Cynthia Eden Books In Order

Midnight Books In Publication Order

  1. Hotter After Midnight (2008)
  2. Midnight Sins (2008)
  3. Midnight’s Master (2009)

Night Watch Books In Publication Order

  1. Immortal Danger (2009)
  2. Eternal Hunter (2009)
  3. I’ll Be Slaying You (2010)
  4. Eternal Flame (2010)
  5. Never Cry Wolf (2011)

Deadly Books In Publication Order

  1. Deadly Fear (2010)
  2. Deadly Heat (2011)
  3. Deadly Lies (2011)

The Fallen Books In Publication Order

  1. Angel of Darkness (2011)
  2. Angel Betrayed (2012)
  3. Angel in Chains (2012)
  4. Avenging Angel (2013)

Loved By Gods Books In Publication Order

  1. Bleed For Me (2012)

Shadow Agents: Guts and Glory Books In Publication Order

  1. Alpha One (2013)
  2. Guardian Ranger (2013)
  3. Sharpshooter (2013)
  4. Glitter and Gunfire (2013)
  5. Undercover Captor (2014)
  6. The Girl Next Door (2014)
  7. Evidence of Passion (2014)
  8. Way of the Shadows (2014)

For Me Books In Publication Order

  1. Die For Me (2013)
  2. Fear For Me (2013)
  3. Scream For Me (2014)

Purgatory Books In Publication Order

  1. The Wolf Within (2012)
  2. Marked by the Vampire (2014)
  3. Charming the Beast (2014)
  4. Deal With The Devil (2015)

Mine Books In Publication Order

  1. Mine to Take (2013)
  2. Mine to Keep (2013)
  3. Mine to Hold (2013)
  4. Mine to Crave (2014)
  5. Mine to Have (2014)

Phoenix Fire Books In Publication Order

  1. Burn For Me (2014)
  2. Once Bitten, Twice Burned (2014)
  3. Playing With Fire (2014)

The Battling McGuire Boys Books In Publication Order

  1. Confessions (2015)
  2. Secrets (2015)
  3. Suspicions (2015)
  4. Reckonings (2015)
  5. Deceptions (2016)
  6. Allegiances (2016)

LOST/Last Option Search Team Books In Publication Order

  1. Broken (2015)
  2. Twisted (2015)
  3. Shattered (2015)
  4. Torn (2016)
  5. Taken (2016)
  6. Wrecked (2017)

Dark Obsession Books In Publication Order

  1. Watch Me (2014)
  2. Want Me (2015)
  3. Need Me (2015)
  4. Beware Of Me (2015)

Blood and Moonlight Books In Publication Order

  1. Bite The Dust (2015)
  2. Better Off Undead (2016)
  3. Bitter Blood (2016)

Bad Things Books In Publication Order

  1. The Devil In Disguise (2016)
  2. On the Prowl (2016)
  3. Undead Or Alive (2016)
  4. Broken Angel (2016)
  5. Heart of Stone (2017)
  6. Tempted By Fate (2017)
  7. Wicked and Wild (2018)
  8. Saint or Sinner (2018)

Killer Instinct Books In Publication Order

  1. The Gathering Dusk (2017)
  2. Abduction (2017)
  3. After the Dark (2017)
  4. Before the Dawn (2017)
  5. Hunted (2017)
  6. Into the Night (2017)

Lazarus Rising Books In Publication Order

  1. Never Let Go (2017)
  2. Keep Me Close (2017)
  3. Stay With Me (2017)
  4. Run To Me (2018)
  5. Lie Close To Me (2018)
  6. Hold On Tight (2018)

Dark Sins Books In Publication Order

  1. Don’t Trust A Killer (2018)
  2. Don’t Love A Liar (2018)

Wilde Ways Books In Publication Order

  1. Protecting Piper (2019)
  2. Guarding Gwen (2019)
  3. Before Ben (2019)
  4. The Heart You Break (2019)
  5. Fighting For Her (2019)
  6. Ghost of a Chance (2020)
  7. Crossing The Line (2020)
  8. Counting on Cole (2020)
  9. Chase After Me (2020)
  10. Say I Do (2020)
  11. Roman Will Fall (2021)
  12. The One Who Got Away (2021)
  13. Pretend You Want Me (2021)

Bite Me Books In Publication Order

  1. Forbidden Bite (2017)
  2. Mating Bite (2017)

Bound Books In Publication Order

  1. Bound by Blood (2011)
  2. Bound in Darkness (2011)
  3. Bound in Sin (2012)
  4. Bound by the Night (2012)
  5. Bound in Death (2013)

