Colin Forbes Books In Order

Snow Books In Publication Order

  1. Snow on High Ground (1967)
  2. Snow in Paradise (1967)
  3. Snow Along the Border (1968)

David Martini Books In Publication Order

  1. Wreath for America (1967)
  2. Night of the Hawk (1968)
  3. Bombshell (1970)

Tweed & Co. Books In Publication Order

  1. Double Jeopardy (1982)
  2. Terminal (1984)
  3. Cover Story (1986)
  4. The Janus Man (1987)
  5. Deadlock (1988)
  6. The Greek Key (1989)
  7. Shockwave (1990)
  8. Whirlpool (1991)
  9. By Stealth (1992)
  10. Cross of Fire (1992)
  11. The Power (1994)
  12. Fury (1995)
  13. The Cauldron (1996)
  14. Precipice (1996)
  15. The Sisterhood (1997)
  16. This United State (1998)
  17. Sinister Tide (1999)
  18. Rhinoceros (2000)
  19. The Vorpal Blade (2001)
  20. The Cell (2002)
  21. No Mercy (2003)
  22. Blood Storm (2004)
  23. The Main Chance (2005)
  24. The Savage Gorge (2006)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Tramp in Armour (1969)
  2. The Heights of Zervos (1970)
  3. The Palermo Ambush (1972)
  4. Target Five (1973)
  5. Year of the Golden Ape (1974)
  6. The Stone Leopard (1975)
  7. Avalanche Express (1977)
  8. The Stockholm Syndicate (1981)
  9. The Leader and the Damned (1985)

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Colin Forbes Books Overview

Double Jeopardy

A British secret agent is found murdered on Lake Konstanz in Bavaria, with a neo Na*zi sign carved on his back. However, was it the Na*zis, or was it the Russians attempting to discredit them? Caught between them, British agent Martel must discover the truth, before he too becomes a victim.

Cover Story

‘Adam Procane has to be stopped…
‘ It was the last message his wife ever sent, and even as he read it, foreign correspondent Bob Newman knew she was dead. The killers had sent a film of her murder to London with the warning tell other people to keep away from Procane…
Procane, a top Washington official, is about to defect. With the Presidential election two months away, it’s the last thing the Americans want. Trouble is, until they know exactly who he is, they can do nothing to stop him. In London, Tweed of SIS watches and waits. Four highly suspect Americans have already passed through en route to Scandinavia the Deputy Head of the CIA, the National Security Adviser and his wife, and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. Any one of them could be Procane. Meanwhile Newman has slipped off to Finland, bent on revenge. It’s time for Tweed to act. To get back into the field. To stop Newman and find Procane before he or she takes vital secrets to the East…

The Janus Man

A thriller featuring Tweed of the SIS, as he battles to discover which one of his European sector chiefs is a traitor. Other work by the author includes ‘The Stone Leopard’, ‘The Palermo Ambush’, ‘The Heights of Zervos’ and ‘The Greek Key’.


The countdown to Deadlock has begun…
It should have been a tranquil, if unwelcome holiday for Tweed. But six fresh graves in an isolated Norfolk churchyard mark the start of one of the deadliest manhunts ever undertaken. A hostile master planner has gone missing. He hasn’t defected, he has vanished with enough explosive power to take out a great city, leaving no survivors. Now the Russians, appalled that detente may be destroyed, are asking Tweed to track him down. Somewhere in Europe, a ruthless cold blooded killer is moving towards his unknown target, a near genius for whom ‘terror is the ultimate weapon’. He has planned a brutal act of violence which will bring Europe to its knees. With Bob Newman, foreign correspondent turned undercover agent, and Paula Grey, his assistant, Tweed must locate the renegade before crisis becomes holocaust. The final confrontation will be one of the most terrifying they have ever faced.

The Greek Key

‘He will be assassinated the general took the decision last night.’ Murder committed over forty years ago, is the detonator which triggers off Tweed, Paula Grey and Newman in their quest for The Greek Key. On Exmoor live three former Commandos who raided the island of Siros during World War 2. What is the secret which binds the trio in a state of terror years later? When agent Harry Masterson is found dead in Greece, Tweed marshals his forces, including the ruthless, cynical Marler, to hunt down the killer. But what is the connection linking Athens with Exmoor and an unsolved murder case over forty years old? What part is played by the mysterious Christina? And why are so many terrified of identifying The Greek Key? Trapped in a vortex of violence and death, Tweed begins to uncover a diabolical plot to destroy detente. As time runs out, only Tweed can neutralize catastrophe if he isn’t already too late…
‘Colin Forbes ‘has no equal” ‘Sunday Mirror’.


Tweed returns to face a desperate enemy in this follow up to ‘Shockwave’. Glasnost is being blown to pieces as Europe is engulfed in a wave of terror. But who is the new enemy? This book travels from England, Sweden and Finland, through to a mysterious institute in Lapland.

By Stealth

Paula Grey has her first inkling of danger when a boat vanishes in fog off Lymington, its sole occupant drifts ashore, dead. Then a British naval commander warns Tweed that vessels are disappearing. How are these and other factors related? By the author of ‘Cross of Fire’.

Cross of Fire

When an SIS agent investigating a paramilitary organization in Bordeaux is strangled it can only spell trouble for Tweed and Paula Grey. Tweed faces imminent catastrophe as one murder follows another, and savage riots break out in France, the mob active in Lorraine. By the author of ‘By Stealth’.

