D R Meredith Books In Order

Charles Matthews Books In Order

  1. The Sheriff and the Panhandle Murders (1984)
  2. The Sheriff and the Branding Iron Murders (1985)
  3. The Sheriff and the Folsom Man Murders (1987)
  4. The Sheriff and the Pheasant Hunt Murders (1993)
  5. The Homefront Murders (1994)

John Lloyd Branson Books In Order

  1. Murder by Impulse (1987)
  2. Murder by Deception (1989)
  3. Murder by Masquerade (1990)
  4. Murder by Reference (1991)
  5. Murder by Sacrilege (1993)

Mattie Jo Hunter Books In Order

  1. A Time Too Late (1993)
  2. The Reckoning (1993)

Megan Clark Books In Order

  1. Murder in Volume (2002)
  2. By Hook or By Book (2000)
  3. Murder Past Due (2001)
  4. Tome of Death (2005)
  5. Murder by the Book (2006)

McDade Family Books In Order

  1. Retrospective (2014)


  1. A Woman’s Place (2001)
  2. Highwater (2013)


  1. Incident on 6th Street (2013)
  2. Mummy No. 50 (2013)
  3. One Strike Too Many (2014)
  4. Windkill (2014)

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D R Meredith Books Overview

The Sheriff and the Branding Iron Murders

When an artist is murdered, Sheriff Charles Matthews must solve the mystery of a missing crucifix and make himself a target for the killer. 4 cassettes.

The Sheriff and the Folsom Man Murders

An archaeologist spying on the midnight rites of a cult group inside an extinct New Mexico volcano is murdered felled by the brutal thrust of a prehistoric spear throwing weapon called an atl atl. All the evidence points to one of Sheriff Charles Matthews’s own deputies, Raul Trujillo, as the killer. But Matthews doesn’t buy it. And to prove his deputy’s innocence, Matthews will take off his badge and step into a haunted southwestern landscape where vengeance is still a reason to kill…

Murder by Impulse

or murder? A Continental rams the back of a gasoline rig, and in the ensuing pile up two people die. One of them is Amy Steele, beautiful wife of Jim Steele, a Texas oil millionaire. Eight months later, police find the remains of a thermos jug containing coffee drugged with a sedative. Someone had wanted Amy Steele to crash. Now eccentric attorney John Lloyd Branson, counsel for the wealthy Steele family, and his beautiful assistant, Lydia Fairchild, are challenged by a crime as unfathomable as it is fascinating. Branson must find a way to force the killer’s hand…
before another ‘accident’ occurs.

Murder by Deception

Charlton Price Leigh III came to the Texas panhandle to win approval for a potentially life threatening nuclear waste dump. What he got was a knife in the chest. The police have only one suspect the owner of the wheat field where Charlton’s naked body was found. Luckily, his lawyer is John Lloyd Branson. Together with his beautiful assistant, Lydia Fairchild, Branson begins to unravel a conspiracy with consequences that ring across the whole state of Texas and beyond…

Murder by Sacrilege

‘Don’t miss D.R. Meredith’s High Plains mysteries. Delightful characters, vast Texas landscapes, dandy yarns.’TONY HILLERMANNobody approved of the preacher’s wife a truck stop waitress. But when she was found murdered and plunked in the Christmas nativity scene dressed as the Virgin Mary, well that’s too much. John Llloyd Branson agrees to defend the seemingly guilty minister, but John Lloyd is stuck with a client who refuses to discuss his actions. It will all lead to a spectacular courtoorm battle that pits the unflappable Branson against Amarillo’s most formidable assistant D.A. And as the minister awaits his destiny, the murky secrets of the Church of the Holy Light are exposed to the bright light of day…

A Time Too Late

After beating the odds and building her own ranch empire in a world where a woman was either a who*re or a helpmate, Mattie Jo Hunter runs the risk of losing it all when she becomes irresistibly drawn to her ranch manager.

Murder in Volume

Megan Clark is a reference librarian with a passion for mysteries. But true crime hits close to home when a member of her book group is murdered. Now Megan and her fellow mystery buffs must read between the lines to solve a real life whodunit…
‘A fresh, snappy voice of crime fiction.’ New York Newsday’A bright new dawn on the tired horizon of the American mystery.’ Loren D. Estleman

By Hook or By Book

Reference librarian Megan Clark persuades the Murder by the Yard book group to accompany her to do research on string figures. But when a valuable, unpublished manuscript about the hobby disappears and its owner is found dead the group gets strung along by a killer.’A fresh, snappy voice of crime fiction.’ New York Newsday

Murder Past Due

The latest from the author of By Hook or by Book finds the Murder by the Yard reading group touring famous murder sites and reopening an infamous case.

Murder by the Book

Librarian Megan Clark keeps finding corpses. To clear her name she’ll need to find the killer who’s obviously been boning up on Agatha Christie novels. Could it be a member of her own book club?

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