David Thompson Books In Order

Wilderness Books In Order

  1. King of the Mountain (1990)
  2. Lure of the Wild (1991)
  3. Savage Rendezvous (1991)
  4. Blood Fury (1991)
  5. Tomahawk Revenge (1991)
  6. Black Powder Justice (1991)
  7. Vengeance Trail (1991)
  8. Death Hunt (1992)
  9. Mountain Devil (1992)
  10. Blackfoot Massacre (1992)
  11. Northwest Passage (1992)
  12. Apache Blood (1992)
  13. Mountain Manhunt (1993)
  14. Tenderfoot (1993)
  15. Winterkill (1993)
  16. Blood Truce (1993)
  17. Trapper’s Blood (1994)
  18. Mountain Cat (1994)
  19. Iron Warrior (1994)
  20. Wolf Pack (1995)
  21. Black Powder (1995)
  22. Trail’s End (1995)
  23. The Lost Valley (1998)
  24. Mountain Madness (1998)
  25. Frontier Mayhem (1998)
  26. Blood Feud (1999)
  27. Gold Rage (1999)
  28. The Quest (1999)
  29. Mountain Nightmare (1999)
  30. Savages (2000)
  31. Blood Kin (2000)
  32. The Westward Tide (2000)
  33. Fang and Claw (2001)
  34. Trackdown (2001)
  35. Frontier Fury (2001)
  36. The Tempest (2002)
  37. Perils of the Wind (2002)
  38. Mountain Man (2002)
  39. Firewater (2003)
  40. Scar (2003)
  41. By Duty Bound (2003)
  42. Flames of Justice (2004)
  43. Vengeance (2004)
  44. Shadow Realms (2004)
  45. In Cruel Clutches (2005)
  46. Untamed Country (2005)
  47. Reap the Whirlwind (2005)
  48. Lord Grizzly (2006)
  49. Wolverine (2006)
  50. People of the Forest (2006)
  51. Comanche Moon (2007)
  52. Glacier Terror (2007)
  53. The Rising Storm (2007)
  54. Pure of Heart (2007)
  55. Into the Unknown (2008)
  56. In Darkest Depths (2007)
  57. Fear Weaver (2008)
  58. Cry Freedom (2008)
  59. Only the Strong (2009)
  60. The Outcast (2009)
  61. The Scalp Hunters (2009)
  62. The Tears of God (2009)
  63. Venom (2010)
  64. Devil Moon (2010)
  65. Seed of Evil (2010)
  66. Garden of Eden (2010)

Giant Wilderness Books In Order

  1. Hawken Fury (1992)
  2. Season of the Warrior (1993)
  3. Prairie Blood (1994)
  4. Ordeal (1995)
  5. The Trail West (1996)
  6. Frontier Strike (1996)
  7. Spanish Slaughter (1997)

Davey Crockett Books In Order

  1. Homecoming (1996)
  2. Sioux Slaughter (1997)
  3. Blood Hunt (1997)
  4. Mississippi Mayhem (1997)
  5. Blood Rage (1997)
  6. Comanche Country (1998)
  7. Texican Terror (1998)
  8. Cannibal Country (1998)

Wilderness Omnibus Books In Order

  1. King of the Mountain / Lord of the Wild (1996)
  2. Savage Redezvous / Blood Fury (1997)
  3. Vengeance Trail / Death Hunt (1997)
  4. Northwest Passage / Apache Blood (1998)
  5. Trapper’s Blood / Mountain Cat (1999)
  6. Iron Warrior / Wolf Pack (2000)
  7. Black Powder / Trail’s End (2000)
  8. Seed of Evil / Garden of Eden (2011)
  9. King of the Mountain / Lure of the Wild (2012)
  10. Tomahawk Revenge / Black Powder Justice (2016)
  11. Mountain Devil / Blackfoot Massacre (2016)
  12. Mountain Manhunt / Tenderfoot (2017)
  13. Winterkill / Blood Truce (2017)
  14. The Lost Valley / Mountain Madness (2018)
  15. Frontier Mayhem / Blood Feud (2018)
  16. Gold Rage / The Quest (2018)
  17. Mountain Nightmare / Savages (2018)
  18. Blood Kin / The Westward Tide (2018)
  19. Fang and Claw / Trackdown (2018)
  20. Frontier Fury / The Tempest (2019)
  21. Perils of the Wind / Mountain Man (2019)
  22. Firewater / Scar (2019)
  23. By Duty Bound / Flames of Justice (2019)
  24. Vengeance / Shadow Realms (2019)
  25. In Cruel Clutches / Untamed Country (2019)
  26. Reap the Whirlwind / Lord Grizzly (2020)
  27. Wolverine / People of the Forest (2020)
  28. Comanche Moon / Glacier Terror (2020)
  29. The Rising Storm / Pure of Heart (2020)
  30. Into the Unknown / In Darkest Depths (2020)
  31. Fear Weaver / Cry Freedom (2020)
  32. Only the Strong / The Outcast (2021)
  33. The Scalp Hunters / The Tears of God (2021)
  34. Venom / Devil Moon (2021)

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David Thompson Books Overview

King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain Wilderness 1

Tomahawk Revenge

Nathaniel King is forced to make the daring rescues of his best friend, Shakespeare McNair, and then his own pregnant wife in savage Indian territories, in two stories of the epic struggle for survival in America’s untamed West.

