe became her very own personal protector, displaying instincts and performing feats almost superhuman. And now, the key to her safety lay in unraveling the long buried secrets of the past to solve her father’s death. Only, suddenly it seemed the greatest danger of all was surrendering to an all consuming desire…

Man of Her Dreams

SECRET BODYGUARD After helping the police track a serial killer brutalizing her sleepy Louisiana town, Darby Shepard made headlines that put her life on the line. Now, the only man she could trust to keep her safe was the enigmatic, inexplicably familiar Aidan Tanner who seemed to know Darby as well as she knew herself. Soon, Aidan, and his mile wide shoulders, became too hard to resist, and she became involved with her sexy protector. And as the danger escalated around them, the dark secrets from the past were fighting to resurface.


She thought she left the murders and his Obsession behind Special Agent Jess Harris has spent more than a decade studying the many faces of evil. But in her determination to stop a heinous serial killer, she messed up, broke the rules, and it cost her everything. Now her career is in need of resuscitation and her love life is dead and buried. Jess jumps at the chance to escape her current reality and to advise on a case that has Birmingham, Alabama’s top cops stumped. The trouble is, the case forces Jess to confront all the reasons she put her hometown and her first love, Police Chief Dan Burnett, in her rearview mirror all those years ago. He turned to her in desperation, but that wasn t the whole truth Dan Burnett will do anything to find the four young women who have gone missing before it s too late to save them even if it means asking for help from the woman who has spent a decade avoiding him. Until recently he kept up with Jess s career at Quantico. She s the best at what she does and he needs her to help him solve this case. And just maybe, in the process, they can break down that brick wall she has built between them. Maybe they can even be more than friends again. Then a fifth girl goes missing without a break in the case Jess questions her skill as a profiler and an investigator. Then the unthinkable happens. A startling personal message reveals that the crazed serial killer whose case she blew has followed her to Birmingham, adding a chilling twist to an already desperate situation, and time is swiftly running out.

Reinventing Julia (By:Muriel Jensen)

July 19, 1983…
The Kinards, the Richardses and the Webbers Seattle’s Kennedys. Their ‘compound’ elegant Forrester Square…
until the fateful night that tore these families apart. Twenty years later…
Their children were reunited. Repressed memories and family secrets were about to be revealed. And one person was out to make sure they never remembered…
Bang, bang…
thud! The banging outside Drew Kinard’s apartment was the loosened grand opening banner for his sister’s new venture, Forrester Square Day Care. But the thud? Curious, Drew went to the door to find a pregnant woman slumped on the porch in labor! Juliana Stanton begged Drew not to call 911. She lied, claiming to be on the run from her abusive, mob connected husband…
because the truth was even more unbelievable and more dangerous. Julia sensed Drew wasn’t buying her story, but that didn’t stop him from sweeping her into his strong, protective arms. She was safe…
at least for now. She needed his help now.

Twice and for Always (By:Cathy Gillen Thacker)

July 19, 1983 The Kinards, the Richardses and the Webbers Seattle’s Kennedys. Their ‘compound’ elegant Forrester Square…
until the fateful night that tore these families apart. Twenty years later…
Their children were reunited. Repressed memories and family secrets were about to be revealed. And one person was about to make sure they were never remembered…
When Meg Bassett and Brody Taylor divorced, their fraternal twins were only infants. Brody was about to move to Ireland, and joint custody would have only created upheaval in their children’s lives. So Meg and Brody each took a twin…
and they became single parents. It was a big mistake. Five years later Meg moved to Seattle, unaware that Brody had just moved there, too and that both twins were enrolled at Forrester Day Care! How to tell the kids their new best friend was their sibling? And how to tell each other they were still in love?

All She Needed (By:Kate Hoffmann)

July 19, 1983…
The Kinards, the Richardses and the Webbers Seattle’s Kennedys. Their ‘compound’ elegant Forrester Square…
Until the fateful night that tore these families apart. Twenty years later…
Their children were reunited. Repressed memories and family secrets were about to be revealed. And one person was out to make sure they never remembered…
When Dani O’Malley’s childhood friend died, she suddenly found herself guardian to three scared, unruly kids. Dani tried desperately to cope, but she was a business woman, single, and she’d grown up in foster homes. If it hadn’t been for Brad Cullen, she’d have been lost. The cowboy had a way with the kids…
and with her. Brad was a loner by nature. He’d spent his life being big brother to his siblings, and the only responsibility he wanted now was his ranch. But when the children’s aunt and uncle sued for custody, Brad knew he could never let Dani lose the kids…
when marrying her could make them a family.

