David Morrell Books In Order

Rambo: First Blood Books In Publication Order

  1. First Blood (1972)
  2. Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)
  3. Rambo III (1988)

Mortalis Books In Publication Order

  1. The Brotherhood of the Rose (1983)
  2. The Fraternity Of The Stone (1985)
  3. The League of Night and Fog (1987)

Cavanaugh Books In Publication Order

  1. The Protector (2003)
  2. The Naked Edge (2010)
  3. The Attitude Adjuster (2012)

Frank Balenger Books In Publication Order

  1. Creepers (2005)
  2. Scavenger (2007)

Thomas De Quincey Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder as a Fine Art (By:) (2013)
  2. The Opium-Eater (2015)
  3. Inspector of the Dead (2015)
  4. Ruler of the Night (2016)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Testament (1975)
  2. Last Reveille (1977)
  3. The Totem (1979)
  4. Blood Oath (1982)
  5. The Fifth Profession (1990)
  6. The Covenant of the Flame (1991)
  7. Assumed Identity (1993)
  8. Desperate Measures (1994)
  9. Extreme Denial (1996)
  10. Double Image (1998)
  11. Burnt Sienna (2000)
  12. Long Lost (2002)
  13. The Spy Who Came for Christmas (2008)
  14. The Shimmer (2009)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. They (2011)
  2. My Name is Legion (2011)
  3. The Architecture of Snow (2012)
  4. The Interrogator (2012)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Black Evening (1999)
  2. Nightscape (2004)
  3. Before I Wake (2019)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. The Hundred Year Christmas (2009)

Captain America Graphic Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Chosen (2008)

Cultural-Icon Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. John Wayne: The Westerns (2012)
  2. Marilyn Monroe: Legend and Tragedy (2012)
  3. Rambo and Me: The Story Behind the Story (2012)
  4. Frank Sinatra: The Artist and His Music (2013)
  5. Nelson Riddle: The Man behind the Music (2013)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. John Barth (1976)
  2. Fireflies (1988)
  3. Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing (2002)
  4. The Successful Novelist (2008)
  5. Thrillers (With: ) (2010)

Dark Delicacies Books In Publication Order

  1. Dark Delicacies: Original Tales of Terror and the Macabre by the World’s Greatest Horror Writers (2005)
  2. Dark Delicacies II: Fear (2007)
  3. Dark Delicacies III: Haunted (2009)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Dark at Heart (1992)
  2. Millenium (1997)
  3. Hollywood Fantasies: Ten Surreal Visions of Tinsel Town (1997)
  4. Murder for Revenge (1998)
  5. These Guns for Hire (2006)
  6. Dark Delicacies III: Haunted (2009)
  7. Crucified Dreams (2011)
  8. The Rich and the Dead (2011)
  9. Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury (2012)
  10. All-American Horror of the 21st Century: The First Decade (2012)
  11. Chiral Mad 2 (2013)
  12. Eulogies III (2015)
  13. Detours (2016)
  14. MatchUp (2017)
  15. Alive in Shape and Color (2017)

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David Morrell Books Overview

First Blood

First came the man: a young wanderer in a fatigue coat and long hair. Then came the legend, as John Rambo sprang from the pages of First Blood to take his place in the American cultural landscape. This remarkable novel pits a young Vietnam veteran against a small town cop who doesn’t know whom he’s dealing with or how far Rambo will take him into a life and death struggle through the woods, hills, and caves of rural Kentucky. Millions saw the Rambo movies, but those who haven’t read the book that started it all are in for a surprise a critically acclaimed story of character, action, and compassion.

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Never Read 1985 Paperback published by Jove Books in ‘Like New’ Condition. Cover has slight shelf wear nothing major. Movie Tie in book PLEASE SEE THE PHOTO OF THIS BOOK THAT I POSTED ON THE PRODUCT PAGE. We ship within 24 hours of your purchase with a Delivery Confirmation.

The Brotherhood of the Rose

They were orphans, Chris and Saul raised in a Philadelphia school for boys, bonded by friendship, and devoted to a mysterious man called Eliot.

He visited them and brought them candy.

He treated them like sons.

He trained them to be assassins.

Now he is trying desperately to have them killed.

