Day Leclaire Books In Order

Thorsen Brothers Books In Order

  1. In the Market (1992)
  2. A Wholesale Arrangement (1992)

Salvatore Brothers Books In Order

  1. Who’s Holding the Baby? (1994)
  2. Bridegroom on Approval (1999)
  3. The Brides Proposition (2000)
  4. The Baby Gift (2000)

Sinful Secrets Books In Order

  1. Mail-Order Husband (2013)
  2. The Secret Baby (1995)

Fairytale Weddings Books In Order

  1. Temporary Husband (1996)
  2. Accidental Wife (1996)
  3. Shotgun Marriage (1996)
  4. Bridegroom on Approval (1999)
  5. Long-lost Bride (1999)

Gem Computer Books In Order

  1. The Twenty-Four Hour Bride (1998)
  2. The Miracle Wife (1998)

Wedding Blitz Books In Order

  1. The Provocative Proposal (2001)
  2. The Whirlwind Wedding (2002)
  3. The Baby Bombshell (2002)

Royals Books In Order

  1. The Forbidden Princess (2007)
  2. The Prince’s Mistress (2007)
  3. The Royal Wedding Night (2007)

Dante Legacy Books In Order

  1. Dante’s Blackmailed Bride (2008)
  2. Dante’s Stolen Wife (2008)
  3. Dante’s Wedding Deception (2008)
  4. Dante’s Contract Marriage (2008)
  5. Dante’s Ultimate Gamble (2010)
  6. Dante’s Temporary Fiancee (2010)
  7. Dante’s Marriage Pact (2010)
  8. Dante’s Honor-Bound Husband (2011)

Wacky Women Books In Order

  1. Once Upon a Ghost (2012)
  2. Once Upon a Cowboy (2012)
  3. Once Upon a Time (2012)
  4. Once Upon a Jinx (2015)
  5. Once Upon an Enchantment (2020)

Dante Dynasty Books In Order

  1. Sev’s Blackmailed Bride (2020)
  2. Marco’s Stolen Wife (2020)
  3. Nicolo’s Wedding Deception (2020)
  4. Lazz’s Contract Marriage (2020)
  5. Luc’s Unwilling Wife (2020)
  6. Rafe’s Temporary Fiancee (2020)
  7. Draco’s Marriage Pact (2020)
  8. Gianna’s Honor-Bound Husband (2020)
  9. Becoming Dante: Gabe (2012)
  10. Dante’s Dilemma: Romero (2013)
  11. Forever Dante: Lucia (2020)

Cinderella Ball Books In Order

  1. Fairy Tale Husband (2020)
  2. Fairy Tale Wife (2020)
  3. Fairy Tale Wedding (2020)
  4. Fairy Tale Marriage (2020)


  1. Where There’s a Will (1991)
  2. Jinxed (1991)
  3. To Catch a Ghost (1993)
  4. One Night Wife (1995)
  5. Her Secret Santa (1997)
  6. Her Secret Bodyguard (2000)
  7. To Marry a Sheikh (2000)
  8. The Marriage Project (2001)
  9. The Bride Price (2002)
  10. The Billionaire’s Baby Negotiation (2007)
  11. A Man For All Seasonings (2020)