Death and Moonlight Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Step Into My Web (2020)
  2. Save Me From The Dark (2021)

The Long Island Coven Books In Publication Order

  1. My Kind of Town (By:Shelly Laurenston) (2007)
  2. Belong to the Night (With: Shelly Laurenston,Sherrill Quinn) (2009)

Trouble For Hire Books In Publication Order

  1. No Escape From War (2021)
  2. Don’t Play With Odin (2021)
  3. Jinx, You’re It (2021)
  4. Remember Ramsey (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Vampire’s Kiss (2005)
  2. The Wizard’s Spell (2006)
  3. The Better to Bite (2012)
  4. Sinful Secrets (2014)
  5. Until Death (2015)
  6. Slay All Day (2019)
  7. One Hot Holiday (2019)
  8. Never Gonna Happen (2020)
  9. Deck The Halls (2020)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Come Back to Me (2009)
  2. A Bit of Bite (2011)
  3. A Vampire’s Christmas Carol (2013)
  4. First Taste of Darkness (2014)
  5. Christmas with a Spy (2015)
  6. Femme Fatale (2016)
  7. Secret Admirer (2018)

Shelly Laurenston Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Everlasting Bad Boys (With: Shelly Laurenston,Noelle Mack) (2008)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Secrets: The Best in Women’s Erotic Romance, Vol. 15 (2005)
  2. Secrets, Volume 16: Forbidden Desires (2006)
  3. Secrets, Vol. 18: Dark Passions (2006)
  4. A Red Hot New Year (2007)
  5. Secrets, Vol. 21: Primal Heat (2007)
  6. Miss Congeniality (2008)
  7. Secrets, Vol. 25: Wicked Delights (2008)
  8. The Naughty List (2010)
  9. Howl For It (2012)

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Cynthia Eden Books Overview

Hotter After Midnight

Dr. Emily Drake’s patients tend to be a little unusual. Instead of the typical therapist’s caseload of midlife crises and mother fixations, Emily treats vampires with blood phobias and sex demons looking for meaningful relationships. But her gift for recognizing and healing the Other those creatures of the night that most humans don’t even know exist requires a few house rules. First: Never trust a shifter. Especially not one like Detective Colin Gyth, whose gold flecked eyes and predatory air make Emily realize how much she’s been longing to lose control…
Colin can’t believe the doctor he’s been assigned to work on the Night Butcher murder investigation and is the one person who could expose his true identity as a wolf shifter. Smart, sexy, and stubborn as hell, Emily brings out the alpha male in Colin, unleashing a wild, heady desire that takes them both over the edge. But in the shadows, the Night Butcher waits…
eager to spill Emily’s blood and taste her terror. And he’ll use any means to destroy her, including the one person she has grown to trust…

Midnight Sins

Nothing’s hotter than desire after dark…

Cara Maloan doesn’t look like a monster. In fact, the gorgeous blond nightclub singer possesses heavenly attributes that make Atlanta detective Todd Brooks sure there’s a higher power somewhere. But a twisted killer is leaving a trail of bodies in seedy hotel rooms across town. The male victims show no wounds it’s as if the life was simply drained from them. And right now, mysterious Cara is Todd’s only suspect.

Cara knows it’s foolish to be so drawn to a man who thinks she’s a murderer. She also knows Detective Brooks would find the truth even harder to swallow. Cara is one of the Others, a race of powerful, paranormal creatures who live among humans. Cara’s particular abilities make men putty in her hands all except this rugged, sexy as hell detective. But now someone, or something, has singled Cara out for serious payback…

As uneasy trust gives way to mind blowing desire, Cara and Todd will go head to head with a killer whose mission is deeply personal, and who’s determined to serve up revenge that’s hotter than hellfire, and just as deadly…

Midnight’s Master

In a world of shadows, desire conquers all…

Tall, dark, and formidable, Niol Lapen is the last demon on earth most people would ask for a favor, yet the sexy little reporter who wanders into his club dares to do exactly that. Holly Storm already knows too much about his kind, and Niol has no wish to help her get in deeper over her head. But working alongside her may be the only way to stop a killer, even as it ignites a primal desire unlike anything he’s known.

Holly has seen firsthand what Niol is capable of, but that doesn’t frighten her nearly as much as her body’s instinctive reaction to him, or the wild, fierce passion that would tempt her to follow him through hell itself. Something evil and relentless is prowling the streets of Atlanta. And as Holly’s search leads her into danger that even Niol could never have predicted, she’ll uncover a secret that could rip her world apart.