Spanning the globe, here is an astonishing novel of fierce loyalty and violent betrayal, of murders planned and coolly executed, of revenge bitterly, urgently desired.

The Fraternity Of The Stone

Drew MacLane is a star agent in Scalpel, a clandestine, government sanctioned organization named for its purpose: precise surgical removal. Assassination. Then MacLane decides to stop killing. He withdraws from the operation and retreats to a monastery, where for six years he lives the life of a hermit. But then someone tracks him down, leaving a trail of bodies. Someone who knows all about him and will stop at nothing to destroy him.

In this novel of thrilling suspense, a former killer is drawn back into that electrifying world where no one is as he seems and where life’s most horrifying, harrowing game is played.

The League of Night and Fog

David Morrell’s international thrillers have no equal. Among his classic novels, this story stands as one of his most exciting and brilliant works a globe spanning tale that brings together two generations of men and women bound by one murderous legacy. From the Vatican to the Swiss Alps, from Australia to the heartland of America, the two masterful operatives known as Saul and Drew are being drawn together to solve a violent riddle: Why have ten old men been abducted from around the world? When the agents, weary of their own covert wars, begin to investigate, they are pulled into a terrifying cycle of revenge that began in the heart of World War II and is now forcing sons to pay for their fathers darkest sins

The Protector

In the tradition of David Morrell’s bestselling The Fifth Profession, this tale of a super bodyguard hunting down a rogue client who controls a new and powerful weapon promises to be the most imitated thriller for years to come. Cavanaugh, a former member of Delta Force who now works as a protector for those rich enough to afford him and his team, is hired by a brilliant scientist named Prescott who needs protection from a powerful drug lord seeking the highly addictive drug he has invented. At least that is what Cavanaugh is led to believe. After Cavanaugh trains the scientist in escape and evasion, the unthinkable occurs: Cavanaugh’s team is viciously attacked and entirely wiped out and Prescott seems to be in collusion with the attackers. Now Cavanaugh must fight against his own tactics and anticipate his enemy’s every move while suffering the consequences of the real secret Prescott is hiding: a unique weapon that induces fear.


On a cold October night, five people gather in a run-down motel on the Jersey shore and begin preparations to break into the Paragon Hotel. Built in the glory days of Asbury Park by a reclusive millionaire, the magnificent structure – which foreshadowed the beauties of art deco architecture – is now boarded up and marked for demolition.

The five people are ‘Creepers,’ the slang term for urban explorers: city archeologists with a passion for investigating abandoned buildings and their dying secrets. On this evening, they are joined by a reporter who wants to profile them – anonymously, as this is highly illegal activity – for a New York Times article.

Frank Balenger, a sandy-haired, broad-shouldered reporter with a decided air of mystery about him, isn’t looking for just a story, however. And after the group enters the rat-infested tunnel leading to the hotel, it becomes clear that he will get much more than he bargained for. Danger, terror, and death await the Creepers in a place ravaged by time and redolent of evil.


A high tech adventure thriller about a life or death search for a 100 year old time capsule. Sometimes the past is buried for a reason.

David Morrell’s Creepers was a publishing event in 2005, a powerful, edgy, dark thriller by a master of the genre. A New York Times best seller, it won the prestigious Bram Stoker Award and earned numerous critical raves. Scavenger, Morrell’s latest novel, takes us in a harrowing new direction: a desperate high tech Scavenger hunt for a 100 year old time capsule. Frank Balenger, the resolute but damaged hero of Creepers, now finds himself trapped in a nightmarish game of fear and death. To save himself and the woman he loves, he must play by the rules of a god like Game Master with an obsession for unearthing the past. But sometimes the past is buried for a reason.

Scavenger is a brilliant, frightening hunter hunted tale that layers modern technology over the dusty artifacts of earlier times. The result is a surreal palimpsest, one that contains the secret of survival for Balenger and a handful of unwilling players who race against the game’s clock to solve the puzzle of the time capsule, only to discover that time is the true Scavenger. Morrell’s trademark action sequences are embedded with fascinating historical clues that make Scavenger a thrill a minute page turner as well as a mesmerizing literary experience.


