David Robbins Books In Order

Endworld Books In Publication Order

  1. The Fox Run (1986)
  2. Thief River Falls Run (1986)
  3. Twin Cities Run (1986)
  4. The Kalispell Run (1987)
  5. Dakota Run (1987)
  6. Citadel Run (1987)
  7. Armageddon Run (1987)
  8. Denver Run (1988)
  9. Capital Run (1988)
  10. New York Run (1988)
  11. Liberty Run (1988)
  12. Houston Run (1988)
  13. Anaheim Run (1988)
  14. Seattle Run (1988)
  15. Nevada Run (1989)
  16. Miami Run (1989)
  17. Atlanta Run (1989)
  18. Memphis Run (1989)
  19. Cincinnati Run (1989)
  20. Dallas Run (1990)
  21. Boston Run (1990)
  22. Green Bay Run (1990)
  23. Yellowstone Run (1990)
  24. Spartan Run (1991)
  25. Madman Run (1991)
  26. Chicago Run (1991)
  27. New Orleans Run (1991)
  28. Doomsday (2009)
  29. Dark Days (2013)
  30. The Lords of Kismet (2016)
  31. Synthezoids (2018)

Blade Books In Publication Order

  1. First Strike (1989)
  2. Outlands Strike (1989)
  3. Vampire Strike (1989)
  4. Pipeline Strike (1989)
  5. Pirate Strike (1989)
  6. Crusher Strike (1990)
  7. Terror Strike (1990)
  8. Devil Strike (1990)
  9. L.A. Strike (1990)
  10. Dead Zone Strike (1990)
  11. Quest Strike (1991)
  12. Death Master Strike (1991)
  13. Vengeance Strike (1991)

Preacher’s Law Books In Publication Order

  1. Widow Maker (1987)
  2. Trail of Death (1987)
  3. The Gavel and the Gun (1987)
  4. The Last Gunfight (1988)
  5. Slaughter at Ten Sleep (1988)
  6. Rebel (1988)
  7. Raiders (1989)

Blood Feud Books In Publication Order

  1. Blood Feud (2010)
  2. Angel U Let There Be Light (2013)

Wilderness Books In Publication Order

  1. King of the Mountain (1990)
  2. Lure of the Wild (1991)
  3. Savage Rendezvous (1991)
  4. Blood Fury (1991)
  5. Tomahawk Revenge (1991)
  6. Vengeance Trail (1991)
  7. Black Powder Justice (1991)
  8. Death Hunt (1992)
  9. Mountain Devil (1992)
  10. Blackfoot Massacre (1992)
  11. Northwest Passage (1992)
  12. Apache Blood (1992)
  13. Mountain Manhunt (1993)
  14. Tenderfoot (1993)
  15. Winterkill (1993)
  16. Blood Truce (1993)
  17. Trapper’s Blood (1994)
  18. Mountain Cat (1994)
  19. Iron Warrior (1994)
  20. Wolf Pack (1995)
  21. Black Powder (1995)
  22. Trail’s End (1995)
  23. The Lost Valley (1998)
  24. Mountain Madness (1998)
  25. Frontier Mayhem (1998)
  26. Blood Feud (1999)
  27. Gold Rage (1999)
  28. The Quest (1999)
  29. Mountain Nightmare (1999)
  30. Savages (2000)
  31. Blood Kin (2000)
  32. The Westward Tide (2000)
  33. Fang and Claw (2001)
  34. Trackdown (2001)
  35. Frontier Fury (2001)
  36. The Tempest (2002)
  37. Perils Of The Wind (2002)
  38. Mountain Man (2002)
  39. Firewater (2003)
  40. Scar (2003)
  41. By Duty Bound (2003)
  42. Flames of Justice (2004)
  43. Vengeance (2004)
  44. Shadow Realms (2004)
  45. In Cruel Clutches (2005)
  46. Untamed Country (2005)
  47. Reap the Whirlwind (2005)
  48. Lord Grizzly (2006)
  49. Wolverine (2006)
  50. People of the Forest (2006)
  51. Comanche Moon (2007)
  52. Glacier Terror (2007)
  53. The Rising Storm (2007)
  54. Pure of Heart (2007)
  55. Into the Unknown (2008)
  56. In Darkness Depths (2008)
  57. Fear Weaver (2008)
  58. Cry Freedom (2008)
  59. Only the Strong (2009)
  60. The Outcast (2009)
  61. The Scalp Hunters (2009)
  62. The Tears of God (2009)
  63. Venom (2010)
  64. Devil Moon (2010)
  65. Seed of Evil (2010)
  66. Garden of Eden (2011)
  67. The Gift (2012)
  68. Savage Hearts (2014)
  69. The Avenger (2016)
  70. Only the Strong/The Outcast (2021)

Battlefield Mars Books In Publication Order

  1. Battlefield Mars (2016)
  2. Colony Down (2016)
  3. Species War (2017)

Omega Sub Books In Publication Order

  1. Command Decision (1991)
  2. Blood Tide (1991)
  3. Death Dive (1992)
  4. Raven Rising (1992)

Mountain Majesty Books In Publication Order

  1. Wild Country (1992)
  2. The Untamed (1992)
  3. Wilderness Rendezvous (1992)
  4. Blood Kin (1993)
  5. Passage West (1993)
  6. The Far Horizon (1994)
  7. Fire on the Prairie (1995)
  8. The Savage Land (1995)

Giant Wilderness Books In Publication Order

  1. Hawken Fury (1992)
  2. Season Of The Warrior (1993)
  3. Prairie Blood (1994)
  4. Ordeal (1995)
  5. The Trail West (1996)
  6. Frontier Strike (1996)
  7. Spanish Slaughter (1997)

White Apache Books In Publication Order

  1. Hangman’s Knot (1993)
  2. Warpath (1994)
  3. Warrior Born (1994)
  4. Quick Killer (1994)
  5. Bloodbath (1994)
  6. Blood Treachery (1995)
  7. Blood Bounty (1995)
  8. The Trackers (1995)
  9. Desert Fury (1995)
  10. Hanged (1996)

Davy Crockett Books In Publication Order

  1. Homecoming (1996)
  2. Sioux Slaughter (1997)
  3. Blood Hunt (1997)
  4. Mississippi Mayhem (1997)
  5. Blood Rage (1997)
  6. Comanche Country (1998)
  7. Texican Terror (1998)
  8. Cannibal Country (1998)

A Girl Books In Publication Order

  1. A Girl, The End of the World and Everything (2013)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Blood Cult (1981)
  2. The Wereling (1983)
  3. The Wrath (1988)
  4. Spectre (1988)
  5. Hell-O-Ween (1992)
  6. Return of the Virginian (1994)
  7. Prank Night (1994)
  8. Spook Night (1995)
  9. Diablo (1997)
  10. Men of Honor (2000)
  11. Proof of Life (2000)
  12. Twisted (2004)
  13. Ride to Valor (2011)
  14. Thunder Valley (2012)
  15. Angel U (2013)
  16. Town Tamers (2013)
  17. Badlanders (2014)
  18. Hit Radio (2015)
  19. Guns on the Prairie (2015)
  20. The Law and the Lawless (2015)
  21. Brother’s Keeper (2015)
  22. Outlaw Town (2016)
  23. Hypnotwist (2019)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Heavy Traffic (2005)

Ralph Compton Western Books In Publication Order

  1. Blood and Gold (By:Joseph A. West) (2004)
  2. For the Brand (2005)
  3. Rio Largo (2006)
  4. Guns of the Canyonlands (By:Joseph A. West) (2006)
  5. Texas Empire (By:Ralph Compton) (2006)
  6. By the Horns (2006)
  7. Deadwood Gulch (By:John Edward Ames) (2006)
  8. The Bloody Trail (By:Marcus Galloway) (2007)
  9. A Wolf In the Fold (2007)
  10. Bluff City (2007)
  11. Blood Duel (2007)
  12. Death of a Bad Man (By:Marcus Galloway) (2008)
  13. Ride the Hard Trail (2008)
  14. Bullet for a Bad Man (2008)
  15. The Convict Trail (By:Joseph A. West) (2008)
  16. Rawhide Flat (By:Joseph A. West) (2009)
  17. Outlaw’s Reckoning (By:Marcus Galloway) (2009)
  18. The Man From Nowhere (By:Joseph A. West) (2009)
  19. Bounty Hunter (By:Joseph A. West) (2009)
  20. Fatal Justice (2009)
  21. Stryker’s Revenge (By:Joseph A. West) (2010)
  22. Death of a Hangman (By:Joseph A. West) (2010)
  23. North to the Salt Fork (By:Ralph Compton,Dusty Richards) (2010)
  24. Rusted Tin (By:Marcus Galloway) (2010)
  25. The Burning Range (By:Joseph A. West) (2010)
  26. The Last Manhunt (By:Joseph A. West) (2011)
  27. The Stranger from Abilene (By:Joseph A. West) (2011)
  28. The Ghost of Apache Creek (By:Joseph A. West) (2011)
  29. Dead Man’s Ranch (By:Matthew P. Mayo) (2012)
  30. Slaughter Canyon (By:Joseph A. West) (2012)
  31. One Man’s Fire (By:Marcus Galloway) (2012)
  32. Tucker’s Reckoning (By:Matthew P. Mayo) (2012)
  33. Down on Gila River (By:Joseph A. West) (2012)
  34. Brimstone Trail (By:Marcus Galloway) (2013)
  35. Straight Shooter (By:Marcus Galloway) (2013)
  36. The Hunted (By:Matthew P. Mayo) (2013)
  37. Hard Ride to Wichita (By:Marcus Galloway) (2013)
  38. The Cheyenne Trail (By:Jory Sherman) (2014)
  39. Double-Cross Ranch (By:Matthew P. Mayo) (2014)
  40. Comanche Trail (By:Carlton Stowers) (2014)
  41. The Dangerous Land (By:Marcus Galloway) (2014)
  42. Vigilante Dawn (By:Marcus Galloway) (2014)
  43. The Evil Men Do (2015)
  44. Straight to the Noose (By:Marcus Galloway) (2015)
  45. Shotgun Charlie (By:Matthew P. Mayo) (2015)
  46. The Law and the Lawless (2015)
  47. Brother’s Keeper (2015)
  48. Texas Hills (2015)
  49. Outlaw Town (2016)
  50. Phantom Hill (By:Carlton Stowers) (2016)
  51. Ralph Compton the Hellbound Posse (By:Robert J. Randisi,Ralph Compton) (2021)

Mack Bolan Books In Publication Order

  1. Stony Man Doctrine (1983)
  2. Terminal Velocity (1984)
  3. Resurrection Day (1985)
  4. Dirty War (1985)
  5. Flight 741 (1986)
  6. Dead Easy (1986)
  7. Sudden Death (1987)
  8. Rogue Force (1987)
  9. Tropic Heat (1987)
  10. Fire in the Sky (1988)
  11. Anvil of Hell (1988)
  12. Flash Point (1988)
  13. Flesh and Blood (1988)
  14. Moving Target (1989)
  15. Tightrope (1989)
  16. Blowout (1989)
  17. Blood Fever (1989)
  18. Knockdown (1990)
  19. Assault (1990)
  20. Backlash (1990)
  21. Siege (1990)
  22. Blockade (1991)
  23. Evil Kingdom (1991)
  24. Counterblow (1991)
  25. Hardline (1991)
  26. Firepower (1992)
  27. Storm Burst (1992)
  28. Intercept (1992)
  29. Lethal Impact (1992)
  30. Deadfall (1993)
  31. Onslaught (1993)
  32. Battle Force (1993)
  33. Rampage (1993)
  34. Takedown (1994)
  35. Death’s Head (1994)
  36. Hellground (1994)
  37. Inferno (1994)
  38. Ambush (1994)
  39. Blood Strike (1994)
  40. Killpoint (1995)
  41. Vendetta (1995)
  42. Stalk Line (1995)
  43. Omega Game (1995)
  44. Shock Tactic (1995)
  45. Showdown (1995)
  46. Tooth and Claw (1996)
  47. Precision Kill (1996)
  48. Jungle Law (1996)
  49. Dead Center (1996)
  50. Red Heat (1996)
  51. Thermal Strike (1996)
  52. Day of the Vulture (1997)
  53. Flames Of Wrath (1997)
  54. High Aggression (1997)
  55. Code of Bushido (1997)
  56. Terror Spin (1997)
  57. Judgment in Stone (1997)
  58. Rage for Justice (1998)
  59. Rebels and Hostiles (1998)
  60. Ultimate Game (1998)
  61. Blood Feud (1998)
  62. Renegade Force (1998)
  63. Retribution (1998)
  64. Initiation (1999)
  65. Cloud of Death (1999)
  66. Termination Point (1999)
  67. Hellfire Strike (1999)
  68. Code of Conflict (1999)
  69. Vengeance (1999)
  70. Executive Action (2000)
  71. Killsport (2000)
  72. Conflagration (2000)
  73. Storm Front (2000)
  74. Evil Alliance (2000)
  75. Scorched Earth (2001)
  76. Deception (2001)
  77. Destiny’s Hour (2001)
  78. Power of the Lance (2001)
  79. A Dying Evil (2001)
  80. Deep Treachery (2001)
  81. War Load (2002)
  82. Sworn Enemies (2002)
  83. Dark Truth (2002)
  84. Blood and Sand (2002)
  85. Breakaway (2002)
  86. Caged (2002)
  87. Sleepers (2003)
  88. Strike and Retrieve (2003)
  89. Age of War (2003)
  90. Line of Control (2003)
  91. Breached (2003)
  92. Retaliation (2003)
  93. Pressure Point (2004)
  94. Silent Running (2004)
  95. Stolen Arrows (2004)
  96. Zero Option (2004)
  97. Predator Paradise (2004)
  98. Circle of Deception (2004)
  99. Point of Betrayal (2005)
  100. Devil’s Bargain (2005)
  101. False Front (2005)
  102. Lethal Tribute (2005)
  103. Season of Slaughter (2005)
  104. Ballistic Force (2005)
  105. Renegade (2006)
  106. Survival Reflex (2006)
  107. Path to War (2006)
  108. Blood Dynasty (2006)
  109. Ultimate Stakes (2006)
  110. State of Evil (2006)
  111. Contagion Option (2007)
  112. Hellfire Code (2007)
  113. War Drums (2007)
  114. Ripple Effect (2007)
  115. Force Lines (2007)
  116. The Killing Rule (2007)
  117. Devil’s Playground (2007)
  118. The Judas Project (2008)
  119. Plains of Fire (2008)
  120. Appointment in Baghdad (2008)
  121. Havana Five (2008)
  122. Colony of Evil (2008)
  123. Hard Passage (2009)
  124. Interception (2009)
  125. Cold War Reprise (2009)
  126. Mission: Apocalypse (2009)
  127. Altered State (2009)
  128. Killing Game (2009)
  129. Diplomacy Directive (2009)
  130. Betrayed (2010)
  131. Sabotage (2010)
  132. Conflict Zone (2010)
  133. Blood Play (2010)
  134. Desert Fallout (2010)
  135. Extraordinary Rendition (2010)
  136. Devil’s Mark (2010)
  137. Savage Rule (2011)
  138. Infiltration (2011)
  139. Resurgence (2011)
  140. Kill Shot (2011)
  141. Stealth Sweep (2011)
  142. Grave Mercy (2011)
  143. Treason Play (2011)
  144. Assassin’s Code (2011)
  145. Shadow Strike (2012)
  146. Decision Point (2012)
  147. Road of Bones (2012)
  148. Radical Edge (2012)
  149. Oblivion Pact (2012)
  150. Enemy Arsenal (2012)
  151. State of War (2012)
  152. Illicit Supply (2013)
  153. Explosive Demand (2013)
  154. Ballistic (2013)
  155. Crisis Diplomacy (2013)
  156. Apocalypse Ark (2013)
  157. Lethal Stakes (2013)
  158. Ground Zero (2013)
  159. Escalation Tactic (2013)
  160. Jungle Firestorm (2013)
  161. Death Metal (2014)
  162. Justice Run (2014)
  163. China White (2014)
  164. Payback (2014)
  165. Chain Reaction (2014)
  166. Terror Ballot (2014)
  167. Nightmare Army (2014)
  168. Critical Exposure (2015)
  169. Insurrection (2015)
  170. Armed Response (2015)
  171. Desert Falcons (2015)
  172. Ninja Assault (2015)
  173. Lethal Risk (2015)
  174. Dead Reckoning (2015)
  175. War Everlasting (2015)