Third Time’s the Charm (By:Kristin Gabriel)

Forrester Square. Legacies. Lies. Love. July 19, 1983…
The Kinards, the Richardses and the Webbers Seattle’s Kennedys. Their ‘compound’ elegant Forrester Square…
Until the fateful night that tore these families apart. Twenty years later…
Their children were reunited. Repressed memories and family secrets were about to be revealed. And one person was out to make sure they never remembered…
Dana Ulrich had succeeded in crossing the tracks to the right side of town. But her business as a wedding planner seemed doomed two brides had bolted before they got to the altar. The next nuptials were make or break for Dana, and best man Austin Hawke had her near the breaking point. Austin reluctantly agreed to handle his brother’s wedding plans. Protocol and lace were alien to the Texas rancher. But he understood Dana her fears of losing the business, of being caught out. And if Austin had his way, Dana would be one bride who’d make it to the altar.

Come Fly with Me (By:Jill Shalvis)

July 19, 1983…
The Kinards, the Richardses and the Webbers Seattle’s Kennedys. Their ‘compound’ elegant Forrester Square…
until the fateful night that tore these families apart. Twenty years later…
Their children were reunited. Repressed memories and family secrets were about to be revealed. And one person was out to make sure they never remembered…
Day care owner Katherine Kinard longed for love, marriage and children of her own. But when a Seattle sperm bank seemed her only option, fate intervened a fender bender with Nick Spencer…
on her way to the clinic. The Alaskan bush pilot quickly offered marriage and a ready made family. But what about love? Nick hadn’t had much experience with love except for his children. He’d been raised in foster care, and his first marriage had been for mutual convenience. But Nick knew if he could convince Katherine to come to Alaska, she’d fall in love with his precious little girls, with the beauty of the land…
and, in time, with him.


‘Smart, savvy, sexy and a slammin’ great read. I LOVE Jackie Mercer!’ Cindy Gerard, NYT bestselling author DECEPTION Jackie Mercer can t abide deception. Hey, a woman who single handedly built the Mercer Detective Agency from the ground up has a right to expect honesty in a relationship. Tell that to the creep who, only this morning, she thought might be Mr. Right. Wrong! DANGER Her day only gets worse from there. An ominous message arrives accompanied by the photo of a man she hasn t seen in ten years: You were the last one to see him alive. DESIRE Jackie’s own first rule is simple: never mix business with pleasure. Unfortunately the only applicant for the investigator position she badly needs filled is a hunky younger man. Derrick Dawson has pleasure written all over his rock hard body and soon both her business and her world quickly spin way out of control. Time for chocolate and a shot of Old No. 7 not necessarily in that order. DISASTER She’s in real trouble when a second message, this one including a dead body, drops into the mix. Jackie does what any smart Texas woman would do: she kicks butt and takes names, while the mystery spiraling around her long lost lover and her attraction to Derrick Dawson plunge her into a tangled web of shocking secrets and deadly deceptions. Jackie has her hands full and her heart on the line time to play Dirty.

Secrets in Four Corners

As sheriff of Kenner City, Colorado, Patrick Martinez couldn t believe the body of an FBI agent had turned up in his normally quiet jurisdiction. Even more shocking was the appearance of Officer Sabrina ‘Bree’ Hunter, a painful yet passionate memory he d hoped to leave buried in his past. Now, working side by side was crucial to solving this case. But one look from her dark eyes and Patrick couldn t fight the attraction that still left him powerless nor ignore the secret he knew she was holding onto. Then a stalker set his sights on Bree, and Patrick learned just how deep that secret ran…

Profile Durango (By:Carla Cassidy)

The last time he’d seen forensics expert Callista ‘Callie’ MacBride, she was the target of a hit man, and FBI Agent Tom Ryan had been assigned to keep her safe…
but he hadn’t kept his distance. Now, when every agent in the Four Corners was on the hunt for who killed one of their own, Callie was again in danger. And like before, it was Tom playing protector while trying to avoid their still simmering attraction. He knew Callie resented his sudden return, but the haunted look in her eyes told him there was more to the story. And he was right but the truth rocked him to the core…

She’s Positive (By:Delores Fossen)

Although forced to put aside personal differences to rescue a child, FBI hostage negotiator Colin Forester and his estranged wife, Danielle, couldn’t ignore the issues that had pushed them apart or the chemistry that still stirred their blood.

