David Donachie Books In Order

The Conquest Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Mercenaries (2009)
  2. Warriors (2009)
  3. Conquest (2010)

Contraband Shore Books In Publication Order

  1. The Contraband Shore (2017)
  2. A Lawless Place (2019)
  3. Blood Will Out (2020)

Crusades Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Son of Blood (2012)
  2. Soldier of Crusade (2012)
  3. Prince of Legend (2013)

John Pearce Books In Publication Order

  1. By the Mast Divided (2005)
  2. A Shot Rolling Ship (2005)
  3. An Awkward Commission (2007)
  4. A Flag of Truce (2008)
  5. The Admiral’s Game (2008)
  6. An Ill Wind (2009)
  7. Blown Off Course (2010)
  8. Enemies at Every Turn (2012)
  9. A Sea of Troubles (2012)
  10. A Divided Command (2013)
  11. The Devil to Pay (2014)
  12. The Perils of Command (2016)
  13. A Treacherous Coast (2016)
  14. On a Particular Service (2017)
  15. A Close Run Thing (2019)
  16. HMS Hazard (2021)

The Last Roman Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Vengeance (2014)
  2. Honour (2014)
  3. Triumph (2015)

Markham Of The Marines Books In Publication Order

  1. A Shred of Honour (1996)
  2. Honour Be Damned (1998)
  3. Honour Redeemed (1998)

Midshipman Wormwood Books In Publication Order

  1. All at Sea (2019)
  2. The Hero’s Curse (2020)
  3. A Fleet to Command (2020)
  4. The Corsican Sisters (2020)

Nelson and Emma Books In Publication Order

  1. On a Making Tide (2000)
  2. Tested By Fate (2004)
  3. Breaking the Line (2004)

Privateersman Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. The Devil’s Own Luck (1993)
  2. The Dying Trade (1993)
  3. A Hanging Matter (1994)
  4. An Element of Chance (1995)
  5. The Scent of Betrayal (1996)
  6. A Game of Bones (1997)

Republic Books In Publication Order

  1. The Pillars of Rome (2007)
  2. The Sword of Revenge (2011)
  3. The Gods of War (2011)

Road to War Books In Publication Order

  1. The Burning Sky (2011)
  2. A Broken Land (2011)
  3. A Bitter Field (2012)

SAS Boat Troop Books In Publication Order

  1. Blood Money (1998)
  2. Boat Troop (1998)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Direct Action (1999)

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David Donachie Books Overview


Six brothers, trained since birth to become great warriors, prepare to experience their first taste of battle 1033, along the Norman/French border. The sons of Tancred de Hauteville are following in their father’s footsteps. As knights, they have but one true purpose: to fight. But denied service with their duke, they are forced to take employment as Mercenaries; their unequalled battle skills are for hire to the highest bidder. Victory and defeat, betrayal and revenge combine as the desperation to rule the wealthy Norman lands becomes an intense battle, testing even the strongest of ties.


Italy, 11th Century. The Byzantine Empire rules much of Europe and in the Italian states it does so through force and bribery, but the indigenous populations are restless. Arduin of Fassano with the Lombard and Norman men he commands are mercenaries for the young and enterprising Byzantine general, Michael Doukeianos. However, Arduin feels the time may have come to rejoin his Lombard brethren and rise up in revolt against their Eastern rulers. A crucial city in this revolt is the fortress of Melfi. General Doukeianos appoints Arduin to protect it, unaware of his imminent betrayal. To guard this stronghold Arduin hires the most feared of all the Western soldiers: the Normans. Led by Rainulf Drengot and his right hand man William de Hauteville, oldest of the mercenary de Hauteville brothers, these men are Arduin’s greatest hope of overcoming the might of Byzantium.


In twenty years the de Hautevilles have gone from penniless obscurity to become the most potent warrior family in all of Christendom: depended on by the Pope, feared by Byzantium and respected by the Holy Roman Emperor. One by one they have proved themselves to be great warriors. Yet the greatest of the family has yet to make his presence felt. Roger, the youngest son of Tancred de Hauteville has finally come to Italy, not only a great warrior but an even more canny politician. The path is not easy amid the bubbling stew of Italian politics. There are enemies at Roger’s back as well as before him, battles to fight and defeats to be reversed, treacheries both secret and transparent to circumvent in a bloody campaign. Although the loyalty of blood only goes so far, it is that, above everything, which will in the end be the catalyst that propels the name de Hauteville to the pinnacle of power. This is the final installment in Ludlow’s latest series of historical adventure and intrigue.

