David J Schow Books In Order

  • Hunt Among the Killers of Men (2010)
  • Novels

    1. The Kill Riff (1988)
    2. The Shaft (1990)
    3. Rock Breaks Scissors Cut (2003)
    4. Bullets of Rain (2003)
    5. Gun Work (2008)
    6. Internecine (2010)
    7. Upgunned (2012)
    8. The Big Crush (2019)


    1. Seeing Red (1983)
    2. Lost Angels (1987)
    3. Sedalia (1989)
    4. Black Leather Required (1994)
    5. Eye (2001)
    6. Zombie Jam (2005)
    7. Havoc Swims Jaded (2006)
    8. Djsturbia (2016)
    9. Corruption at the Crossroad (2017)
    10. DJStories (2018)
    11. Monster Movies (2020)


    1. Crypt Orchids (1998)

    Anthologies edited

    1. Silver Scream (1988)

    Non fiction

    1. The Outer Limits (1986)
    2. The Outer Limits Companion (1992)
    3. Wild Hairs (2000)
    4. The Art of Drew Struzan (2010)
  • Hunt Among the Killers of Men
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    David J Schow Books Overview

    Bullets of Rain

    Widowed architect Arthur Latimer has become a recluse in his own home: a storm proof fortress that doubles as a shrine to his dead wife. But the outside world beckons in the form of a bizarre party downbeach. Now, just as the biggest hurricane ever to hit the Pacific Northwest rolls in with deadly force, Art is subjected to intrusions from his past and invasions from the present. And soon he begins to doubt everything he sees or thinks he already knows. And soon you may too.

    Gun Work

    POINT AND SHOOT. Life isn’t always cheap south of the border some lives are worth a million dollars. That’s what the Mexican kidnapping cartel was demanding for Carl Ledbetter s wife. So Carl reached out to the one person he knew with a chance in hell of saving her, a deadly man whose own life he d saved in the sands of Iraq. It was time to call in some favors. Because some situations call for negotiation, but some call for Gun Work.


    Smart, scathing, and verbally inventive to an astonishing degree, David J. Schow is one of the most interesting writers of his generation. Peter Straub Inter what? When advertising executive Conrad Maddox returns from a redeye flight and finds a mysterious locker key waiting in his rental car, he discovers a briefcase loaded with guns and money. Several hours later, his entire life tumbles down a rabbit hole when he meets Dandine, owner of the case and former contract assassin for a shadowy organization called Norco, which is now out to nail both of them. Internecine means conflict, mutual destruction, and slaughter or, as Dandine tells Conrad, they are now inadvertently at play in a field of terrorism, counter assassination, military coups, dirty tricks, Watergate, spy vs. spy, murky secret organizations, that sort of thing. A world in which being innocent can t save you, the police can t help you, and your only hope of getting out alive is to risk unheard of dangers against opponents with nearly unlimited power. To free themselves from the spider web of black ops, murder, madness and betrayal, Dandine and Conrad must delve ever deeper into the spiraling, dangerous maze that is Norco, where everyone seems to be in on the most lethal of games except you.

    Lost Angels

    Lost Angels are victims of the rigors of love in the City of Night. Los Angeles is where love is found, earned, stolen, sought, regained…
    and ultimately lost again. Schow features an Introduction by Richard Christian Matheson and an Afterword written especially for this edition. Also includes a brand new short story, ‘Calendar Girl’.

    Silver Scream

    From the broken down picture palaces to glorious neon drive ins, from the has been stars of yesterday to the ambitious, rapacious would be stars of tomorrow, Silver Scream presents the best that terror has to offer. Includes works from Clive Barker, Robert Bloch, Ramsey Campbell, and more.

    Wild Hairs

    A collection of columns and essays by rabble rouser Schow.

    The Art of Drew Struzan

    He is the favorite artist of both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and the artist behind some of the most iconic images of our time he is Drew Struzan. Struzan has worked on the posters for the biggest films of the last 30 years. Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and E.T: The Extraterrestrial to name but a few. The first ever book to cover Struzan’s iconic poster artwork in depth, with the final artwork for each piece accompanied by background and anecdotes from an exclusive interview with the artist. With an introduction to Struzan s philosophies and techniques, this stunning hardcover will include photos, sketches and reference material, plus closeups and a brief history of each poster featured, from Star Wars to The Goonies.

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