David Lindsey Books In Order

Stuart Haydon Books In Order

  1. A Cold Mind (1983)
  2. Heat from Another Sun (1984)
  3. Spiral (1986)
  4. In the Lake of the Moon (1988)
  5. Body of Truth (1992)


  1. Black Gold, Red Death (1983)
  2. Mercy (1990)
  3. An Absence of Light (1994)
  4. Requiem for a Glass Heart (1996)
  5. The Colour of Night (1999)
  6. Animosity (2001)
  7. The Rules of Silence (2003)
  8. The Face of the Assassin (2004)

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David Lindsey Books Overview

A Cold Mind

Somewhere in the sprawling city of Houston, a psychopath’s stalking his victims. Each is a high priced call girl trained and groomed for the pleasure of high powered gentlemen. Each is found murdered, her body twisted in a climax of agony, defying medical explanation. but most chilling of all is that the killer is coldly efficient, leaving behind no clues, no motives, no evidence. Homicide detective Stuart Haydon has seen his share of the dangerous passions that lead to murder, but he’s never seen anything like this before. From its luxury condos to its rotting wharves and mean back streets, Haydon is sucked into the seedy sexual underbelly of the city…
into a secret slave trade in flesh and lust…
into the cold mind of a killer in love with death.

Heat from Another Sun

‘Readers enthralled by high voltage thrills will find no better fare.’ Fort Worth News TribuneWhen No Price Is Too High, Pleasure Knows No Limit…
. For homicide detective Stuart Haydon, murder is just the beginning. His investigation into the brutal slaying of a cameraman in a Houston ad agency’s darkroom sets him on the trail of a most bizarre and twisted series of crimes…
the kind that only money can buy.’Brutally straightforward…
this book is filled with violence, but it’s all very well done.’ PeopleAt the heat of the case sits a man of enormous wealth. power, and resources a brilliant, perverse, and reclusive magnate who dreams of the ultimate evil…
and whose financial resources can make his dreams a reality. But to what depths do his obsessions reach…
and to what lengths is he willing to go to satisfy them?’Lindsey takes us to the very depths of human evil…
. Not for the faint hearted; it is for those who appreciate reading a new master of the genre.’ Daily News, New YorkAnswering those questions becomes Haydon’s obsession an obsession which drives him to the edge of blackmail, betrayal, and murder, to the brink of an abyss when he must face his own potential for evil.’Stuart Haydon is no ordinary detective, and Lindsey is no ordinary writer…
. He shows a shrewd mastery of his chosen genre.’ The Atlanta Constitution’A spellbinder of a novel…
There’s not a thriller around with more impact.’ San Jose Mercury News

In the Lake of the Moon

The assault began innocuously enough. Four envelopes delivered through the anonymity of the U.S. mail, four mysterious photos, and then a picture that would draw Houston detective Stuart Haydon into a nightmare world of grisly death and dark obsession. HC: Atheneum.

Body of Truth

Houston homicide detective Stuart Haydon receives a call from a frazzled private investigator and flies to Guatemala to help him find the daughter of a wealthy businessman, in a violent and strangely surreal Central American netherworld.Major Tour.


Houston is shattered by a shock wave of unbelievably vicious sex killings. And this time the pattern is unique way out of line with traditional violent crime psychology. In Detective Carmen Palma’s experience, a psychopath always chooses anonymous targets. But the Houston victims know and trust their killer: They meet willingly in hotel rooms, even in their homes. They don’t fight when the leather cuffs are fastened to their wrists and ankles. They don’t even struggle when the first blows fall…
Palma’s first lightning instinct is that the victims expected their torture. They were practicing masochists, apart of a secret clique that includes some of the city’s most prominent women. They helped choreograph their own punishments every blow. They just didn’t expect to die…

