Dave Freer Books In Order

Rats, Bats and Vats Books In Order

  1. Rats, Bats and Vats (2000)
  2. The Rats, the Bats and the Ugly (2004)
  3. Crawlspace and Other Stories (2011)

Pyramid Books In Order

  1. Pyramid Scheme (2001)
  2. Pyramid Power (2007)

Heirs of Alexandria Books In Order

  1. The Shadow of the Lion (2002)
  2. This Rough Magic (2003)
  3. Much Fall of Blood (2010)
  4. Burdens of the Dead (2013)
  5. All the Plagues of Hell (2018)

Dragon’s Ring Books In Order

  1. Dragon’s Ring (2009)
  2. Dog and Dragon (2012)

Cuttlefish Books In Order

  1. Cuttlefish (2012)
  2. The Steam-Mole (2012)

Bolg, PI Books In Order

  1. The Vampire Bride (2012)
  2. Away with the fairies (2012)
  3. Wolfy Ladies (2012)
  4. The Bolg and the Beautiful (2015)

Reverend Joy Mystery Books In Order

  1. Joy Cometh With The Mourning (2014)


  1. The Forlorn (1999)
  2. A Slow Train to Arcturus (2008)
  3. Stardogs (2014)
  4. Changeling’s Island (2016)
  5. TOM (2016)
  6. Cloud-Castles (2022)


  1. Pirates of the Suara Sea (2011)
  2. Red Fiddler (2011)
  3. The Witch’s Murder (2011)
  4. Soot & Cassandra (2011)
  5. The Leprechaun and the Bootlace (2011)
  6. The Road to Dundee (2011)
  7. Paddavissie (2014)
  8. Lucky Number 7 (2017)

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Dave Freer Books Overview

Rats, Bats and Vats

Chip Connolly was a conscripted grunt in trouble: stuck behind enemy lines with a bunch of cyber uplifted rats and bats. Rats with human speech, but with rat priorities: sex, food and strong drink. And the bats were revolutionaries planning to throw off the human yoke with high explosive. Then there was the girl they’d rescued. Rich. Beautiful. With a passionate crush on her ‘heroic’ rescuer. Her entourage was a screwball Alien tutor, and a cyber uplifted lemurlike pet galago with delusions of being the world’s greatest lover. Of course things only got worse. Seven rats, five bats, a galago, two humans, a sea urchin like alien and an elderly vineyard tractor without brakes…
against several million inimical aliens. He was going to die. Mind you, not dying could be even more terrible. That girl might get him.

The Rats, the Bats and the Ugly

The intrepid team of mentally uplifted rats and bats, and their vat born human leader had not only pulled off the only victory the beleaguered colony’s feeble and bungling military forces had won against the invading aliens, but had also uncovered the secret that the invaders were really a feint, being under the control of the other aliens which the naive humans had thought were their allies. Unfortunately, that was the easy part, because now they had to convince their boneheaded military bureaucracy, burdened with incompetents and riddled with quisling humans, of their discovery, and keep from being courtmarshalled, drugged into submission, or executed by the human traitors. And they had to do this quickly, before the aliens launched their surprise attack. Fortunately, they had found a way around the alien’s mental programming. What’s more, the daring and resourceful Fluff apparently the ineffectual pet of one of the colony’s ruling class, but in reality a hidalgo without peer was on their side. Only Fluff can save us now…

Pyramid Scheme

An alien pyramid has appeared in the middle of Chicago. It is growing, destroying the city as it does and nothing seems able to stop it, not even the might of the US military. Somehow, the pyramid is snatching people and for unknown reasons transporting them into worlds of mythology. One of the victims, Dr Lukacs, is an expert on mythology, but myths are not something he’d expected to encounter personally. Sure, he has a couple of tough paratroopers along with him, as well as a blond Amazon biologist. But their modern weapons don’t work, and the Greek gods are out to kill them all…

Pyramid Power

The Pyramid is baacckk! Well, actually, it never went away but it had seemed to be inactive, still sitting in the middle of Chicago but no longer growing and wiping out buildings as it grew. The pyramidal device sent by the Krin to dominate the Earth had suffered a severe setback when the motley crew of ivory tower academics, paratroopers, and one resourceful maintenance man had not only survived the worst that both the gods and mortals of Classical Greece and ancient Egypt could do, but had managed to escape from the ur mythological world that the Krin pyramid had somehow brought to deadly life in a parallel dimension, bringing several beings out of myth along with them.