The Power

In this thriller, Tweed, Paula Grey and Bob Newman face the most professional enemy they have ever encountered. Subjected to overwhelming and murderous pressure, Tweed’s desperate task is to identify this mysterious opponent before it is too late. A nightmare scenario unfolds…

The Cauldron

Paula Grey and Bob Newman discover a woman’s body floating on the Californian coast, her identity unknown. At the same time, a ship disappears into the fog. Sensing an impending catastrophe, Tweed hurtles across the globe, as a continent begins to slide into the ocean.

This United State

Two cassettes. Playing time 3 hours. Read by William Franklyn.

Sinister Tide

The wave of the future confronts Tweed carrying death for at least a hundred million people. With Paula Grey and Bob Newman, Tweed tracks the creator of the supreme weapon, Dr Goslar. Identity unknown man or woman? The trail leads from the coast north of Dartmoor to London. Two mysterious women appear Serena Cavendish, then Trudy Warner, just arrived from the US. Can Tweed trust either? Captain Alan Burgoyne, Gulf War veteran, joins Tweed’s team. The Yellow Man surfaces the most savage assassin Tweed has ever encountered. The pursuit of Goslar moves to Paris. Tweed has many enemies the French security services, a ‘non existent’ American unit, the rival British Special Brand all determined to seize the weapon. From Paris, Tweed, always under threat, races to Geneva, on to Annecy. Goslar’s base is still unknown. He is close to delivering the weapon to the West’s mose fanatical opponent. Is Tweed too late? A crescendo climax explodes in remote snowbound mountains. For pace, for intriguing characters, Forbes has created his most atmospheric novel yet.


Tweed, Paula Grey and Bob Newman are on the trail of five heads of state who are conspiring to cause massive civil unrest throughout the western world. Dictatorsip will be the only acceptable form of government. Tweed knows the identity of four of the ringleaders, but who is the fifth?

The Vorpal Blade

Following the discovery of two headless corpses 3000 miles apart Tweed, Paula Grey and Bob Newman travel to the heart of Europe to confront their deadliest enemy yet. In a race against time, they strive desperately to avert disaster.

The Main Chance

Audio Cassette, ISIS Audio Books

Tramp in Armour

Henry James’ short novels provide an overview of his entire career and serve as an excellent introduction to his singular art and imagination. This collection includes The Turn of the Screw, Daisy Miller, The Beast in the Jungle, An International Episode, The Aspern Papers and The Altar of the Dead. Major course adoption potential.

The Heights of Zervos

‘The downward gradient increased as he pressed his foot harder and prayed prayed against two catastrophes…
‘ April 1941 the monastery on The Heights of Zervos takes on a crucial new significance as the Germans prepare to invade Greece. A Scots secret agent, a Greek patriot and two English soldiers face tremendous odds as they race against time to dent crack Na*zi troops, the use of this vital observation post. The action begins at sea and continues non stop overland in a murderous mind killing creep up the ice bound mountain, culminating in a sensational, breathtaking, nail biting finish…
Colin Forbes. ‘Has no equal’ ‘Sunday Mirror’.

The Palermo Ambush

It’s a race against time as Major Petrie and explosive expert Johnson attempt the impossible to blow up the strategically vital German troop ship shuttling between Italy and Sicily. They make a pact with the mafia, but are troubled at every turn by the Germans and competing mafia men.

Target Five

Urgent you penetrate icefield for possible rendezvous. Maximum risk must be accepted. Repeat. Must be accepted.’ In the weird world where huge ice islands rotate round the North Pole, Soviet submarines still prowl beneath the icecap. Top Russian oceanographer Michael Gorov, early believer in world peace, flees from his Soviet base to hand the West secrets which would neutralize the East’s potential stranglehold. His escape route is across the grimmest terrain on earth the empty wastes of the frozen Arctic. Keith Beaumont, Polar veteran, is sent to bring Gorov in to safety. Moscow sends master polar strategist, Colonel Igor Papanin to seize him first. Exposed to traitors and worsening weather, Beaumont struggles to outwit a whole Soviet fleet to save Gorov to help him to reach the Western base. ‘Colin Forbes ‘has no equal” ‘Sunday Mirror’.

Year of the Golden Ape

‘The whole of the West must suffer as we are suffering in Palestine…
‘ The extremists have taken over. Again the weapon is oil. Masterminding the plan to destroy Israel, Sheik Gamal Tafak has hired professional terrorists including LeCat, the French killer, and Winter, the enigmatic Englishman. The action races from Cairo to Hamburg, Paris, London and California. The worldwide conspiracy unfolds. Russia and the West are stunned. A super tanker bound for San Francisco is hi jacked, armed with a nuclear bomb. The extremists sail for the Golden Gate Bridge, threatening to annihilate America’s most beautiful city. Only two people can turn the tide Winter, professional adventurer, and Betty Cordell, expert markswoman. ‘Colin Forbes ‘Has no equal” ‘Sunday Mirror’.

The Stone Leopard

An assassination attempt on the President of the Republic; rumours circulating of an impending coup d’etat and a dying man whispering a codename ‘The Leopard’. Prefect of the Paris police, Marc Grelle guesses there’s a connection that could tear France apart.

Avalanche Express

When the Atlantic Express heads north from Milan Central it has on board the most important Russian ever to leave the Soviet Union. An armed team of British and Americans are on board to protect him, little knowing that an avalanche has been deliberately triggered to destroy the entire train.

The Stockholm Syndicate

Jules Beaurain is Commander of Telescope, an elite strike force, which is confronted by The Syndicate, a group which uses blackmail, bribery and terror to gain control of the economy of the West. Beaurain must locate and eliminate its leaders, but The Syndicate have already issued a death order against him. From the author of FURY.

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