Master of the high action thriller, David Morrell is a five time New York Times bestselling paperback author First Blood, The Covenant of the Flame. Back in print after eight years, Testament a chilling novel of a race for survival against a fanatical white supremacy group is newly repackaged to kick off Warner’s much in demand Morrell backlist program.

Last Reveille

The U.S. Cavalry calls out tough, hard drinking wilderness fighter Miles Calendar to uproot Pancho Villa and his band of guerrillas from the rugged Mexican province of Chihuahua in the early 1900s. K. PW.

The Totem

Slowly, bizarre events grip the tiny mountain community of Potter’s Field, Wyoming. Cattle are mutilated. Animals become savage. Children go insane. Townspeople are found without faces. And one man must confront the evil behind the hideous events, an evil that is all too human and deadly. From the bestselling author of Desperate Measures.

Blood Oath

He wanted to make peace with the past…
Peter Houston just wanted to find the grave of the war hero father he never knew a yearning that would draw him thousands of miles from home to the military cemetary in France. Instead, he stumbled into a shadowy underworld…
He enver dreamed his private pilgrimage would unearth a decades long secret that would plunge him into a deadly labyrinth of intrigue and murder. Now, he’s fighting for survival…
As ruthless assassins hunt him through the cities of Europe, he’ll struggle to stay alive. But when they murder the woman he loves, he’ll turn from hunted to hunter. And swearing a Blood Oath of vengeance…
Tracking down his ruthless tormentors, he’ll discover a truth he could not imagine.. and could possibly destroy him.

The Fifth Profession

Savage, a former Navy SEAL and American state of the art security specialist. Akira, Japan’s most brilliant executive protector and a master of the samurai arts. Their mission: the retrieval of Rachel Stone, a beautiful American woman whose ruthless billionaire husband is out to destroy her. But quickly Savage and Akira realize they are trapped in a mission more far reaching than the protection of one person. For they are bound together in a common nightmare, a set of horrifying memories, a terrifying past that never happened, but is somehow inexplicably real. Only together can they confront the mystery. Yet when they do, an even more chilling scenario awaits them one with the power to shatter not only their world but ours as well.

The Covenant of the Flame

For two thousand years a hidden conflict has been waged. Now it is bursting into the open in a pitched battle over the very future of the planet In the Amazon and in Africa, from oil spills to animal slaughters, the earth is being defiled, and two covert armies are locked in mortal conflict with a woman reporter caught in the middle. Drawn into the mysterious disappearance of a gray eyed stranger and his horrific murder by fire, Tess Drake and a veteran New York City police officer follow the trail of blood from Manhattan to Washington to the ancient caverns of Europe. Hunted by both sides, fighting for her life, Tess races toward the dark heart of a secret that will rock the world

Assumed Identity

Brendan Buchanan, a master of impersonation, discovers that he has become a man of a thousand faces who has forgotten who he really is and whose job in covert intelligence is threatening to destroy him.BOMC Alt.

Desperate Measures

Matt Pittman, a once famous New York reporter mourning his young son’s death, finds himself on the run from both the authorities and a vicious international conspiracy when he is wrongfully blamed for a man’s death. Major Tour.

Extreme Denial

Steve Decker, an American Operative specializing in counter terrorism, leaves behind his life with the Agency in order to marry and settle in Santa Fe. But when his wife Beth suddenly disappears after a bomb destroys her house, Steve is forced to realize that a dark past haunts her and that she is not the person he thought she was. Simultaneous hardcover release from Warner. 4 cassettes.

Double Image

The ‘New York Times’ bestselling author of ‘Extreme Denial’ takes on the psychological thriller with a new novel that combines the explosive suspense of ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Basic Instinct’ with the most romantic and erotic story he has ever written.

