Darrell Schweitzer Books In Order


  1. The Shattered Goddess (1982)
  2. The White Isle (1989)
  3. The Mask of the Sorcerer (1995)
  4. Sekenre (2004)
  5. The Dragon House (2018)


  1. We Are All Legends (1981)
  2. The Meaning of Life, and Other Awesome Cosmic Revelations (1989)
  3. Transients (1993)
  4. Necromancies and Netherworlds (1999)
  5. Nightscapes (2000)
  6. The Great World and the Small (2001)
  7. The Neil Gaiman Reader: Selected Fiction (2006)
  8. The Robert E. Howard Reader (2007)
  9. Deadly Things / Judgment of the Gods (2010)
  10. Echoes of the Goddess (2013)
  11. The Emperor of the Ancient Word (2013)
  12. Awaiting Strange Gods (2015)
  13. Devil’s Ways (2020)
  14. Something Wicked This Way Rides (2021)
  15. Penumbra No. 2 (2021)


  1. Living With the Dead (2008)

Anthology series

  1. The Mysteries of the Faceless King (2020)
  2. The Last Heretic (2020)

Anthologies edited

  1. Tales from the Spaceport Bar (1980)
  2. Tom O’Bedlam’s Night Out (1985)
  3. Weird Tales 292 (1988)
  4. Another Round at the Spaceport Bar (1989)
  5. Weird Trails (2004)
  6. Secret History of Vampires (2007)
  7. Full Moon City (2010)
  8. Cthulhu’s Reign (2010)
  9. That Is Not Dead (2015)
  10. Tales from the Miskatonic University Library (2017)
  11. Mountains of Madness Revealed (2019)

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Darrell Schweitzer Books Overview

The White Isle

Darrell Schweitzer’s first novel is a powerful tale of Prince Evnos of Iankoros, who seeks to reclaim his bride from the God of Death. Rich with strange sorceries, grim mythologies, and hostile gods, this is a tale of heroism and horror, seeming triumph and subsequent tragedy, and strange turns of fate which none of the characters could possible foresee. It is a modern classic reminiscent of E.R. Eddison, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Lord Dunsany…
and yet uniquely the author’s own.

The Mask of the Sorcerer

‘If ever your heart has said, _The great days are no more. The golden afternoon of golden tales has faded into night, and I came late, born out of time, to warm my hands at the embers that flicker and fade hour by hour_ read this…
Here are ghosts grim and gentle, red gold of Ophir, and fell weavings. Here is a tale to keep Scheherazade talking a hundred years.’ Gene Wolfe

‘Darrell Schweitzer is a fine writer…
Not only is he skilled in the exotic use of the best trappings of Fantasy, he employs a disquieting awareness of the dark nooks of the mind and soul…
. Best of all, Schweitzer is a story teller, by whose smoky fire one may sit spell bound.’ Tanith Lee

‘Superlative.’ Interzone

Darrell Schweitzer has been three times nominated for the World Fantasy Award, twice for Best Collection, and once for the novella ‘To Become a Sorcerer,’ which forms the first four chapters of this book. He is also the author of _The White Isle, The Shattered Goddess,_ and nearly 300 short stories, many of which are collected in such volumes as _Tom O’Bedlam’s Night Out, Transients, Refugees from an Imaginary Country, Nightscapes,_ and _The Great World and the Small._ An expert on fantastic fiction, who has written books about Lord Dunsany and H.P. Lovecraft, he is also co editor of the legendary _Weird Tales_ magazine.


A self standing companion to Darrell Schweitzer’s British Fantasy Award nominated The Mask of the Sorcerer, the present volume collects all the Sekenre stories, which proved very popular when originally published in Weird Tales, Interzone, Adventures in Sword & Sorcery, and elsewhere.


Transients and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by Dark Fantasy veteran Darrell Schweitzer. It was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for Best Collection in 1994. Matthew Warner said of it: Aside from being ‘disquieting,’ these 15 tightly written horror stories are tinged with a bittersweet melancholy that can only come from a writer who has written a lot, read a lot, and lived a lot. Illustrated by Stephen Fabian.

Necromancies and Netherworlds

Darrell Schweitzer, author of The Mask of the Sorcerer and editor of Weird Tales collaborates with macabre artist writer Jason Van Hollander on a series of remarkable fantasies, variously grotesque, horrific, ethereal, and darkly comic. Several of these form a cycle set in as yet undiscovered countries where the common men have thrown down the gods and decadent nobles reach new heights of ecstasy and terror with the drug hanquil. You’ll also encounter a wrenching yet romantic ghost story set in the American Southwest, an intimately personal tale of the Cthulhu Mythos and the lingering legacy of Dunwich; plus a dance of death; and a house haunted by the terror of eternal life. Here are all the stories Schweitzer and Van Hollander have written together, a unique blending which makes these two the most successful collaborative team since Burke and Hare.