Immortal Danger

Once, Maya Black was a kick ass cop patrolling the streets of L.A. She still keeps the city safe, but nowadays her bad guys of choice include demons, werewolves, and assorted nocturnal scum. Something Maya knows a thing or two about. She’s a vampire and not thrilled about it. Payback meet bit*ch. Adam Brody hopes Maya is as dangerous as they say she is. He needs her to help rescue his niece Cammie from a ruthless band of vamps, and he’s willing to pay in blood. Trusting her is another matter. Adam has never met a vampire who doesn’t lie. Then again, he’s never met anyone like Maya, who fills him with a desperate need that ignites into explosive, no holds barred encounters.

Eternal Hunter

Cynthia Eden delves into the dark realms of the Others, where desires and dangerous games await the unsuspecting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Assistant DA Erin Jerome has a secret. Make that two. One: She’s not entirely human she’s Other, desperately trying to keep her supernatural strength under wraps. Two: she’s got a killer stalking her an Other rogue set on ‘gifting’ her bloody corpses, not to mention nights lying awake in terror. Small wonder she’s been having bad luck with men.

But the bounty hunter on her new case isn’t worried about any of that. Jude Donovan is a shapeshifter himself, and the new DA’s midnight hair and addictive scent tell him all he thinks he needs to know: She’s gorgeous, she’s definitely not human, and she’s bringing out the animal in him in a really good way. He might have to track a psychotic Other stalker through half of Louisiana. But he might also get the chance to watch Erin’s wild side come out and play.

I’ll Be Slaying You

Cynthia Eden returns to the realm of the Other, where the supernatural bounty hunters of Night Watch work hard and play harder…
Sandra ‘Dee’ Daniels is a vampire’s worst nightmare. Sure, she couldn’t get up to five six in the highest heels money can buy not that she ever wears heels. But the monsters in her past and the stake in her boot are enough to keep most bloodsuckers interested in staying undead out of Baton Rouge. But there are changes afoot on her turf. Rumors of a Born Master in town a vampire so powerful he can make the streets run with blood. And a new face in Dee’s dive bars and alleyways Simon Chase, a strong, sexy shadow with a haunted past of his own. Simon knows a lot about the dark side of Dee’s work. He knows even more about how to make her body spark with desire. But the hot lust shimmering between them is only the beginning. Because Simon also knows a secret that will change Dee’s life if she can live long enough to uncover it.

Eternal Flame

Cynthia Eden invites you into the world of the Others supernatural creatures who are sexy, powerful, and more than human in every way…
No one that deadly should look that good. Hybrid demon Zane Wynter specializes in tracking the most lethal criminals, whether human or Other. But Jana Carter is nothing like his previous targets. She’s an Ignitor, able to conjure and control fire. She’s also sexy beyond belief and used to playing dirty…
Jana knows she’s being set up. She even knows who’s responsible: Project Perseus, a secretive group that plans to rid the world of paranormals by any means necessary. From Louisiana’s sultry swamps to its desolate cemeteries, Jana and Zane must race to destroy the mastermind behind Perseus before their world goes up in flames and with it, a desire that burns too hot to resist…

Never Cry Wolf

RUNNING WITH A DANGEROUS CROWDLucas Simone is not the kind of guy you mess with. He’s big, he’s strong, and his eyes hint at a wilder side most women can’t handle. Of course, that’s because his predatory instincts are no metaphor he’s a genuine Grade A top quality werewolf, tough enough to fight his way to dominance over the scariest pack on the West Coast. There’s only one chink in his armor. Unlike most alpha dogs, Lucas has a reputation for protecting the weak and innocent. Sarah King is counting on that protective impulse it’s the only thing standing between her and certain death. There are only two problems: one, she’s not quite as innocent as she’d like Lucas to believe. And two, if he doesn’t stop stoking Sarah’s animal lust, it’s only a matter of time before her own wild side gets unleashed…

Deadly Fear

TWO BRILLIANT AGENTS FBI Special Agent Monica Davenport has made a career out of profiling serial killers. But getting inside the twisted minds of the cruel and the sad*istic has taken its toll: She’s walled herself off from the world. Yet Monica can’t ignore fellow agent Luke Dante, the only man who ever broke through her defenses. ONE DREAM TEAM Luke has the unique ability to put victims at ease…
professionally, he and Monica made a perfect team. Now they’re reunited to catch a murderer who uses his victims’ deepest, darkest fears for sport but their investigative skills aren’t enough. Luke and Monica will have to face the secrets from their past, the ones that terrify them the most, if they are to have a future together. But can they catch a killer whose weapon is…
Deadly Fear