The Trailsman Books In Publication Order

  1. Seven Wagons West (By:Jon Sharpe) (1980)
  2. The Hanging Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1980)
  3. Mountain Man Kill (By:Jon Sharpe) (1980)
  4. The Sundown Searchers (By:Jon Sharpe) (1980)
  5. The River Raiders (By:Jon Sharpe) (1981)
  6. Dakota Wild (By:Jon Sharpe) (1981)
  7. Wolf Country (By:Jon Sharpe) (1981)
  8. Six-Gun Drive (By:Jon Sharpe) (1981)
  9. Dead Man’s Saddle (By:Jon Sharpe) (1982)
  10. Slave Hunter (By:Jon Sharpe) (1982)
  11. Montana Maiden (By:Jon Sharpe) (1982)
  12. Condor Pass (By:Jon Sharpe) (1982)
  13. Blood Country (By:Jon Sharpe) (1982)
  14. Spoon River Stud (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  15. Arrowhead Territory (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  16. The Stalking Horse (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  17. Savage Shadow (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  18. Ride the Wild Shadow (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  19. Cry of the Cherokee (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  20. The Judas Killer (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  21. The Whiskey Guns (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  22. Border Arrows (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  23. The Comstock Killers (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  24. Twisted Noose (By:Jon Sharpe) (1983)
  25. Maverick Maiden (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  26. Warpaint Rifles (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  27. Bloody Heritage (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  28. Hostage Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  29. High Mountain Guns (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  30. White Savage (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  31. Six-Gun Sombreros (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  32. Apache Gold (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  33. Red River Revenge (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  34. Sharpshooter (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  35. Kiowa Kill (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  36. The Badge (By:Jon Sharpe) (1984)
  37. Valley of Death (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  38. The Lost Patrol (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  39. Tomahawk Justice (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  40. The Grizzly Man (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  41. The Range Killers (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  42. The Renegade Command (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  43. Mesquite Manhunt (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  44. Scorpion Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  45. Killer Caravan (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  46. Hell Town (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  47. Six-Gun Salvation (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  48. The White Hell Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1985)
  49. Blood Oath (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  50. The Swamp Slayers (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  51. Sioux Captive (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  52. Posse From Hell (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  53. Longhorn Guns (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  54. Killer Clan (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  55. Thief River Showdown (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  56. Guns of Hungry Horse (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  57. Fortune Riders (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  58. Slaughter Express (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  59. Thunderhawk (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  60. The Wayward Lassie (By:Jon Sharpe) (1986)
  61. Bullet Caravan (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  62. Horsethief Crossing (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  63. Stagecoach to Hell (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  64. Fargo’s Woman (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  65. River Kill (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  66. Treachery Pass (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  67. Manitoba Marauders (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  68. Trapper Rampage (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  69. Confederate Challenge (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  70. Hostage Arrows (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  71. Renegade Rebellion (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  72. Calico Kill (By:Jon Sharpe) (1987)
  73. Blood Pass (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  74. Santa Fe Slaughter (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  75. White Hell (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  76. Colorado Robber (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  77. Wildcat Wagons (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  78. Devil’s Den (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  79. Minnesota Missionary (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  80. Smokey Hell Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  81. Twisted Trails (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  82. Mescalero Mask (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  83. Dead Mans Forest (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  84. Utah Slaughter (By:Jon Sharpe) (1988)
  85. Call of the White Wolf (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  86. Texas Hell Country (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  87. Brothel Bullets (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  88. Mexican Massacre (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  89. Target Conestoga (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  90. Mesabi Huntdown (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  91. Cave of Death (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  92. Death’s Caravan (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  93. The Texas Train (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  94. Desperate Dispatch (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  95. Cry Revenge (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  96. Buzzard’s Gap (By:Jon Sharpe) (1989)
  97. Black Hills Blood (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  98. Riverboat Gold (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  99. Camp St. Lucifer (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  100. Queen’s High Bid (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  101. Desert Desperados (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  102. Shoshoni Spirits (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  103. The Coronado Killers (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  104. Secret Six-Guns (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  105. Comanche Crossing (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  106. Sierra Shootout (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  107. Gunsmoke Gulch (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  108. Pawnee Bargain (By:Jon Sharpe) (1990)
  109. Gold Mine Madness (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  110. Arizona Slaughter (1991)
  111. Lone Star Lightning (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  112. Wyoming Manhunt (1991)
  113. Counterfeit Cargo (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  114. Blood Canyon (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  115. Renegade Rifles (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  116. Doomsday Wagons (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  117. Southern Belles (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  118. Tamarind Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  119. Kansas Kill (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  120. Gun Valley (By:Jon Sharpe) (1991)
  121. Gold Fever (1992)
  122. Redwood Revenge (By:Jon Sharpe) (1992)
  123. Desert Death (1992)
  124. Blood Prairie (1992)
  125. Nevada Warpath (1992)
  126. Snake River Butcher (1992)
  127. Colorado Quarry (By:Jon Sharpe) (1992)
  128. Coins of Death (By:Jon Sharpe) (1992)
  129. The Silver Maria (By:Jon Sharpe) (1992)
  130. Montana Fire Smoke (By:Jon Sharpe) (1992)
  131. Beartown Bloodshed (1992)
  132. Kentucky Colts (By:Jon Sharpe) (1992)
  133. Sage River Conspiracy (By:Jon Sharpe) (1993)
  134. Cougar Dawn (By:Jon Sharpe) (1993)
  135. Montana Mayhem (1993)
  136. Texas Triggers (By:Jon Sharpe) (1993)
  137. Moon Lake Massacre (By:Jon Sharpe) (1993)
  138. Silver Fury (1993)
  139. Buffalo Guns (By:Jon Sharpe) (1993)
  140. The Killing Corrider (By:Jon Sharpe) (1993)
  141. Tomahawk Justice (1993)
  142. Golden Bullets (By:Jon Sharpe) (1993)
  143. Deathblow Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1993)
  144. Abilene Ambush (1993)
  145. Crowheart’s Revenge (By:Jon Sharpe) (1994)
  146. Cheyenne Crossfire (By:Jon Sharpe) (1994)
  147. Nebraska Nightmare (1994)
  148. Death Trails (By:Jon Sharpe) (1994)
  149. California Quarry (By:Jon Sharpe) (1994)
  150. Springfield Sharpshooters (1994)
  151. Savage Guns (By:Jon Sharpe) (1994)
  152. Prairie Fire (1994)
  153. Saguaro Showdown (By:Jon Sharpe) (1994)
  154. Ambush at Skull Pass (By:Jon Sharpe) (1994)
  155. Oklahoma Ordeal (1994)
  156. The Sawdust Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1994)
  157. Revenge at Lost Creek (By:Jon Sharpe) (1995)
  158. Black Mesa Treachery (By:Jon Sharpe) (1995)
  159. The Texas Terror (1995)
  160. Ghost Ranch Massacre (By:Jon Sharpe) (1995)
  161. Rogue River Feud (1995)
  162. Nez Perce Nightmare (1995)
  163. Colorado Carnage (1995)
  164. North Country Guns (By:Jon Sharpe) (1995)
  165. The Tornado Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1995)
  166. Yukon Massacre (By:Jon Sharpe) (1995)
  167. Dakota Death House (By:Jon Sharpe) (1995)
  168. Kiowa Command (By:Jon Sharpe) (1995)
  169. The Greenback Trail (By:Jon Sharpe) (1996)
  170. Socorro Slaughter (1996)
  171. Utah Trackdown (1996)
  172. Dead Man’s River (By:Jon Sharpe) (1996)
  173. Sutter’s Secret (By:Jon Sharpe) (1996)
  174. Washington Warpath (1996)
  175. Death Valley Bloodbath (1996)
  176. Betrayal at El Diablo (By:Jon Sharpe) (1996)
  177. Curse of the Grizzly (By:Jon Sharpe) (1996)
  178. Colorado Wolfpack (1996)
  179. Apache Arrows (1996)
  180. Sagebrush Skeletons (By:Jon Sharpe) (1996)
  181. Bayou Bloodbath (1997)
  182. Bullet Hole Claims (By:Jon Sharpe) (1997)
  183. Blue Sierra Renegades (By:Jon Sharpe) (1997)
  184. Vengeance at Dead Man Rapids (By:Jon Sharpe) (1997)
  185. Blood Canyon (By:Jon Sharpe) (1997)
  186. Rocky Mountain Nightmare (1997)
  187. Sioux War Cry (1997)
  188. Mercy Manhunt (By:Jon Sharpe) (1997)
  189. Missouri Massacre (By:Jon Sharpe) (1997)
  190. Pecos Death (1997)
  191. Target Gold (By:Jon Sharpe) (1997)
  192. Durango Duel (1997)
  193. Kansas Carnage (By:Jon Sharpe) (1998)
  194. Bullets and Brides (By:Jon Sharpe) (1998)
  195. Montana Stage (By:Jon Sharpe) (1998)
  196. Fort Ravage Conspiracy (By:Jon Sharpe) (1998)
  197. Utah Uprising (1998)
  198. Black Gulch Gamble (By:Jon Sharpe) (1998)
  199. Wyoming Wildcats (1998)
  200. Salmon River Rage (1998)
  201. Sixguns by the Sea (By:Jon Sharpe) (1998)
  202. The Stallion Search (By:Jon Sharpe) (1998)
  203. Silver Hooves (By:Jon Sharpe) (1998)
  204. The Leavenworth Express (By:Jon Sharpe) (1998)
  205. Mountain Mankillers (1998)
  206. Oregon Outrider (By:Jon Sharpe) (1999)
  207. Chimney Rock Burial (By:Jon Sharpe) (1999)
  208. Arizona Renegades (1999)
  209. Timber Terror (By:Jon Sharpe) (1999)
  210. The Bush League (By:Jon Sharpe) (1999)
  211. Badlands Bloodbath (1999)
  212. Sioux Stampede (By:Jon Sharpe) (1999)
  213. Apache Wells (By:Jon Sharpe) (1999)
  214. Texas Hellion (1999)
  215. Duet for Six-Guns (By:Jon Sharpe) (1999)
  216. High Sierra Horror (1999)
  217. Dakota Deception (1999)
  218. Pecos Belle Brigade (By:Jon Sharpe) (1999)
  219. Navajo Revenge (By:Jon Sharpe) (2000)
  220. Montana Gun Sharps (2000)
  221. Arizona Silver Strike (By:Jon Sharpe) (2000)
  222. Colorado Diamond Dupe (2000)
  223. Nebraska Slaying Ground (2000)
  224. California Crusader (By:Jon Sharpe) (2000)
  225. Idaho Ghost Town (By:Jon Sharpe) (2000)
  226. Texas Tinhorns (By:Jon Sharpe) (2000)
  227. Prairie Firestorm (By:Jon Sharpe) (2000)
  228. Wyoming War Cry (2000)
  229. Flatwater Firebrand (By:Jon Sharpe) (2000)
  230. Denver City Gold (By:Jon Sharpe) (2001)
  231. Pacific Phantoms (2001)
  232. Missouri Mayhem (By:Jon Sharpe) (2001)
  233. Apache Duel (By:Jon Sharpe) (2001)
  234. Flathead Fury (2001)
  235. Dakota Damnation (2001)
  236. Cherokee Justice (By:Jon Sharpe) (2001)
  237. Comanche Battle Cry (By:Jon Sharpe) (2001)
  238. Arizona Ambush (By:Jon Sharpe) (2001)
  239. Texas Blood Money (By:Jon Sharpe) (2001)
  240. Wyoming Whirlwind (By:Jon Sharpe) (2001)
  241. Woodland Warriors (By:Jon Sharpe) (2001)
  242. Pacific Polecats (2002)
  243. Bloody Brazos (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2002)
  244. Seven Devils Slaughter (2002)
  245. Texas Death Storm (By:Jon Sharpe) (2002)
  246. Silver City Slayer (By:Jon Sharpe) (2002)
  247. Sixgun Justice (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2002)
  248. Utah Uproar (2002)
  249. Kansas City Swindle (By:Jon Sharpe) (2002)
  250. Dead Man’s Hand (By:Jon Sharpe) (2002)
  251. Nebraska Gunrunners (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2002)
  252. Colorado Cutthroats (2003)
  253. Montana Madmen (By:Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  254. High Country Horror (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  255. Casino Carnage (By:Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  256. Wyoming Wolf Pact (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  257. Blood Wedding (By:Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  258. Desert Death Trap (By:Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  259. Badland Bloodbath (By:Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  260. Arkansas Assault (By:Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  261. Snake River Ruins (By:Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  262. Dakota Death Rattle (By:Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  263. Six-Gun Scholar (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2003)
  264. California Casualties (By:Jon Sharpe) (2004)
  265. New Mexico Nymph (By:Jon Sharpe) (2004)
  266. Devil’s Den (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2004)
  267. Colorado Corpse (By:Jon Sharpe) (2004)
  268. St. Louis Sinners (By:Jon Sharpe) (2004)
  269. Nevada Nemesis (2004)
  270. Montana Massacre (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2004)
  271. Nebraska Nightmare (By:Jon Sharpe) (2004)
  272. Ozarks Onslaught (2004)
  273. Skeleton Canyon (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2004)
  274. Hell’s Belles (By:Jon Sharpe) (2004)
  275. Mountain Manhunt (2004)
  276. Death Valley Vengeance (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  277. Texas Tart (By:Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  278. New Mexico Nightmare (By:Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  279. Kansas Weapon Wolves (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  280. Colorado Claim Jumpers (By:Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  281. Dakota Prairie Pirates (2005)
  282. Salt Lake Slaughter (By:Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  283. Texas Terror Trail (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  284. California Camel Corps (By:Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  285. Gila River Dry-Gulchers (By:Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  286. Renegade Raiders (By:Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  287. Mountain Mavericks (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2005)
  288. The Cutting Kind (By:Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  289. San Francisco Showdown (By:Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  290. Ozark Blood Feud (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  291. Oregon Outlaws (By:Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  292. Oasis of Blood (2006)
  293. Six-Gun Persuasion (By:Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  294. South Texas Slaughter (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  295. Dead Man’s Bounty (By:Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  296. Dakota Danger (By:Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  297. Backwoods Bloodbath (2006)
  298. High Plains Grifters (By:Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  299. Black Rock Pass (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2006)
  300. Terror Trackdown (2007)
  301. Death Valley Demons (By:Jon Sharpe) (2007)
  302. Wyoming Wipeout (By:Jon Sharpe) (2007)
  303. Nebraska Night Riders (2007)
  304. Montana Marauders (By:Jon Sharpe) (2007)
  305. Border Bravados (By:Jon Sharpe) (2007)
  306. California Carnage (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2007)
  307. Alaskan Vengeance (2007)
  308. Idaho Impact (By:Jon Sharpe) (2007)
  309. Shanghaied Six-Guns (2007)
  310. Texas Timber War (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2007)
  311. North Country Cutthroats (By:Jon Sharpe) (2007)
  312. Missouri Manhunt (2008)
  313. Beyond Squaw Creek (By:Jon Sharpe) (2008)
  314. Mountain Mystery (2008)
  315. Nevada Nemesis (By:Jon Sharpe) (2008)
  316. Louisiana Laydown (By:Jon Sharpe) (2008)
  317. Oregon Outrage (By:Jon Sharpe) (2008)
  318. Flathead Fury (2008)
  319. Apache Ambush (2008)
  320. Wyoming Death Trap (By:Jon Sharpe) (2008)
  321. California Crackdown (By:Jon Sharpe) (2008)
  322. Seminole Showdown (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2008)
  323. Silver Mountain Slaughter (By:Jon Sharpe) (2008)
  324. Idaho Gold Fever (2009)
  325. Texas Triggers (2009)
  326. Bayou Trackdown (2009)
  327. Tucson Temptress (By:Jon Sharpe) (2009)
  328. Northwoods Nightmare (By:Jon Sharpe) (2009)
  329. Beartooth Incident (By:Jon Sharpe) (2009)
  330. Black Hills Badman (2009)
  331. Colorado Clash (By:Jon Sharpe) (2009)
  332. Riverboat Rampage (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2009)
  333. Utah Outlaws (By:Jon Sharpe) (2009)
  334. Silver Showdown (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2009)
  335. Texas Trackdown (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2009)
  336. Red River Reckoning (By:Jon Sharpe) (2010)
  337. Hannibal Rising (2010)
  338. Sierra Six-Guns (2010)
  339. Rocky Mountain Revenge (2010)
  340. Texas Hellions (2010)
  341. Six-Gun Gallows (By:Jon Sharpe) (2010)
  342. Arkansas Ambush (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2010)
  343. South Pass Snakepit (By:Jon Sharpe) (2010)
  344. Dakota Death Trap (2010)
  345. Backwoods Brawl (By:Jon Sharpe) (2010)
  346. New Mexico Gun-Down (2010)
  347. High Country Horror (2010)
  348. Terror Town (2011)
  349. Texas Tangle (2011)
  350. Bitterroot Bullets (2011)
  351. Nevada Night Riders (By:Jon Sharpe) (2011)
  352. Texas Gunrunners (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe) (2011)
  353. Grizzly Fury (2011)
  354. Stagecoach Sidewinders (2011)
  355. Six-Gun Vendetta (By:Jon Sharpe) (2011)
  356. Platte River Gauntlet (2011)
  357. Texas Lead Slingers (2011)
  358. Utah Deadly Double (By:Jon Sharpe) (2011)
  359. Range War (2011)
  360. Death Devil (2012)
  361. Rocky Mountain Ruckus (By:Jon Sharpe) (2012)
  362. High Country Greed (2012)
  363. Mountains of No Return (2012)
  364. Texas Tempest (2012)
  365. Colorado Crosshairs (By:Jon Sharpe) (2012)
  366. Badlands Bloodsport (By:Jon Sharpe) (2012)
  367. Blind Man’s Bluff (2012)
  368. California Killers (2012)
  369. Missouri Mastermind (By:Jon Sharpe) (2012)
  370. Utah Terror (2012)
  371. Fort Death (2012)
  372. Texas Swamp Fever (2012)
  373. New Mexico Madman (By:Jon Sharpe) (2013)
  374. Bounty Hunt (2013)
  375. Wyoming Winterkill (2013)
  376. Hangtown Hellcat (By:Jon Sharpe) (2013)
  377. Texas Tornado (2013)
  378. Bowie’s Knife (2013)
  379. Terror Trackdown (2013)
  380. High Plains Massacre (2013)
  381. Diablo Death Cry (By:Jon Sharpe) (2013)
  382. Thunderhead Trail (2013)
  383. Nevada Vipers’ Nest (By:Jon Sharpe) (2013)
  384. Apache Vendetta (2014)
  385. Borderland Bloodbath (By:Jon Sharpe) (2014)
  386. Outlaw Trackdown (2014)
  387. Night Terror (2014)
  388. Colorado Carnage (2014)
  389. Six-Gun Inferno (2014)
  390. Burning Bullets (2014)
  391. Black Hills Deathblow (By:Jon Sharpe) (2014)
  392. Dead Man’s Journey (By:Jon Sharpe) (2014)
  393. Riverboat Reckoning (By:Jon Sharpe) (2014)
  394. Arizona Ambushers (By:Jon Sharpe) (2014)