The Krin device would have been thwarted, if things had been left as they were but a V.I.P., who knows too many state secrets to be allowed to be missing, was left behind in the world of Greek mythology. So a power mad Washington bureaucrat has press ganged several of the survivors of the first excursion into the pyramid’s worlds and sent them, along with a team trained in ?surgical strikes,? to either bring back the V.I.P. or, if that’s impossible, terminate him with extreme prejudice. Unfortunately, instead of returning to mythological Greece, they find themselves in the world of the Norse gods. Even if they manage to survive the enmity of Odin and his warriors, can manage to free Loki a potential ally and can keep the hard drinking thunder god Thor off the sauce long enough to help them, Ragnarok is coming, with the end of the world. And even a hard headed maintenance man may have trouble fixing that problem!

The Shadow of the Lion

As the bronze statue of the great winged lion stares out across the Piazza San Marco, a failed magician must find courage. An orphaned outcast must find his strength. A reluctant prince must choose between duty and pleasure. All will be consumed by an evil greater than they have ever known.

This Rough Magic

Venice had been thrown into chaos by the scheming of Chernobog, who came within a hair of seizing absolute power, but was thwarted by the guardian Lion spirit, who awoke to protect his city from the power mad demon. But the power of the Lion does not extend beyond Venice, and Chernobog has a new ally in the King of Hungary, who has laid siege to the island of Corfu as the first step in his plan to seize control of the Adriatic from Venice. Trapped on the island is the small band of heroes who awoke the Lion and blocked Chernobog’s power grab before. They are far from the Lion’s power to help them, but as Manfred and Erik lead a guerrilla movement to fight the Hungarian invaders, Maria discovers that the ancient magical powers of the island are coming to life again, stirred by the siege. If she can make an alliance with them, she may be able to repel the invaders but not without paying a bitter personal price…

Much Fall of Blood

Prince Manfred and his mentor and bodyguard, the deadly warrior Erik, have survived dangers and enemies both natural and supernatural, and if they thought that their new mission was going to be anything but more of the same, they soon gave up on that hope. Returning from Jerusalem, they and their escort of knights of the Holy Trinity are escorting an envoy of Il Khan Mongol to the lands of the Golden Horde between the Black Sea and the Carpathians, which happen to be the eastern bastion against their old enemies, the demon Chernobog and his possessed puppet, the Jangellion. Unfortunately, what began as a diplomatic mission leads to Manfred and his knights being caught up in an inter clan civil war, rescuing a fugitive woman and her injured brother, and becoming involved in the problems of Prince Vlad, Duke of Valahia, who has been held as a hostage by King Emeric of Hungary until freed by Countess Elizabeth Batholdy to use as bait to capture a group of nonhumans. Instead, the wolflike nonhumans, who masquerade as gypsies, free Prince Vlad, and help him to return to his homeland to raise revolt against Hungary and to renew age old magics. Manfred and Erik are forced into an alliance of convenience between the Golden Horde and the ancient magical forces of Valahia, as directed by the troubled Vlad. The magic calls for blood and Vlad is deathly afraid of it and at the same time, is irresistibly drawn toward it…

Dragon’s Ring

Tasmarin is a place of dragons, a plane cut off from all other worlds, where dragons can be dragons and humans can be dinner. It’s a place of islands, forests, mountains and wild oceans, filled with magical denizens. Fionn the black dragon calmly tells anyone who will listen that he s going to destroy the place. Of course he s a joker, a troublemaker and a dragon of no fixed abode. No one ever believes him. He s dead serious. Others strive to refresh the magics that built this place. To do so they need the combined magics of all the intelligent species, to renew the ancient balance and compact. There is just one problem. They need a human mage, and dragons systematically eliminated those centuries ago. Their augury has revealed that there is one, and they seek her desperately. Unfortunately, she s fallen in with Fionn, who really doesn t want them to succeed. He has his own reasons and dark designs. The part he hadn t worked out is that she will affect his plans too. Chaos, roguery, heroism, theft, love, kidnapping, magic and war follow. And more chaos.

Good characterization, ripsnorting action and an ingenious plot make this a feast for sword and sorcery fans.

Publishers Weekly Starred Review on Dave Freer s A Mankind Witch

The Forlorn

While the xenophobic alien Morkth race searches the galaxy to destroy the last of human ‘vermin’, the lightly armed members of the only human colony must figure out how to defend themselves from the coming attack.

A Slow Train to Arcturus

The planet Miran had sent a spaceship to rendezvous with the enormous vessel that was approaching their star system. The vessel’s design was odd a multitude of separate globular habitats in a framework and most of the alien team that entered one of the habitats were slaughtered by savage creatures called humans. One alien had barely managed to escape to another habitat where the humans were more friendly, if rather technologically backward. But he needed to get back to his spaceship, and he would need one human s help to do that.

They would have to travel through several more habitats, each one isolated from the other, each with its own bizarre dangers and customs. And friendliness toward strangers was not one of those customs…

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