David Gilman Books In Order

Danger Zone Books In Publication Order

  1. The Devil’s Breath (2007)
  2. Ice Claw (2008)
  3. Blood Sun (2009)

Master of War Books In Publication Order

  1. Master of War (2013)
  2. Defiant Unto Death (2015)
  3. Gate of the Dead (2015)
  4. Viper’s Blood (2017)
  5. Scourge of Wolves (2018)
  6. Cross of Fire (2020)
  7. Shadow of the Hawk (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Monkey and Me (2014)
  2. The Last Horseman (2016)
  3. Night Flight to Paris (2019)
  4. The Englishman (2020)

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David Gilman Books Overview

The Devil’s Breath

WHEN AN ASSASSIN bursts from the shadows to try to kill him on the dark, windswept grounds of his boarding school in England, Max Gordon realizes his life is about to change forever. After learning that his explorer father is missing, Max is determined to find him, no matter what dangers may lay in his path. A secret clue his father left behind leads Max to the inhospitable wilderness of Namibia, where he soon discovers a potentially massive ecological disaster masterminded by Shaka Chang, a very powerful and completely ruthless man a man Max fears may have put his father in mortal danger. Max needs all the help he can get. Because whoever is behind his father’s disappearance is determined to get rid of Max, too. For good. From the Hardcover edition.

Ice Claw

Max Gordon: Wanted for MurderHigh in the freezing French Pyrenees, Max Gordon’s race to win an X treme sports challenge has become a race to survive. He witnesses the last moments of a mysterious Basque monk, who screams a cryptic clue before plummeting to his death. The clue? A prophecy that foretells a cataclysmic ecological event that will kill millions of people across Europe. Max is desperate to find a solution, but instead he s accused of causing the monk s death, and the hunt is on to find him. How can Max prove his innocence when nobody will trust him…
and he can trust no one?Praise for The Devil s Breath: Well paced and action packed. Kirkus ReviewsFrom the Hardcover edition.

Blood Sun

Deep in the London underground, a train shudders across an unseen body. Days later, on the bleakness of Dartmoor, Max Gordon learns of a fellow student’s death in the capital. Danny Maguire was carrying an envelope with Max’s name on it containing the secret of Max’s mother’s death. The clues take Max into the endangered rainforest of Central America where, hunted down by a ruthless killer, he must also escape the jaws of deadly crocodiles and flesh eating piranhas. The truth Max is desperately trying to uncover lies deep within the dangerous forest’s heart…
if only he can stay alive to reach it. The third & final novel in David Gilman’s supercharged sophisticated adventure series, perfect for fans of Anthony Horowitz, James Patterson, and the Jason Bourne movies.

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