Deadly Heat

She wants revenge…
Six months after her lover died in an arsonist’s blaze, firefighter Lora Spade calls in the FBI’s elite Serial Services Division to track the elusive killer. When Special Agent Kenton Lake is lured into a violent inferno, Lora pulls him to safety and is stunned not by the fire, but by her own searing attraction to Kent. For the first time in months, she longs for something other than vengeance. He wants her…
Kenton’s interest in Lora should be purely professional. But one fleeting kiss and he can’t get her out of his mind. Her combination of strength and vulnerability makes him want to protect her, and that means solving this case and fast. For even the passion igniting between them can’t hide a terrifying truth: Lora is the next target in a murderer’s sad*istic, fiery game.A vicious killer wants only…
Deadly Heat

Deadly Lies

She wants to hide the pastFBI Special Agent Samantha Kennedy is haunted by memories of the serial killer who abducted her. To keep the darkness at bay, she pretends to be a different, more confident woman. This Samantha doesn’t fear every unknown face. So she throws caution to the wind and shares a night of unbridled passion with a handsome stranger. He needs to uncover the truthOne night isn’t enough for successful entrepreneur Max Ridgeway. He wants more of the sexy, smart, mysterious woman who slipped away before dawn. When they meet again, their attraction is undeniable until his stepbrother goes missing, and Max realizes that Samantha isn’t who she seems. But they must trust each other to trap a ring of bloodthirsty kidnappers before the nightmares that terrorize Sam become irrevocably real. As a merciless criminal spins a web of…
Deadly Lies

Belong to the Night (With: Shelly Laurenston,Sherrill Quinn)

‘The Wolf, The Witch, and Her Lack of Wardrobe’ by Shelly Laurenston:

Jamie Meacham has enough trouble controlling her supernatural abilities. There’s no time for lust, or for Tully Smith, even with his smoldering amber eyes. But Tully’s grappling with his own animal instincts as a powerful shifter wolf, trying to protect all his territory including a certain sassy witch from vicious rivals.

‘In the Dark’ by Cynthia Eden:

FBI agent and leopard shifter Sadie James’ undead ex, Liam, still arouses her deepest desires, distracting her from tracking the brutal rogue shifter who is terrorizing Miami. By teaming up with Liam, Sadie has a better chance of solving the case, but as passion consumes them, she stands to lose more than just her heart.

‘City of the Dead’ by Sherrill Quinn:

Dori Falcon is a witch with a plan: get to New Orleans, locate her missing brother, and recover the Eye of Bastet, a mysterious and powerful amulet. Her plan never included falling for sexy Cajun copy Jake Boudreau; but without his help, she may never find the demon who has her brother, and the key to her family’s survival.

The Vampire’s Kiss

An ancient evil. An unholy alliance. An eternal love. William Dark is a monster a vampire who feeds on blood and fear. He is exactly what Savannah Daniels needs. A year ago, Savannah’s twin brother and his wife were brutally murdered. Savannah swore a vow of vengeance against the man, the beast, that killed him. A beast that is now after her. Savannah needs William’s help in order to keep her vow. She must convince him to transform her, to give her the kiss of the vampire, so that she will be strong enough to defeat the killer that is on her trail. Savannah and William enter into an unholy alliance: He will transform her and see that she receives her justice. In return, she must be his companion, his mate, for eternity. But Savannah soon realizes that there is more at stake than just her life. Because once she tastes William’s kiss, she knows that she may be in jeopardy of losing her heart as well. And she will have to put all of her trust, all of her faith, into the hands of a man who lost his soul centuries ago.