  1. Christmas Treats (1997)
  2. Her Baby Secret (1999)
  3. Wedlocked (1999)
  4. Boardroom Affairs (2000)
  5. Mail-Order Grooms (2000)
  6. Rainy Day Kisses / The Bride Price (2001)
  7. Marriage Mergers (2002)
  8. Tender Love Stories (2002)
  9. Kissing Frosty / The Boss, the Baby and the Bride (2002)
  10. Christmas Wishes, Christmas Gifts (2002)
  11. In Name Only (2003)
  12. Blackhawks Affair / Forbidden Princess (2008)
  13. Prince’s Mistress / Thirty Day Affair (2008)
  14. His Forbidden Fiancee / Royal Wedding Night (2008)
  15. One-Click Buy: September Silhouette Desire (2008)
  16. Dante’s Contract Marriage / His Expectant Ex (2008)
  17. Mistresses by Blackmail (2009)
  18. Dante’s Stolen Wife / Forgotten Marriage (2009)
  19. His Contract Bride (2009)
  20. Dante’s Wedding Deception / Mistaken Mistress (2009)
  21. Dante’s Contact Marriage / Pregnancy Proposal (2009)
  22. The Night Before Christmas (2009)
  23. An Officer and a Millionaire / Mr Strictly Business (2009)
  24. Inherited: One Child / Dakota Daddy (2010)
  25. Sin City Wedding / Forbidden Princess (2010)
  26. Maverick’s Virgin Mistress / Lone Star Seduction (2010)
  27. The Heart of Winter (2011)
  28. Dante’s Ultimate Gamble / In Bed with the Wrangler (2011)
  29. Mistresses and Marriages (2011)
  30. The Millionaire Meets His Match / Dante’s Temporary Fiancee (2011)
  31. Princesses & Protectors (2011)
  32. Revenge, Secrets & Seduction (2011)
  33. The Maverick Prince / Dante’s Marriage Pact (2011)
  34. Dante’s Honour-Bound Husband / A Clandestine Corporate Affair (2012)
  35. Undone by Her Tender Touch / More Than Perfect (2012)
  36. Baby for the Billionaire (2013)
  37. Millionaire Mavericks (2014)
  38. By Request Collection (2015)
  39. One Kiss in… Miami (2015)
  40. Billionaire Bosses Collection (2016)
  41. Calhoun Women and Billionaire Bosses Collection (2016)
  42. American Affairs: Rocky Mountain Rumours (2020)


  1. Billionaire’s Baby Negotiation / Prince’s Ultimate Deception (2008)
  2. Becoming Dante / The Deeper the Passion… (2013)
  3. Dear Santa, I Really Tried (2021)


  1. Perfect Passion (2013)
  2. A Tylerville Christmas (2022)

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Day Leclaire Books Overview

In the Market

There’s only one thing a Thorsen does better than fighting…
‘And that’s winning!’ Or so Rainer Thorsen claimed, flashing his ruthless I always get what I want smile. And what Rainer wanted this time was her Uncle Cletus’s produce market, Cornucopia. Jordan didn’t know what to do. Charm the handsome modern day Viking? Or toss him out on his lightning bolt earring? Well, he wouldn’t get it! Uncle Cletus might have been more interested in discerning the political and philosophical mind set of vegetables than in selling them, but he loved Cornucopia as much as she did. Still, Jordan didn’t fool herself Rainer was trouble. Especially when it became clear that he wanted her as well as Cornucopia.

The Baby Gift

Harlequin II offers three popular romance titles in each shipment perfect for libraries that want more Harlequin titles or libraries that want Harlequins, but need a smaller standing order plan. Titles in the Harlequin II Romance Series are not duplicated in our original Harlequin I Romance Series. Alessandro Salvatore was stunned when a woman appeared on his doorstep carrying a baby claiming he was the father! Alessandro wasn’t looking for a wife and he wanted Lauren Williams, whoever she was, off his property…
Lauren wasn’t going anywhere. She could understand Alessandro’s surprise, but she was determined little Nick should have a family for Christmas which was just days away.

The Forbidden Princess

Minutes before walking down the aisle, Princess Alyssa Sutherland possible heir to the Verdonian throne vanished into thin air. Rumor has it that the lady in question wasn’t marrying for love. Did Her Highness catch a case of cold feet? Perhaps a certain oh so uninvited guest crashed the party. Sources say Merrick Montgomery was spotted on the scene and gossipmongers are buzzing with tales of a secret elopement. Did the dangerously sexy rebel kidnap the princess for political gain? Or did he simply sweep our royal beauty off her feet?

The Prince’s Mistress

The prince has a paramour! The country’s very eligible Prince Lander was spotted dancing with a mysterious beauty at a recent ball. But who is the lovely Juliana Rose? Little is known about the enigmatic ingenue, causing rumors to fly that any liasion between her and Lander could seriously hurt his political future. With the handsome royal lately missing in action, is Juliana to blame? It is well known that Prince Lander is highly respected yet his mistress’s past could prove ruin for the man who would be king.

The Royal Wedding Night

With a secret agenda and an identity obscuring veil, Miri Montgomery tricked His Royal Highness into marriage. Sources say Prince Brandt did not uncover her deception until after The Royal Wedding Night a night one palace insider claims was quite steamy! Could Miri be plotting against her husband to steal his throne? Would Brandt dare to demand an annulment? Or do the raven haired beauty and the stoically sexy prince have a hidden history the nation knows nothing about?