Burnt Sienna

When internationally famous artist and ex marine Chase Malone is approached by an emissary of mysterious businessman Derek Bellasar to paint a portrait of Bellasars wife, he politely refuses. In the next few days, however, when Chase finds his home bulldozed and his gallery sold out from under him, he has little choice but to take the job. Bellasar turns out to be one of the worlds wealthiest and most dangerously twisted arms merchants. He has spent the last two decades marrying a succession of beautiful womenall of whom have met with mysterious deaths just after having their portrait painted by a top artist. For Chase, rescuing the madmans current wife is only his first challenge. If he is ever to feel safe again, he must return to Bellasars turf for a deadly confrontationthat only one can survive. David Morrells most recent hardcover, Double Image Warner, 5/98, has nearly 80,000 copies in print and was an Alternate Selection of Book of the Month Club. The author has had six New York Times bestsellers. His novels have been translated into 22 languages and become record breaking films and a top rated miniseries. Black Evening, a collection of short stories by David Morrell, will be published in Warner paperback in 2/00. In addition, The League of Night and Fog Dutton, 1987 and First Blood Fawcett, 1972, two classic paperbacks long out of print, will also be reissued in 2/00. All three books include a teaser chapter from Burnt Sienna. Praise for David Morrell: A tantalizing tale of evil and passion with a touch of Alfred Hitchcock. Associated Press on Double Image

Long Lost

New York Times bestselling author David Morrell is back with a fast paced tale of a man struggling to reclaim his abducted family from a stranger who may possibly be his Long Lost brother. Brad Denning is a successful architect living a perfect life in Denver with his loving wife and son. Or so it would be, if not for the haunting memory of his brother Petey who disappeared while under Brads supervision when they were kids. Now, a man claiming to be his sibling has mysteriously appeared and Brad is eager to take him in, despite the mans haggard appearance and reluctance to reveal anything about his past. Petey is a welcome addition to the family, until a camping trip goes terribly wrong and Brad returns home to find that his devoted wife and son have been abducted. Certain that Peteyor whoever he may be is responsible for the horrible crime, Brad sets out to recover his family. Travelling alone through Americas heartland, its a race against time as Brad struggles to get to his family before the terrible secret of what really happened long ago destroys everything he cares about.

The Spy Who Came for Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve in Santa Fe. But among the revelers on Canyon Road, a decidedly unholy scene is taking place. A desperate man, dressed all in black, feverishly seeks refuge for himself and the squirming bundle he holds tightly against his breast. Agent Paul Kagan’s bundle is a baby who has the power to change the course of global events. His pursuers are his former colleagues members of the Russian mafia who will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission. Now Kagan is a spy on the run he must ensure this baby s survival, even if it will cost him his own life.

Just a short distance away, Kagan will find an unexpected pair of allies a mother and her young son, who huddle together after a horrible episode of domestic violence leaves them home alone, with no means of transportation.

And so, with the exquisitely honed skills of his profession and the help and good faith of a weary woman and a disillusioned boy, Kagan must take on forces that will stop at nothing. In the course of a wild and violent night, the unlikely trio learns lessons of generosity, courage, and selflessness, discovering within themselves the luminous strength of the true Christmas spirit.

The Shimmer

Creator of Rambo and co founder of the Inter national Thriller Writers organization, David Morrell has been called the father of the modern action novel. Now this award winning, New York Times bestselling author delivers The Shimmer, a novel of chilling impact.
When police officer Dan Page’s wife disappears, her trail leads to Rostov, a remote Texas town where unexplained phenomena attract hundreds of spectators each night. Not merely curious, these onlookers are compelled to reach this tiny community and gaze at the mysterious Rostov Lights.
But more than the faithful are drawn there. A gunman begins shooting at the lights, screaming Go back to hell where you came from! then turns his rifle on the innocent bystanders. As more and more people are drawn to the scene of the massacre, the stage is set for even greater bloodshed.
To save his wife, Page must solve the mystery of the Rostov Lights. In the process, he uncovers a deadly government secret dating back to the First World War. The lights are more dangerous than anyone ever imagined, but even more deadly are those who try to exploit forces beyond their control.
With The Shimmer, David Morrell takes readers on a brilliant, terrifying journey. Suspenseful, yet thought provoking, it is the master at his very best.

Black Evening

David Morrell, whose many bestsellers include Double Image, Extreme Denial, and The Brotherhood of the Rose, has consistently redefined the modern thriller. Now he turns to a darker side of suspense in a powerful collection of tales, many of them award winners, that delve into the weird, uncanny terrors that lurk just beneath the comforting surfaces of daily life. Fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of madness, fear of being trapped, fear of the inescapable, unspeakable horrors that fester deep within the soul…
. No matter who or where you are, fear is always with you, always ready to attack from behind the masks of thought and dream. Let David Morrell tell you a story…


In each of the stories in this collection there is a theme: obsession and determination. A character gets an idea in his head, a hook on his emotions, a need that has to be fulfilled, and he does everything possible to carry through, no matter how difficult. Written with the haunting emotional intensity and lightning pace that has made David Morrell the master of high action suspense writing, this collection of stories will leave you dazzled.

