Daniel Judson Books In Order

The Gin Palace Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Poisoned Rose (2001)
  2. The Bone Orchard (2002)
  3. The Gin Palace (2012)

The Agent Books In Publication Order

  1. The Temporary Agent (2016)
  2. The Rogue Agent (2017)
  3. The Shadow Agent (2019)

Southampton Books In Publication Order

  1. The Darkest Place (2006)
  2. The Water’s Edge (2008)
  3. Voyeur (2010)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Violet Hour (2009)
  2. The Betrayer (2012)
  3. Avenged (2013)
  4. The Cottage (2021)

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Daniel Judson Books Overview

The Poisoned Rose

The rich don t have more secrets they just bury them deeperTrouble always seems to find Declan MacManus…
and it finds him again one rain swept October night when the part time P.I. and full time outsider gets caught in the middle of a brutal homicide. To the rich and untouchable of Southampton, longtime locals like MacManus are little more than background scenery. Set up to take the fall in a nasty case of double dealing and multiple murder, Mac follows a serpentine trail that leads through the murky waters of his past and into the twisted heart of a prominent East End family he once knew well. As the lines between past and present, rich and poor, right and wrong begin to blur, a decades old secret emerges from behind the closed doors of the Hamptons moneyed enclaves and a town sworn to protect its own declares open season on anyone who stands in its way. Mac is first in line…

The Bone Orchard

A TOWN GETTING AWAY WITH MURDERBeneath the glamour of a trendy Hamptons summer town lies another world one of dark lives and desperate secrets. And when Labor Day arrives and the beautiful people depart, locals like Declan MacManus are left behind to make a living out of just surviving. A sometime P.I., MacManus is an expert at self defense and a master of self destruction, but nothing he’s seen of the dark side of fortune can prepare him for what he is about to discover. On a dark, deserted road Mac witnesses a bizarre, single car wreck, but he knows that what he saw was murder. Following a trail of clues to a chilling conspiracy, Mac is running out of time, out of chances, and out of luck. He is about to become part of a secret no one is willing to talk about…

The Darkest Place

During a bone chilling snap of record cold weather, a series of enigmatic drowning deaths play out in a small summer resort community on Long Island’s Shinnecock Bay. Quickly implicated in the death is a local college professor named Deacon Kane, himself recovering from the accidental drowning death of his only son years ago recovering slowly, and with the help of alcohol and an addictive, messy affair with a married woman. As the police and several other interested parties watch his every move, Kane befriends a hypnotically alluring bartender named Collette and quickly continues his brutal downward spiral with little regard for self preservation. Whether and how Kane is connected to the young victims are the questions everyone wants answered. And as it becomes clear that Kane himself may not know the extent of his own involvement, all must admit that something dark and sinister is at work in Southhampton. Daniel Judson has a virtuoso s touch and an uncanny ability to layer suspense, plot, and character study into an engrossing and completely surprising crime novel that will not soon be forgotten.

The Water’s Edge

When Jake Payday Bechet hears that two men have been murdered a few miles from where he lives in the Hamptons hanged from the Shinnecock Bridge, their hands severed he knows that trouble is coming. Trouble for him, for everyone, because it means that someone has betrayed the Castello crime family. Whether it’s someone trying to move in on their drug operation or the cops making their own statement, he doesn t know, but he wants to stay far away from it all. After all, years ago Bechet himself walked away from the Castellos with enough inside information to hold over their heads and to keep himself safe, then went underground. He doesn t want to get anywhere near them now, but soon discovers that he can t remain indifferent first it seems one of his friends has gotten involved in the fringes of this battle, and then the larger picture becomes clear: Jorge Castello himself wants Bechet to find out who s behind the killings, claiming there s a traitor in the family. The last thing Bechet wants to do is work for the Castellos again, but he knows he has to find a way to finish it somehow. Between Bechet and Tommy Miller, a retired P.I. whose ex girlfriend has also gotten too close to the Castellos and whose father was one of their casualties a few years back, all the loose ends will be tied up one way or another before the end of twenty four hours. Once again Daniel Judson shines an unforgiving light on the darkest parts of the Hamptons and delivers a powerful, unforgettable read paced at breakneck speed.


Remer was an effective Manhattan P.I. until one of his targets found a nasty way to force him into an early retirement. Since then, he has been living an anonymous life, running a liquor store in Southampton, and doing his best to stay in the shadows without ties to anyone or anything. Then a voice from his past reaches out for help, and he agrees to work one last case a missing person in order to escape the threat he’s lived under for six years. Trouble is, even if he finds Mia Ferrara, even if she s safe, that might not be enough. Shamus Award winner Daniel Judson s irresistible noir styling and impeccably drawn heroes so beset and so human make Voyeur his most searing thriller yet.

The Violet Hour

In Daniel Judson’s powerful thriller, Bridgehampton mechanic Caleb Rakowski gets paid under the table at his friend Eric Carver’s auto repair shop and lives in an apartment above it. He’s good at his job and he’s making a decent living, but right now he’s sheltering a pregnant friend who’ll do anything to keep her abusive husband away from her. Cal has sworn to protect her. Little does he know, though, the trouble destined to come down over the course of three days-Mischief Night, Halloween, and the Day of the Dead-when he learns the truth about his friend and boss Eric Carver and what he’s been hiding all these years.

Daniel Judson is a craftsman of modern noir, an incredible talent in the vein of Ellroy or Chandler. Like his previous novels, The Violet Hour is tightly drawn, hauntingly atmospheric, and completely searing.

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