Still, focusing on the case was crucial. Not to mention it kept Colin’s mind off the secret he sensed Danielle was torn about revealing. As the standoff with the hostage taker intensified, so did the reignited passion Colin had feared was lost forever. But would what Danielle was hiding guarantee their future or irreparably tear them apart?

Collecting Evidence (By:Rita Herron)

The first thing FBI Agent Dylan Acevedo remembered when he saw Aspen Meadows again was their steamy week in a hotel room. Unfortunately, Aspen had no memory of him, the murder she’d witnessed, or that he could be the father of her infant son. So, as much as he wanted to hold her and demand answers, her safety came first. Collecting evidence and hunting down clues always kept him working long into the night. But now, reunited with one unforgettable woman and excited by the prospect of fatherhood, Dylan found he had a lot more reasons to come home. And a lot more to lose.

Snowed in with the Boss (By:Jessica Andersen)

CEO Griffin Vaughn knew Sophie LaRue was trouble the moment he agreed to hire her. Still, he hadn’t become one of the wealthiest men in the world by being distracted by silky blond hair and legs that didn’t quit, and he refused to start now. But thanks to a freak blizzard, he and Sophie were trapped in his Colorado mansion and they weren’t alone. With someone watching from the shadows, Griffin attempted to ignore their building attraction and focus on protecting Sophie. A successful businessman, Griffin thrived on challenge until his innocent assistant made him an offer he couldn’t refuse .

Traceless / Clint

She’s in search of JUSTICE. Emily Wallace has no doubt about who killed her best friend ten years ago: Clint Austin, her then boyfriend. The key witness in his trial, Emily put Clint behind bars with her tearful testimony. But when Emily learns that Clint has been released on parole, she returns to her Alabama hometown to confront him and make sure he never forgets the damage he has done. He is dead set on revenge After serving ten years for a crime he didn’t commit, Clint knows only the truth can set him free. Ignoring warnings from his old friend, now the chief of police, Clint will let no one stand in his way as he tries to prove his innocence including Emily, the girl he once loved who ruined his life. Prison has made him a hard man, yet he yearns for Emily and he can see in her eyes that, in spite of herself, she feels the same. But even if he can convince Emily to trust him, it might be too late to clear his name before the real killer strikes again.

Nameless / Ryan

Vivian Grace is an FBI rookie on a mission: To hunt down a kidnapper with all her heart. Because for Vivian, herself a victim of a vicious kidnapping years ago, this case is about more than justice. This time, it’s personal. Ryan McBride is an ex agent who was scapegoated three years ago for a kidnapping case gone fatally wrong. Since then, he has been drinking himself into oblivion, trying to forget the past. Until Vivian shows up at his door and knocks him head first into the present. Someone is using his and Vivian s darkest secrets against them and time is running out for the victims…

Faceless / Carson

Deputy district attorney Carson Tanner has dedicated his life to justice. But he is still haunted by one case that was never solved: the murder of his entire family in cold blood. Back then, the teenage Carson was protected by his girlfriend’s influential father, Senator Randolph Drake. But now, fifteen years later, Carson finds himself facing a whole new world when a man confesses to the Tanner killings. His name is John Stokes. And his confession only scratches the surface of the truth Carson knows that Annette Baxter uses her brains and beauty as a fixer for the rich and powerful, making their indiscretions disappear in exchange for security and influence. But now someone is using her clients secrets and her own against her. And even though Carson can t ignore his attraction to her, he is dead set on making Annette pay for her crimes but what if she holds the key to the burning secret he s spent his whole life seeking?