Sundown Riders Books In Publication Order

  1. North to the Bitterroot (By:Ralph Compton) (1996)
  2. Across the Rio Colorado (By:Ralph Compton) (1997)
  3. The Winchester Run (By:Ralph Compton) (1997)
  4. Devil’s Canyon (By:Ralph Compton) (1998)
  5. Whiskey River (By:Ralph Compton) (1999)
  6. Skeleton Lode (By:Ralph Compton) (1999)
  7. Demon’s Pass (By:Ralph Compton) (2000)
  8. Runaway Stage (By:Robert Vaughan) (2002)
  9. Do or Die (By:Robert E. Vardeman) (2003)
  10. Nowhere, TX (2004)
  11. Bucked Out in Dodge (2004)
  12. West of Pecos (2005)
  13. Tin Star (By:Robert E. Vardeman) (2020)
  14. The Wolves of Seven Pines (By:E L Ripley) (2020)
  15. Never Bet Against the Bullet (By:Jackson Lowry) (2020)
  16. Lost Banshee Mine (By:Jackson Lowry) (2020)
  17. Prairie Fire, Kansas (By:John Shirley) (2020)
  18. Calvert’s Last Bluff (By:Ralph Compton) (2020)
  19. The Trail’s End (By:E L Ripley) (2021)
  20. Stagecoach to Hell (By:Terrence McCauley) (2021)
  21. Snake’s Fury (By:Bernard Schaffer) (2021)
  22. The Outlaw Hunters (By:D B Pulliam) (2021)
  23. Flames of Silver (By:Jackson Lowry) (2021)
  24. Seven Roads to Revenge (By:Ralph Compton,Carlton Stowers) (2021)
  25. The Winter of Wolves (By:Ralph Compton) (2021)
  26. Ghost Hollow Ranch (By:D.B. Pulliam) (2021)

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Book Series in Order David Robbins Books Overview

The Fox Run

As the descendants of the few survivors of the nuclear holocaust that leveled the earth struggle to rebuild a vanished civilization within the walls of The Home, savage barbarian trolls plot to plunder, ravage, and destroy their nascent world. Reissue.

Thief River Falls Run

A ruthless killing machine and the leader of the Alpha Triad, Blade must lead his team of professional warriors on a mission to retrieve medical supplies from the Twin Cities. Reissue.


At a remote site in Minnesota, filmmaker Kurt Carpenter has built a secure compound and invited a select group of people to bunker down until the worst is over. The world into which they re emerge is like nothing theyve ever seen. At first they think theyre the only ones left. But they soon find out how wrong they are. In the wasteland of what used to be America, their battle to survive is only just beginning

King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain Wilderness 1

Tomahawk Revenge

Nathaniel King is forced to make the daring rescues of his best friend, Shakespeare McNair, and then his own pregnant wife in savage Indian territories, in two stories of the epic struggle for survival in America’s untamed West.

Vengeance Trail

Wilderness Series, Book 7. In 1829, life west of the Mississippi was filled with constant peril and hardship. At any moment, a settler might find himself threatened by a murderous Indian or a deadly beast. Only rugged mountain men like Nathaniel King had the courage to challenge the unknown dangers for the freedom the wildeness offered. But when Nate and his mentor Shakespeare McNair made enemies of two Flathead Indians, their survival skills were tested as never before. If either man made one mistake, both would suffer merciless deaths. Read by Rusty Nelson. 5 CD’s 5 Hrs.

Mountain Devil

In 1832, life in the Rocky Mountains was filled with danger and mystery. Indian legends held that deep in secluded valleys lurked bizarre creatures bent on destroying man. But settlers like Nathaniel King had no time for such tales until they cam eye to eye with a Mountain Devil. And Nate King never expected any trouble from a missionary intent on converting the hostile local tribe. But when Reverend John Burke was trapped in perilous Blackfoot territory, Nate fears it could lead to a Blackfoot Massacre.

Northwest Passage

The epic struggle for survival in America’s untamed West. In ”Northwest Passage”, Nathaniel King made a mistake that could be his last when he agrees to lead a seemingly innocent group of pioneers through the treacherous mountains. For the Banner party had a secret hidden there that they did not want revealed.

Apache Blood

Apache Blood,” Nate and his young family journey to the southern Rockies, only to have the child and woman taken by the Apache. With the help of his friend Shakespeare McNair, Nate would save his loved ones or die trying.


Rugged and independent, the mountain men who live in the savage Rockies needed great courage just to survive. Not a day passed without wild animals, deadly cutthroats, or hostile elements threatening to destroy them. To protect their homes and families, Nathaniel King and other settlers taught their sons the skills that would help them battle their enemies. But young Zach was still a Tenderfoot when vicious Indians captured King. If Zach hadnt learned his lessons well enough to save his father, Nates only hope would be a quick death.


Savage and dangerous, the unexplored Rockies hid threats that could kill even the most experienced mountain men. For mountain man Nathaniel King, helping stranded travelers had become common. But when he takes in a pair of strangers who have lost their way, his kindness is repaid with vile treachery.

Blood Truce

Determined to help the white trappers and traders who are under constant threat of attack, Nathaniel King sets out to help them and becomes involved in a deadly dispute among rival tribes.

Mountain Cat

A seasoned hunter and trapper, Nate King sets out on a kill or be killed search for a huge and deadly mountain lion that is threatening innocent settlers, including Nate’s own family.

Iron Warrior

Struggling for survival in the rugged Rocky Mountains, settler Nathaniel King fights off Indians and renegades in a harsh wilderness, until he encounters a foe that bullets will not kill, and he is forced to become even more cunning.

Black Powder

Struggling to survive in the unsettled Rocky Mountains, Nathaniel King and his family are threatened by a band of bloodthirsty slavers who threaten everything the Kings have worked for, including their freedom.

Trail’s End

Strong mountain men like Nate King risked everything to carve a new world from the frontier, and they weren’t about to give it up without a fight. But when some friendly Crows asked Nate to help them rescue a missing girl from a band of murderous Lakota, he set off on a journey that would take him to the end of the trail–and possibly the end of his life.

The Lost Valley

When mountain man Nathaniel King promises a dying Ute warrior that he would find the man’s son, he has no idea that he will soon confront an enemy unlike any he has ever faced. For his trail will lead him and his family straight into the clutches of a mysterious, hidden tribe a tribe that no white man has ever seen and lived to describe.

Mountain Madness

When Nate King comes along a pair of green would be trappers from New York, he is only too glad to risk his life to save them from a Piegan war party. It’s only after he takes them into his own cabin that he realizes that they would repay his kindness with betrayal.

Frontier Mayhem

The unforgiving wilderness of the Rocky Mountains forced a boy to grow up fast, so Nate King taught his son, Zach, how to survive the constant hazards and hardships–and he taught him well. With an Indian war party on the prowl and a marauding grizzly on the loose, young Zach was about to face the test of his life, with no room for failure. But there was one danger Nate hadn’t prepared Zach for–a beautiful girl with blue eyes. Available now.

Blood Feud

The brutal wilderness of the Rocky Mountains can be deadly to those unaccustomed to its dangers. So when a clan of travelers from the hill country back East arrive at Nate King’s part of the mountain. Nate is more than willing to lend a hand and show them some hospitality. He has no way of knowing that this clan is used to fighting–and killing–for what they want. And they want Nate’s land for their own!.


Kidnapped! Louisa entered the storage room and went a couple of feet, stopping in consternation when she didn?t see any dresses or packing crates or anything. The room contained a table and two chairs and a cot with a rope coiled under it against the far wall. On the table were a coffee pot and two cups, as well as a deck of cards. Some of the cards were spread out, face down, as if someone had been playing a game and been interrupted. ?What in the world?? She heard the door shut. As Lou began to swivel, steely arms encircled her from behind, pinning her down. For an instant she was too startled to do anything. Then another man, a brute with a scar on his cheek, came from behind and lifted a strip of cloth toward her mouth to gag her. Galvanized by fear, Lou kicked him, catching him in the groin. The brute grunted and staggered backward. She opened her mouth to scream but the man holding her pressed a hand over her mouth. ?Please don?t make a sound!?

Blood Kin

BOUND BY BLOOD Growing up in the wild frontier of the Rockies, Zach King survived countless dangers, from nature and from human predators. Like his father, the legendary Nate King, Zach has learned to anticipate threats before they appear. But even Zach cant predict the danger he’ll face when he travels with his fiance to meet her family in St. Louis. He knows theyll probably look down their noses at him because hes a half breed. Hes used to that by now. But he doesnt know just how far his beloveds family will go to ‘protect’ her from marrying Zach. Some of the self righteous relatives will stop at nothing to save the family’s good name…
even murder.

Frontier Fury

Frontier Fury Wilderness The authentic story of a tough mountain man and his battle to live free. David Thompson Author

By Duty Bound

Of all the untamed places on the American frontier, the Rocky Mountains might be the most dangerous and the least welcoming. But that’s where young Lieutenant Phillip Pickforth must go. He is ordered to lead a detachment from distant Fort Leavenworth to investigate reports of a vicious massacre. Reports blame the Shoshones, and the alleged ringleader of the slaughter is…
Zachary King, halfbreed son of famed mountain man Nate King. As Lieutenant Pickforth fights his way across the plains, he begins to realize there is much more to the situation than he’s been told. And he wonders if even a detachment of soldiers will be enough when he has to face Nate and Zack King. This is 41 in Wilderness Series.

Lord Grizzly

Nate King has a lot to be happy about. He and his family are settling into a new home, far from the taint of civilization. But the deep wilderness has its own set of dangers, including the greatest predator of them all: the giant grizzly. Nate has earned a reputation as Grizzly Killer, but this bear is different this bear saved his life once, and Nate feels a debt of honor. But is it possible to teach a wild griz to go against its murderous nature? Will Nate’s plan be any match for the mammoth bear s four inch claws and wickedly sharp teeth? Or will his family learn a fatal lesson of their own?


In the harsh wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, every day presents a new challenge. Nate King and his family have survived by overcoming those challenges, one by one. But in the new valley that is their home, they face perils they ve never before known. Some of the most vicious predators on the continent are stalking the Kings and their friends. Nate has gone up against grizzlies, mountain lions, and enraged buffalo, but he’s never battled Wolverines cunningly savage killers that know no fear. One Wolverine is dangerous enough, but five live in this valley and they re out for blood.

Glacier Terror

The King family wouldn’t have lasted as long as they have in the remote, perilous Rockies if they didn’t know a thing or two about survival. But even after all these years, the wilderness has a few surprises for them. There’s something not quite right about a glacier high atop a peak near their valley. The Indians claim it’s bad medicine and won’t go near it. Of course that doesn’t stop Louisa King from cajoling her husband to go on a getaway up to the high country. But they can’t fathom the savagery they’re about to unleash. For something terrible lives on that glacier, something that craves flesh and doesn’t care whether it’s from a deer or an elk or a human.

Pure of Heart

Nate King likes to think he’s taught his family everything they need to know about living in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. And now they’re about to be put to the test. What was supposed to be a fun trip up to the high country quickly turns into a desperate struggle just to survive. From rattlesnakes to a flash flood, Mother Nature has unleashed a bitter arsenal. But the worst threat of all comes from mankind as four vicious murderers stalk the forest, ready to finish off anyone left alive.

Into the Unknown

Robert Parker ventures into the vast unknown to study new species of plants and animals in the name of science. And he’s thrilled when a young half breed named Zach King invites him back to his family’s secluded valley in the Rocky Mountains a valley teeming with wildlife that no naturalist has ever explored. But Parker’s about to find out he’s not the only newcomer. Three murderous prospectors have heard there’s a fortune in gold on the Kings’ land, and they’ll do anything to get their hands on it. They’ve heard how tough the Kings are, and they’re well prepared for that. But they haven’t counted on the grit of one determined greenhorn…

In Darkness Depths

Legendary mountain man Shakespeare McNair has seen enough winters in the wilderness to know when something isn’t right. And beneath the waters of the lake near his new home, something is definitely off. Nate King and his family can see it too waves without any wind to create them, a huge force that pulls a fishing pole right from Evelyn King’s hands, something malevolent out there…
watching them. Shakespeare knows it’s just a matter of time before the creature hurts someone. But he’s not going to wait around. He’s going to go after it himself, even knowing he might not come back…

Fear Weaver

Few natural wonders inspire Nate King like the Rocky Mountains. But he knows that behind its beauty, the wilderness can be deadly. The Woodrow family is woefully unprepared for the perils of the rough country. Concerned for their safety, Nate agrees to help them search for their missing brother. Yet it doesn’t take long for Nate to feel that they’re the ones being stalked. With Blackfeet on the warpath and vicious wild animals circling ever closer, he’ll need all the survival skills he possesses to keep the Woodrows safe and make it back to his own family alive.