The Great World and the Small

A collection of stories by three time World Fantasy Award finalist Darrell Schweitzer, as designed and illustrated by WFA winning artist Jason Van Hollander. The works show a wide range, from Arthurian fantasy to modern horror to humorous science fiction and even include one of Schweitzer’s popular ‘Tom O’Bedlam’ stories.

The Neil Gaiman Reader: Selected Fiction

Neil Gaiman’s talent is so vast that any exploration of his work can only be described as a beginning. Here is one such beginning, an examination of the creative genius being The Sandman, American Gods, Coraline and so much more. His prose fiction has achieved enormous acclaim and popularity. Now leading scholars provide insights into the Sandman universe, its mythological underpinnings, Gaiman’s technique and his relationship to other masters of the fantastic imagination. Two extensive interviews with Gaiman are included, along with a thorough bibliography of his work to date.

The Robert E. Howard Reader

Howard’s writing seems so highly charged with energy that it nearly gives off sparks. Stephen King Robert E. Howard had a gritty, vibrant style broadsword writing that cut its way to the heart, with heroes who are truly larger than life. David GemmellIn a meteoric career that spanned a mere twelve years, Robert E. Howard single handedly invented the genre that came to be called sword and sorcery. From his fertile imagination sprang some of fiction s most enduring heroes. Yet while Conan is indisputably Howard s greatest creation, it was in his earlier sequence of tales featuring Kull, a fearless warrior with the brooding intellect of a philosopher, that Howard began to develop the distinctive themes, and the richly evocative blend of history and mythology, that would distinguish his later tales of the Hyborian Age. Much more than simply the prototype for Conan, Kull is a fascinating character in his own right: an exile from fabled Atlantis who wins the crown of Valusia, only to find it as much a burden as a prize. This groundbreaking collection, lavishly illustrated by award winning artist Justin Sweet, gathers together all Howard s stories featuring Kull, from Kull s first published appearance, in The Shadow Kingdom, to Kings of the Night, Howard s last tale featuring the cerebral swordsman. The stories are presented just as Howard wrote them, with all subsequent editorial emendations removed. Also included are previously unpublished stories, drafts, and fragments, plus extensive notes on the texts, an introduction by Howard authority Steve Tompkins, and an essay by noted editor Patrice Louinet. Howard was a true storyteller one of the first, and certainly among the best, you ll find in heroic fantasy. If you ve never read him before, you re in for a real treat. Charles de Lint For stark, living fear…
what other writer is even in the running with Robert E. Howard? H. P. Lovecraft

Weird Tales 292

The Fall 1988 issue of Weird Tales showcases the work of Featured Author Keith Taylor and Featured Artist Carl Lundgren. Also includes work by Tad Williams, Alan Rodgers, W.T. Quick, and many more.

Weird Trails

Weird Trails is the ‘mockumentary’ of pulp magazines a hilarious sendup of both H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, Weird Tales and westerns! Purporting to be a facsimile of the April 1933 issue of Weird Trails magazine, it is a modern classic! Features M.M. Moamrath’s ‘Riders of the Purple Ooze’ and many more Lovecraft inspired stories.

Secret History of Vampires

Garlic cloves and wooden stakes are no match for centuries of the undead’s mischief and seduction. Here are thirteen original and imaginative stories that reveal the vampiric truths behind certain historical happenings.

Full Moon City

Move over, vampires. Make room for the hottest creatures in fantasy: werewolves. Most people think werewolves are creatures of ancient legend, associated with prowling darkened forests and terrifying peasants in medieval cottages. But what about today’s werewolf in modern society? Has twenty first century life changed the rules and lifestyles of the contemporary lycanthrope? Are wolf packs communicating online via social networks? Could the person who at first glance looks like an average commuter on the early train, to avoid the rising of the full moon be one of them? Have werewolves infiltrated every level of government? Full Moon City answers these questions, and many more. Featuring contributions from bestselling fantasy luminaries, this collection of spellbinding stories puts the fun back into dark fiction.

Cthulhu’s Reign

All original stories about the return of Cthulhu and the Old Ones to Earth. Some of the darkest hints in all of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos relate to what will happen after the Old Ones return and take over the earth. What happens when Cthulhu is unleashed upon the world? What happens when the other Old Ones, long since banished from our universe, break through and descend from the stars? What would the reign of Cthulhu be like on a totally transformed planet where mankind is no longer the master? Find out in these exciting, brand new stories.

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