Dana Mentink Books In Order

Desert Justice Books In Publication Order

  1. Framed in Death Valley (2021)
  2. Missing in the Desert (2021)
  3. Death Valley Double Cross (2022)

Finny’s NoseMystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Trouble Up Finny’s Nose (2008)
  2. Fog Over Finny’s Nose (2008)
  3. Treasure Under Finny’s Nose (2009)

Gold Country Cowboys Books In Publication Order

  1. Cowboy Christmas Guardian (2017)
  2. Treacherous Trails (2018)
  3. Cowboy Bodyguard (2018)
  4. Lost Christmas Memories (2018)

Happily Ever After Books In Publication Order

  1. Just Right Romance (2017)

Heartwarming Christmas Books In Publication Order

  1. The Gingerbread Men (By:Patricia Bradley) (2015)
  2. Coming Home to Christmas Town (By:Anna J. Stewart) (2015)
  3. Bells are Ringing (By:Anna J. Stewart) (2015)
  4. The Gingerbread Pony (By:Patricia Bradley) (2015)
  5. A Heartwarming Holiday (With: Tara Taylor Quinn,Anna J. Stewart,Roz Denny Fox,Melinda Curtis) (2016)
  6. Christmas Past (By:Tara Taylor Quinn) (2016)

Ice Cream Shop Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Pint of No Return (2021)

Love by Design Books In Publication Order

  1. Return to Pelican Inn (2014)
  2. Sailing in Style (2015)

Love Unleashed Books In Publication Order

  1. Sit, Stay, Love (2016)
  2. Fetching Sweetness (2016)
  3. Paws for Love (2017)
  4. Love at First Bark (2017)

Military K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Tracking Danger (By:Terri Reed) (2018)
  2. Mission to Protect (By:Terri Reed) (2018)
  3. Bound by Duty (By:Valerie Hansen) (2018)
  4. Top Secret Target (2018)
  5. Standing Fast (By:Maggie K. Black) (2018)
  6. Rescue Operation (By:Lenora Worth) (2018)
  7. Explosive Force (By:Lynette Eason) (2018)
  8. Battle Tested (By:Laura Scott) (2018)
  9. Valiant Defender (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2018)
  10. Military K-9 Unit Christmas: Christmas EscapeYuletide Target (By:Valerie Hansen,Laura Scott) (2018)

Nutcracker Sweethearts Books In Publication Order

  1. Thanksgiving Duet (2016)

Pacific Coast Private Eyes Books In Publication Order

  1. Dangerous Tidings (2015)
  2. Seaside Secrets (2016)
  3. Abducted (2016)
  4. Dangerous Testimony (2017)

Rookie K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Protect and Serve (By:Terri Reed) (2016)
  2. Seek and Find (2016)
  3. Honor and Defend (By:Lynette Eason) (2016)
  4. Secrets and Lies (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2016)
  5. Search and Rescue (By:Valerie Hansen) (2016)
  6. Rookie K-9 Unit Christmas: Surviving Christmas & Holiday High Alert (By:Lenora Worth,Valerie Hansen) (2016)

Roughwater Ranch Cowboys Books In Publication Order

  1. Danger on the Ranch (2019)
  2. Deadly Christmas Pretense (2019)
  3. Cold Case Connection (2020)
  4. Secrets Resurfaced (2020)

South Dakota Badlands Books In Publication Order

  1. Betrayal in the Badlands (2010)
  2. Buried Truth (2011)
  3. Escape from the Badlands (2012)

Stormswept Books In Publication Order

  1. Shock Wave (2013)
  2. Force of Nature (2013)
  3. Flood Zone (2014)

Treasure Seekers Books In Publication Order

  1. Lost Legacy (2012)
  2. Final Resort (2013)

True Blue K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Shield of Protection (2019)
  2. Justice Mission (By:Lynette Eason) (2019)
  3. Act of Valor (2019)
  4. Blind Trust (By:Laura Scott) (2019)
  5. Deep Undercover (By:Lenora Worth) (2019)
  6. Seeking the Truth (By:Terri Reed) (2019)
  7. Trail of Danger (By:Valerie Hansen) (2019)
  8. Courage Under Fire (By:) (2019)
  9. Sworn to Protect (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2019)
  10. True Blue K-9 Unit Christmas (By:Maggie K. Black,Laura Scott) (2019)
  11. Brooklyn Christmas (By:Maggie K. Black,Laura Scott) (2020)

True Blue K-9 Unit: Brooklyn Books In Publication Order

  1. Copycat Killer (By:Laura Scott) (2020)
  2. Chasing Secrets (By:Heather Woodhaven) (2020)
  3. Deadly Connection (By:Lenora Worth) (2020)
  4. Explosive Situation (By:Terri Reed) (2020)
  5. Tracking a Kidnapper (By:Valerie Hansen) (2020)
  6. Tracking a Kidnapper (By:Valerie Hansen) (2020)
  7. Scene of the Crime (By:) (2020)
  8. Cold Case Pursuit (2020)
  9. Delayed Justice (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2020)

Winds of Danger Books In Publication Order

  1. Hazardous Homecoming (2014)
  2. Secret Refuge (2015)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Pi And The FabulosaTwenty-Four Hour Man (2006)
  2. Killer Cargo (2008)
  3. Flashover (2008)
  4. Race to Rescue (2009)
  5. Endless Night (2009)
  6. Desert Desperate (2011)
  7. Turbulence (2011)
  8. Dangerous Melody (2012)
  9. Jungle Fire (2013)
  10. Race for the Gold (2014)
  11. Deadly Sands (2014)
  12. In the Crosshairs (With: Lynette Eason) (2020)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Bye Bye Birdie (2013)
  2. Night Blooms (2017)
  3. Dangerous Victory (2017)
  4. Donkey Island Rendezvous (2019)