Cry Freedom

Nate King and his wife must evade a pack of brutal hunters as they help a family of runaway slaves escape to freedom.

Only the Strong

The Kings continue to help the Worth family in their flight to escape a nasty posse of slave hunters.

The Outcast

A lone warrior, cast out from his tribe, comes to the Kings valley and decides he wants Zach’s pregnant wife for himself!

The Scalp Hunters

A buffalo hunt turns deadly when a group out to count coup decide the next scalps they want for their belts are Evelyn King’s and her friends .

The Tears of God

Mountain man Nate King would never leave anyone in need, but he has his hands full this time trying to protect both a freight train and a colony of Shakers from a band of Pawnees on a personal vendetta.


There’s a new family moving into the Kings remote valley, but while building their cabin, they discover they re not the only ones to want to call the place home a nest of viscious rattlers won t give up their claim without a fight.

Devil Moon

Evelyn King and Dega are hoping for a quiet picnic in an unexplored valley paradise, but their plans are waylaid by a cunning and vicious mountain lion looking for a feast of its own.

Wild Country

In the years of the Lewis and Clark expedition, nineteen year old Clive Bennett, mistakenly believing he has killed his own father, flees home and hearth and begins life as a mountain man in the rugged west.

Fire on the Prairie

Billy Wolf and his parents, frontiersman Cleve Bennett and the Cheyenne warrior woman, Second Son, confront war and hatred in their desperate efforts to find one another in a wild, untamed land.

The Savage Land

Striving for freedom in the untamed Pacific Northwest, frontiersman Cleve Bennett, his Cheyenne wife Second Son, and their son Billy Wolf are attacked by a renegade band of Chipewyans who are looking to capture slaves.

Hawken Fury

When an old sweetheart from New York comes searching for him, Nathaniel King, a wanderer on the vast lands of the American West, learns a hard lesson about judging a book by its cover and loving one’s enemy.

Season Of The Warrior

Determined to conquer the unmapped territory west of the Mississippi, rugged mountain man Nathaniel King and his friend, Shakespeare McNair, attempt to help a stranded group of English travelers in the Rockies.


Left for dead, a hangman’s noose around his neck, Taggart struggles to free himself and then, together with a band of desperate renegade warriors, sets off to seek his revenge.

Blood Bounty

Struggling with rejection by both the white men and the Apaches, Clay Taggart longs for the day when he can clear his name while confronting the bounty hunters who appear at every turn.

The Trackers

Clay Taggart and his band of renegade Apaches threaten to feed a bloodthirsty trio of bounty hunters to the wolves on the blazing Arizona plain of the 1880s.

Desert Fury

On the run from enemies who have branded him a desperado, Clay Taggart and a band of Apaches blaze a trail of vengeance until the territorial governor offers him a chance to clear his name.

Blood Rage

When Davy saw the tracks of a solitary wagon heading off into the uncharted plains, he just had to follow them to make sure the travelers knew what they were in for. But the brave frontiersman didn’t know that the trail would lead him straight into a battle with savage Pawnee warriors out for blood.

Comanche Country

No other pioneer could have hoped to survive the dangers that Davy faced when he and his old friend Flavius tried to cross the vast Western prairies. A roaring wildfire and a rampaging buffalo stampede were excitement enough for Flavius, but Davy knew their troubles were just beginning when they came face to face with the rulers of the prairies the Comanche. .

Proof of Life

A novelization based on the Warner Bros. feature film, starring Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe, and David Caruso. Based on actual events, the film revolves around a high level executive who is kidnapped by a terrorist faction and held for ransom. The executive’s wife Ryan hires a specialist organization led by a rugged hostage negotiator Crowe to broker the executive’s release. Complications arise, giving way to romantic feelings between the negotiator and the executive’s wife, further mired by the commitment each has to the kidnapped executive. The novelization will also include two excerpts from the nonfiction sources upon which the movie was based: William Prochnau’s ‘Adventure in the Ransom Trade’ and Thomas Hargrove’s Long March to Freedom.

Heavy Traffic

Dispatches from the front lines Since its inception in the 1970s, the Drug Enforcement Administration has fought an ever growing battle against drugs and against those who make, distribute, and use them. Yet after billions of dollars and countless lives destroyed, the war continues to be waged with no end in sight. In this compendium, the history of the United States’ war on drugs is told with over three decades’ worth of news stories and DEA case files that bring readers into the violent, shadowy world of illegal substances. From the cocaine cartels of Colombia and back alley baseme*nt methamphetamine labs, to modern ‘party drugs’ such as Ecstasy, these are the true stories of crime and punishment, power, and politics involved in the world of illegal narcotics. Follow the investigations that took on and brought down some of the most notorious drug traffickers ever known. Including: The French Connection The Black Tuna Gang The Medellin Cartel Pablo Escobar

Blood and Gold (By:Joseph A. West)

An inexperience cowpuncher with a solid work ethic, Dusty Hannah has earned the respect of his boss. Entrusted with $30,000 of the cattle rancher’s gold, he must take the fortune across Texas’s Red River by way of Indian territory, where the Apaches still reign. But the Apaches are the least of Dusty’s concerns once word of the money reaches the eras of every desperado in the Southwest. Saddled wit the gold, and suddenly responsible for protecting a father and daughter lost in hostile country, Dusty has to keep his wits about him and his aim steady if he hopes to see the trail’s end.

For the Brand

Willis Lander was the T Bar ranch’s best bronc buster until a stallion shattered his leg. Unable to work as a cowboy, Willis was forced to mind a line shack forty miles from the ranch, secluding himself in the Wyoming wilderness. But when the T Bar is sold, Willis wonders whether the new owner will want to keep him on. Laurella Hendershot is a Texan rancher grateful for the opportunity to build a new life for herself. And she just may be Willis’ last chance.

Rio Largo

FEUDING FRI: S For years, the Circle T ranch and the D/P ranch have existed in Sweet Grass Valley. Separated by the Rio Largo river, both ranches have managed to prosper mostly due to the ranch owners Kent Tovey and Dar Pierce, who are the best of friends. But all that is about to be challenged. Two new ranch hands are fomenting a cycle of violence between the ranches with a ruthless gang waiting to pick their bones clean after they destroy one another. One loyal cowboy caught in the carnage knows the truth. And when the Circle T and the D/P can no longer be protected, they must be avenged.

Guns of the Canyonlands (By:Joseph A. West)

The Gunfighter series continues.

Gunfighter Chance Tyree never looks for trouble. But in the Utah hills, he unknowingly rides into a war between small landowners and local rancher Quirt Latham. Now, with Latham determined to take him down, and a cold blooded corrupt sheriff out for blood, Tyree’s lightning fast draw is the only chance of stopping a tyrant from taking over.

Deadwood Gulch (By:John Edward Ames)

New in the bestselling gunfighter series Bounty Hunter Cas Everett’s family was slaughtered by outlaws. He has followed their bloody trail to Deadwood the most lawless town in the West and will stop at nothing to see that justice is served.

The Bloody Trail (By:Marcus Galloway)

Jeremiah Correy is leading his family in a wagon train to Oregon when his plans are waylaid by a group of bounty hunters led by Sam Madigan, who take a man from Correy’s party the quiet, unassuming Emmett Natham, who is actually a known fugitive. But Madigan also aims to nab the rest of the travelers and ransom them off.

Now, Jeremiah must stop Madigan and his greatest ally may be the mysterious and dangerous Emmett Natham, whose skills could save them all or lead them to their deaths…

A Wolf In the Fold

EVEN BAD MEN CAN DO GOOD. Lucius Stark is just about the meanest mongrel in West Texas. But when Stark grows too fond of a woman he is hired to kill in a range war, his client shoots him in the back. He is saved by the very ranchers he was paid to eliminate. But when they end up slaughtered, Stark finds himself out to deliver his own brand of vengeance free of charge.

Bluff City

Bluff City is a prosperous silver mining town and a place of opportunity for those willing to exploit its hard working citizens. Harve Barker is the wealthiest man in the territory, offering irresistible vices to anyone willing and able to afford them. Outlaw Jesse Stark has grown fond of the town’s surrounding mining camps, leading a gang of desperadoes on a violent spree of robberies and staying one step ahead of the law at all times. Between the megalomaniacal entrepreneur and the brutal bandit stands the enigmatic Clay Adams. And he has a score to settle with both of them.

Blood Duel

Unable to read about his bloody exploits in the newspaper, serial killer Jeeter Frost finds a teacher to help him, while the townsfolk of Coffin Varnish, hoping to cash in on his infamy, put his victims on display, to which he strongly and violently objects.

Death of a Bad Man (By:Marcus Galloway)

The USA Today bestselling sundown rider series continues when the student is ready, the outlaw will appear…
When Solomon Brakefield decides living the straight and narrow just doesn’t pay, he seeks out Nestor Quarles, known killer and train robber, to teach him the tricks of the outlaw trade. The old outlaw has plenty to teach the new outlaw, but there’s a price to be paid and the currency is Solomon’s soul…

Ride the Hard Trail

A national bestselling PhenomenonWanted brothers Lin and Chancy Bryce are hiding out from the law as cowpunchers on a widow’s ranch only to find themselves in the midst of an encroaching range war against a greedy cattle baron and his band of vicious gunmen…

Bullet for a Bad Man

Boone and Eppley Scott are the sons of a prosperous Arizona ranching family and they couldn t be more different. Boone has a talent for the six shooter, but is content to raise cattle. Eppley is far more ambitious and deadly.

When Epp sends a killer after his unsuspecting younger brother, Boone’s lightning quick hands leave six dead men behind.

On the run, facing peril from all sides, Boone must fight to survive if he s ever going to make it to the final showdown with his own flesh and blood.

The Convict Trail (By:Joseph A. West)

Transporting six cold blooded convicts caged in a prison wagon across hard country, Deputy Marshal Logan Kane needs to watch his back and keep his Colt close at hand. There are rustlers, lynch mobs, and a New Orleans gang to contend with not to mention the convicts cronies looking to bust them loose.

Kane is about to have his own cage rattled as he tries to keep this ride from being his last…

Rawhide Flat (By:Joseph A. West)

U.S. Deputy Marshal Augustus Crane must escort convicted bank robber Judah Welsh to Virginia City. But the townsfolk of Rawhide Flat still want their $30,000 back from Welsh even if it means taking on Marshal Crane…

Outlaw’s Reckoning (By:Marcus Galloway)

When bandits Gus McCord and Doyle Hill stumble on the kidnapping of a shipping mogul’s daughter, they decide to do the unexpected the right thing.

The Man From Nowhere (By:Joseph A. West)

National bestselling Phenomenon When the Apache surrounded the settlement of Alma, New Mexico, the ‘respectable’ townsfolk began hanging those who weren’t. Town drunk E ddie Oates was lucky to be banished from the town, left for the Apaches to kill. Oates never thought he was a survivor. But now, he’s discovered a reason to go on and he’s about to unleash a raging fury upon those who would prey on the helpless, the hopeless, and those who others think aren’t worth fighting for…

Bounty Hunter (By:Joseph A. West)

Bounty hunter John Tone is good at his job. Some would say ruthless. If there’s killing to be done, he shows no mercy. In another time, far across the ocean, Tone lost the only person he’s ever loved — and he’s been dead inside ever since. That’s the hand fate dealt him, and he’ll play it out. But then a powerful criminal from San Francisco’s notorious Barbary Coast makes him an offer he can’t refuse, and Tone has to draw out six of his client’s worst enemies.

Fatal Justice

Years ago Marshal Asher Thrall shot mad dog killer Ben Sharkey. And he’s just repaid the favor in spades. With a bullet still in his chest, Ash knows he’s a walking dead man. But he’s going to make sure Sharkey takes his last step first…

Stryker’s Revenge (By:Joseph A. West)

USA Today Bestselling Phenomenon Lieutenant Steve Stryker has a score to settle with Rake Pierce, who’s running guns to the Apaches. Pierce left him a scarred man and ruined his life. Now it’s payback time…

Death of a Hangman (By:Joseph A. West)

USA Today bestselling Phenomenon Charlie Pike is fulfilling Judge Henry Dryden’s dying wish by escorting him to Texas. But an outlaw out for revenge is on their trail, determined that they will never reach their destination…

North to the Salt Fork (By:Ralph Compton,Dusty Richards)

USA Today bestselling phenomenon Captain Jack Starr served the Confederate cause with honor for four years. The town of Lost Dog Creek promised an opportunity for the war veteran to rebuild his life and a woman to share it with. But not everyone is willing to roll out the welcome wagon…

Rusted Tin (By:Marcus Galloway)

Lawdog or Lapdog? Zeke Wolpert is sheriff of Keith County, Nebraska. But he turns a half drunk blind eye to outlaws who pay him for the privilege. Now the outlaws have set their sights on a Wells Fargo shipment. It’s a chance for Zeke to get enough money to retire from this unsavory business once and for all. But it’s also an opportunity for him to honor the badge he wears one last time…

The Burning Range (By:Joseph A. West)

A plague of killings has descended on Green Meadow, Oklahoma. A villain called the Fat Man wants the town and the black gold beneath it and he’s willing to wipe out every man, woman, and child to get it. Only two underdogs stand in his way: seedy gambler Chauncey Drake, and scrappy Pinkerton agent Reuben Withers. Together they’ll need to force feed the Fat Man a steady diet of hot lead, or Green Meadow will flow red.

The Last Manhunt (By:Joseph A. West)

Reporter Lester Booker joins legendary gunfighter Rance March on the trail of a dangerous outlaw to learn how the West was really won.

Slaughter Canyon (By:Joseph A. West)

Deputy U.S. Marshal Matt Battles has to discover why Hatfield J. Warful is gathering every notorious gunslinger in the West at his home in Slaughter Canyon. And if his mission fails, it could result in a second Civil War.

Stony Man Doctrine

Carnage is unleashed on a horrifying scale throughout the United States, triggered by an international troika of terror.

The President calls for dirty war. Mack Bolan blasts into action with his paramilitary strike squads, Phoenix Force and Able Team, to scorch the ultimate horror. This is the big one…

A Movie in Your Mind is a unique audio entertainment experience that features a full cast of actors, sound effects and cinematic music.

Publisher’s Weekly says ‘Graphic Audio delivers an action and sound effect loaded audiobook that lives up to its tagline, A movie in your mind.’

Audiofile Magazine says, GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans.


Mack Bolan heads for the American Southwest to stop a weapons war that involves Native Americans, a beautiful woman, and tons of Firepower.

Storm Burst

Mack Bolan heads for the American Southwest to stop a weapons war that involves Native Americans, a beautiful woman, and tons of firepower.

Lethal Impact

A desperate cry for help sends Mack Bolan to the Far East and Australia to plug an expanding hero*in pipeline run by Chinese organized crime. By the author of Blood Price.


Mack Bolan matches wits with former Na*zi Bernhardt Ennslin, leader of South America’s largest cocaine manufacturing empire, and his team of terrorists when they embark on a lethal plot against American judges.

Dead Center

When a late mafioso’s great grandson is kidnapped, Mack Bolan is asked to help find the boy and protect his mother, but his quest embroils him in a murderous free for all that involves a papal assassin and a fifty year old secret.