By the Mast Divided

David Donachie has written a stunning new series of twelve naval history books tracing the heroic career of young John Pearce to Post Captain. London: 1793. Young firebrand John Pearce, on the run from the authorities, is illegally press ganged from the Pelican tavern into brutal life aboard HMS Brilliant, a frigate on its way to war. In the first few days Pearce discovers the Navy is a world in which he can prosper. But he is not alone; he is drawn to a group of men who eventually form an exclusive gun crew, the Pelicans, with Pearce their elected leader. Shipboard life is hard, brutal and dangerous. That anyone chooses it suggest that life ashore is worse. The Pelicans find solidarity in facing together the cruelty of their hard nosed captain, Barclay, and the daily threat of bullying, flogging even murder. The one light on the horizon is the captain’s young, curvaceous wife, Emily. During an action packed two weeks, as HMS Brilliant chases a French privateer across the English Channel, this disparate group of men form friendships that will last a lifetime. David Donachie cleverly weaves these fictional characters into true historical situations to produce a compelling and utterly absorbing introductory novel.

A Shot Rolling Ship

Pressed into King George’s Navy for the second time in a month, John Pearce and his Pelicans find themselves working aboard the HMS Brazen, sailing the Channel from Plymouth to Dover in search of the numerous French privateers that prey on English merchant shipping: her task to stop them and, if possible, to capture or destroy them

The Brazen is a slow and overcrowded ship, having a hard time capturing her prey and so the promised bounty fails to materialize. And Pearce has greater things on his mind he must rescue his ailing father from the dangers of revolutionary Paris and to do that he must somehow leave the ship. He tries mutiny, the crew being readied by failure, but Captain Benjamin Colbourne is quick and smartly promotes Pearce to Midshipman. Pearce is thereby freed to leave the ship immediately which appears to the remaining Pelicans as though their leader has deserted them.

Travelling to France, Pearce discovers that he is late to save his father, who died too weak to survive the rigors of prison. What else is Pearce to do but return to the Brazen and put right the appearance of betrayal with which he left, and to learn his seagoing trade in order to exact revenge…

Entwining historical facts with fictitious characters, David Donachie has once again created a masterpiece of nautical adventure fiction.

An Awkward Commission

Stranded in Portsmouth, John Pearce has once again failed to secure the release of those who depended on him his fellow Pelicans. They have been shipped off to the Mediterranean while he was indulging himself in London. So he must take ship and follow them. His application to William Pitt for a place finds him as 8th lieutenant on HMS Victory, flagship of Admiral Lord Hood. South and ahead of him, his Pelicans are serving under a flogging captain, but all is not lost as each of the gang does what he can to promote himself O Hagan fights to establish his place in the below decks hierarch; Taverner carves out a niche where his trickery can work to the gang’s advantage; Gherson ends up as secretary to Rear Admiral Ralph Barclay. As the action moves to the main French Mediterranean port of Toulon, the tension between crews and captains intensifies, coming to a brilliant head when the HMS Brilliant is detached from the fleet under the orders of Captain Horatio Nelson, bound for North Africa.

A Flag of Truce

John Pearce comes back from Corsica demanding that Captain Barclay of HMS Brilliant, the man who originally pressed him and his fellow Pelicans into the Navy, be tried at home by a civilian court. Against the background of the ongoing siege of Toulon and with the Revolutionary Army massing to attack, no one in authority sees this as a good time to accede to his requests. Barclay’s patron Admiral Hotham contrives a way out of the dilemma. He staffs the ship Pearce captured in Corsica with members of the Revolutionary Navy refusing to serve under the Bourbon flag and gives it to Henry Digby, with Pearce and his Pelicans under him, so that they may transport the renegade French sailors to an Atlantic port and set them free. Whilst Pearce is gone Hotham fixes a court martial where Barclay is found innocent for lack of evidence, a ruse that leads to an open breach with his wife Emily. Pearce eventually returns to the siege having survived conflict on both land and water only to find Barclay acquitted and exempt from further trial under the law of double jeopardy. Despite clear warnings not to do so he begins a romance with Emily Barclay, but mayhem surrounds the evacuation of Toulon and the revolutionary forces, including Napoleon Bonaparte, are closing in to retake the port…

The Admiral’s Game

Since being illegally press ganged into joining King George’s Navy, John Pearce has overcome numerous adversaries, which have secured him a position of command on board HMS Faron. Having successfully overcome the French at the Siege of Toulon, Pearce and his comrades, the Pelicans, now face the on going, bloody battle to defend the port.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Pearce’s continuing conflict with Captain Ralph Barclay, the man responsible for press ganging Pearce and his companions into the Navy, intensifies as Barclay faces a court martial for his actions. But with Barclay’s superiors, Admiral Lord Hood and Admiral Hotham, in dispute over how to deal with Barclay’s misgivings and with his wife, Emily, struggling to cope with his barbarous nature, Barclay’s future looks uncertain. Pearce’s hope for retribution may occur sooner than he anticipated, but would it be to his advantage?