Never Happened

Handsome men are like kryptonite to Alex, but a husband, kids…
trust? Building Never Happened a cleanup service that erases all evidence of a homicide or suicide is her main priority. But while being independent, beautiful and successful has its pluses, it’s also pretty lonely. Or was until Alex learns that a high tech gadget she found at a scene got a detective and former lover killed. Now she has mysterious CIA operative Austin Blake shadowing her every move. Caring for her irresponsible mother is hard enough, but toss in a murder investigation…
How is she supposed to avoid trouble with Austin and get the job done? Well, maybe the two aren’t mutually exclusive. After all, isn’t it time Alex stepped back and just let life happen…

Secret Agent Heiress (By:Julie Miller)

By day these agents are cowboys; by night they are specialized government operatives. Men bound by love, loyalty and the law they’ve vowed to keep their missions and identities confidential…
. THE MISSION: BABY SIT AN HEIRESSRescue a spoiled heiress who’d gotten herself kidnapped? Agent Vincent Romeo did it single handed. But instead of the society cream puff Vincent expected, this female seemed to think she was the agent in charge! Whitney MacNair was pure trouble on a shapely set of legs with a charm as lethal as a loaded gun aimed straight at Vincent’s jaded heart. Whitney had felt alone for so long now a protector as fierce as the Montana mountains refused to leave her side. Falling for the quiet agent was more dangerous than going after the men stalking her, but heartache meant nothing when each kiss might be their last…

Silent Weapon

My name is Merri Walters. I’m twenty seven years old. Two years ago, I suddenly went deaf…
. My teaching career ended and my fianc walked out. I survived and learned to lip read. I grew very good at it. Maybe too good. So here I am, two years later, starting my new life as a cold case file clerk turned undercover agent for the police. My task: Infiltrate the mansion of a ruthless crime boss and read his deadly plans off his lips. My contact to the outside world: Detective Steven Barlow, a tough cop who’s convinced I’m on a suicide mission. And in a way, he’s right because if I’m caught, I’ll be dead without ever hearing the bad guys coming…

Silent Reckoning

Who ever heard of a deaf detective?A year ago, my dream had seemed impossible. But I, Merri Walters, had used my lip reading skill to bring down criminals and had scored a job with Metro Police. Earning my detective’s badge took guts and nerve, which I had plenty of. Now a serial killer was on the loose, targeting beautiful, wannabe country stars, and I was lead on the hottest case in town. To complicate matters, the man I lusted after was now my boss, and his overprotectiveness was cramping my style. Still, no one could have predicted that I’d become the killer’s next target or that my supposed weakness would be the weapon I needed to survive…

A Stranger’s Kiss

A gripping volume of romantic intrigue. Anne Stuart’s: Winter’s Edge A car wreck left Molly Winters with amnesia and in the care of Patrick Winters, the dark stranger who claimed to be her husband. Molly couldn’t remember Patrick only the emotions of loving and wanting him. But then someone tried to kill her, and Molly wondered if she’d been fleeing from her husband that fateful night or racing toward his embrace? Debra Webb’s: Safe By His Side No one could find special agent Jack Raine if he didn’t want to be found. So how had this beautiful ‘Kate’ gotten to his hideaway? When a killer soon followed, Jack suspected a trap, so he ran…
and took his beguiling mystery lady with him!

Vows of Silence

Four friends. One secret. And a killer protected by a vow of silence…
Lacy, Cassidy, Kira and Melinda are friends bound by a deadly secret. One of them is a killer. At least that’s what each one suspects. Ten years ago, Melinda’s abusive husband, Charles Ashland, was murdered. The gun was Lacy’s. But it didn’t matter. Together, the women disposed of the body, which has never been found…
until now. The powerful Ashland family, whose patriarch is poised for the vice presidency, wants justice. Cassidy, an attorney, insists the women have nothing to fear. Then she is killed. A midnight caller is stalking the remaining friends, taunting them that he knows the truth. And the truth is something police chief Rick Summers is quite interested in learning from Lacy, despite the wild chemistry that’s causing havoc with his judgment. Another death delivers a chilling new warning, for the price they’ve paid for their vow of silence has been murder.