Flames Of Wrath

The only survivor of an Israeli raid on terrorists gone wrong, Mack Bolan becomes a Mossad target, a situation that escalates when the president of the U.S. visits the Middle East.

High Aggression

Mack Bolan journeys into the remote and dangerous Himalayas to recover a stolen satellite unit, intended to monitor Chinese aggression against Tibet, from the Russian gangsters who have stolen the top secret technology and plan to sell it to the highest bidder.’

Judgment in Stone

A former American coverts ops agent has set up a false business to cover his many illegal activities, ranging from money laundering to murder and delivering high tech weaponry to terrorist groups. Now he’s ready to unleash an antinav device that seizes control of an aircraft’s autopilot and sends it plummeting to the ground. Bolan lies in wait, luring the villain into an irresistible drug deal, and a final confrontation.

Blood Feud

There’s only one way to end a feud…

Leave no one alive.

They attacked his older sister. They butchered his pa and uncle. But the bloodthirsty Harkey clan didn’t bargain on sixteen-year-old Chace Shannon. He killed his first man before he could shave. Now, Chace must ride the vengeance trail alone and take the fight to the Harkeys…

Renegade Force

Deliverance, a right wing organization made up of former law enforcement officials, is bringing back the code of vigilante justice executing criminals and noncriminals without due process. As their campaign of misguided violence escalates, Bolan is called in to quell the fires that have erupted in urban battle zones across America and to bring the leaders in to face their own trial without jury.


A doomsday cult known as the Millennial Truth preys on the fears of millions as the year 2000 approaches. But this cult goes far beyond speeches and letters. It is comprised of brilliant hackers, trained commandos and a charismatic leader clearly a recipe for disaster. Mack Bolan goes undercover in the cult, looking to stem the tide of Millennial fever.

Cloud of Death

After Bolan’s initiation into the Millennial Truth doomsday cult is complete, cult leaders become suspicious of his ability to emerge unscathed, as cult commandos are snuffed out with uncanny frequency. Bolan survives a trial by ordeal just in time to learn of an impending nightmare a nerve gas attack on the population of Las Vegas.


When American Embassy staff members are killed in Algiers, Mack Bolan cuts to the heart of the matter and finds himself in a deadly world of terrorism and warring factions, a world that is slowly approaching a boiling point.

A Dying Evil

The deadly hunt began in the United States, as an escalating series of terrorist incidents were linked to neo Na*zi fanatics calling themselves Temple of the Nordic Covenant. It was more dangerous than other Na*zi cliques because of its size and scope, and it’s leader’s apocalyptic tentacles of a war to end all wars reached accross the Atlantic to Europe.

Each time, Mack Bolan had been there to thwart the temple’s grisly agenda for global dominance and to minimalize the spill of innocent blood. But now the temple is going nuclear. Bolan races to preempt a bloodbath in racially chaged South America and lock his sights on Gerhard Steuben’s final target for the stolen tactical nuke. Endgame comes to the frozen frontier of the South Pole, where a storm of ice and fire will decide whose vision Bolan’s or a madman’s will prevail.

Deep Treachery

Dedicated to fighting terror wherever it’s found, the warriors of Stony Man do not consider failure to be an option. But the men and women of this top secret unit remain ever vigilant in the knowledge that some day a threat so enormous may arise that nothing can stop it…
not even the hardest commandos on the planet. That day may be now…

It is brilliant technology from the space race days, shelved long ago in favor of more sophisticated weaponry. No nukes, no warheads, just simple rods of stainless steel corralled in space and sent jetting into Earth’s atmosphere at Mach 2 to hit selected targets with white hot balls of molten metal. Cheap to make, impossible to stop and easy to deploy, it has fallen into hostile hands. Across the globe, a demonstration of the accuracy of Sky Hammer leaves little doubt that this could be the end game for Stony Man…
and the world.

War Load

Fast, accurate and with unimaginable destructive power, the PPS 1 is about to unleash a new era in missile warfare. But incredibly, the weapon has been hijacked by an enemy who plans to turn its sophisticated delivery system on the very nation that created it the United States.

The President assigns Stony Man and Mack Bolan the task of halting the impending nightmare. But from the start the enemy seems to be one step ahead of the American warriors. Unknown to them, there’s a traitor deep inside the U.S. government. With attack squads at every turn, Bolan inserts himself into China, where a Red Army general begins the countdown…
to annihilate America

Sworn Enemies

Dedicated to fighting terror wherever it’s found, the warriors of Stony Man do not consider failure to be an option. But the men and women of this top secret unit remain ever vigilant in the knowledge that some day a threat so enormous may arise that nothing can stop it…
not even the hardest commandos on the planet. That day may be now…

It is brilliant technology from the space race days, shelved long ago in favor of more sophisticated weaponry. No nukes, no warheads, just simple rods of stainless steel corralled in space and sent jetting into Earth’s atmosphere at Mach 2 to hit selected targets with white hot balls of molten metal. Cheap to make, impossible to stop and easy to deploy, it has fallen into hostile hands. Across the globe, a demonstration of the accuracy of Sky Hammer leaves little doubt that this could be the end game for Stony Man…
and the world.

Dark Truth

A massacre at a remote diner in the Nevada desert puts Mack Bolan in the middle of a black ops mission gone wrong. The battleground is all too familiar: Uncle Sam’s dirtiest and ugliest are guarding secrets so dark that termination of innocents in the name of security is standard operating procedure. Bolan goes to war with faceless enemies cloaking their evil in the American flag. He’s up against a rogue operative and his assassins, and a sanitizing force of Area 51 blacklists. In a secret world where power too often ends up in the wrong hands, Bolan is applying maximum heat to flush out the shadow men who kill and conspire in the name of God and country.

Blood and Sand

The pursuit of justice against global terrorism is a double edged sword as vengeance seekers like French billionaire Dante Marquis turn personal retribution into a machine of blood and madness. With a mercenary army and a network of justice insiders on his payroll, he’s launched a worldwide dragnet for the infamous terrorist who murdered his family and thousands of innocents have died in his massive genocidal sweep. Mack Bolan meets the threat with lethal force, sanctioned by the president for a double barrel mission: take down Marquis and his bounty hunting operation and strike a death blow to Hahmad and his network of terrorist cells that stretch from Tunisia to San Francisco. Going undercover in the Frenchman’s private army, the Executioner renews his pursuit of evil…
one minute, one battle, one savage at a time.


The deadly hunt began in the United States, as an escalating series of terrorist incidents were linked to neo Na*zi fanatics calling themselves Temple of the Nordic Covenant. It was more dangerous than other Na*zi cliques because of its size and scope, and it’s leader’s apocalyptic tentacles of a war to end all wars reached accross the Atlantic to Europe.

Each time, Mack Bolan had been there to thwart the temple’s grisly agenda for global dominance and to minimalize the spill of innocent blood. But now the temple is going nuclear. Bolan races to preempt a bloodbath in racially chaged South America and lock his sights on Gerhard Steuben’s final target for the stolen tactical nuke. Endgame comes to the frozen frontier of the South Pole, where a storm of ice and fire will decide whose vision Bolan’s or a madman’s will prevail.


A desperate cry for help draws Mack Bolan into a world where educated, attractive foreign women are kidnapped and forced to work in America’s top companies as blackmailed industrial spies. The back trail leads to an Indian businessman with a link to the Red Chinese, whose operation hijacks high tech cargo for a covert weapons program. Compounding the threat, these rogue nationalists using slaves to steal technology shipments from the West are employing radical Islamic terrorists as deadly enforcers. With fellow Stony Man warrior Yakov Katzenlenbogen by his side, Bolan spreads a message in blood from Los Angeles to Calcutta and Sicily: doing business with the Chinese could be fatal.


A decades old KGB campaign involving sleeper assassins planted in each of the fifty American states has been activated by a dedicated Soviet hard liner whose vision demands a long overdue day of reckoning. The carnage mounts as waves of violence light the fuse to a third world war. But someone from the bad old days has a list of names and codes; Burke Barnum is a traitor to his American government, but he’s Mack Bolan’s last hope for nailing Jasha Seriozha and his Soviet moles. With his prisoner in tow and a beautiful Russian agent riding shotgun, Bolan races to defuse these human time bombs before everyone’s luck runs out.

Strike and Retrieve

Unabridged. For the seasoned warriors of America’s most elite and covert defense unit, each mission could be their last. Now, a grim presidential directive comes down hard, green lighting a desperate search and destroy operation where minutes count. An unknown entity is in possession of one of the deadliest weapons known to man, sounding a death knell for nations across the globe. It kills instantly. No heat, no noise, no radiation. Just silent, invisible slaughter from ultrafast, subatomic particles. The death toll mounts in a random, controlled carnage that is sending a clear message of absolute power while leaving false trails and conflicting clues. No nation can defend itself against the unilateral destructive power of a particle beam weapon. Stony Man’s only option is to destroy it. But first, they must find it…

Age of War

Extremists challenge America’s power with dirty nukes…
Maximum Effective Considered one of the most dangerous anti West terrorist groups, the Al Jabbar ply their lethal trade quietly and efficiently. But now, state of the art intelligence and the interdiction of Mack Bolan have foiled them twice in deadly plots against America. But the hunt has just begun. On a bloody chase spanning the Middle East, the Aegean and East Africa, they remain one step ahead of Bolan, leading the warrior on a race to circumvent their most monumental act of savagery. They’ve got a dirty nuke and the means to get it to American soil…
straight to the nation’s capital.


Mack Bolan has a score to settle, a mission written in the blood of friend and fellow warrior Yakov Katzenelenbogen. But there’s more at stake than just revenge. A consortium of powerful men is unleashing a global wave of terror and pushing nations to the brink of war. Katz made the ultimate sacrifice trying to stop them and Bolan can do no less than finish the battle. With backup from Stony Man’s top operatives, and a dedicated Mossad agent by his side, Bolan is pulling out all the stops on a killing field that spans the Beqaa Valley, China and Indonesia. In this deadly arena, there’s no time for hesitation, no place for mercy. The Executioner demands a final reckoning, the only kind that predators understand. A soldier’s code of honor and a promise to a friend will permit nothing less.

Pressure Point

Jihad strikes the heart of Indonesia in a Vicious terrorist onslaught to seize control of the entire region. The collusion of local extremist factions and the most powerful global terrorist network has produced a formidable enemy with the means and the will to unleash genocide. As part of covert U.S. intervention in the crisis, Mack Bolan and key Stony Man operatives are tasked with finding the terrorists’ stronghold and weapons of mass destruction. But time is running out and the enemy’s strategy and skill are putting the odds at zero for a successful mission. Nations are under siege in a world gone insanely wrong, and Bolan is at the epicenter of the madness. But he’s been there before. And there’s a way out…

Silent Running

Damage Control Coordinated strikes have begun against the governments of major Latin American countries. Simultaneously, Mexico City as well as key cities along the U.S. border from Miami to Los Angeles are being overrun in a massive incursion. To ensure the success of his revolution to seize control of Latin America, mastermind Diego Garcia has captured thousands of civilians to use as human shields at his Mexican stronghold. Against the background of pending national turmoil, Mack Bolan’s job appears simple: rescue key Western lawmakers being held hostage and remove innocents from the line of fire. But as blood and violence reshape the geopolitical landscape, the mission soon becomes a determined fight for America’s freedom.

Stolen Arrows

Critical Strike The President has personally pulled Mack Bolan in on this one a national security crisis involving the most advanced piece of technology ever conceived. Zero Platform is about to become the first orbiting weapons system operated by human/machine interface. Zero’s command center has been razed to the ground, but the person willing to become the first human prototype of biocybernetic engineering survived the attack. Now Doug Buchanan is running for his life, a wanted man on three fronts: by America’s enemies determined to destroy Zero’s capabilities; by traitors inside Washington plotting a hostile takeover of the U.S. government; and by the only individual who can save Buchanan and America from the unthinkable.

Zero Option

Critical Strike The President has personally pulled Mack Bolan in on this one a national security crisis involving the most advanced piece of technology ever conceived. Zero Platform is about to become the first orbiting weapons system operated by human/machine interface. Zero’s command center has been razed to the ground, but the person willing to become the first human prototype of biocybernetic engineering survived the attack. Now Doug Buchanan is running for his life, a wanted man on three fronts: by America’s enemies determined to destroy Zero’s capabilities; by traitors inside Washington plotting a hostile takeover of the U.S. government; and by the only individual who can save Buchanan and America from the unthinkable.

Predator Paradise

The action smacks of black ops, but Mack Bolan is to deal himself into the game at Stony Man’s bidding, riding shotgun with Cobra Force Twelve on a mission to round up the worst of the worst, from Africa through the Middle East. It is a quick and dirty sweep of the most wanted of global terror. But Bolan’s gut tells him something is wrong from the start, and that Colonel Ben Collins and his force of hardcases are into more than American justice something that smells like blood and betrayal. Playing it out long enough to separate the truth from the lies, the Stony warrior wades through the slaughter zones, hunting the enemy and watching his back. If some or all of Cobra Force turn out to be vicious, merciless predators hiding behind the Stars and Stripes, they’ll learn the sword of justice cuts both ways.

Circle of Deception

Drugs. Money. Blood. Intelligence reports reach Mack Bolan of an alliance between a Russian mafiya chieftain and a Jamaican trafficker seeking to expand his drug empire into the streets of America. The partnership is getting some inside help from corrupted operatives inside the DEA good guys gone rogue for profit. With a deadly turf war looming, the Colombian cartels retaliate against this challenge to their supremacy of the narco trafficking monopoly, forcing Bolan to go undercover as a justice official on a covert mission to shut down the pipeline. Beaten, betrayed, but still alive, he holds hard and fast to the convictions of a soldier in a war against a ruthless enemy: never surrender, never stop resisting and always keep one finger on the trigger.

Devil’s Bargain

Dancing with the devil Alpha Deep Six. Wet work specialists so covert, they were thought dead. Now this paramilitary group of black ops assassins and saboteurs has been resurrected in a conspiracy engineered somewhere in the darkest corners of military intelligence. Their mission: unleash Armageddon. They’ve got America’s most determined enemies ready to jump start the nightmare, and the countdown has begun. Blood and terror are pouring through America’s streets. A presidential directive has cut through red tape, dropped Mack Bolan square in charge. His orders are clear: abort the enemy’s twisted dreams. If Bolan survives, then it gets really personal. Because Alpha Deep Six has a hostage. A Stony Man operative…

False Front

Calculated Risk Intelligence circles are buzzing with increased chatter about an imminent terrorist strike against the United States. Now, new intel points to a Philippine based organization that has just kidnapped a dozen American missionaries. Hal Brognola calls in Mack Bolan with a threefold mission: capture the terrorist leader and extract more information by any means, free the missionaries, and stop whatever hell is about to be unleashed on innocent Americans. Bolan’s got solid support, but the enemy remains elusive, as does the bigger picture…
until the Executioner’s relentless assault exposes a grand conspiracy as grim as it is all too likely: a mastermind pulling the strings of global terror for profit…

Lethal Tribute

Unabridged. Wiped out a century ago in India, the ancient Cult of Kali has been reborn. Organized, well funded and with clandestine contacts in high places, these Hindu death worshipers have an agenda of serious destruction, backed by three stolen nuclear warheads from Pakistan. Mack Bolan heads a covert U.S. probe to the subcontinent and uncovers a situation that borders on the supernatural: an army of invisible soldiers who kill swiftly and silently, at once unstoppable and unseen. But Bolan deals with facts, not fiction and the high tech secrets behind the mysterious cult of killers lead to a hard core shakedown in the heart of Calcutta, where true evil awaits…

Season of Slaughter

Unabridged. A new American nightmare has been unleashed: nearly a thousand injured and more than 500 dead at Washington’s biggest airport in a show of terror that was just a sneak preview of the main event. Mack Bolan leads a strike force that includes the warriors of Stony Man in a race to root out a virulent enemy: a blood soaked American militia group holding hands with jihad terrorists. And they share a common bond of destruction: the U.S. government. The enemy’s got a field force to rival Stony Man black ops assassins, killers without peer. The technology they’ve managed to steal is top secret, and gives them a clear shot at any worst case scenario they choose. United, the Hand of Christ and the Fist of God are ready to accomplish what neither group can do alone: rewrite history.