As Pearce confronts assaults from both the French and his superiors, it becomes clear that Pearce and his comrades are part of a large and potentially fatal plan, where war becomes a calculated game to be won.

An Ill Wind

Toulon, 1793. With the Republican Army at the gates, the citizens of Toulon are panicking, trying to flee the retribution of the guillotine. Amongst this confusion John Pearce and the rest of the Allied forces must put the needs of war before their lives: the Arsenal and dockyard must be destroyed, the ships they cannot get away must be set alight to deny them to the enemy. And Pearce is entrusted with dangerous tasks by Admiral Hotham.

His orders take on a particularly a challenging form when Pearce is tasted with evacuating the hospital and finds himself sailing in close proximity to Captain Ralph Barclay the man he intends to have court martialled and his wife Emily. Matters between the men come to a head, and Pearce is sucked into a web of intrigue and devious politics.

Blown Off Course

Lieutenant John Pearce is in London seeking protection for his friends, the Pelicans, from a reluctant Admiralty. Sat in the Pelican Tavern where they were first press ganged, he wonders what future he has, lacking funds and an occupation if he leaves Navy, and without the evidence that would bring Captain Ralph Barclay to justice for perjury. Problems are mounting for Barclay as well. Emily, his young, estranged wife, is refusing to live under the same roof as him and intends to use the evidence Pearce thinks is lost to get her own way. What action will be necessary to silence those who spell trouble for Barclay? Matters are looking up for Pearce when a smiling stranger offers him employment; the very profitable but illegal task of fetching a ship laden with contraband back from France. But is that smiling stranger all that he appears to be? How much danger is Emily Barclay in and are Pearce and his Pelicans sailing into prosperity or danger?

A Shred of Honour

As an Irish Catholic and a reputed coward, Lieutenant George Markham is a marine with something to prove. When his commanding officer is killed at sea, Markham seizes his chance and finds himself at the helm of a creaky frigate crewed by malcontents. Now, Markham must gain the crew’s respect, teach them to fight as a unit, and lead them into the heart of Revolutionary France on a mission they aren’t expected to survive.

Praise for A Shred of Honour and the Markham of the Marines Series:

‘The action rises to a grand and bloody climax.’ Booklist

‘One of the novel’s strengths is its historical accuracy, especially regarding the weaponry of the period…
The scenes explaining the use of muskets, and Markham’s attempts to train his troops to fire accurately, are fascinating.’ Denver Post

Honour Be Damned

Lieutenant George Markham and his Marines must escort a group of French Royalists behind enemy lines on a secret quest. But Markham’s mission is put in jeopardy with the unexpected arrival of a figure from his past…

Honour Redeemed

Lieutenant George Markham of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines has earned his reputation for trouble. So his superiors assign him to a suicide mission battling the French over the island of Corsica. Surrounded by spies, traitors, and rivals including a jealous husband Markham’s only hope lies in the men under his command who the top brass believe are the scum of the earth…

On a Making Tide

On a Making Tide

Horatio Nelson was the greatest military genius Britain has ever produced and one of her most beloved heroes. But few know of the complex relationship between the indomitable Nelson and his lover, Emma Hamilton a relationship of equals in daring and ambition, both determined to rise. With David Donachie’s vivid and accurate shipboard action, storm havoc, and the battle scenes, On a Making Tide follows Nelson s little known early Royal Navy career. Quickly earning his reputation for daring yet benevolent leadership during the American Revolutionarily War, Nelson makes post Captain at just twenty. At the same time, the book chronicles the rise of Emma Hamilton through the ranks of servant girls and prostitutes to become Lady Hamilton. Together, Nelson and Emma were destined to take Europe by storm, their relationship transforming class and social norms of the time, and the force of their personalities leaving an indelible mark on those around them. The first in a trilogy of biographical novels, On a Making Tide takes Nelson and Emma to the threshold of greatness, and gives readers a look inside the early lives of the complicated and legendary figures.

Tested By Fate

Part biography, part racy romance, this is the second book in the Nelson and Emma Trilogy.

From a London street urchin to mistress of a palazzo in Naples, Lady Emma Hamilton has fought her way to social prominence. Strolling through lemon scented gardens with the Queen of Naples, and indulged by her besotted, older husband, Emma should be satisfied. Yet when Horatio Nelson arrives in Naples, the pair are instantly infatuated with each other. Craving excitement and passion, they begin an affair that scandalizes European society.

Breaking the Line

To a nation consumed by war, Admiral Horatio Nelson is now a hero and Britain’s best hope of victory. To those in power, he is an arrogant glory seeker, too quick to disregard orders. And then there s Nelson s lover, Lady Emma Hamilton: shunned by the establishment for her checkered past, she bears Nelson s daughter, but the child must be hidden to protect his reputation. As the pressure mounts, Nelson and Emma defy friends and enemies alike to follow destiny as Nelson moves ever closer to the greatest naval battle in history!

