Dan Mahoney Books In Order

Detective Brian McKenna Books In Publication Order

  1. Detective First Grade (1993)
  2. The Edge Of The City (1995)
  3. Hyde (1996)
  4. Once In, Never Out (1998)
  5. Black and White (1999)
  6. The Protectors (2002)

Detective Cisco Sanchez Books In Publication Order

  1. The Two Chinatowns (2001)
  2. Justice (2003)

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Detective Cisco Sanchez Book Covers

Dan Mahoney Books Overview

Detective First Grade

There’s a secret war on the streets of the city. Only a New York cop can win it. His claim to fame is finding guns on the bad guys, and Detective Second Grade Brian McKenna has just spotted the beard carrying a piece. What he doesn’t know is that he’s about to shoot his way into a war with a highly disciplined, well armed enemy so treacherous, not even the NYPD knows they exist. Exiled from the bright lights of Manhattan for breaking one too many rules, pressured by his girlfriend to quit the job, this is McKenna’s last chance to win back his reputation and make the coveted rank of Detective First Grade. But if his moves aren’t swift and right, a new breed of criminal who has found a leader in an exotically beautiful and ruthless woman will own his city. From the savvy and experience of a cop who gave over 25 years of his life to the NYPD comes a stunning novel of undeniable authenticity and unrelenting suspense.

The Edge Of The City

A terrorist stranglehold tightens on New York…
and only one cop can break its grip. Born in the mountainous jungles of Peru. Smuggled to the concrete jungles of NYC. It’s the most ingenious terrorist setup ever conceived, and it could bring the city and the nation to its knees. Former NYPD detective Brian McKenna has tangled with the Shining Path before. His new identity and early retirement in Florida were supposed to put him beyond the terrorist army’s retribution. But when the guerrillas cut down the son of his closest friend, New York’s police commissioner Ray Brunette, McKenna’s lured back into the center of the action, and into a deadly battle of wits with a brilliant man and a cunning and dangerous woman. Former NYPD Captain Dan Mahoney spins a chillingly authentic tale of a city held hostage, a city at the edge of disaster.


NYPD Detective Brian McKenna is back where he belongs hunting down a mysterious killer who preys upon the city’s most forgotten members. At first blush, it seems as if these homeless men have frozen to death on the city streets. But thsi succession of deaths seems too suspicious for McKenna to ignore. McKenna makes some curious findings: all the victims were HIV positive, and all were seen taking their last drink from a bottle of wine given them by a gaunt, black glad man who goes by the name ‘Hyde.’ Who is this sinister figure and why is he killing harmless men who are already at death’s door? A hell bent McKenna must chace the murderer from the streets of Manhattan through Europe and finally to Costa Rica to uncover the astounding answer. With first hand experience and masterful storytelling skills, former NYPD Capitan Dan Mahoney presents his most thrilling work to date.

Once In, Never Out

A girl missing in New York. A political bombing in Iceland. No ordinary cop would see a connection. But Detective First Grade Brian McKenna didn’t earn his reputation by being ordinary. In Once In, Never Out, McKenna travels the globe in pursuit of his darkest foe yet a terrorist bomber whose next target could be New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Along the way he finds a good friend and cunning ally in Thor Erikson, Iceland’s sole homicide detective. This is a case that brings McKenna to the edge of his abilities, and puts both his detecting and survival skills to the ultimate test.

Black and White

From the author of Once In, Never Out comes this gritty and explosive thriller featuring Detective First Grade Brian McKenna. When two New York City patrolmen come upon the savagely mutilated body of a young woman and the corpse of her male companion in Fort Tyron Park early one morning, they have no idea that their discovery will provoke a media frenzy. The murdered woman is Cindy Barone the daughter of a powerful member of the city council and the man she was with just before her death was not her husband. Detective First Grade Brian McKenna receives orders from the top to team up with a second of the force’s stars, first grader Tommy McKenna, and the murdered woman’s outraged family demands that the two find her killer, at whatever cost. With the press demanding explanations, the two McKennas embark on a hunt for a sad*istic criminal with a penchant for killing his victims slowly and violently. Their search takes them cross country where they penetrate the seamy underworld of illegal po*rnography. But as their manhunt intensifies, they learn that there might be two murderers, working together for a reason that only becomes clear with time. In Black and White, Dan Mahoney combines authentic procedural detail with relentless suspense and delivers his finest thriller to date.

The Protectors

When Terrorists With Nothing To Lose…
In a dramatic and violent kidnapping, the Spanish ambassador to the U.N. is taken at gunpoint in front of his luxury New York City apartment by a group of professional terrorists. The ambassador’s bodyguards are killed, and his wife is threatened before the terrorists escape into the maze of the Big Apple…
Kidnap the Rich and Powerful…
But for veteran NYPD Detective First Grade Brian McKenna and his partner Cisco Sanchez, this is much more than a high profile kidnapping. This case is personal. The same group of terrorists has also taken their friend, Carmen de la Cruz, the wealthiest and most adored woman in Spain. And when a third kidnapping of another Spanish diplomat follows, the pressure mounts and the stakes are raised in this deadly game of hide and seek…
One Cop Must Play By His Own Rules. To unravel a web of terrorists and save his friend, McKenna must first solve the crime in New York and find the ambassador. But his methodical police work and keen insights into the criminal mind might not be enough. This time McKenna might have to break the very laws he has sworn to protect…

The Two Chinatowns

Caught in the grip of ruthless Asian gangs, the Chinatowns of New York City and Toronto are the North American headquarters for a worldwide criminal network specializing in extortion, drugs, immigrant smuggling, and murder. Detective Cisco Sanchez personifies the city he protects. Brash and cocky, he’s also one of the best investigators in an elite division of the NYPD. But when his fiance is gunned down in a Toronto restaurant by elements of a feared Vietnamese gang known as Born To Kill, Cisco’s next assignment is extremely dangerous and extremely personal. Teamed with his partner Brian McKenna, Cisco has to battle departmental rivalries, vicious street killers, and heavyweight financiers as corrupt as they are connected to follow the investigation around the globe and all the way to the top of Hong Kong’s organized crime world. AUTHORBIO: DAN MAHONEY was born and raised in New York City. After serving with the Marine Corps in Vietnam, he joined the New York City Police Department, where he worked for twenty five years before retiring as a captain. He is the author of five previous novels and lives in Manhattan.


New York City. A wealthy businessman meets a violent fate in his elegant, carefully secured home in Queens. Two drug dealers are murdered in a Brooklyn no tell motel room. Several men are found riddled with bullets and nails on a little traveled road beneath FDR Drive. And soon thereafter, a church, a synagogue, and a mosque find bags of cash waiting at their doorsteps all from a vigilante who signs himself ‘Justice.’NYPD Detective First Grade Brian McKenna and his partner, Cisco Sanchez the self described world’s greatest detective, are assigned to find the elusive killer that all of New York City is rooting for, a man of supreme technical skills, physical power, and intelligence, who always seems to know every move the police will make before they make it. Justice is executing drug dealers, helping the police close unsolved cases, providing those in need with stolen drug money, and creating a nightmare for the police commissioner, the mayor, and the two detectives. As McKenna and Sanchez work to try and outsmart the vigilante and discover his next victim, they also must find out who is helping Justice in his quest for revenge. Justice showcases fascinating investigative detail, wild action, and Dan Mahoney’s trademark humor in a terrific police thriller.

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