Cora Harrison Books In Order

Drumshee Timeline Books In Publication Order

  1. Nuala and Her Secret Wolf (1997)
  2. The Secret of the Seven Crosses (1997)
  3. The Secret of Drumshee Castle (1998)
  4. The Secret of 1798 (1998)
  5. Famine Secret at Drumshee (1998)
  6. Titanic Voyage from Drumshee (1999)
  7. Millennium at Drumshee (1999)
  8. The Drumshee Rebels (1999)
  9. The Viking at Drumshee (2001)
  10. Murder at Drumshee (2002)
  11. World War II Rescue at Drumshee (2002)
  12. Dark Days at Drumshee (2003)
  13. Secret Spy from Drumshee (2003)

Drumshee Chronicles Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder Strikes Again (2004)
  2. Treachery at Midnight (2004)
  3. Doomed to Die (2005)
  4. A Life for a Life (2005)

Wolfcub Books In Publication Order

  1. That Boy Cadman (2001)
  2. Wolf in the Midnight Forest (2003)
  3. Wolf and the Frozen Mist (2003)

Chimps Books In Publication Order

  1. Two Mad Dogs (2003)

Burren Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. My Lady Judge (2007)
  2. Michaelmas Tribute / A Secret and Unlawful Killing (2008)
  3. The Sting of Justice (2009)
  4. Writ in Stone (2009)
  5. Eye of the Law (2010)
  6. Scales of Retribution (2011)
  7. Deed of Murder (2011)
  8. Laws in Conflict (2012)
  9. Chain of Evidence (2013)
  10. Cross of Vengeance (2013)
  11. Verdict of the Court (2014)
  12. Condemned to Death (2015)
  13. A Fatal Inheritance (2016)
  14. An Unjust Judge (2017)

London Murder Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. The Montgomery Murder (2010)
  2. The Deadly Fire (2010)
  3. Murder on Stage (2010)
  4. Death of a Chimney Sweep (2011)
  5. The Body in the Fog (2012)
  6. Death in the Devil’s Den (2012)

Jane Austen Books In Publication Order

  1. I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend (2010)
  2. Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend (2011)

Debutantes Books In Publication Order

  1. Debutantes (2012)
  2. Debutantes in Love (2013)

Reverend Mother Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. A Shameful Murder (2015)
  2. A Shocking Assassination (2016)
  3. Beyond Absolution (2017)
  4. A Gruesome Discovery (2018)
  5. Death of a Novice (2018)
  6. Murder at the Queen’s Old Castle (2019)
  7. Death of a Prominent Citizen (2020)
  8. Murder in an Orchard Cemetery (2021)

Hugh Mac Egan Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. The Cardinal’s Court (2018)

Willowgrove Village Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. False Accusations (2018)

Gaslight Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Season of Darkness (2019)
  2. Winter of Despair (2019)
  3. Summer of Secrets (2021)
  4. Spring of Hope (2022)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Gorgeous (2004)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. The Fed-up Vacuum Cleaner (2002)
  2. General Field Mouse (2002)
  3. I Want a Dog (2002)
  4. The Wizard of the Woods (2002)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Timeline 2001 Yearbook (2000)

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Cora Harrison Books Overview

Nuala and Her Secret Wolf

During the Iron Age, a twelve year old girl in Ireland secretly raises a wolf cub which, after saving her life, becomes a valued member of their household.

The Secret of Drumshee Castle

‘With a sudden shock, Grace realised: She hates me enough to kill me…
‘ Grace is an orphan who lives at Drumshee Castle in the time of Queen Elizabeth I. She thinks she can survive anything as long as she has her pony, Golden Dawn. But Grace’s cruel aunt and uncle are plotting to get rid of her and one night their carefully laid plans turn into action. Helped by her powerful cousin Brendan, her foster brother Enda, and her beloved Golden Dawn, Grace escapes and sets out in search of safety and justice. But even amidst the splendor of Queen Elizabeth’s court, she longs for the peaceful hills of Drumshee. Will she ever be able to return?