The Devil’s Own Luck

Harry Ludlow, forced out of the Royal Navy, becomes a privateer in partnership with his younger brother James. But for the Ludlows, murder and intrigue take more of their time than hunting fat trading vessels. Harry and James find themselves aboard the Navy’s 74 gun Magnanime. In command is a captain with whom Harry has crossed swords in the past. When James is found standing over the body of a dead officer, Harry’s feud shifts into the background.

The Dying Trade

Part naval swashbuckler, part mystery story, ‘The Dying Trade‘ tells the story of smuggling and death in the Mediterranean at the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Harry Ludlow and his brother James find themselves in Genoa where Harry is commissioned to investigate a British officer’s death.

A Hanging Matter

Returning to England, Harry and James become embroiled in a vicious struggle between rival smugglers played out in the English Channel. Witnesses to a bloody confrontation, they flee to Deal only to find that, behind its picturesque facade, the town is a haven for traders in contraband, seething with corruption and violence.

An Element of Chance

As war spreads across the globe, Harry Ludlow joins the struggle for the richest trade in the world. When half his crew is illegally pressed into the Royal Navy by the vicious Captain Toner, Harry sets off in pursuit. Toner’s ship reaches the West Indies with Harry close behind, and they sail into a maelstrom of piracy, corruption, and murder stirred up by a French privateer.

The Scent of Betrayal

The discovery of an abandoned Spanish merchant ship off the coast of America plunges the Ludlows into a far reaching conspiracy fueled by jealousy, ambition and nationalistic fervor. The Bucephalas lies trapped under the gaping muzzles of the 32 pounder Spanish guns of New Orleans’ harbor fort. It quickly becomes clear that the corridors of the governor’s residence are just as busy with treachery, doubled dealing, and murder as the back alleys of the sweltering city outside.

A Game of Bones

The long awaited return of the Bucephalas to the safety of the Cinque Ports is interrupted by a disastrous engagement in the Channel. The looming shape of a merchantman becalmed in fog presents an almost irresistible allure. But for Harry Ludlow and his battle weary crew, the pursuit of one last easy prize leads to a desperate fight.

The Pillars of Rome

With barbarians at the gate and enemies within, two men must fight for the soul of the Republic and the greatest empire in the world. A cave hacked out of the rock, lit by flickering torches…
two young boys appeal to the famed Roman oracle for a glimpse into their future. The Sybil draws a blood red shape of an eagle with wings outstretched. An omen of death. As they flee from the cave in fear, Aulus and Lucius make an oath of loyalty until death. An oath that will be tested in the years to come. Thirty years on and Aulus, now Rome’s most successful general, faces his toughest battle. Barbarian rebels have captured his wife, and are demanding the withdrawal of Roman legions from their land in return for her life. It is unthinkable for Aulus to agree, and he fears her life must be forfeit to Rome. Meanwhile, Lucius has risen to high rank in the Senate; a position he uses and abuses. But when Lucius is suspected of arranging a murder, the very foundations of the Republic are threatened. Lucius and Aulus soon find themselves on very different sides of the conflict perhaps the prophecy of the eagle will come true after all. History and adventure, brutality and courage combine to powerful effect, making The Pillars of Rome an outstanding opening to the Republic series.

The Sword of Revenge

One shall tame a mighty foe, the other strike to save Rome’s fame, neither will achieve their aim. Look aloft if you dare, though what you fear cannot fly, both will face it before you die Aulus is dead. Hailed as a hero of the republic, his sons, Quintus and Titus have new and heavy responsibilities placed upon them. Lucius, now the most powerful, and sinister, senator in Rome, is keen to manipulate the Cornelii family to achieve his own goals. Meanwhile the young Aquila lives in Spain with dreams of becoming a powerful solider to fight for Rome and discover his destiny that is hidden within his Eagled amulet.

The Gods of War

Lucius Falerius is dead, and Rome in its entirety mourns the passing of its most powerful senator. It falls to his young son Marcellus to carry out his father’s legacy and restore the rights promised to the defeated Sicilian slaves, yet there are those who will not see the honour of Rome compromised and the slaves assuaged. On the Roman border provinces there is trouble, and the legions move north to neutralize the threat posed by the Celts. The confederation of Celtic tribes is united under one Chieftain, the formidable and unpredictable Brennos, yet there is a plot to see him dead and the confederation broken. For Brennos, the treachery comes from within his own family, for which he will exact a brutal and bloody revenge. Meanwhile Aquila, accompanied by his nephew Fabius, finds himself under the command of a young tribune who bears the same name as the man responsible for the death of his old friend and mentor. And still there remains the question of the Eagle charm he wears around his neck, the only clue as to his real identity.

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