David Dodge Books In Order

Whit Whitney Books In Order

  1. Death and Taxes (1941)
  2. Bullets for the Bridegroom (1944)

Al Colby Books In Order

  1. The Long Escape (1950)
  2. Plunder of the Sun (1950)

John Abraham Lincoln Books In Order

  1. Hooligan (1969)
  2. Troubleshooter (1972)


  1. To Catch a Thief (1953)
  2. The Lights of Skaro (1954)
  3. Loo Loo’s legacy (1960)
  4. High Corniche (1961)
  5. The Last Match (2006)

Non fiction

  1. The Crazy Glasspeck*er (1949)

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David Dodge Books Overview

Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes‘ is the first novel written by David Dodge, who would go on to write some of the finest novels in the mystery genre, including the legendary ‘To Catch a Thief.’ Often compared to Dashiell Hammett, Dodge’s urbane writing style stands the test of time. His novels are fresh, fast paced and witty. ‘Death and Taxes‘ was originally written on a bet with his wife and it draws extensively from his experience as a tax consultant. Who’d of thought the subject of tax fraud, when mixed with murder, romance and binge drinking, could be so entertaining. ‘Death and Taxes‘ has one of the funniest drinking scenes in all of literature not to be missed, and Whit Whitney, tax man turned detective in 1940’s San Francisco, is one of the most endearing characters in crime fiction.

Plunder of the Sun

ON THE TRAIL OF THE LOST TREASURE OF THE INCAS WITH EVERY FORTUNE HUNTER IN SOUTH AMERICA CLOSING IN! Al Colby should never have agreed to smuggle the package from Chile to Peru. Now one man’s dead, two beautiful women have betrayed him, and a couple of gunmen are hot on his trail. All because of an ancient Quechua manuscript pointing to the hiding place of a priceless ho*ard, lost for centuries. Now the race is on by train, by plane, by motorboat and by mule first to find the treasure and then to escape with it alive

To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief is David Dodge’s most famous novel, and rightly so. Alfred Hitchcock firmly cinched its place in the annals of crime fiction by adapting it into an Academy Award winning film starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. The story centers on John Robie, American expatriate and skilled gymnast, who once upon a time was Le Chat, the famous and elusive cat burglar who worked the South of France. The legend of Le Chat grew with each crime. Following the war, Robie retires to a quiet life in France and vows to leave his past behind. His retirement is shattered when a copy cat burglar commits a string of robberies that puts the police on Le Chat’s trail again. Robie must catch the phony Le Chat before the police catch him. The Bruin Books edition of To Catch a Thief is the first publication of the novel in many years and includes an introduction by Randal S. Brandt and afterword by Jean Buchanan. At last this beloved mystery is back in print.

The Last Match

When a handsome swindler working the French Riviera meets a beautiful heiress on the beach at Cannes, sparks fly. But so do bullets and soon he’s forced to flee the country with both the police and the heiress on his trail. From the casinos of Monaco to the jungles of Brazil, from Tangier to Marrakech to Peru, the chase is on. And not even a veteran of Monte Carlo s baccarat tables would dare to place odds on where it will end

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