The Secret of 1798

It is 1798 and a rebellion is taking hold in Ireland. No matter what her stepmother says, Caitriona knows they have to hide Serge from the British army. The young French sailor saved her life, after all! And the family farm of Drumshee is used to keeping secrets…
Exploring the farm, Caitriona and Serge stumble on a clue left by a boy who lived there many centuries before. It points the way to a hidden purse of gold. If they found it Caitriona could follow her dream of going to France with Serge and becoming a singer. But can Serge and Caitriona solve the ancient puzzle before the British track Serge down?

Famine Secret at Drumshee

It’s 1847 and the Great Famine is destroying Ireland. The Drumshee twins, Fiona and Deirdre, and their brothers, Martin and Daniel, are in trouble. The black fever has killed their parents and they have no money left to buy food. They’ve no choice but to enter the dreaded workhouse. In the workhouse they face a fight for survival. Will they be able to overcome hunger, fever and the Matron’s greed? Will Fiona and Deirdre come up with an escape plan? And if they ever get back to Drumshee will they be in time to keep the secret safe because once again, Drumshee is hiding something…

Titanic Voyage from Drumshee

Thirteen year old Kitty is leaving the family home of Drumshee. As nursemaid to Lady Victoria Fitzgerald’s little niece and nephew, Tabitha and Robert, she will sail across the Atlantic to far off America on board the greatest ship that man has ever made…
But even amid the splendid wonders of the Titanic, Kitty can’t help remembering her grandmother’s premonition. Kitty has brought with her the gold necklace which has been in her family for thousands of years even though her grandmother warned her that bad luck would come to anyone who took the necklace away from Drumshee. And then disaster strikes. And as the Titanic slowly sinks and the terrified passengers begin to panic, Kitty realises that little Tabitha is missing…

The Viking at Drumshee

Living rough and fighting the invading Vikings, Brian Boru has no more money to feed his troops, and the Vikings at Limerick have a ho*ard of looted treasure, but it’s closely guarded…
. Fourteen year old Conn, from Drumshee, is the youngest soldier in Brian Boru’s makeshift army. After a hard battle, he and his men retire to Drumshee to rest; on the way, Conn captures a Viking boy named Ivar. The two boys and Conn’s sister, Emer, become friends.

Murder at Drumshee

He’s dead! screamed Mahon, his face as white as his tunic…
‘ In the Ireland of Saint Patrick and the Brehon Laws, Drumshee is shaken by a terrible crime. Gabur, the cruel assistant brehon, is found murdered and Mahon, one of his young students, is everyone’s main suspect. But when Ita and the other law students start investigating, they discover that Mahon was far from the only person with a reason to want Gabur dead. Can they prove his innocence before it’s too late?

Wolf in the Midnight Forest

When Mark wakes up in the midnight Forest he can t believe it. Wolf is there as well but he looks so different. He doesn t look like a puppy anymore. What’s going on? But there s no time even to think about it. The Swan Princess has disappeared and all the animals are scared. Mark and Wolf have to find her before the Shapechanger comes back. As they start searching Mark realizes that dodging Nosy Nora and Raymond s gang are the least of his problems.

Two Mad Dogs

Tim decides to bring two dogs home with him one pup has a patch over one eye, the other has a squeaky bark. Chaos breaks out at home and his Dad says they’d be trouble. So what causes him to change his mind about them. Illustrated by Terry Myler

My Lady Judge

In the sixteenth century, as it is now, the Burren, on the western seaboard of Ireland, was a land of grey stone forts, fields of rich green grass and swirling mountain terraces. It was also home to an independent kingdom that lived peacefully by the ancient Brehon laws of their forebears. On the first eve of May, 1509, hundreds of people from the Burren climbed the gouged out limestone terraces of Mullaghmore Mountain to celebrate the great May Day festival, lighting a bonfire and singing and dancing through the night, then returning through the grey dawn to the safety of their homes. But one man did not come back down the steeply spiralling path. His body lay exposed to the ravens and wolves on the bare, lonely mountain for two nights…
and no one spoke of him, or told what they had seen. And when Mara, a woman appointed by King Turlough Don O’Brien to be judge and lawgiver to the stony kingdom, came to investigate, she was met with a wall of silence…
‘An excellent historical novel with a most original leading character…
A true Celtic feast.’ P. C. Doherty.

