Dawn Atkins Books In Order

Doing It… Better! Books In Order

  1. With His Touch (2006)
  2. At Her Beck and Call (2007)
  3. At His Fingertips (2007)


  1. The Cowboy Fling (2002)
  2. Lipstick on His Collar (2002)
  3. Friendly Persuasion (2003)
  4. Room But Not Bored! (2003)
  5. A Perfect Life? (2004)
  6. Wilde for You (2004)
  7. Very Truly Sexy (2004)
  8. Going to Extremes (2005)
  9. Simply Sex (2005)
  10. Tease Me (2005)
  11. No Stopping Now (2008)
  12. Her Sexiest Surprise (2008)
  13. Still Irresistible (2009)
  14. Home to Harmony (2011)
  15. His Brother’s Keeper (2012)
  16. The New Hope Cafe (2012)
  17. Back Where She Belongs (2013)
  18. Adventures In Parenthood (2013)


  1. Anything You Can Do…! / Anchor That Man! (2002)
  2. Wedding for One / Tattoo for Two (2003)
  3. Trick Me, Treat Me / Room…But Not Bored! (2004)
  4. Wilde for You / Best Man in Texas (2004)
  5. I Got You, Babe / Anchor That Man! (2005)
  6. Forbidden Fantasies Bundle (2006)
  7. Harlequin Superromance November 2013 – Bundle 2 of 2 (2013)


  1. Cross My Heart (2011)
  2. Letting Go (2011)

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Dawn Atkins Books Overview

With His Touch

The best thing about turning thirty five? Having the greatest sex of your life!Now that Sugar Thompson has hit the big 3 5, she knows exactly what she wants. She’s got big dreams to take her resort to the next level. But her plans slide off the rails once her business partner, Gage Maguire, targets her as the object of his seduction. Who knew that the simmering attraction between them would lead to sex this hot! Too bad the sensual fulfillment is creating havoc in the boardroom. Their competing goals for the business are spiking tensions between them and driving them apart. Will she be able to stop the best sex of her life from ruining everything else?

At Her Beck and Call

Former stripper Autumn Beshkin is an urban girl eyeing a new profession. To climb this career ladder she’s keeping her clothes on and taking an accounting job. Small town living isn’t as exciting as she’s used to, but it’s only temporary. Then she meets her sexy new boss, Mayor Mike Fields. The attraction between them steams up the office, and suddenly her visit here promises hedonistic pleasure. Luring the conservative mayor into some not so mayoral activities isn’t difficult for a woman of Autumn’s talents. And the results are sizzling! But just as she’s eyeing the exit ramp out of town, Mike suggests turning this fling into a commitment. Is he and his traditional town really ready for the uncut version of Autumn?

At His Fingertips

The same psychic prediction three times is definitely a sign. Even though Esmeralda McElroy is ready to reunite with a man from her past, she doesn’t expect Mitch Margolin to be him. Mitch is no longer the sexy musician who once caught her eye. Now he’s a conservative, buttoned down hot guy. So not her type. Still, the steamy way they connect between the sheets is making her see stars. The tricks he does with his fingers are sinful! But out of bed their different views collide. Does that mean he’s Mr. Wrong? Is she tempting fate by continuing to sleep with him? Where is that crystal ball when she needs it?

Very Truly Sexy

Being out of circulation is not the end of the world it is, however, the kiss of death when you’re an aspiring sex columnist. For Beth Samuels, who’s not used to letting down her hair, turning the heat up is going to take lots of hands on experience. She’s off to a sizzling start in her first attempt when she meets AJ, a mouth watering guy who leaves her with a tell tale glow and no doubt that her dry spell is over. After their steamy night together, she knows what it is to be Very Truly Sexy. Too bad distance separates them and there will be no repeat performances. Until he shows up at her door, that is!

Going to Extremes

Ten days together is going to be sensual torture. Kathleen Valentine and Dan McAlister have been thrown together as a publicity stunt to promote their books written from very different viewpoints. Sparks definitely fly when the sensualist takes on the moderate. But that chemistry has its roots in their shared past their very hot, sexy shared past. And if anyone ever found out about that long ago steamy affair, Kathleen and Dan would be completely discredited. Too bad the time spent together is rekindling old desires. Soon they have their hands all over each other in private and are going to extreme measures to get back into each other’s bed. Now they have yet another secret to keep…

Tease Me

It’s sizzle at first sight for Jackson McCall when Heidi Fields shows up on his doorstep. There’s something irresistible about her that he’d love to explore. Too bad she’s had a recent run of bad luck and needs his help more than his sexual moves. Or does she?Because Jackson would swear his new roommate is trying to seduce him. Her teasing is so good, he’s struggling to remember that he’s supposed to help her. But when she dangles a no strings fling in front of him, she pushes him over the edge. Tangling under the covers with Heidi is too hot to stop. Can he persuade her to stay a little longer?

No Stopping Now

Where is the infamous Doctor Nite when she needs him? Sure, Brody Donegan acts the obnoxious cable show host when documentary maker Jillian James shines the camera on him. When the lights go off, however, it’s the man behind the persona that has her libido working overtime. And once she’s had a taste of the real Brody, there is no stopping this fling. But she’s promised a network the exclusive on Doctor Nite in her film about bad for you bachelors. And the more time she spends in Brody’s bed, the more she doubts how bad he is for her. Can she capture that footage…
and keep the man?

Her Sexiest Surprise

All Chloe Baxter wants for her birthday is one kiss from hottie Riley Connelly. She gets that and more. That one kiss leads to the most amazing one night stand of her life. Sex with Riley is beyond spectacular. But when morning comes, she’s resigned to returning to real life. Except that for Chloe, real life has gotten complicated. Her big job promotion has landed her in the middle of Riley’s undercover investigation. Worse, he wants her to spy on her employers. Can she betray the people she cares about for a man she can’t keep her hands off? And if survival means choosing between her head and her heart, Chloe’s not sure which one will hurt worse if she loses it .

Still Irresistible

Rescuing the family ranch is the only reason Callie Cummings is home. To do that she must face the most infuriating yet irresistible man on the planet! Years ago she had an unforgettable fling with Declan O’Neill. And, oh my, can he still fill out a pair of jeans. Watching him strut across a corral is like waving a red flag. With that kind of enticement, how can Callie not be head over heels in lust with Deck again?

Steamy sex aside, Callie’s visit is strictly temporary. Nothing and no one can keep her from her big city life. But if that’s really true, why are thoughts of her and Deck riding into the sunset so tempting?

His Brother’s Keeper

Maybe Gabe Cassidy couldn’t save his brother, but he can save others like him. Which is why Gabe has dedicated himself to a program that keeps kids off the streets. So it doesn’t make sense that he’s at odds with Felicity Spencer the hot principal who’s as committed to these kids as he is. It’s true that her adolescent connection to his late brother adds a layer of tension to their interactions. And it’s also true that the attraction between them adds a completely different kind of tension. One that’s getting harder to ignore. When they do manage to work together, they’re phenomenal. And when they finally give in to the chemistry, Gabe recognizes that this relationship could be bigger than both of them.

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