Dante’s Blackmailed Bride

Jump into the fire
Severo Dante and his brothers had always dismissed rumors of the Inferno–an explosive desire that overtakes Dante men when they first see their soul mates. Then Severo met jewelry designer Francesca Sommers and was astonished by their raw, urgent, mutual attraction. A rising star at a rival company, Francesca has crafted a dazzling new collection that could ruin Severo’s plans to rebuild the Dante empire. His solution: blackmail her into becoming his employee–and his fiancee–until their smoldering affair runs its course. But some fires, once lit, can never be extinguished…

Dante’s Stolen Wife

They called it The Inferno the all consuming desire that scorched a man just once in a lifetime. Millionaire Marco Dante felt its flames the moment he set eyes on Caitlyn Vaughn. Nothing could keep him from having her not even her engagement to his twin brother! So he posed as her true fianc , stealing her away for a rushed wedding and a breathtaking honeymoon. But then he had to face his new bride when she discovered his masquerade and somehow find a way to turn her blazing fury back into white hot passion.

Dante’s Wedding Deception

Nothing could keep Nicolo Dante from uncovering the truth about Kiley O’Dell. He knew she had to be a liar, but the moment he set eyes on the beauty, his soul was scorched by the once in a lifetime heat of The Dante Inferno. Then a sudden accident stole her memory, and he seized the chance to learn all her deepest secrets by pretending to be her husband. But the longer he kept up the dangerous masquerade, the clearer it became that whoever this woman was whatever she was he couldn’t rest until he made her truly his own…

Dante’s Contract Marriage

Wealthy businessman Lazzaro Dante was far too sophisticated to believe in the legend of the Dante Inferno. So he was certain that a marriage of convenience, to protect his family’s claim to a priceless diamond, would leave his heart untouched. But from the first moment he met Ariana Romano, his very soul was seared by a desire unlike any he had ever known. And despite their secret agreement to make theirs a marriage in name only, he knew the passion that blazed between them could not be kept hidden for long.

Dante’s Temporary Fiancee

One woman who was meant only for him? Rafe Dante denied The Inferno that passionate knowing that made the palms of destined lovers itch. But his family wasn’t so easily convinced and paraded women in front of him. Until a brainstorm struck He would choose a bride, proclaim her his soul mate, and when she left, he’d be ‘brokenhearted’ and his family wouldn’t dare interfere again. So Rafe hired sweet, beautiful Larkin Thatcher to be his temporary fianc e. But Larkin had secrets and then Rafe felt the infernal heat rising .

Dante’s Marriage Pact

The Inferno struck without warning, but Draco Dante had no complaints. For his family’s legacy drew him to Shayla Charleston, a mysterious beauty who ignited his blood. Soon he had her in his bed and just as quickly she was gone. After months of searching, Draco finally found the woman who was his destiny the woman who was about to bear his child. But secrets began to rise, and Draco was torn between past strife with their families, and a future with his wife and son. Could Draco trust she shared their Inferno bond? Or had Shayla agreed to their marriage pact for an entirely different reason?


Eek! What is it about Steven Sinclair that makes the normally together Kit Mallory turn into a complete idiot any time he’s around? It couldn’t be because Steven’s so great looking, could it? Being a toy tester is usually fun, but now it’s Kit who’s being tested.

Her Secret Bodyguard

Sami Fontaine wanted a baby more than anything. But she didn’t want a husband! Where could she find a man willing to father a child without gaining a wife? The solution was simple: advertise…
When gorgeous Noah Hawke turned up on her doorstep, Sami knew she’d found the perfect man. Only Noah wasn’t reporting for baby making duties: he’d been hired to watch over Sami. And the very best way to protect her was to marry her!

Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats‘ celebrates the holiday season with a taste of love in this wonderfully romantic collection of stories with a flare for fine foods and sizzling passion.