Michaelmas Tribute / A Secret and Unlawful Killing

It is 1509 and, for the people of the Burren in western Ireland, the Michaelmas Fair is a joyous time for trade and celebration, signaling the start of autumn. It’s a chance to gather, buy and sell their wares, and pay tribute to the lord of their clans. But this year is different. The steward of the MacNamara clan has decided to raise the amount demanded for its tribute, and it s not long before tempers are running high.

When the steward s body is found in the local churchyard, it falls upon Mara, the Burren s Brehon Judge, to piece the puzzle together. Was it revenge, greed, or something more sinister that motivated the murder? When another body is discovered, it is up to Mara despite the distraction of a surprising marriage proposal to bring the killer to justice before there can be yet another death.

The Sting of Justice

Once again, Cora Harrison brings sixteenth century Ireland beautifully to life and her Brehon detective, Mara, is a fantastic protagonist an absolute one off and yet refreshingly real. The Historical Novel Society on A Secret and Unlawful Killing Editors Choice

The year is 1509 and autumn has come to the Burren in western Ireland. It’s a time of harvest and preparation for the winter to come the end of summer and, for some, the end of life. When Mara attends the funeral of a local priest of the Burren, the last thing she expects to discover is another corpse on the church steps a man stung to death by bees.

Sorley, the silversmith, was a greedy and distrusted man: there would be no shortage of people who wanted him dead. But who really stood to profit from his murder? As Mara investigates, she must use all her cunning and prowess as a judge to bring The Sting of Justice to a killer with a hate filled heart and a murderous mind.

Writ in Stone

A Mystery of Medieval Ireland Christmas, 1509. Mara, the investigating judge of the Burren, has accepted the offer of marriage made by King Turlough. But on the eve of the marriage festivities, a man kneeling in prayer in the abbey church is violently murdered. Who could have planned to kill the king? Cut off from the outside world by heavy snow, Mara must act quickly to catch the assassin before a second death occurs.

Eye of the Law

A Mystery of Medieval Ireland 1510. A great feast is being held. Into a crowd listening to the story of Balor, the one eyed god, come two strangers. The younger of the two, Iarla, bears a letter that claims that the wealthy Ardal O Lochlainn is his true father which Ardal vociferously denies. So when Iarla is found dead, with one eye missing, some think he was killed by the god but most suspect Ardal. Mara, the Brehon or lawgiver of the Burren, is called to investigate.

Scales of Retribution

June, 1510: the Burren, west coast of Ireland Upon going unexpectedly into an early labour, Mara is alerted to the disappearance of Malachy, the local physician. Mystery follows birth, as shortly after the entrance of her son into the world the body of Malachy is discovered. But who stands to profit from this death and who therefore are Mara’s lead suspects? For starters there is Malachy s new wife and her two sons, not to mention the very daughter who helped to deliver Mara s child. But soon we discover that the list of people bearing Malachy a grudge is even longer that Mara could have anticipated.

I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend

When shy Jenny Cooper goes to stay with her cousin Jane Austen, she knows nothing of the world of beautiful dresses, dances, secrets, gossip, and romance that Jane inhabits. At fifteen, Jane is already a sharp observer of the customs of courtship. So when Jenny falls utterly in love with Captain Thomas Williams, who better than Jane to help her win the heart of this dashing man? But is that even possible? After all, Jenny’s been harboring a most desperate secret. Should it become known, it would bring scandal not only to her, but also to the wonderful Austen family. What s a poor orphan girl to do? In this delicious dance between truth and fiction, Cora Harrison has crafted Jenny s secret diary by reading everything Jane Austen wrote as a child and an adult, and by researching biographies, critical studies, and family letters. Jenny s diary makes the past spring vividly to life and provides insight into the entire Austen family especially the beloved Jane.

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