Alaska K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Alaskan Rescue (By:Terri Reed) (2021)
  2. Wilderness Defender (By:Maggie K. Black) (2021)
  3. Undercover Mission (By:) (2021)
  4. Tracking Stolen Secrets (By:Laura Scott) (2021)
  5. Deadly Cargo (By:Jodie Bailey) (2021)
  6. Arctic Witness (By:Heather Woodhaven) (2021)
  7. Yukon Justice (2021)
  8. Blizzard Showdown (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2021)
  9. Christmas K-9 Protectors (By:Lenora Worth,Maggie K. Black) (2021)

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Dana Mentink Books Overview

Trouble Up Finny’s Nose

But the final kicker comes when her hairdresser goes on vacation to Fiji, leaving Ruth to look like Dickens’ Miss Havisham. A crazy kaleidoscope of characters such as the uptight gallery owner, Napoleon Prinn; half baked Dimple Dent, writer of fortune cookie wisdom; Alva Hernandez, octogenarian newspaper boy, and the amorous town caterer, Monk, add to the chaos in the shadow of Finny’s nose until Ruth finds herself in the ultimate do or die situation.

Fog Over Finny’s Nose

The worm business is thriving for vermiculturist Ruth Budge…
until a disembodied toe turns up on the golf course, and members of a strange cult begin to infiltrate the quiet seaside town of Finny, California.

Life is already crazy for forty seven year old Ruth, juggling the needs of her worm farm, her new spouse, and a platoon of crippled seabirds bequeathed to her by her dead husband. Then there’s the insanity swirling around the first ever Finny Fog Festival and the discovery of a bizarre diary from one of the town s seediest ancestors.

Things go from misty to murderous as a man plummets to his death from an exploding hot air balloon. Is the craziness a byproduct of the festival or a decades old curse unearthed in the antique diary? Ruth had better find out fast or her worms won t be the only things six feet under.

Treasure Under Finny’s Nose


It’s the 150th anniversary of the wreck of the Triton, a ship that foundered off the coast of Finny, California. A team of college students arrives to film a documentary and a pregnant Ruth is pressed into service. She must reenact the life of survivor Indigo Orson, a woman who managed the perils of gold rush California by disguising herself as a man. Indigo s writing reveals there was treasure aboard the Triton, a treasure shrouded in secrecy.

While her beloved husband Monk is away, Ruth stumbles on the body of one of the film crew. His death turns out to be the farthest thing from an accident. Adding to the chaos, Ruth s estranged son arrives and Monk s niece faces heartbreak at the hands of Finny s police detective. Faced with murder, mayhem and mommy hood, Ruth had better find some answers fast.

Betrayal in the Badlands

Isabel Ling returned to the barren Badlands of South Dakota to bury her sister-but she stayed to find answers no one wants to give. Cassie’s death was no accident, and Isabel will find the killer, no matter what she has to do. And no matter who stands in her way.

The one thing former pararescue soldier Logan Price wants is to avoid the kind of trouble Isabel brings. Yet he can’t deny his attraction to her. In this desolate, treacherous land, Isabel needs all the protection she can get-and all the love that Logan can give.

Escape from the Badlands

After his brother is convicted of murder, Shane Mason will do anything to clear his name. But when his investigations lead him to enter South Dakota’s Desert Quest extreme race, Shane is fl oored by the surprise waiting for him. Kelly Cloudman the woman he can’t let himself love is the race’s medic and the killer’s next target. A painful memory from his past divided Shane from Kelly, but he’s not going to let her out of his sight again. Even if it means revealing his secrets, Shane won’t stop until he’s found the truth and kept the murderer from striking again.

Killer Cargo

Deception at 20,000 feet Transporting pet supplies and the occasional bunny is routine for pilot Maria de Silva. Discovering drugs amidst her shipments of kitty litter is not. Out of fuel in the Oregon wilderness, Maria barely escapes with her life when dealers meet her on the runway. She finds refuge at Cy Sheridan’s idyllic animal sanctuary a whole new world for this city girl. But Maria fears that her drug smuggling client will take revenge against the man and animals she’s come to love. Is there a wolf in sheep’s clothing lurking in the woods?


Why is a kind hearted savant setting fire to an ordinary book? Recuperating firefighter Ivy Beria is determined to find out. But then the young man, Moe, goes missing and his only friend turns up dead. Ivy is sure the double mystery is linked to the string of numbers Moe chanted before he vanished. She asks her best friend, computer expert Tim Carnelli, to uncover a pattern. They make two shocking discoveries: they have unexpected romantic feelings for one another and Moe is in serious danger. They’d better find him fast. Or the truth and their dreams will go up in smoke.

Race to Rescue

‘Help murder.’

Those were her brother’s last words before their phone connection was lost. So Anita Teel rushes to Arizona to find her only relative right away. But no one from his employer to the police will take her seriously. Except for Booker Scott, the hardened rancher whose heart she broke. Now, Anita has no choice but to put her fragile trust in Booker once again. As they race across the deadly desert, the rescue mission becomes a test a challenge to see if they can overcome their pride, and their past, in time to save her brother’s life.


Someone wants to ensure that the flight bringing Maddie Lambert and a transplant organ to her father never reaches its destination. Someone who’s desperate enough to sabotage the plane. In the aftermath of the crash, Maddie finds herself stranded on an isolated mountain with the last man she’d ever trust again her ex fianc , Dr. Paul Ford. He’s the man she blames for her family’s tragic loss, but now he’s the only one who can get her to her father in time. Yet what neither of them knows is that the danger has just begun .

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