Rainy Day Kisses / The Bride Price

Rainy Day Kisses Debbie Macomber New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber sold her first book in 1982. Since then she has been gathering awards and accolades from around the world and now has over 40 million copies of her books in print. Publishers Weekly sums up the secret of her success: ‘Macomber has a gift for evoking the emotions that are at the heart of the romance genre’s popularity.’ While Susannah Simmons struggles up the corporate ladder, her neighbor Nate Townsend stays home baking cookies and flying kites. She resents the way he questions her values and the way he messes up her five year plan when she falls in love with him! The Bride Price an original novel by bestselling Harlequin Romance author Day Leclaire Day is much loved by fans and fellow authors for her upbeat, emotional and charming stories. Says Debbie Macomber, ‘Day Leclaire leaves the reader with a smile and a warm heart!’ Piper Montgomery will do anything for her brother, even if it means handing herself over as collateral to his arch rival, Gideon Hart a man who left her five years before. For ‘Heartless Hart,’ it’s all about business and revenge, but to Piper’s own surprise she wants the deal to include love.

Tender Love Stories

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR Kasey Michaels Compliments of the Groom. She wins a newlywed contest, but she isn’t married. She needs a husband fast! HARLEQUIN ROMANCE BESTSELLING AUTHOR Day Leclaire Who’s Holding the Baby? A little white lie leads to a fake engagement…
all for the sake of an adorable baby. One Night Wife. She wakes up in hospital and can’t remember her own name or her devastatingly handsome husband! USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dixie Browning A Secret Valentine. Everything about him disrupts her sensible, well ordered life. He’s bold, brash…
and much too attractive. East of Today. A leasing mix up forces two strangers to share a beach house that can’t contain their attraction!

Dante’s Wedding Deception / Mistaken Mistress

Dante’s Wedding Deception Day Leclaire Nothing could keep Nicol Dante from uncovering the truth about Kiley O’Dell. He knew she had to be a liar, but the moment he set eyes on the beauty, his soul was scorched by a once in a lifetime heat. When a sudden accident stole her memory, he seized the chance to learn all her secrets Mistaken Mistress Tessa Radley Joshua Saxon, the arrogant millionaire who ran New Zealand’s premier winery, believed Alyssa Blake had been his late brother’s mistress. But from the first moment they met, Alyssa and Joshua had been shaken by passion. What could the future hold with secrets and lies between them ?

The Night Before Christmas

When their private plane crashes in the Sierra Nevada, two political enemies discover that survival means more than just living it also means loving.A gripping story by New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak. Wrapped in a bow and left on a doorstep, an innocent baby proves a true gift for three couples who have let hurt feelings get in the way of healing hearts.A tender tale of family and forgiveness by USA TODAY bestselling author Day Leclaire. Reluctantly returned home after a disastrous breakup, a young woman is thrown together with the man she once pushed away but never forgot.A touching story of secrets revealed and love reclaimed, by beloved Harlequin author Molly O’Keefe.

Sin City Wedding / Forbidden Princess

Sin City Wedding by USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine GarberaThree years ago Jake Danforth spent a steamy, sheet twisting night with Larissa Nielssen. He’d never forgotten her even though Larissa had left him before the morning light. And he’d never known the consequences of their desire Larissa had kept her son’s birth a secret all this time. But now she had to tell Jake the truth before someone else did. She was prepared for Jake’s shock and anger. She was even prepared for the desire flooding her veins each time he touched her. She was not prepared for the quickie Vegas wedding that followed!The Forbidden Princess by USA TODAY bestselling author Day LeclaireMinutes before walking down the aisle, Princess Alyssa Sutherland possible heir to the Verdonian throne vanished into thin air. Rumor had it that the lady in question wasn’t marrying for love. Did Her Highness catch a case of cold feet? Perhaps a certain oh so uninvited guest crashed the party. Did the dangerously sexy rebel kidnap the princess for political gain? Or had he simply swept the royal beauty off her feet?

The Heart of Winter

This trio of irresistible stories from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Maggie Shayne and USA TODAY bestselling authors Linda Winstead Jones and Day Leclaire touch the heart of who we are and what we desire….

Prepare to be…


Melinda Terwilliger is a mild-mannered teacher-until she accidentally becomes The Toughest Girl in Town. But she meets her match in an undercover cop determined to get to know the real Melinda…with kisses hot enough to melt any woman’s heart!


When law secretary Nell Rose is snowbound with a handsome stranger, keeping her New Year’s Resolution becomes nearly impossible. Why swear off men when a romantic weekend with a reclusive writer seems to be the ideal way to ring in the new year?

Swept Away

Plain Jayne Myleston seduced her office crush at a masked ball-and then found she’d turned up the heat with the wrong man! Even after the ball, she can’t say no to her Mystery Lover. That is, until Jayne finds out who he really is!

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