Vengeance Trail

Wilderness Series, Book 7. In 1829, life west of the Mississippi was filled with constant peril and hardship. At any moment, a settler might find himself threatened by a murderous Indian or a deadly beast. Only rugged mountain men like Nathaniel King had the courage to challenge the unknown dangers for the freedom the wildeness offered. But when Nate and his mentor Shakespeare McNair made enemies of two Flathead Indians, their survival skills were tested as never before. If either man made one mistake, both would suffer merciless deaths. Read by Rusty Nelson. 5 CD’s 5 Hrs.

Mountain Devil

In 1832, life in the Rocky Mountains was filled with danger and mystery. Indian legends held that deep in secluded valleys lurked bizarre creatures bent on destroying man. But settlers like Nathaniel King had no time for such tales until they cam eye to eye with a Mountain Devil. And Nate King never expected any trouble from a missionary intent on converting the hostile local tribe. But when Reverend John Burke was trapped in perilous Blackfoot territory, Nate fears it could lead to a Blackfoot Massacre.

Northwest Passage

The epic struggle for survival in America’s untamed West. In ”Northwest Passage”, Nathaniel King made a mistake that could be his last when he agrees to lead a seemingly innocent group of pioneers through the treacherous mountains. For the Banner party had a secret hidden there that they did not want revealed.

Apache Blood

Apache Blood,” Nate and his young family journey to the southern Rockies, only to have the child and woman taken by the Apache. With the help of his friend Shakespeare McNair, Nate would save his loved ones or die trying.


Rugged and independent, the mountain men who live in the savage Rockies needed great courage just to survive. Not a day passed without wild animals, deadly cutthroats, or hostile elements threatening to destroy them. To protect their homes and families, Nathaniel King and other settlers taught their sons the skills that would help them battle their enemies. But young Zach was still a Tenderfoot when vicious Indians captured King. If Zach hadnt learned his lessons well enough to save his father, Nates only hope would be a quick death.


Savage and dangerous, the unexplored Rockies hid threats that could kill even the most experienced mountain men. For mountain man Nathaniel King, helping stranded travelers had become common. But when he takes in a pair of strangers who have lost their way, his kindness is repaid with vile treachery.

Blood Truce

Determined to help the white trappers and traders who are under constant threat of attack, Nathaniel King sets out to help them and becomes involved in a deadly dispute among rival tribes.

Mountain Cat

A seasoned hunter and trapper, Nate King sets out on a kill or be killed search for a huge and deadly mountain lion that is threatening innocent settlers, including Nate’s own family.

Iron Warrior

Struggling for survival in the rugged Rocky Mountains, settler Nathaniel King fights off Indians and renegades in a harsh wilderness, until he encounters a foe that bullets will not kill, and he is forced to become even more cunning.

Black Powder

Struggling to survive in the unsettled Rocky Mountains, Nathaniel King and his family are threatened by a band of bloodthirsty slavers who threaten everything the Kings have worked for, including their freedom.

Trail’s End

Strong mountain men like Nate King risked everything to carve a new world from the frontier, and they weren’t about to give it up without a fight. But when some friendly Crows asked Nate to help them rescue a missing girl from a band of murderous Lakota, he set off on a journey that would take him to the end of the trail–and possibly the end of his life.

The Lost Valley

When mountain man Nathaniel King promises a dying Ute warrior that he would find the man’s son, he has no idea that he will soon confront an enemy unlike any he has ever faced. For his trail will lead him and his family straight into the clutches of a mysterious, hidden tribe a tribe that no white man has ever seen and lived to describe.

Mountain Madness

When Nate King comes along a pair of green would be trappers from New York, he is only too glad to risk his life to save them from a Piegan war party. It’s only after he takes them into his own cabin that he realizes that they would repay his kindness with betrayal.

Frontier Mayhem

The unforgiving wilderness of the Rocky Mountains forced a boy to grow up fast, so Nate King taught his son, Zach, how to survive the constant hazards and hardships–and he taught him well. With an Indian war party on the prowl and a marauding grizzly on the loose, young Zach was about to face the test of his life, with no room for failure. But there was one danger Nate hadn’t prepared Zach for–a beautiful girl with blue eyes. Available now.