Ballistic Force

Unabridged. A raid on Korean gang activity in California takes a dangerous turn into a world crisis when Mack Bolan uncovers intelligence involving North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. High level defectors from the Project Kanggye Nuclear Team scientists with first hand knowledge of North Korean missile strike capabilities are being systematically abducted back to their homeland. Unable to stop the kidnappers before they complete their mission, Bolan and elite Stony Man team members track the enemy to the Changchon Mountains, where North Korea’s despotic leader is about to achieve pre emptive strike capability with enough hidden nuclear warheads to sprout mushroom clouds all across America.


Unabridged. Mack Bolan hits the streets of Tehran, looking for a Renegade former Soviet weapons expert who sold out to the terror business a man who knows the hiding places of the toppled Iraqi dictator’s arsenal of biological and chemical agents. But the stakes get higher when Bolan makes the grim connection between the deadly weapons and individuals double dealing in death. Those paid to hide the cache are now reselling everything from bubonic plague to sarin gas to any terrorists with enough cash. In a world held hostage by the madness of a few, Bolan stands determined to fight as long as he’s alive to keep the balance of power in the hands of the good…
and hope it’s enough to make a difference.

Survival Reflex

Unabridged. Green hell. A desperate call for help on behalf of an old friend puts Mack Bolan in an awkward position. Dr. Nathan Weiss is plying his lifesaving skills among the Brazilian tribes embroiled in civil war in the heart of the blood drenched Amazon. Bolan is not sure Weiss wants help, yet the Executioner’s combat senses tell him Weiss is part of something bigger, and he finds it on a collision course with government death squads holding hands with CIA black ops, who view Weiss as a liability to the U. S.

The odds against the mission’s success greatly increase and Bolan becomes a moving target when he’s temporarily blinded in a firefight. But the Stony warrior goes into every battle knowing trouble even death will eventually find him. He’s prepared for both.

GraphicAudio produces A Movie in Your Mind with cinematic music, a full cast of actors and sound effects that is unlike any other audiobook. GraphicAudio has published over 260 titles.

Ripple Effect

When the military career of a top notch Green Beret is terminated by a raw deal, the soldier turns mercenary to spill blood for profit. Now he’s cast his lot with terrorists and organized crime, knowing there’s big money working for those fueled by hatred and fanaticism. And if it brings him some payback against the government that betrayed him all the sweeter. Mack Bolan not only understands the mind set of a well trained soldier, he can play it to his advantage. But he’s got less than 24 hours to rattle Vancouver’s Triads in hopes of shaking loose their prized American gun for hire because the mercenary has a suitcase full of death, and the incentive to make sure it reaches its final destination across the U.S. border.

The Killing Rule

Demolition Charge The disappearance of two CIA agents in London plus intelligence chatter involving the IRA and access to weapons of mass destruction launch Bolan’s hard probe in the British Isles. Suspecting the IRA link is the lesser part of something more far reaching and sinister, Bolan recruits a renegade force to close in on a traitor high in the ranks of the British government exposing a conspiracy involving stolen Russian nuclear submarine warheads and a death deal brokered with Iran. All that stands between a desert continent and a crippling blow to humanity is Bolan’s sheer determination to take whatever action necessary to thwart a victory for terror.

Devil’s Playground

Warrior StateWhen Emilio Brujillo, governor of Mexico’s Guerro state, finds himself under siege by the Juarez cartel, he turns to the U.S. for help against one of the most brutal narcotraficante organizations. Working undercover to stem the escalating violence, Mack Bolan is surrounded by corrupt military officials, Russian organized crime and a renegade cult that engages in ritual sacrifice. But the deadliest threat that Bolan faces is the seductive governor’s wife, who is also the secret leader of a Santeria cult. Anibella Brujillo is leaking information on Bolan’s activities to the enemy while playing her husband, her government and its people with skill and cunning. Mack Bolan is willing to swallow the lady’s bait, see where it leads…
especially if its straight to the darkest hellholes of human depravity.

The Judas Project

The cold war just the cold war just got got hot again

The old Soviet Bloc espionage games have resumed on a covert and catastrophic new playing field: the U.S. financial markets. The enemy isn’t the Russian government, but long dormant sleeper cells in America’s cities, planted by the KGB decades ago. Now a former Kremlin official has found the top secret files and stolen the blueprint, ready to pocket and manipulate America’s resources. He has hijacked operation Black Judas, enlisted the KGB’s most lethal assassin to terminate operatives, and has begun reshaping a brilliant plot to steal billions of American dollars. But he didn’t plan on a beautiful Russian cop on a vengeance hunt, or an American warrior named Mack Bolan in deadly pursuit, gunning for blood and justice.

Plains of Fire

The Republic of Sudan plunges into deeper chaos as weaponized Ebola is unleashed by extremists seeking total destabilization. As a brutal African warlord masterminds the murderous plague ravaging Sudan, his Russian black market conspirators and rogue allies in high places bankroll the ethnically charged slaughter, spreading panic and anarchy. Silent screams for retribution echo from the dead and dying, and Mack Bolan enters the fray, determined to give the terrormongers something to fear. The Executioner’s message is loud and clear: justice is his only mandate. He won’t stand down until Africa’s tyrants pay the ultimate price for their bloodlust.

Appointment in Baghdad

BLOOD CIPHER A raid on a Toronto mosque reveals a hard link to a mysterious figure known only as Scimitar. He’s a legend believed to be at the center of an international network of violent jihadist and criminal enterprises stretching across the Middle East and southwest Asia created after the collapse of a brutal dictatorial regime in Iraq.

From the opium dens of Hong Kong to the dark corners of eastern Europe, and war torn Baghdad itself, Mack Bolan and two of Stony Man’s finest are targeting an organized empire that runs everything from hero*in traffic to global jihad. Yet Scimitar remains a mystery within an enigma; a brilliant, faceless opponent whose true identity will force Bolan into a personal confrontation for justice and righteous retribution.

Havana Five

Cuba remains volatile, a powder keg that’s got the full attention of the White House. Mack Bolan’s soft probe into a missing Pentagon official tracking Colombian ELN terrorist camps inside Cuba goes hard when his cover is blown. The connection between a notorious Cuban underworld cartel, Havana Five, and a growing army of leftist insurgents puts Stony Man and Washington on high alert. And with U.S. and global interests in jeopardy and a bloodbath just a hair trigger away, the situation is turning critical. Bolan, flanked by two of Stony Man’s crack operatives, turns up the heat with a battle plan that hasn’t failed yet infiltrate, identify and destroy.

Colony of Evil

Claiming one hundred square miles of mountainous terrain inside Colombia ideal for the coca crop that supplies its revenue Colonia Victoria is a sanctuary for humanity’s most dedicated fanatics. Organized by one of Hitler s minions still deeply devoted to the eradication of those considered threats to the master race, this Na*zi Neverland is now a deadly global threat. And it s spearheading a new wave of terror with a little help from drug money, corrupt offi cials and a partnership with Islamic fanatics.

Mack Bolan s hunting party includes a Mossad agent and a local guide, as tracking Hans Gunter Dietrich becomes a violent trek deep into the jungle, where Bolan intends to dissolve an unholy alliance in blood.

Hard Passage

Acting as unofficial backup to a CIA mission threatening to go hard, Mack Bolan is ready for action on the frigid streets of St. Petersburg, Russia. Soon a mix of blood and intelligence creates a picture of a deal brokered between militant Russian youth gangs and Jihadists aimed at the United States. With too many pieces missing from the puzzle, Bolan plays the game he’s played and won countless times before: shake up the enemy’s infrastructure, derail its timetable and declare total war. But the fuse is lit all the way to the streets of Portland, where America’s most violent gangs are being armed and primed to unleash the enemy’s ultimate, shocking agenda .


The city of Split, Croatia, is a multinational den of thieves, where conspiracy, corruption and criminal cells rival for profit and power. Divergent trails of bootlegged intelligence and black market rumors put Mack Bolan on its violent streets, looking for a prize in stolen tech masterminded by a Russian mob oligarch and his Triad assassins. Forging a trail of blood and bodies, the Executioner unleashes his own brand of hellfire to stop global traffickers from doing what they do best selling death. Fully aware of the mounting odds on all fronts, Bolan is betting this mission on surviving. Again.

Cold War Reprise

Early in his blitz days, Mack Bolan single handedly shook the KGB to its core. Now intelligence puts him in a face off with Spetsnaz soldiers revitalized as the new enforcement arm of old guard Russia. At its helm, a secret consortium is determined to restore the terror tactics of the former Soviet Union, but bigger and bloodier than ever. Bolan’s hunt begins in London, where he avenges the deaths of two Russian friends, but leads him deep into Moscow, where trained killers backed by money and power plan an explosive death knell to Russian freedom…
and millions of innocents. It’s a repackaged enemy backed by old school terror, a breed Bolan intends to take down once again with lethal force.

Mission: Apocalypse

Deep inside Mexican cartel country, a dirty bomb is making its way north across the U.S. border. The location and eventual destination remain uncertain, but Mack Bolan is closing in on the radioactive caravan with luck and some dubious associates as his only allies. Bolan’s orders are to find and take out the immediate threat, but he soon discovers that his mission doesn’t end there it’s just the beginning of a bigger, grimmer picture that involves an international New Age cult. Across the globe, a self styled guru has enlisted a massive army of disaffected Soviet and South American veterans as his shock troops in a new and apocalyptic war against the world.

Altered State

Kabul, Afghanistan, remains a front line within a bureaucratic civil war, where spooks, soldiers, fanatics and narcotics collide in profit and death. Added to the mix are rumors of a hero*in operation now run by America’s largest and most respected private security firm. With no legal remedy on hand, Mack Bolan is dispatched on a scorched earth mission that threatens to expose more than just hand holding deep inside the Beltway. With his identity compromised from the start, the Executioner hooks up with a seasoned DEA agent and local informant, blowing out the infrastructure of a massive narco traffic operation brick by brick, and exposing the long arm of a traitor.

Diplomacy Directive

Blood and death mark a political rally in Puerto Rico on the eve of an election, putting U.S. interests in jeopardy. Mack Bolan’s mission: identify the unknown aggressors suspected of being a violent guerrilla unit demanding independence. But links to the presence of a Middle East terrorist cell compel Bolan to consider the worst case scenario: enemies of the West want a free and independent Puerto Rico as a strategic stronghold for strikes against the United States. The brutal business of justice leads Bolan and a select team to a secret terrorist base on American soil, deep in the Georgia swamplands. Bolan’s singular objective: the eradication of those committing acts of barbarism against the free world.

Conflict Zone

Nigeria is rich in oil, drugs and blood rivals on both the domestic and international fronts. Mack Bolan’s ticket into the chaos is a rescue operation involving the kidnapped daughter of an American petroleum executive. Her safe but violent return brings the warrior to phase two of his scorched earth campaign against the escalating guerrilla violence in this country’s delta state. Knowing that confused enemies mount ineffective defenses, Bolan launches multiple precision strikes, luring into the open hostile tribal factions vying for control of the oil fields. At the same time, Chinese and Russian agents are cutting themselves in on the region’s untapped fortune in oil. It’s the kind of blood and thunder mission that Bolan fights best, the kind of war that keeps him in his element long enough to defeat the enemy and with luck get out alive.

Blood Play

When Intelligence sources link two suspicious deaths in New Mexico with a move by the Russian mafiya to infiltrate the Native American casinos, the national security risk runs dangerously deep. Control of this resort area guarantees possession of the tribal reservations’ nuclear waste plant. Now the mob’s primary objective is under way: processing plutonium for nuclear warheads in America’s own backyard. Mack Bolan is on the move with members of the Stony Man commando teams, locked in the crosshairs of the Russian gangsters and racing against time and the odds. This treacherous field operation involves kidnapping, murder, classified secrets and a killing spree that won’t end until Bolan claims victory or forfeits his final fight to death.

Desert Fallout

The discovery of deadly biological poisons and mass slaughter at an archaeological dig in Egypt puts a previously hidden enemy in Bolan’s crosshairs. It begins hot, fast and bloody as Bolan unearths a mysterious pretender to the Egyptian throne who is harnessing the bloodlust of terrorist groups to launch a Middle East endgame. Playing all factions Muslim, Jewish and Christian against the others, the self proclaimed Eternal Pharaoh has the ambition and the army to unleash a storm of violence in the region that promises all out war. This dark enemy and his predecessors have sown the seeds of their magnificent coup for generations, but never anticipated an enemy so righteous in his fury a relentless, implacable hunter called the Executioner.

Extraordinary Rendition

On the streets of a democratic Russia, espionage, civil war and Mafiya control dominate a new kind of battlefield. Bolan’s mission: locate, extract and deliver a ruthless Russian arms dealer to a transport team ready to take him back to the United States to stand trial. But the Russian made friends in high places CIA, FBI, KGB during his career as both a player and a pawn. With compromising leaks high up in counterintelligence circles, and a hard force of specialized handlers keeping him alive and doing deals with rogue nations, the arms merchant is a hard man to get to, much less take alive. Bolan doesn’t get hung up on odds, risk or the roll of the dice. He’s focused on a mission gone sour in hostile territory and his personal commitment to finishing by any means necessary.


With bloodied hands in everything from child po*rn to identity theft and spam scams, an elusive Russian cybercrime organization is poised for the big score. They’ve hacked into Wall Street’s financial systems with a big prize at stake. Called upon for a blitz, Mack Bolan takes the network’s top hacker into custody. Using the tech wizard to help him infiltrate the group’s Manhattan ranks, Bolan poses as a gun for hire. Battered by intelligence leaks and enemy fire from New York to Boston, Bolan stays in grim pursuit. The complete destruction of the organization’s infrastructure is priority one. If he stays lucky and alive Bolan will turn his sights on the scheme’s mastermind. Nothing less than all out war at the kingpin’s Hamptons fortress and his Russian stronghold will deliver the justice Bolan demands for the victims of this ruthless enterprise.


A raid on a sex slave depot on the U.S. eastern seaboard is the launching pad of an international firestorm for Mack Bolan. His target-the Albanian mafia-is rapidly expanding its American network with help from the resurrected Kosovar terrorist group, the KLA. After mopping up the mob’s stateside end of the pipeline, Bolan and a beautiful Russian agent track the long reach of drugs, human trafficking and black-market arms sales across the Atlantic to the port city of Marseille, France. Bolan blazes a trail of incendiary retribution through corrupt officials, Corsican drug lords and terrorist infrastructure. At the top of his death game, he plays to his enemy’s weaknesses, inciting betrayal and panic. But the main event lies across the Adriatic, where the godfather of the Albanian mob is about to get a visit from the Executioner-and a one-way ticket to his own personal hell.

Kill Shot

The terror begins with ruthless precision when the clock strikes noon. Gunfire rings out in major cities along the East Coast. Innocent Americans fall, each from a direct Kill Shot. After witnessing a hit in Baltimore, Mack Bolan dives into battle against an unknown but powerful enemy. Across the country, the coordinated strikes continue, but law enforcement is unable to stop the deadly sniper attacks. Bolan goes hard, shouldering the burden of dismantling a plot to turn the United States into a police state. At the heart of the conspiracy, sworn enemies have joined for a unified goal: the nuclear devastation of the Middle East. As blood spills and the country heads toward martial law, Bolan sights his crosshairs on ruthless radicals and their nightmare agenda.