The Hundred Year Christmas

This Twenty Fifth Anniversary edition of a rare story David Morrell wrote to give out at Christmas, is now available again in a brand new signed limited edition. Featuring all new color and b&w illustrations by artist Cortney Skinner commissioned exclusively for this volume. This is a novella that has different meanings, depending if you’re a child or an adult. It’s about the poignant friendship between Father Christmas, who lives a hundred years before being replaced, and Father Time, who lives only a single year before being replaced. Each year, Santa sees a version of his friend grow old and die. Now it’s Santa’s turn, but he’s having trouble finding a replacement, and if he doesn’t succeed, there’ll be no one to take care of the infant Father Time. Time itself will stop.

The Chosen

Marvel brings you a groundbreaking new vision of Captain America as you’ve never seen him, in this six issue Marvel Knights mini series in the vein of Spider Man: Reign and Silver Surfer: Requiem. Steeped in the life or death tension of insurrectionist combat, is the young Marine Corporal James Newsom really fighting side by side with Captain America, or is it all in his mind? And is Cap actually…
dying? Collects Captain America: The Chosen 1 6


In the bestselling novels of suspense master David Morrell, fear is the main subject. But Morrell himself had never known genuine terror until he watched his 15 year old son wage a heroic but doomed struggle with cancer. This is one fathers powerful and unforgettable story of fierce love, impenetrable loss, and an unexpected, breathtaking encounter with the miraculous. Ultimately, Fireflies is a tribute to the undying human spirit that has already given new hope to enthralled and grateful readers around the world.

Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing

Best selling novelist David Morrell provides insights and advice learned during thirty years of writing and selling novels insider secrets that are sure to help writers achieve the next level of literary success, whether they’re just beginning or already published! With captivating anecdotes and thoughtful discussion, Morrell explores the basics of the writing craft, from structure and character to dialogue and style, allowing readers to look into the mind of an internationally known best selling novelist. He also examines how to get published, the business of writing and the steps for getting fiction translated into film.

The Successful Novelist

‘Like listening to a beloved brother. I found the acute observations and his narrative philosophy more valuable for the new writer than the contents of any 100 other texts.’ Dean Koontz’The Successful Novelist is the vehicle you want if you plan to drive your way to successful fiction.’ Joe R. LansdaleDavid Morrell, bestselling author of First Blood, The Brotherhood of the Rose and The Fifth Profession, distills more than fifty years of writing and publishing experience into this single masterwork of advice and instruction. Morrell covers: Plot Character Research Structure Viewpoint Description Dialogue Succeeding in publishing And much moreThe Successful Novelist reveals the truth about writing, providing the perspective authors need to write successful fiction that sells.

Thrillers (With: )

The most riveting reads in history meet today’s biggest thriller writers in Thrillers: 100 Must Reads. Edited by David Morrell and Hank Wagner, Thrillers: 100 Must Reads examines 100 seminal works of suspense through essays contributed by such esteemed modern thriller writers as: David Baldacci, Steve Berry, Sandra Brown, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, Tess Gerritsen, Heather Graham, John Lescroart, Gayle Lynds, Katherine Neville, Michael Palmer, James Rollins, R. L. Stine, and many more. Thrillers: 100 Must Reads features 100 works from Beowulf to The Bourne Identity, Dracula to Deliverance, Heart of Darkness to The Hunt for Red October deemed must reads by the International Thriller Writers organization. Much more than an anthology, Thrillers: 100 Must Reads goes deep inside the most notable thrillers published over the centuries. Through lively, spirited, and thoughtful essays that examine each work’s significance, impact, and influence, Thrillers: 100 Must Reads provides both historical and personal perspective on those spellbinding works that have kept readers on the edge of their seats for centuries.

