Daisy Waugh Books In Order


  1. What Is the Matter with Mary Jane? (1988)
  2. The New You Survival Kit (2001)
  3. Ten Steps to Happiness (2003)
  4. Bed of Roses (2005)
  5. Bordeaux Housewives (2006)
  6. The Desperate Diary of a Country Housewife (2007)
  7. Last Dance with Valentino (2011)
  8. Melting the Snow on Hester Street (2013)
  9. Honeyville (2014)
  10. In the Crypt with a Candlestick (2020)
  11. Guy Woake’s Word Diary (2021)
  12. Phone for the Fish Knives (2021)

Non fiction

  1. A Small Town in Africa (1994)
  2. I Don’t Know Why She Bothers (2013)
  3. The Kids Will Be Fine (2014)

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Daisy Waugh Books Overview

Last Dance with Valentino

As Rudolph Valentino fights for his life, barricades keep the swarming fans at bay. Adored by millions of women, but loved by only one!Will she be able to reach him in time? August 1916 Fleeing war-ravaged London, Jenny Doyle sets sail for New York. As she draws near the soaring skyscrapers her dreams are dashed when she learns she is to be sent to work for the wealthy de Saulles family. Known as ‘the Box’, their home is Gatsby-like in elegance yet rife with malice and madness. Only her friendship with dancer Rodolfo offers Jenny a glimpse of escape!until a tragic day when the household is changed forever. August 1926 America booms, prohibition rules and one man’s movie is breaking box office records. Rodolfo has taken his place on the silver screen as Rudolph Valentino when a chance arises for he and Jenny to meet again. Will the world’s most desired film star and his lost love have their Hollywood happy ending, or will the tragic echoes of their past thwart them one last time?

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