Grave Mercy

The horror of the Ton Ton Macoute has returned. At its helm, a mastermind of religious fanaticism and military strategy. This Haitian madman commands an army of machete wielding hordes, stripped of their humanity by powerful toxins. He backs his alchemy with automatic weapons and Jamaican gangsters. And he’s plotting a swift, brutal invasion of a troubled island. Once the dead past is brought back to life, he will resume his place as the power behind the throne. Mack Bolan witnessed this madman’s horror show up close. The crazed leader’s death warrant was signed when the first victim fell. Now the zealot is about to experience the Executioner’s trademark version of hellfire righteous, hardcore and everlasting.

Shadow Strike

Eco Armageddon is the goal of a far reaching plan with the scope, vision and power to strike oil rigs around the globe. With unprecedented disaster looming, Mack Bolan begins the hunt to identify and stop the terror dealers behind the threat. A trail that starts in Brooklyn’s underworld leads to black market underwater mines, the looting and sinking of a British destroyer carrying gold, and the purchase of Hercules transports in Miami. The long arm of the terrorist operation, brilliantly organized by a vengeance hungry madman, is soon to be hijacked by the Russian mob. Adding rocket torpedoes to the punishing arsenal, the enemy is all but invincible, possessing the technology, the soldiers and the greed to kill millions and doom the world.

Decision Point

The Pacific Rim’s most vicious human predators, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, are on the move again. But old school terror tactics have given way to a more clandestine approach to hijacking global power. The Tigers have grassroots fundraising inside the United States and the death of a uniquely positioned software engineer tips to something big in the works. A young woman from a powerful family is ransomed at the same time a powerful new technology is stolen. Following the trail of both, Mack Bolan finds that it leads to Singapore and the murky waters of the Bay of Bengal. The Tigers have acquired a top secret satellite and soon the terror will go online. Staying one step ahead of their stone cold pursuer and finding refuge in their fortified compound, the Tigers and their calculating leader give Bolan a fight for his life. He’s willing to pay that price, but he’ll take the terrorist leader and his pirates to hell with him for their crimes.

Seven Wagons West (By:Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo has agreed to guide some silver hungry pioneers through hostile territory. But he’ll have to look sharp and shoot to kill or his first adventure could be his last.

Renegade Rifles (By:Jon Sharpe)

The town of Red Sand is in the heart of the Indian Territory, and the townsfolk will do anything not to stir their fury even if it means ignoring the butchering of wagon trains passing by. Sky Fargo’s first mistake is trying to stop the slaughters. His second is trying to find out who’s behind the killings.

Montana Mayhem

Skye Fargo, the Trailsman, finds himself over his head in trouble, after he rescues a gorgeous hellion, Agatha Jennings, and her fiendish family from members of Snake Haddock’s army of killer outlaws.

Crowheart’s Revenge (By:Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo embarks on a perilous quest through the desolate Mojave in search of a lost company of soldiers, a mission complicated by ragtag group of companions, a gang of bandits, a murderous Indian renegade, and a hot blooded officer’s daughter.

Socorro Slaughter

Pursuing Santiago Maxwell and his grisly gang, who are terrorizing the New Mexico Territory, Skye Fargo gets embroiled in a range war between violent Anglo rancher William Ragsdale and Mexico landowner Hernando Rivera.

Pecos Death

The rugged New Mexico territory is no place for a lovely lady carrying a bundle of dough that draws bloodthirsty thieves like flies to honey. But is she really an innocent in need of protection or a seductive schemer with her own ambitious agenda? One thing is for sure: Skye Fargo can’t fight off her allure and he might not live to regret it! .

Kansas Carnage (By:Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo smells trouble the moment he sees the riders assembling in the Smokey Hills. He’d be hanged if the U.S. cavalrymen aren’t really outlaws in disguise. And now the Plains tribes are sending their warriors, and the Indian war clouds are beginning to rumble, trapping Skye between these two threats. Pushed to the brink of hell, this might be a battle only Skye Fargo can fight–if he can manage to stay alive!.

Colorado Diamond Dupe

Skye Fargo guides a gemologist and his two daughters into the Colorado wilderness on a quest for diamonds. But along the way, he has to fend off the advances of his employer’s daughters and avoid losing his head to a five hundred dollar bounty every lowlife in the West is willing to collect. 222 in the series

Nebraska Slaying Ground

After accepting a job offer from a Kansas City millionaire, Skye Fargo discovers that there’s no money like blood money when his employer double crosses him in a scheme to bleed both settlers and Indians dry. But the Trailsman knows a thing or two about blood and he’s about to give his back stabbing boss a lesson he’ll never forget…
. 226 in the Series

Apache Duel (By:Jon Sharpe)

While scouting out territory for a trapper friend, Skye Fargo gets caught between a gang of bloodthirsty Mexican scalp hunters and a band of vengeful Apaches. And the only way out is to shoot fast and first. 234 in the the popular and enduring series

Arizona Ambush (By:Jon Sharpe)

When a wealthy older gentleman loses his special delivery bride to be, it’s up to Skye Fargo to track her down. The only trouble is this damsel in distress doesn’t want to be saved.

Woodland Warriors (By:Jon Sharpe)

In this new super sized adventure, a tycoon hires Skye Fargo to find a young girl who vanished in the Canadian borderlands but the Trailsman finds something much more deadly…

Pacific Polecats

Skye Fargo rides into a war between two rival English clans and discovers that when you mix family feuding with power and passion, there’s no such thing as too many lies, too little loyalty, or too much blood.

Seven Devils Slaughter

Meet the Swill family. Nine bad brothers and a decrepit dad who are bleeding the town of Le Bois dry, along with anyone who gets in their way. But then the Trailsman hits town and vows to put the Swills in a family plot on Boot Hill…

Silver City Slayer (By:Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo successfully delivers a party of silver hungry pioneers to the desert boomtown of Virginia City, Nevada. But lady luck turns tail when Fargo moseys smack dab into the middle of a war between watering holes two rival saloons where anyone can get dead drunk on shots of whiskey, or lead.

Utah Uproar

A freak sandstorm leads Fargo into close encounters with a lonely widow, greedy gold miners, and motherlode of trouble.

Kansas City Swindle (By:Jon Sharpe)

All Skye Fargo had to do was ride the rails up to Nebraska, track down a redheaded beauty, and swipe back the priceless tiara she saw fit to steal. But the Trailsman soon realizes things aren’t nearly as plain as they seem.

Dead Man’s Hand (By:Jon Sharpe)

Lately the big winners at the Ruby Rooster casino have been cashing out early, and if Skye Fargo doesn’t find out who’s been dealing the bitter hand, he might be next.

High Country Horror (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

Over the last year, young women have gone missing from the town of Haven, taken by a hunter who strikes at will, and leaves no trace. But when a search party mistakes the Trailsman for the culprit, he ends up not just fighting for his life but hunting a predator who needs to be put down like the bloody beast he is…

Desert Death Trap (By:Jon Sharpe)

The town of Nugget, Nevada, is planning a foot race that boasts a ten thousand dollar grand prize. But when Skye Fargo’s new lady friend is kidnapped, Fargo may have to run for her life and shoot for his own.

Dakota Death Rattle (By:Jon Sharpe)

To get his hands on their gold, Hollis Blackburn sends the Black Hills mining camp of Busted Hump a special delivery infected with pestilence. Now Skye Fargo is tending to the sick, consoling the townswomen, and planning revenge.

Six-Gun Scholar (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

When a local big wig decides to strongarm the town’s new school teacher, Skye Fargo sees to her safety and teaches the man a lesson in lead.

Hell’s Belles (By:Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo is escorting five mail order brides when he meets up with a gang of murderous dogs who want these pretty pioneers to satisfy their own depraved desires. Now, the Trailsman is going to hold his own bloody version of a shotgun wedding…

Salt Lake Slaughter (By:Jon Sharpe)

During the dangerous Salt Lake Run horse race, Skye Fargo helps some hapless greenhorns. But a pack of sidewinders aims to stop the Trailsman from ever reaching the finish line.

California Camel Corps (By:Jon Sharpe)

Fargo has his hands full when the U.S. Army hires him to lead a caravan of cantakerous camels right through the baddest lands in the West.

Gila River Dry-Gulchers (By:Jon Sharpe)

If it weren’t for the prospect of $300, Fargo wouldn’t want anything to do with the mining town of Gila Bend. But he’s promised to find a man who has disappeared searching for silver. Besides the usual bullies and brawlers, Gila Bend holds a mother lode of secrets and dangers including a right unpleasant Apache known as ‘the Renegade,’ whose merciless mutilations have the entire town terrified. But the Trailsman has a job to do, and he’s going to get to the bottom of this blood soaked boomtown.

The Cutting Kind (By:Jon Sharpe)

13 million Trailsman books in print! Skye Fargo knows that in the wild, Indians, animals, and bushwhackers can all end a man’s life in a heartbeat. But Jess Van Cleef is a killer like no other. He’s blazed a twisted trail of butchery all along the Oregon Trail, killing, ravaging, and mutilating at will. And he’s never going to stop the slaughter because he likes it. Now, the Trailsman is going after Van Cleef, and he’s going to make the madman pay for all the blood he’s spilled drop by crimson drop.

Oasis of Blood

OVER 13 million Trailsman books in print! The sun swept badlands of New Mexico Territory don’t seem like heaven on earth to Skye Fargo. But that’s where he winds up after rescuing a party of travelers bound for the settlement there. Problem is, the native tribes have a bleached bone to pick with these trespassers, and Skye is going to have to go through hell to get out alive…

Six-Gun Persuasion (By:Jon Sharpe)

13 million Trailsman books in print! Fargo’s in a family feud…

The Evans and Tutt families have been warring with each other for years with no possible chance of a peace parley between them, much less an all out cessation of hostilities. But when Skye Fargo finds himself caught in the crossfire, he declares war, and helps the Tutts fight against the Evans clan.

Dead Man’s Bounty (By:Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo is helping the buxom daughters of ‘Three Gun’ Pete LaFleur deliver his corpse to its proper burial site. But since the late, legendary train robber had a $10,000 ‘dead or alive’ bounty on his head, there are those who see the contents of the coffin as cold hard cash. Now, with two lively young things at his side, the Trailsman is going to deliver the dead man and deliver death to anyone who tries to stop him.

Dakota Danger (By:Jon Sharpe)

The Trailsman in trouble? Forget about it! Rescuing a damsel in distress is nothing new to Skye Fargo but Amy Fenton is no average damsel. She’s just inherited her father’s businesses. And in Dakota Territory, no one holds on to anything unless they can fight for it. So Fargo signs on with Amy as a hired gun and ends up taking a lead slug to the skull. But things are about to get much worse. Now, with a band of killers on the loose, and vengeance to be had, the Trailsman has lost his memory maybe for good.

High Plains Grifters (By:Jon Sharpe)

No one pulls a fast one on Skye Fargo!

Plum Creek, Kansas, has fallen victim to a father daughter grifter team. Competing with an angry posse of townsfolk and a pair of brutal bounty hunters, Skye Fargo is determined to teach the grifters the true meaning of pulling a fast one.

Black Rock Pass (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

As hard as he tried, Skye Fargo couldn’t save the dying young Pony Express rider. Promising the boy that he’d finish the job for him, Fargo makes his way to the next relay station at Black Rock Pass. But the dying wish may cost Fargo his own life when he’s trapped in the station by a band of vengeful braves. Now, with a motley crew of determined survivors depending on him, the Trailsman is going to make a special delivery of hot lead.

Wyoming Wipeout (By:Jon Sharpe)

OUTLAWS: SPECIAL DELIVERY Skye Fargo has been hired to protect the Oregon Trail mail from a band of desperados who want nothing more than to stamp out the Trailsman.

Nebraska Night Riders


A band of outlaws calling themselves the Night Riders have taken it upon themselves to execute anyone infected with smallpox in order to stop the disease from spreading. But the Trailsman believes the Night Riders are even sicker than the illness and has his own remedy to deliver.

Montana Marauders (By:Jon Sharpe)

The Trailsman takes on a town without pity or mercy.

Ft. Benton has a problem the vicious outlaw Whit Anders raids them for food, supplies, and women, and there’s no lawman tough enough to stop him. But Anders just killed a man who saved Skye Fargo from certain death and Fargo always pays his debts. So the Trailsman is about to go to town…
with a vengeance.

Border Bravados (By:Jon Sharpe)

It’s bad enough that while leading a wagon train through Arizona Territory to the boomtown of Genesis, Skye Fargo and party get ambushed by bandits. But when they reach Genesis, all that’s left is a burned out ghost town, thanks to a sad*istic gang leader and his vicious but vivacious girl. Now, with a terrified pack of pioneers to protect, the Trailsman finds himself up against a mad murderer, and a woman sent by the devil himself.

California Carnage (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo is in California at the behest of Hiram Stoddard, a powerful man who wants to establish the first stagecoach line along the Old Mission Trail and he’s not the only one. But when Fargo sees how ruthless his would be employer really is, he quits on the quick and sides with the competition and the competition’s lovely daughter.

Alaskan Vengeance

Skye Fargo wins a gold mine in a poker game but when he arrives in Alaska to claim his riches, he learns that there are plenty of vicious cutthroats, greedy Russians, and savage Indians who will do anything to stop him.

The Trailsman is swept up in a whirlwind of deceit and bloodshed, and he knows that he’ll have to cut into some veins of warm crimson before he digs into the veins of cold gold.

Idaho Impact (By:Jon Sharpe)

Over 13 million copies in print

The trailsman puts the spurs to the spuds…

Skye Fargo knows the wiles of women but even he’s thrown by little Miss Bonnie McLure. She’s a troublemaking vixen who’s well versed in cards, cons, and other unmentionable skills. She wants Fargo to help her find the man who murdered her wealthy rancher father.

Trouble is, the local powers want to hang the wrong man for the crime. Now the Trailsman has to hunt down a killer in a town that survives on deceit, and thrives on deadly double dealing…

Shanghaied Six-Guns

Skye Fargo has gotten mixed up with the wrong women before, but when he rescues a stunning Hawaiian girl, he realizes he’s in way over his head. Her captor is the most feared man in all the seven seas, Captain Theodore Strang. When Strang forces Skye into servitude aboard his ship, he soon finds out Skye Fargo ain’t no servant and he ain’t the sort to abandon ship until this Hawaiian honey is free.

Texas Timber War (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

The Trailsman has to cut down the likes of Red Mike McShane before the villain’s gang destroys a logging company…

North Country Cutthroats (By:Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo gets an early Christmas present when hes hired to ride shotgun alongside his old friend, the aptly named Grizzly Olaffson. However, the holiday haul across the snow quickly heats up, with robbers on the trail, lustful lowlifes off the trail, and the crazy Grizzly causing more trouble than Fargo can bear.

Beyond Squaw Creek (By:Jon Sharpe)

The trailsman is trapped on the warpath

Skye Fargo and a cavalry major’s daughter have barely survived an Indian attack against their stagecoach when they discover the local Blackfeet tribe is being led by a former army lieutenant driven insane by the brutal frontier…

Mountain Mystery

Rocky Relationship Skye Fargo agreed to traverse the Rocky Mountains in order to find Mabel Landry’s brother, but never expected she’d come along for the ride. Now, the Trailsman has to worry about bringing them all back alive from dangerous territory…

Nevada Nemesis (By:Jon Sharpe)

When Skye Fargo rescues a half dead man on the run from the law, he returns the fugitive to town only to find that the accused murderer he brought back alive is sure to be lynched, even though he may be innocent.

Louisiana Laydown (By:Jon Sharpe)

After claiming a fat bounty, Skye Fargo decides to relax a spell and what better place to kick back than the wild port of New Orleans? No sooner does he set off than he gets talked into playing guard dog for a high stakes poker game being held in a house of soiled doves. But the Trailsman’s bite is much worse than his bark

Oregon Outrage (By:Jon Sharpe)

The Trailsman’s on the run from the law…
After saving the life of a young boy nearly beaten to death, Skye Fargo is astonished to discover that the young boy is in fact a young girl who s wanted by a trigger happy posse. And now the posse wants to string up the Trailsman too…

Flathead Fury

This town ain t big enough for the two of them…
At the request of a friend, Skye Fargo heads to the town of Polson to see if there’s trouble brewing. But it s already boiling over, with the entire area under the iron thumb of Big Mike Durn a big time hard case with a gang of goons to back him up. And it doesn t take long for the Trailsman to realize that the only one way to stop Big Mike is to put him in a big grave…

Apache Ambush

The trailsman may be stubborn, but he’s no jackass…

Fargo is in no mood to talk when a wealthy freight baron tries to hire him to guide a valuable delivery through hostile Apache country. Then he meets the Frazier sisters: three wild, wanton, and whip smart women who can drive a wagon train better than anyone in the territory.

