David Alexander Books In Order

C.A.D.S. Books In Order

  1. C.A.D.S. (1985)
  2. Tech Battleground (1986)
  3. Tech Commando (1986)
  4. Tech Strike Force (1987)
  5. Tech Satan (1988)
  6. Tech Inferno (1988)
  7. Doom Commander (1989)
  8. Cybertech Killing Zone (1989)
  9. Suicide Attack (1990)
  10. Recon by Fire (1990)
  11. Death Zone Attack (1991)
  12. Tech Assassins (1991)

Phoenix Books In Order

  1. Dark Messiah (1987)
  2. Ground Zero (1987)
  3. Death Quest (1988)
  4. Metalstorm (1988)
  5. Whirlwind (1988)

Z Commando Books In Order

  1. Killpoint (1989)

Coltray Books In Order

  1. Coltray (1990)
  2. Pay the Devil (1990)
  3. Vengeance (1991)

Nomad Books In Order

  1. Nomad (1992)
  2. Death Race (1992)
  3. Smart Bomb (1993)
  4. Desert Fire (1993)

Marine Force One Books In Order

  1. Marine Force One (2001)
  2. From the Halls of Montezuma (2005)
  3. Strike Vector (2002)

Under Attack Books In Order

  1. Under Attack (2009)
  2. Kill Chain (2014)

Brooklynese Books In Order

  1. Brooklynese (2009)
  2. The King of West Brooklyn (2016)

Apocalypse Manuscript Books In Order

  1. The Man From D.A.V.E. (2011)

Trainjack Books In Order

  1. Trainjack (2014)

Coronavirus Prophesies Books In Order

  1. Coronavirus Prophesies (2020)
  2. Wireheads / Krystal Blue Persuasion (2020)


  1. Bandit (1994)
  2. Switchback (1997)
  3. Shadow Down (2000)
  4. Special Ops (2001)
  5. Chain Reaction (2002)
  6. USMC (2007)
  7. Terminal Vector (2009)
  8. Snake Handlers (2009)
  9. Threatcon Delta: Assault on the Pentagon (2009)
  10. Brooklyn Meeng’ (2009)
  11. Black Manta (2009)
  12. Bloodbath (2010)
  13. Death Pulse (2010)
  14. Eternal Vigilance (2011)
  15. War Pigs (2011)
  16. Brothers of the Gun (2013)
  17. Habu Patch (2014)
  18. I Kinda Spy (2014)
  19. Co-Co-Caleevio (2017)
  20. The Blackout Heist (2019)



  1. Terror on the Orient-Express (2010)
  2. Odds Are You Won’t Live To See Tomorrow (2013)


  1. With an Hour to Spare in Fuji, Japan (2012)
  2. Pussy Chains and Money Chains (2018)
  3. Vertical Sleep (2019)

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David Alexander Books Overview


Combining the best of bare knuckle brawn and computer generated weapons, Nomad, a member of an ultrasecret terrorist force, battles a techno messiah poised to prevent the deployment of a satellite system that could provide humanity with limitless energy.

Strike Vector

The Iraqis are gathering materials to build hybrid nuclear warheads beyond any technology the U.S. has ever seen and they’re almost done. Now it’s up to Marine Force One to cut the terrorist supply line down to size.


When a billion dollar diamond deal cut by one of New York’s heaviest crime families goes sour, and the consignment of rare gems is lost overseas, a crew of wise guys straight out of Brooklyn is ordered to get it back any way they can. This is an international caper novel to end all caper novels, a nonstop page turner jam packed with action from start to finish and one of Alexander’s boldest books ever. This edition has been newly reformatted for the Kindle reader.

Chain Reaction

The unthinkable has happened again. A terrorist strike on a major New York City landmark leaves utter devastation in its wake. Caught at ground zero is NYPD detective Jack Keller, who barely escapes with his life. His longtime friend and former partner is not so lucky. Keller vows to bring the terrorist mastermind, Gregory Vanesco, to justice, and begins to track him down in a relentless global manhunt from Paris to Venice to the Middle East. Little does Keller suspect how high the odds are, and that time is running out. For his elusive quarry is gearing up for the boldest terrorist strike in history. If successful, it will unleash nuclear holocaust on millions of victims and change the world forever.

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