Blood Feud

The brutal wilderness of the Rocky Mountains can be deadly to those unaccustomed to its dangers. So when a clan of travelers from the hill country back East arrive at Nate King’s part of the mountain. Nate is more than willing to lend a hand and show them some hospitality. He has no way of knowing that this clan is used to fighting–and killing–for what they want. And they want Nate’s land for their own!.


Kidnapped! Louisa entered the storage room and went a couple of feet, stopping in consternation when she didn?t see any dresses or packing crates or anything. The room contained a table and two chairs and a cot with a rope coiled under it against the far wall. On the table were a coffee pot and two cups, as well as a deck of cards. Some of the cards were spread out, face down, as if someone had been playing a game and been interrupted. ?What in the world?? She heard the door shut. As Lou began to swivel, steely arms encircled her from behind, pinning her down. For an instant she was too startled to do anything. Then another man, a brute with a scar on his cheek, came from behind and lifted a strip of cloth toward her mouth to gag her. Galvanized by fear, Lou kicked him, catching him in the groin. The brute grunted and staggered backward. She opened her mouth to scream but the man holding her pressed a hand over her mouth. ?Please don?t make a sound!?

Blood Kin

BOUND BY BLOOD Growing up in the wild frontier of the Rockies, Zach King survived countless dangers, from nature and from human predators. Like his father, the legendary Nate King, Zach has learned to anticipate threats before they appear. But even Zach cant predict the danger he’ll face when he travels with his fiance to meet her family in St. Louis. He knows theyll probably look down their noses at him because hes a half breed. Hes used to that by now. But he doesnt know just how far his beloveds family will go to ‘protect’ her from marrying Zach. Some of the self righteous relatives will stop at nothing to save the family’s good name…
even murder.

Frontier Fury

Frontier Fury Wilderness The authentic story of a tough mountain man and his battle to live free. David Thompson Author

By Duty Bound

Of all the untamed places on the American frontier, the Rocky Mountains might be the most dangerous and the least welcoming. But that’s where young Lieutenant Phillip Pickforth must go. He is ordered to lead a detachment from distant Fort Leavenworth to investigate reports of a vicious massacre. Reports blame the Shoshones, and the alleged ringleader of the slaughter is…
Zachary King, halfbreed son of famed mountain man Nate King. As Lieutenant Pickforth fights his way across the plains, he begins to realize there is much more to the situation than he’s been told. And he wonders if even a detachment of soldiers will be enough when he has to face Nate and Zack King. This is 41 in Wilderness Series.

Lord Grizzly

Nate King has a lot to be happy about. He and his family are settling into a new home, far from the taint of civilization. But the deep wilderness has its own set of dangers, including the greatest predator of them all: the giant grizzly. Nate has earned a reputation as Grizzly Killer, but this bear is different this bear saved his life once, and Nate feels a debt of honor. But is it possible to teach a wild griz to go against its murderous nature? Will Nate’s plan be any match for the mammoth bear s four inch claws and wickedly sharp teeth? Or will his family learn a fatal lesson of their own?


In the harsh wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, every day presents a new challenge. Nate King and his family have survived by overcoming those challenges, one by one. But in the new valley that is their home, they face perils they ve never before known. Some of the most vicious predators on the continent are stalking the Kings and their friends. Nate has gone up against grizzlies, mountain lions, and enraged buffalo, but he’s never battled Wolverines cunningly savage killers that know no fear. One Wolverine is dangerous enough, but five live in this valley and they re out for blood.

Glacier Terror

The King family wouldn’t have lasted as long as they have in the remote, perilous Rockies if they didn’t know a thing or two about survival. But even after all these years, the wilderness has a few surprises for them. There’s something not quite right about a glacier high atop a peak near their valley. The Indians claim it’s bad medicine and won’t go near it. Of course that doesn’t stop Louisa King from cajoling her husband to go on a getaway up to the high country. But they can’t fathom the savagery they’re about to unleash. For something terrible lives on that glacier, something that craves flesh and doesn’t care whether it’s from a deer or an elk or a human.

Pure of Heart

Nate King likes to think he’s taught his family everything they need to know about living in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. And now they’re about to be put to the test. What was supposed to be a fun trip up to the high country quickly turns into a desperate struggle just to survive. From rattlesnakes to a flash flood, Mother Nature has unleashed a bitter arsenal. But the worst threat of all comes from mankind as four vicious murderers stalk the forest, ready to finish off anyone left alive.