But making it through is going to take more than mule muscle it s going to take the kick of the Trailsman s Colt.

Wyoming Death Trap (By:Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo is working to protect Wyoming stagecoach trails from roving gangs of robbers when his employer asks him to take a more personal job. He thinks his young wife is stepping out with another man, and wants Fargo to find the truth even if it kills him.

California Crackdown (By:Jon Sharpe)

A golden boy goes bad…
When Cain Parker struck gold, he won a whole mess of trouble. The attacks on his wagons got so bad that he called on his old friend Skye Fargo for help. Skye knows all the signs of a set up, but not even he could have guessed Cain’s own son was in on it. The Trailsman remembers Daniel Parker as a little boy but now he s about to face him man to man…

Seminole Showdown (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

Fargo’s old Seminole friend Billy Buzzard needs some help. Young Indian women are being taken by someone with a taste for terror and a hunger for cold cash. But the Trailsman is going to feed them something that ll make them lose their appetite for blood a serving of fresh, hot lead

Silver Mountain Slaughter (By:Jon Sharpe)

SKYE fargo protects a proud princess from peril…
When Fargo comes across a sidewinder about to sell a beautiful young girl into slavery, he doesn t see much choice except to buy her freedom. But when the girl leads him into a deadly nest of Confederate sympathizers, deadly Apache warriors, and a fortune in silver to be found, the Trailsman must show them all that some things can only be paid for with blood.

Idaho Gold Fever

MORE THAN 13 million copies in print The trailsman protects a passel of prairie pioneers Skye Fargo runs across a wagon train being guarded by some low down men in the employ of one Victor Gore a man who makes his money at others fatal expense. With Gore and his vermin on one side, and a band of angry Nez Perce Indians on the other, the Trailsman has to guide the settlers to their promised land or they ll be buried in it

Texas Triggers

In the heart of Apache country, Skye Fargo must help a family of hard headed hill folk defend the most valuable thing in the sun baked hell of west Texas a water spring.

Bayou Trackdown

The trailsman meets a murderous monster…
In the marshy wilderness of Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Swamp, people are being killed by a monster that strikes without mercy, leaving behind little more than mangled flesh, blood, and bones. Now, Fargo finds himself hunting a creature straight out of a bad dream. And once he finds his quarry, the Trailsman is determined to put the nightmare to sleep once and for all

Tucson Temptress (By:Jon Sharpe)

Fargo’s loaded for bear…
Bearcat Lutz rules his town with a bloody fist, forcing innocent prisoners to work as slaves, and destroying everyone who dares to defy him. It s up to the Trailsman to declaw this unbearable tyrant.

Northwoods Nightmare (By:Jon Sharpe)

The trailsman deals out hot lead in cold country Skye Fargo is guiding a well to do Harvard family through the chilly wilderness of British Columbia with the hope of finding their gold prospecting son, who hasn’t contacted them for months. Before the job’s done, Fargo will find himself battling enemies within the camp, killers without, and a rich girl who likes her men hard and dirty like the Trailsman…

Beartooth Incident (By:Jon Sharpe)

OUT COLDIn the frozen Beartooth Mountains, Fargo is rescued by a kindly wilderness woman named Mary Harper and her children. But when the brutal Cudgel Stein and his gang decide they want what the Harpers have, the Trailsman is going to give the snowbound sidewinders what they deserve…

Black Hills Badman

Some paths you don’t want to take…
Fargo is in Sioux country, guiding a blustery U.S. Senator from back east, his beautiful new wife, and their bratty daughter on a hunting party through the territory at the senator’s insistence. But the Sioux are being led by Little Face a medicine man of great power, dangerous magic, and a blood curdling hatred of the Trailsman…

Colorado Clash (By:Jon Sharpe)

When Skye Fargo comes across a dead man near the town of Cawthorne, he figures he’ll bring the body to town for burial. But he learns soon enough that dying has been real easy to do in Cawthorne lately. Someone in town has developed a taste for murder and the Trailsman might just be the next course…

Riverboat Rampage (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo’s seen a lot of scams and the Trahearne brothers are good. Conning people with crocodile tears and fixed fights, they support themselves and their lovely sister, Laurie. Fargo knows their game. But so does the murderous Own Mullaney their latest dupe. The only thing between the Trahearnes and the bottom of the Mississippi River is the Trailsman…

Utah Outlaws (By:Jon Sharpe)

Fargo takes a job to protect a stagecoach only to end up face down in the dirt. When he comes to, a man is dead, the money is stolen, and an entire town blames him. Fargo knows that someone set him up for a fall. Now, he has to find out who’s making him a scapegoat before they heap any more shame on his name…

Silver Showdown (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

When Fargo hits the little town of Las Vegas, he knows that the nearby silver strikes are filling the town with opportunity. But when he signs on with an old frontier buddy to guard shipments from the mines to the town, he gets pulled into a fight not just against bandits, but against a vendetta packing family out to end the Trailsman’s lucky streak for good…

Texas Trackdown (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

Skye Fargo knows how the Comanche think, and how they fight on the warpath. They’ve taken a young girl from her family on the Texas frontier, and the Trailsman is going after her. But the deadly quarry he’s chasing down has nothing on the deadly hunters who are chasing him…

Red River Reckoning (By:Jon Sharpe)

There’s blood in the water…
And the trailsman is gonna go swimmin’! Fargo is working as a scout along the Red River when he comes across a trio of butchered bodies. The victims were delivering supplies to the reservations. And while most think Indian renegades are to blame, Fargo has a hunch that someone on the river has been playing pirate. And when he finds them, the Trailsman is going to blow them out of the water…

Hannibal Rising

Skye Fargo’s taking part in the most dangerous game a twisted contest of predator and human prey. And the Trailsman knows too well that the hunter can all too easily become the hunted…

Sierra Six-Guns

Some ghost towns never die…
The last thing Skye Fargo expects to find in the remote Sierra Nevada Mountains is the ramshackle town of Kill Creek. Or the mysterious filly of a woman who tries to warn him away. Because there’s deadly doings at work in town and a conspiracy of blood that will pit the Trailsman against a cold blooded gunhand who ahs never been beaten…

Rocky Mountain Revenge

Fargo’s not horsing around Skye Fargo is helping to broker a deal between a wealthy rancher and the Nez Perce to breed the tribe’s Appaloosa horses only to find himself in unwelcome territory…

Six-Gun Gallows (By:Jon Sharpe)

Fargo trades in lead Skye Fargo decides to give a raw deal to an unscrupulous trading post proprietor who’s bleeding the local citizens dry…

Arkansas Ambush (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

When Fargo helps young Dave Harrigan fight off two bushwackers, he ends up tangling with someone who wants Harrigan dead before he reaches Hot Springs. And before this is over, the blood is going to fly like a geyser of gore…

South Pass Snakepit (By:Jon Sharpe)

The Trailsman falls into a nest of vipers On the trail of missing pioneers, Skye Fargo comes across a vile encampment ruled with a blood soaked fist by the imperious Philly Denton and his crew of killers. If they’re the snakes that did the travelers in, the Trailsman will have to take them out…

Dakota Death Trap

It’s a battle of vice versus virtue…
with the Trailsman in the middle. Jasmine Honeydew is a pious woman whose devotion to saving souls has incurred the wrath of Abe Mitchell, who likes the small town of Hapgood Pond as is full of liquor, ladies and profit for him. But the Trailsman isn’t going to let a lovely lady of the Lord be pushed out of town without sending someone to Hell…

Backwoods Brawl (By:Jon Sharpe)

There is no honor in murder. In the wilds of northwest Arkansas, the local U.S. Army fort is under attack from a band of murderous highwaymen who kill at will and strike without warning, then fade into the shadows. Fargo, helped by a half crazy, half breed Choctaw, is the only one who can hunt them down and deliver justice.

New Mexico Gun-Down

Lord have mercy…
When a nun in Santa Fe begs Skye Fargo to guide two young women through the mountains to join her order, he can’t rightly refuse. But to do the Lord’s work, the Trailsman is going to have to face down the bandito Fermin Terreros a man who could terrify the devil himself…

High Country Horror

Over the last year, young women have gone missing from the town of Haven, taken by a hunter who strikes at will, and leaves no trace. But when a search party mistakes the Trailsman for the culprit, he ends up not just fighting for his life but hunting a predator who needs to be put down like the bloody beast he is…

Terror Town

Nestled deep in the Smoky Mountains, Promise is a town where if you step out of line in the slightest, you’ll pay to the fullest or pay with your life. But the Trailsman only pays in pure lead.

Texas Tangle

When Fargo comes across five wagons and a mess of corpses, he gets caught up on a mission to rescue four young ladies from rampaging Comanche warriors. But when he discovers the truth behind the bloodshed, the Trailsman is forced to face off against friend and for alike…

Bitterroot Bullets

Fourteen year old Petey Evans ain’t much to look at, but he’s got a big head full of dreams and becoming just like his hero, Skye Fargo, is at the top of the list. Fargo isn’t keen on taking on anyone as a pupil, but he gives the boy a quick course in shooting, scouting, and surviving he won’t soon forget. Soon enough, however, Petey discovers that there are some things that can’t be taught even by the Trailsman…

Nevada Night Riders (By:Jon Sharpe)

Not many men make Skye Fargo think twice about clearing leather but Terrible Jack Slade is one of them. Slade is a one man slaughterhouse who’s also gone beyond insane into religious ecstasy. He’s preaching that everyone in town is about to go straight to Hell. But the Trailsman isn’t about to go without a devil of a fight.

Texas Gunrunners (By:James Reasoner,Jon Sharpe)

He rides fast and he rides hard. Women love him, men fear him. And the only thing between Skye Fargo and outlaws are the bullets in his guns…

Platte River Gauntlet

When a frontier army fort is ordered to pull up stakes and move, Fargo’s scouting skills may not be enough to protect the massive military maneuver.

Death Devil

In the Ozarks, there’s a killer on the loose, and the only one who can stop it is the beautiful Dr. Belinda Jackson. A mad fever is spreading like wildfire, and with gun toting galoots, snake oil salesmen, and distrustful denizens, the doc is at the end of her rope. Luckily, the Trailsman has just the bedside manner to get the job done.

North to the Bitterroot (By:Ralph Compton)

Between Kansas City and Montana Territory were a thousand ways to die and a few bold men who would never turn back. Miners dug for fortunes. Soldiers died on open plains. And a few brave men drove the wooden freight wagons into the wild land. Now, master Western novelist Ralph Compton tells the real story of the touch as leather men who carried supplies, guns and gold into the untamed frontier. Dutch Siringo rose from modest beginnings and proved his skill with a team of horses and a gun. Betrayed by a woman, hunted by a desperate man, Dutch led a group of hard fighting teamsters where no other shippers would go through the heart of the Sioux territory, into the teeth of winder along the murderous Bozeman Trail. Now, between Fort Kearny and the mining camps in the Bitterroot Mountains, Dutch and his teamsters faced Montana blizzards, hungry wolves and the kind of enemies you have to bury to outrun.

Across the Rio Colorado (By:Ralph Compton)

Across rivers of blood and plains of tears, he led a wagon train toward a country fighting to be born…
Miners dug for fortunes. Soldiers died on open plains. And a few brave men drove the wooden freight wagons into the wild land. Now, master Western novelist Ralph Compton tells the real story of the tough as leather men who first blazed the way into the untamed frontier. Texas! For the pioneers who streamed out of Missouri it was a land of dreams and freedom. Veteran wagon boss Chance McQuade, a man deadly with a pistol and Sharps, had signed on to take a hundred families there. But the man who hired McQuade was joining the wagon train, and turning it into a brawling, rolling city of sin and violence. Now, on the hard drive West, McQuade faces Kiowa, lightening storms, and killers behind his back all to reach a promised land that’s erupting into war.

The Winchester Run (By:Ralph Compton)

On a frontier torn by war and renegades, they carried a cargo more valuable than gold…
Miners dug for fortunes. Soldiers died on open plains. And a few brave men drove the wooden freight wagons into the wild land. Now, master Western novelist Ralph Compton tells the real story of the tough as leather men who blazed the way into the untamed frontier. Once they drove longhorns. Now Mac Tunstall and his band of Texans must take a shipment of Winchesters by rail and wagon all the way to the U.S. Army in Austin. But from the moment the wagoneers set out, violence and treachery stalk their trail. From Dodge to the Brazos, half the outlaws on the frontier are aiming to get hold of an arsenal that could blow the West wide open. And Mac and his men don’t see one danger until it’s too late four beautiful, headstrong women determined to share a trail of courage and tears all the way to the end.

Devil’s Canyon (By:Ralph Compton)

The Sundown Riders gallop into thier fourth adventure, Devil’s Canyon, which finds the four mercenaries on a mission delivering dynamite through the desert to a Utah Gold Mine. But a treacherous undercover outlaw within thier ranks will make their journey that much more dangerous…

Whiskey River (By:Ralph Compton)

Mark Rogers and Bill Harder return to their Texas spreads only to find the properties repossessed. In a moment of rage, the pair gun down two Yankee tax collectors. Sentenced to an agonizing existence at Fort Worth, they are then offered a deal by an Army captain break out of jail and infiltrate a deadly gang of whiskey runners and their lands and lives will be returned to them. The pair escape and find work as drivers for the gang, all the while looking to bring them down and save the two fair ladies being held hostage.

Skeleton Lode (By:Ralph Compton)

Arlo Wells and Dallas Holt are two ex cowpunchers who’ve hit a patch of bad luck until a dying friend tells them of a lost gold mine. They jump at the chance to get the fortune. But Arlo and Dallas aren’t the only ones who know about the mine and their streak of bad luck is about to turn into a fight for survival…
‘If you likeLouis L’ Amour you’ll love Ralph Compton.’ Quanah Tribune Chief Praise for the Sundown Riders:’Thrilling.’ Huntsville Times The Sundown Riders series includes:Devil’s Canyon 5/98 & Whiskey River 1/99 Also by Ralph Compton: The Tremayne series, including Train To Durango 9/98, Six Guns And Double Eagles 1/98, Border Empire 7/97

Demon’s Pass (By:Ralph Compton)

The first book of a brand new Western trilogy, Ralph Compton’s Demon’s Pass begins with the brutal attack of a family at the hands of the Cheyenne. His sister kidnapped and loved ones slaughtered, young Parker Stanley has nowhere to turn. But a smooth talking entrepreneur may be his salvation if they can make it to Utah in one piece…

Runaway Stage (By:Robert Vaughan)

The lives of three people are intertwined with the journey of one stagecoach and the $100,000 cargo inside that can solve all their problems…
or create more.

Do or Die (By:Robert E. Vardeman)

To save his hometown, Civil War veteran Dick Hodson must lead a desperate cattle drive with a trail party made up of raw, greenhorn children.

Nowhere, TX

In a lawless, godless territory known as No Man’s Land, Black Jack Shelton and his gang have run of the new town of Nowhere. Until Chick Storm, owner of the ‘Circle C’ ranch, and his troupe of riders are called in to take a stand. Chick is a paragon of virtue, and knows right from wrong well enough to understand that sometimes a man has to let his guns speak for themselves.

West of Pecos

The Su0ndown Riders series continues…
Two Civil War veterans from opposite sides of the conflict settle on the same land. They must put aside their differences not only for the sake of their families, but in order to fend off a gang of rustlers who want the land for themselves.

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