Past Sins

Dr Olivia Mills has a past…
one she faked her own death to escape. But a phone call destroys her carefully planned new life. See, Olivia isn’t Olivia at all she is Vanessa Clark, former black ops assassin. And she’s been ordered to kill someone she loves. When her old flame and ex partner Holt Landry shows up, things get even more complicated. Once he’d betrayed her. Now he asks for her trust. The more Olivia uncovers, the more she realises the past is not what it seems. And if she doesn’t go back, this time she’ll die for real.

Staying Alive

‘CLAIRE GRANT, YOU WILL DIE. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.’A selfless act of bravery had propelled Seattle schoolteacherClaire Grant into the center of a terrorist manhunt. Now, catching him depends on her and her ability to play the deadly revenge game the terrorist is plotting. One wrong move, and she’ll die. And so will an innocent. Her best chance for Staying Alive is charismatic FBI agent Luke Krueger a man with his own agenda. Separate, Claire and Luke are pawns. But together, can they uncover the terrorist’s weakness and stop the madman once and for all?

Danger Zone

For team owner Buck Buchanan every day at the Huntsville track is a rush. The noise. The dirt. The roar. The furor. NASCAR’s golden boy has only one regret: Jenna Williams. Not that he blames her for ditching him twelve years ago, but now she’s back and has thrown a red flag. Jenna is downright frantic, clutching a ransom note demanding a cool million in exchange for her daughter’s safety. Their daughter’s, actually. Yes, she knows how it looks asking Buck for help. But it’s true. The child is theirs and Buck’s the only one who can wrench her out of danger. Even if that means trading himself for a girl he’s never known.


Saving the world is all in a day’s work. No one notices temps even high level corporate ones. It’s the perfect cover for Sabrina Fox’s mission of national security. No one will ever suspect that the new personal assistant is really a highly skilled agent assigned to intercept top secret codes before they reach the enemy…
UNLESS THE DRAGON BLOWS HER COVER. Eric Drake, aka the Dragon, taught Sabrina everything she knew about spying, then taught her the meaning of treachery. Turns out he and Sabrina are after the same target. As ruthless operatives seek to stop her at all costs, Sabrina must decide dare she trust Eric again, or will he betray both her heart and her country this time?

Find Me / Come Find Me

Investigative reporter Sarah Newton debunks supernatural myths, and forces the truth to light whether people want to hear it or not. Now, with a popular teenager found tortured and murdered and another girl missing Sarah’s out to prove it s not the work of an ancient curse, but a cold blooded killer. She ll expose one Maine village s darkest secrets while keeping the truth about her own past hidden from view.

As Youngstown s newest councilman, Kale Conner s unofficial job is to minimize the bad publicity from Sarah s stories and, if possible, to keep her in line. But with time running out, and his own family at stake, Kale s finding his neighbors terrible deeds might be too deadly to sweep under the rug and he and Sarah are headed toward a heated endgame with only one shocking way out…

Everywhere She Turns

When Dr. CJ Patterson returns to her Southern hometown, she finds herself surrounded by a series of long buried secrets and a killer who seems to know her better than she knows herself

Drugs, prostitution, robbery, homicide these are four terms that Dr. CJ Patterson learned all too well growing up on the seamy, forgotten streets of inner city Huntsville, Alabama. Fiercely determined, CJ worked hard to forget where she came from and become an emergency medicine resident at a prestigious Baltimore hospital. But when her younger sister the only family she ever had is murdered, CJ is drawn back into the painful past she thought she d left behind. Her unrelenting investigation uncovers a highly sophisticated web of shocking family secrets, dark obsession, and brutal violence and a killer who will stop at nothing to keep her from learning the truth ..

Anywhere She Runs

The first note is a warning a bone chilling reminder that Alabama Police Detective Adeline Cooper can run from her darkest, deadliest memories, but she can never escape a demented killer’s wrath. The second note is a threat The first victim disappeared near Adeline s hometown in Mississippi and she won t be the last. Believing she is the killer s ultimate target, Adeline decides to go back to work side by side with a sheriff she once loved Now she will meet face to face the criminals she brought down and fight the obsessed killer who craves her death

Come Find Me

Investigative reporter Sarah Newton debunks supernatural myths, and forces the truth to light whether people want to hear it or not. Now, with a popular teenager found tortured and murdered and another girl missing Sarah’s out to prove it s not the work of an ancient curse, but a cold blooded killer. She ll expose one Maine village s darkest secrets while keeping the truth about her own past hidden from view.