Everlasting Bad Boys (With: Shelly Laurenston,Noelle Mack)

Can’t get enough Shelly Laurenston. Even for a dragon, Ailean the Wicked has a bad reputation. For 150 years he’s been renowned for his fighting prowess, but now he’s got a new conquest in mind a gorgeous dragoness known as Shalin the Innocent. Ailean suspects he’s anything but. And while he’s saving her from her enemies, he plans to prove that, even in human form, a bad boy dragon can show a girl a good time that’s truly off the scale…
Spellbound Cynthia Eden. No witch in her right mind would summon an immortal soul hunter to her aid, but Serena Tyme needs Luis D’Amil’s help to destroy the warlock who’s stalking her coven. And she’s willing to pay any price he names…
especially when the tall, dark, sexy as hell assassin shows her he can work some sensual magic of his own. Turn me on Noelle Mack. Finally, Beth Danforth has found a man who can flip her switch. That’s because super sexy Justin Watts, CEO of SpectraSign, is literally made of light. His dazzling, custom built body can’t ever wear out. And talk about energy Beth can’t get enough of the guy. The sex is electrifying. The love will never fade away…

Secrets: The Best in Women’s Erotic Romance, Vol. 15


Simon Says by Jane Thompson Simon Campbell is a newspaper columnist who makes his living pandering to the adolescent fantasies of American men. Georgina Kennedy is a respectable librarian with a holier than thou attitude towards Simon’s lifestyle. On the surface, these two have nothing in common but you should never judge a book by its cover.

Bite of the Wolf by Cynthia Eden Gareth Morlet, alpha werewolf, has finally found his mate. Gareth will not let anything stop him from claiming his woman not the rogue wolf who is on Trinity Martin s trail and certainly not his mate s own fear. All he has to do is convince Trinity to join with him, to give in to the pleasure of a werewolf s mating, and then she will be his forever.

Falling for Trouble by Saskia Walker With 48 hours to clear her brother’s name, Sonia Harmond needs all the help she can get and finds it in the shape of irresistible bad boy, Oliver Eaglestone. When the erotic tension between them hits fever pitch, securing evidence to thwart an international arms dealer isn’t the only danger they face. Can either of them resist falling for trouble?

The Disciplinarian by Leigh Court Trapped in a loveless marriage of convenience in Victorian England, headstrong Clarissa Babcock is sent to the shadowy legend known as The Disciplinarian for instruction in proper wifely obedience. One look at the dark and dangerously handsome Disciplinarian has her fantasizing about what it would be like to be at the mercy of his sexual tutelage.

As The Disciplinarian, Jared Ashworth has never failed to transform a difficult wife into a dutiful spouse, but not in the way their husbands expect. He uses the tools of seduction to show Clarissa how to control a demanding husband, but her beauty, spirit, and uninhibited passion make Jared hunger to keep her and their darkly erotic nights all for himself!

Secrets, Vol. 18: Dark Passions

Flesh to Fantasy by Larissa Ione Kelsa Bradshaw is an intense loner whose job keeps her happily immersed in a fanciful world of virtual reality. Desperate to protect her existence, she wants nothing to do with Trent Jordan, a laid back paramedic who experiences the harsh realities of life up close and personal. But when their vastly different worlds collide in an erotic eruption of fantasy sex and real life emotions, can Trent convince Kelsa to turn the fantasy into something real?

Heart Full of Stars by Linda Gayle Freed at last from alien bondage, singer Fanta Rae finds herself stranded on a lonely Mars outpost with the first human male she’s seen in nine years. Ex Marine Alex Decker lost his family in the Aggressions and guilt drives him into isolation, but Fanta’s passion turns his world upside down. When alien assassins come to enslave her, he and Fanta must fight for their lives and a future that holds no guarantees.

Lone Wolf Three by Rae Monet Planetary politics and squabbling over wolf occupied territory drain former rebel leader Taban Zias. When Taban’s second in charge sends him a mediator to help negotiate the Elnar land treaty, he’s pissed. But his anger quickly turns to desire when he meets, Lakota Blackson. Focused, calm and honorable, the female Wolf Warrior is Taban’s perfect mate now if he can just convince her.

The Wolf’s Mate by Cynthia Eden When Michael Morlet finds Katherine ‘Kat’ Hardy fighting for her life in a dark alley, he instantly recognizes her as the mate he’s been seeking all of his life. He knows that he will do whatever it takes to claim her, body and soul. But someone’s trying to kill Kat, and the attack in the alley is just the first in a series of close calls for her. With danger stalking them at every turn, will Kat trust him enough to become The Wolf’s Mate?

A Red Hot New Year

This New Year’s Eve, turn up the heat

At the stroke of midnight a new year begins a time for passionate resolutions and brand new pleasures; a time to let go of past restraints and embrace new sensual boundaries. Four masterful writers offer a quartet of boldly erotic tales guaranteed to heat up those winter nights.