Dark Delicacies: Original Tales of Terror and the Macabre by the World’s Greatest Horror Writers

In a truly distinguished collection of twenty superb, sublimely dark tales written especially for this volume, such acknowledged contemporary masters of horror fiction as Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Ramsey Campbell, Nancy Holder, Richard Laymon, Brian Lumley, Joe Lansdale, Whitley Streiber, F. Paul Wilson, and Chelsea Quinn Yarboro serve up a veritable feast of fear. For the first time ever, Dark Delicacies, the world’s foremost horror bookstore, lends its famous name and imprimatur to an anthology designed to please the palate of the genre s most discriminating fans. Throughout, the editors Del Howison co owner of Dark Delicacies and leading horror anthologist Jeff Gelb present perfectly crafted, freshly original horror fiction fare that is as terrifying as it is chillingly delicious.

Dark Delicacies II: Fear

In a second distinguished collection of twenty superb, sublimely dark tales written especially for this volume, such acknowledged contemporary masters of horror fiction as Barbara Hambly, John Farris, James Sallis, Steve Niles, Tananarive Due, L. A. Banks, and Gary Brandner serve up a veritable feast of fear. For the second time, Dark Delicacies, the world’s foremost horror bookstore, lends its famous name and imprimatur to an anthology designed to please the palate of the genre’s most discriminating fans. Throughout, the editors Del Howison co owner of Dark Delicacies and leading horror anthologist Jeff Gelb present perfectly crafted, freshly original horror fiction fare that is as terrifying as it is chillingly delicious.

Dark Delicacies III: Haunted

A stellar cast of horror writers comprise this third entry in the Dark Delicacies anthology series. These twenty one short works will examine and lay bare all the ways in which we are haunted both literally and figuratively. With a new novella from David Morrell and a short story Chuck Palahniuk is writing as a teaching class on his blog, interest in this anthology will prove that the third time is no trick and all treat! Includes contributions from: Kevin J. Anderson Clive Barker Michael Boatman Heather Graham Richard Christian Matheson David Morrell Chuck Palahniuk Victor Salva And many more!

Murder for Revenge

A high school wallflower cooks up justice la carte at her 20th reunion…
A submissive wife sails her domineering husband straight to hell…
A man disposes of his enemy in a murder only a writer could commit. This irresistible collection of original stories was born of a deliciously wicked idea: ask twelve of America’s best writers to explore a single subject people willing, often gleefully so, to kill for revenge. The result is a star studded gathering of fiction’s finest, and an infinitely satisfying banquet of…
Murder for Revenge. In Lawrence Block’s chilling contribution, a serial killer transforms one victim’s brother into his greatest defender to his eternal regret! Revenge more immediate sizzles in Mary Higgins Clark’s ‘Power Play,’ as a dashing ex president and his congresswoman wife outwit terrorists hunting bigger game. Phillip Margolin’s career criminal has an alibi to die for which becomes a nail in the coffin of self defense. Joyce Carol Oates administers revenge most satisfying in ‘Murder Two’ as a brilliant lawyer defends her first criminal client her worst enemy’s son. And in Peter Straub’s ‘Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff,’ a betrayed husband discovers that if you have to ask the price of revenge, you can’t afford to pay for it. Here is delicious retribution in these and seven more superb, all new stories by Thomas H. Cook, Vicki Hendricks, Joan Hess, Judith Kelman, Eric Lustbader, David Morrell, and Shel Silverstein: America’s favorite writers gathered together in one unforgettable volume a wickedly entertaining exploration of sweet, cold blooded revenge. Otto Penzler is the owner of The Mysterious Bookshops in New York City, Los Angeles, and London. The founder of The Mysterious Press and Otto Penzler Books, he is also the editor of the acclaimed collection Murder for Love. He received an Edgar Award for the Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection, and was honored by the Mystery Writers of America in 1994 with the Ellery Queen Award for his contributions in the publishing field. He lives in New York City.

These Guns for Hire

They have a combined total of 500 million book sales, and have won every possible award in the mystery, thriller, and dark fiction genres.

Thirty original hitman stories by today’s modern masters. Noir. Wise guys. Sex. Freelance assassins. Humor. Violence. Femme fatales. Amateurs. Horror. Surprise twists. Hardboiled.

Get ready for some wet work!

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