As Youngstown s newest councilman, Kale Conner s unofficial job is to minimize the bad publicity from Sarah s stories and, if possible, to keep her in line. But with time running out, and his own family at stake, Kale s finding his neighbors terrible deeds might be too deadly to sweep under the rug and he and Sarah are headed toward a heated endgame with only one shocking way out…

Mysteries of Lost Angel Inn

Every twenty years according to legend someone will die violently at the Lost Angel Inn. Two decades have passed since the last death, and three women have come to the inn. Will one of them be the next victim?When Ellie Gresham arrives at the inn for a mystery weekend, she’s shaken by the veiled warnings from an elusive, darkly handsome guest. Warnings that this game of murder is about to turn deadly. Twenty years ago, the tragic death of Emily Carlyle’s mother was blamed on the Lost Angel curse. Now Emily has come to the inn looking for answers. Instead she finds a disturbing attraction to a man whose father may have been her mother’s lover…
and murderer. For Olivia Hamilton, turning the Victorian mansion on the rugged cliffs of the Maine coast into a B and B is a dream come true a fresh start well away from the shadows of her past. She never expected to find love again. But will the curse turn her dream into a nightmare?


In this 3 in 1 Christmas anthology from Harlequin Intrigue, three hardened cops in the days leading up to the holiday, are compelled to do everything they can to save Christmas.

A NASCAR Holiday

Look what’s under the tree…

Three red hot NASCAR romances
That are sure to get your pulse racing!

Ladies, Start Your Engines
by Kimberly Raye
All Savannah Calloway wants for Christmas is a chance to prove her talents with an engine and hot young NASCAR driver Mackenzie Briggs is ready to play Santa. But they soon find that winning the race isn’t nearly as important as winning each other’s hearts…

‘Tis the Silly Season
by Roxanne St. Claire
NASCAR Busch Series racer Clay Slater needs a ready made family fast to impress a potential sponsor. Lisa Mahoney can’t resist the chance to give her kids the storybook Christmas she’s never been able to…
and if that includes a kiss under the mistletoe, so much the better!

by Debra Webb
Although she’s been hired to prove that drivers are serious athletes, Dr. Maxine Gray doesn’t think much of NASCAR racing. So in the spirit of Christmas, driver Rush Buchanan is determined to show the good doctor the ‘rush’ that racing and race car drivers can bring.

Bet Me

No Time to Lose They don’t call Vegas Sin City for nothing. And now that prime tourist season is around the corner, it’s time to kick some criminal butt. Enter three full throttle Vegas detectives, ready to eat their undercover assignments alive…
Clarissa Rivers can’t believe she’s got to play fake maid to weasel her way into some of the city’s dirtiest criminal activities. But pretend she’s hitched, too? Meanwhile, Kim Wong is all over her undercover sting operation at the Great Wall Casino. Only problem: an old boyfriend’s got intel on Kim’s secret royal past. And Dorian Byrne is posing as a high class call girl to take down a sex crimes ring. But what’s with her wild card FBI partner? High rolling scoundrels better watch their backs this weekend, because one wrong move and all bets are off…

A Very NASCAR Holiday

‘All I Want for Christmas’ by Nancy WarrenDarren Littlejohn may be ten, but he knows what he wants to meet his hero, NASCAR driver Jason Bane. Of course, that means his mom will be there, too. And she sure does seem anxious about seeing her childhood friend. Maybe there’s more to those old high school stories than she’s been willing to share…
.’Christmas Past’ by Debra WebbAfter a tragic mountain climbing accident changed his life forever, NASCAR driver Jason Fewell hasn’t been himself, on or off the track. So he heads into the wilderness to face his worst fears and miraculously finds the one woman who can make him whole again.’Secret Santa’ by Gina WilkinsShhh…
Under Santa’s beard it’s famous NASCAR driver R.J. Sanger! All he wants this year is to spread holiday cheer, away from the crowds. Until he meets Mrs. Claus. She says she’s an average single mom. But to R.J., she might be all he needs to make his Christmas and his life complete.

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