Anna has always been the good girl, until a mysterious and powerful encounter with a wolf brings out her wild side! Now she’s unleashing her long repressed desires on the sexy stranger who comes to her rescue…
in Cynthia Eden’s New Year’s Bites.

Seducing her lover at a lavish party seems like the perfect way for Chantal to rekindle their lost passion. But the tables are turned when she finds herself the target of an even more intoxicating man’s desire…
in Diana Mercury’s Night Resolutions.

During a weekend getaway at a cozy mountain cabin, two couples decide the long winter nights lend themselves to exciting sensual exploration. But no one expects their red hot sessions will turn good friends into lovers for life…
in Virginia Reede’s Snow Blind.

Gina is your average female who just happens to become a bit of a…
dragon when she’s turned on! Good thing she’s found the kind of savagely sexy man who can bring out the beast in her…
in Denise Rossetti’s Coming on Strong.

Miss Congeniality

This title contains two stories including ‘Miss Congeniality‘ and ‘Wicked Ways’. Shelly Laurenston ‘Miss Congeniality‘: It’s those damn stockings that get me every time. They have this sexy little line down the back and I can’t help but stare at her legs…
constantly. And you’d think she’d be all over me like every other female in the Seattle area. I’m young, good looking, and one day I’ll be Alpha Male of my family’s Pack. But Professor Irene Conridge acts like I don’t even exist. How is that possible? Now she’s got enemies coming out of the woodwork and I have to protect her. Why? Because that’s the kind of man I am. Yes, I am that amazing. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that while I work to secure her safety, she’ll be hanging out at my house. That’s hours…
days even that I’ve got Irene Conridge right where I want her. Cynthia Eden ‘Wicked Ways’: I’m too dangerous for her. I know it, but I can’t get my sexy new neighbour out of my head. When I hear her scream one night, the absolute last thing I expect to see is Miranda Shaw star of my hottest fantasies being attacked by a vampire. Now the undead jerk is after her, and I’m the only thing standing between the beautiful lady and a killer who just won’t stop. Well, too bad for him, because that vamp has just made the worst mistake of his afterlife he’s tangled with a shifter. And Miranda, well, she’s so busy watching out for him that she won’t see me closing in on her not until it’s too late and I’m about to show her just how wild I can get…

Secrets, Vol. 25: Wicked Delights

Blood Hunt by Cynthia Eden: Vampiress Nema Alexander has a definite taste for bad boys. Slade Brion, a notorious bounty hunter, has just been charged with tracking her down. He won’t stop until he catches her, and Nema won’t stop until she claims him…
forever. Enter the Hero by Sedonia Guillone: Kass and Lian are sentenced to sex slavery for daring to seek freedom to love each other. Forced to make love for an audience, their hearts are secretly united while their bodies are on display. They have only one chance to escape…
with each other and with their lives. Scandalous Behavior by Anne Rainey: Five years of secretly lu*sting after her intriguing boss, Kevin Haines, is enough. Tess Marley wants to escape her dull life and see if Kevin is all she’s dreamed he would be. But Tess makes a major miscalculation when she crosses the line between lust and love. Up To No Good by Natasha Moore: Former syndicated columnist Simon ‘Mac’ MacKenzie hides a tragic secret. When freelance writer Alison Chandler seeks an exclusive interview, she threatens not only his carefully constructed lifestyle, but his longstanding ideas about love. Is their passion a distraction or the key to surviving their war of wills?

The Naughty List

Deck the halls with white hot passion!Donna Kauffman Naughty But NiceBusinessman Griffin’s never believed in luck until sassy sweet small town baker Melody turns his world around. Except there s a catch: There s no way he ll be able to build his empire and hold on to her. His new lucky charm could destroy all his dreams or make this Christmas better than he ever imagined possible Cynthia Eden All I Want for ChristmasGood girl toy inventor Christie takes a walk on the naughty side when she sparks a no strings fling with Santa actually, sexy cop Jonas in a Santa suit. She loves her new bad girl persona, except as the holidays approach, she starts falling, and hard, for this known love em and leave em ladies man…
Susan Fox Tattoos and MistletoeCharlie returns to her hometown to fix up her aunt s B&B, but she doesn t count on LJ handling the renovations. Nerdy LJ pined for her in school, but now he s grown into the town s hottest bachelor. Charlie s been burned before and won t let him get close. But LJ s determined to break down her walls and make her dearest Christmas wish come true. Donna Kauffman writes smart and sexy, with sizzle to spare. Janet Evanovich I dare you not to love a Cynthia Eden book! Larissa Ione

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