Into the Unknown

Robert Parker ventures into the vast unknown to study new species of plants and animals in the name of science. And he’s thrilled when a young half breed named Zach King invites him back to his family’s secluded valley in the Rocky Mountains a valley teeming with wildlife that no naturalist has ever explored. But Parker’s about to find out he’s not the only newcomer. Three murderous prospectors have heard there’s a fortune in gold on the Kings’ land, and they’ll do anything to get their hands on it. They’ve heard how tough the Kings are, and they’re well prepared for that. But they haven’t counted on the grit of one determined greenhorn…

In Darkest Depths

Legendary mountain man Shakespeare McNair has seen enough winters in the wilderness to know when something isn’t right. And beneath the waters of the lake near his new home, something is definitely off. Nate King and his family can see it too waves without any wind to create them, a huge force that pulls a fishing pole right from Evelyn King’s hands, something malevolent out there…
watching them. Shakespeare knows it’s just a matter of time before the creature hurts someone. But he’s not going to wait around. He’s going to go after it himself, even knowing he might not come back…

Fear Weaver

Few natural wonders inspire Nate King like the Rocky Mountains. But he knows that behind its beauty, the wilderness can be deadly. The Woodrow family is woefully unprepared for the perils of the rough country. Concerned for their safety, Nate agrees to help them search for their missing brother. Yet it doesn’t take long for Nate to feel that they’re the ones being stalked. With Blackfeet on the warpath and vicious wild animals circling ever closer, he’ll need all the survival skills he possesses to keep the Woodrows safe and make it back to his own family alive.

Cry Freedom

Nate King and his wife must evade a pack of brutal hunters as they help a family of runaway slaves escape to freedom.

Only the Strong

The Kings continue to help the Worth family in their flight to escape a nasty posse of slave hunters.

The Outcast

A lone warrior, cast out from his tribe, comes to the Kings valley and decides he wants Zach’s pregnant wife for himself!

The Scalp Hunters

A buffalo hunt turns deadly when a group out to count coup decide the next scalps they want for their belts are Evelyn King’s and her friends .

The Tears of God

Mountain man Nate King would never leave anyone in need, but he has his hands full this time trying to protect both a freight train and a colony of Shakers from a band of Pawnees on a personal vendetta.


There’s a new family moving into the Kings remote valley, but while building their cabin, they discover they re not the only ones to want to call the place home a nest of viscious rattlers won t give up their claim without a fight.

Devil Moon

Evelyn King and Dega are hoping for a quiet picnic in an unexplored valley paradise, but their plans are waylaid by a cunning and vicious mountain lion looking for a feast of its own.

Hawken Fury

When an old sweetheart from New York comes searching for him, Nathaniel King, a wanderer on the vast lands of the American West, learns a hard lesson about judging a book by its cover and loving one’s enemy.

Season of the Warrior

Determined to conquer the unmapped territory west of the Mississippi, rugged mountain man Nathaniel King and his friend, Shakespeare McNair, attempt to help a stranded group of English travelers in the Rockies.

Blood Rage

When Davy saw the tracks of a solitary wagon heading off into the uncharted plains, he just had to follow them to make sure the travelers knew what they were in for. But the brave frontiersman didn’t know that the trail would lead him straight into a battle with savage Pawnee warriors out for blood.

Comanche Country

No other pioneer could have hoped to survive the dangers that Davy faced when he and his old friend Flavius tried to cross the vast Western prairies. A roaring wildfire and a rampaging buffalo stampede were excitement enough for Flavius, but Davy knew their troubles were just beginning when they came face to face with the rulers of the prairies the Comanche. .

Vengeance Trail / Death Hunt

In two tales of the wild West, Nate King and Shakespeare McNair test their survival skills after accidentally offending two Flathead Indians, and Nate takes part in a deadly buffalo hunt, with the lives of his wife and child at stake.’

Northwest Passage / Apache Blood

The epic struggle for survival in America’s untamed West. In ‘Northwest Passage’, Nathaniel King made a mistake that could be his last when he agrees to lead a seemingly innocent group of pioneers through the treacherous mountains. For the Banner party had a secret hidden there that they did not want revealed. And in ‘Apache Blood’, Nate and his young family journey to the southern Rockies, only to have the child and woman taken by the Apache. With the help of his friend Shakespeare McNair, Nate would save his loved ones or die trying.

Iron Warrior / Wolf Pack

Iron Warrior. The rugged pioneers in the Rocky Mountains fight from day to day, never knowing when warring Indians or cutthroat renegades will attack. When Nate King faces a foe that bullets will not kill, he can=t depend on his rifle to save his life. If his cunning fails, King will end up as nothing more than another notch on his seemingly invincible adversary’s belt. And in the same action packed volume…
Wolf Pack. Nathaniel King and the other settlers are forever on the lookout for possible dangers, and always ready to match death with death. But when a marauding band of killers and thieves kidnaps his wife and children, Nate has finally run into enemies who push his skill and abilities to the limit. And it will take only one wrong move for him to lose his familyCand his only reason for living.

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