David Sakmyster Books In Order

Morpheus Initiative Books In Order

  1. The Pharos Objective (2010)
  2. The Mongol Objective (2012)
  3. The Cydonia Objective (2012)
  4. The Tesla Objective (2016)
  5. The Prometheus Objective (2018)
  6. The Shiva Objective (2012)

Lazarus Initiative Books In Order

  1. N.D.E. (2011)

Jurassic Dead Books In Order

  1. Jurassic Dead (2014)
  2. Jurassic Dead 2 (2015)
  3. Jurassic Dead 3 (2015)


  1. Crescent Lake (1998)
  2. Twilight of the Fifth Sun (1998)
  3. Silver and Gold (2009)
  4. Second Coming (2010)
  5. Blindspots (2012)
  6. Final Solstice (2015)


  1. Escape Plans (2014)
  2. Dangerous Illusions (2019)


  1. Devilspawn (2017)

Non fiction

  1. The Belhurst Story (2003)

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David Sakmyster Books Overview

The Pharos Objective

A legendary treasure chamber hidden beneath the ancient Pharos Lighthouse has defied discovery for over two thousand years…
Until Caleb Crowe and his team of psychic archaeologists dare the impossible. ‘The Pharos Objective is Indiana Jones meets the X Files an archaeologist adventurer with psychic powers of remote viewing who can see the past, ancient treasures, historical mysteries, action and adventure that crosses the world, and a damned good story.’ Kevin J. Anderson, 1 international bestselling author of The Edge of the World. ‘This is a book I wish I’d written great premise great imagination!’ M.J. Rose, international bestselling author of The Reincarnationist and The Memorist ‘A classic good vs. evil story, a novel that kept me turning pages far into the night.’ Nina M. Osier, author of 2005 EPPIE science fiction winner Regs and the High Places trilogy.

Twilight of the Fifth Sun

A near death experience unlocks a hidden pwer…
and sets a prophecy in motion. A journalist recovers from a vicious attack on her life. Returning from the brink of death, Rebecca gains the ability to see the ghosts and spirits found all around us. This power brings her to the defense of a boy with the miraculous ability to free the earthbound souls. This child is hunted by the ghost of the most blood thirsty ruler in Aztec history an evil power driven by an ancient prophecy to conquer both the living and the dead and to bring about the end of our age. Twilight of the Fifth Sun With a cast of complex and entertaining characters, the story races to a furious climax atop the pryamids of an ancient Mayan city, where the battle for the salvation of the world will be waged.

Silver and Gold

The Yukon Territory, 1895. A reclusive prospector comes to the aid of a Smithsonian explorer after she dares the frozen wilderness to capture a legendary beast known as the Sesquat. In his cabin, waiting out a storm, he regales her with the tale of his thrilling and often tragic past. From the great gold rushes of California to the silver strikes in Nevada, and then on to the inescapable lure of the Klondike, a father and son strive to keep morally afloat as the surging tide of humanity sweeps upon their land to plunder its wealth. As this age fashioned the destiny of a nation, so too would it forge a hero…
A reluctant hero, who must now return to the world he’s tried to avoid. To avenge his parents murders, fight for the rights of his people, and ultimately, to embark upon a path into legend. Teeming with fascinating characters and events from the times: from Samuel Colt to Herbert Hoover; from the Civil War to China s Boxer Rebellion; from icy maritime disasters to epic dogsled races, Silver and Gold is an ambitious novel set against the backdrop of the Gold Rush era: an age defined by larger than life characters arctic monsters, vile industrialists and noble heroes all vying against the implacable wrath of nature.

The Belhurst Story

A richly detailed account of the historic Belhurst Castle in upstate New York, and a fascinating study decoding the legends of ghostly sightings and buried treasure.

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