An Absence of Light

When Arthur Tisler, an investigator in the Houston PD’s Intelligence Division, is found with a bullet in his head, everyone hopes it’s suicide. If so, the case can be quietly closed. If Tisler’s death is connected to his investigations this could turn into the biggest scandal in department history. The investigating captain, Marcus Graver, can’t rely on the ‘inside,’ so he hires an independent, a woman who has spent most of her career in the CIA’s Far East operations. Her surveillance leads to a legendary deep cover agent of the Mossad one of the richest and most ruthless criminals in the world. Graver could be out of his league…

Requiem for a Glass Heart

REVENGE CAN BE ECSTASY. Irina Ismaylova is a sexual assassin, luring men and women to her bed…
and their death. From St. Petersburg to Paris, she kills not for money or for pleasure, but under orders from the Russian mafioso who holds her in thrall. Desperate to buy back what is left of her shattered life, Irina must carry outone last mission…
. Cate Cuevas is a special agent in Houston’s FBI office. Devastated by her husband’s death and his betrayal she has plunged into the most dangerousassignment of her career. But to succeed, she must form a secret and profoundly intimate alliance with the enemy: Irina Ismaylova. Two women. One a cop. The other a killer. For these two there is no right, no wrong, no rules. Only the truth…
and terror.

The Colour of Night

Former intelligence officer Harry Strand, a widower, has started a new life as an art dealer and has fallen in love with Mara Song, a beautiful young Asian art collector. But Harry’s peaceful world is shattered when he discovers a shocking videotape of his wife’s death in Mara’s tape collection. Instinctively, Harry knows the hard questions created by this discovery can only be answered if he resurrects old secrets from his intelligence career, secrets that he hoped would stay forever buried. From Rome to Paris to London, Strand will strike bargains with old enemies and find himself fleeing from old allies. Once again, deception becomes his talisman as he learns the painful truth that a secret agent can never retire and never surrender.


American sculptor Ross Marteau, renowned for his sensual depictions of the female form, is retreating to Texas after a particularly traumatic breakup in Europe. In San Rafael to start a new commission, he suddenly finds himself irresistibly drawn to the captivatingly beautiful Celeste, who pleads with Ross to choose Leda, her sister, as his next subject. When he finally meets her, he is stunned she is, at once, the most beautiful and the most grotesque woman he has ever seen. Fascinated by her misshapen body and the incredible torment in her eyes, he accepts the challenge. But soon he is pulled deeper into their desperate world, and when someone close to them is killed, Ross finds himself ensnared in a web of dark secrets and deadly maneuvers.

The Rules of Silence

New York Times bestselling author David Lindsey returns with the gripping story of a man forced to give up everything he’s worked for his entire life or face the horrifying consequences. Titus Cain, a highly successful businessman with a rock solid marriage and a loving circle of friends, is being kidnapped. But this is no ordinary abduction. Cain will not be bound, gagged, and carried away to a deserted cabin. He will live his life as usual: kiss his wife, go to work and slowly, carefully, make a series of ‘unfortunate investments’ totalling 64 million dollars. But if he refuses to cooperate, tells anyone, or attempts to get help, the price will be much higher. Any transgression from his kidnapper’s orders will trigger a death one by one, Cain’s family and friends will be murdered in a seemingly accidental, yet agonizingly slow manner. For Cain’s abductor is a criminal whose greed is exceeded only by his sadism and Cain, terrified and desperate, but unwilling to give up his family and his life, will soon understand his kidnapper’s talent for atrocity.

The Face of the Assassin

The faceless are Paul Bern’s business. As a forensic artist in Austin, Texas, Paul painstakingly reconstructs the likenesses of unfortunate souls whose features have been obliterated by crime or accident. As macabre as his vocation may be, it has become a comfortable and lucrative routine until the day a mysterious woman arrives at his studio. The visitor brings two gifts. The first is a human skull she has smuggled out of Mexico. The second is a staggering secret that brings him eyeball to eyeball with a past he never knew he had. Suddenly, Paul s own government blackmails him into cooperating in a clandestine mission against a Middle Eastern terrorist group that has made the drug jungles of South America its staging ground. By using his own face as bait to lure the enemy, he will become all too intimate with the underworld of violence that he seeks to destroy, while thousands of lives hang in the balance of his intricate and dangerous deception.

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