Claudia Bishop Books In Order

Hemlock Falls Books In Order

  1. A Taste For Murder (1994)
  2. A Dash of Death (1995)
  3. A Pinch of Poison (1995)
  4. Murder Well-Done (1996)
  5. Death Dines Out (1997)
  6. A Touch of the Grape (1998)
  7. A Steak in Murder (1999)
  8. Marinade For Murder (2000)
  9. Just Desserts (2002)
  10. Fried By Jury (2003)
  11. A Puree of Poison (2003)
  12. Buried by Breakfast (2004)
  13. A Dinner to Die for (2006)
  14. Ground to a Halt (2007)
  15. A Carol for a Corpse (2007)
  16. Toast Mortem (2010)
  17. Dread on Arrival (2012)
  18. Fete Worse Than Death (2013)

Casebook of Dr. McKenzie Books In Order

  1. The Case of the Roasted Onion (2006)
  2. The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey (2007)
  3. The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat (2008)

Anthologies edited

  1. Death Dines at 8:30 (2001)
  2. Death Dines in (2004)
  3. A Merry Band of Murderers (2006)

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Claudia Bishop Books Overview

A Taste For Murder

Sarah Quilliam, manager of the Hemlock Falls Inn, and her chef sister, Meg, turn detective when a reenactment of the seventeenth century witch trials turns all too real when a mock execution leads to a very dead victim.

A Dash of Death

A new Hemlock Falls Inn mystery finds the Inn’s proprietors, the Quillam sisters, facing poor business and inveigling television’s Helena Houndswood to tape one of her stylish shows at the Inn, which leads to a mysterious death and disappearance.

A Pinch of Poison

The Quilliam sisters have a nose for fine food and good business. But when a nosy newspaperman goes sniffing around the local mini mall project, Sarah and Meg begin to smell something rotten in Hemlock Falls. It’s worse than corruption it’s murder. And the newsman is facing his final deadline. Includes a recipe from the Hemlock Falls Inn.

Murder Well-Done

Hosting the wedding rehearsal dinner of ex senator Alphonse Santini, who seeks reelection and has transformed the quiet inn at Hemlock Falls into a political battleground, sisters Sara and Meg become involved in a recipe for murder.

Death Dines Out

Hemlock Falls is a pretty little town in upstate New York. Sarah Quilliam, with her talent for business, runs the Inn at Hemlock Falls. Her sister, Meg, keeps the guests happy with her culinary abilities. But when it comes to murder, the Quilliam sisters have to rely on other skills spotting clues, solving crimes, catching culprits…
Death Dines Out The Quilliam sisters are thrilled to leave the Inn for a week in Palm Beach even if their trip isn’t exactly a vacation. In exchange for first class tickets, the pair will help socialite Tiffany Taylor with her charity for phobic women. The deal sounds too good to be true and it is. Shortly after their arrival, the sisters learn that the so called charity is actually a ploy being used by Tiffany to humiliate her nasty ex husband and he is not amused. Caught in the middle of the fray, the sisters hope to help the Taylors finally bury the hatchet before one of them has to bury the other…

A Touch of the Grape

With upstate New York in a tourist slump, Sarah and Meg Quilliam are desperate to keep their inn running. But their only guests are ‘The Crafty Ladies’, a group of middle aged artists who make art out of recyclables. But their creative flow is interrupted when one of the ladies is killed in a fire at the inn and another soon after. Now Sarah and Meg are really desperate. Includes a recipe from the Inn at Hemlock Falls.

A Steak in Murder

Another Killer Recipe…
to die forFirst time in print a new Hemlock Falls mystery…
Much to their dismay, the Quilliam sisters have sold the Inn at Hemlock Falls. Worse yet, the new owner is turning a pretty profit. But when a Texas cattleman winds up dead on the premises, the sisters are back in business. They’re out to catch the culprit and reclaim their precious Inn…
without getting stampeded themselves! ‘Fine local color and interesting characters.’ Murder ad lib Recipe included! Other Hemlock Falls mysteries include: A Touch of the Grape, Death Dines Out, A Taste for Murder, A Dash of Death, A Pinch of Poison, and Murder Well Done

Marinade For Murder

Desperate to buy back the Inn at Hemlock Falls, the Quilliam sisters face a devastating setback when a TV producer is murdered on the premises. The Hemlock Falls Mysteries are:’Offbeat, intriguing.’ The Armchair Detective ‘Interesting.’ Murder ad lib 8th in the charming Hemlock Falls series featuring the Quilliam sisters

Just Desserts

With a meteorologist convention coming to the Inn, business is looking good. But when the town’s new computer expert is murdered, Quill and Meg have to make sure the elusive killer doesn’t rain on their parade.

Fried By Jury

Meg Quilliam would rather eat a rat than judge a deep fat frying contest. But when celebrity chef Banion O’Haggerty offers to do it for a pretty penny and decides to stay at Quill and Meg’s Inn, it’s the start of even more turmoil. Before the new franchise even opens, Mr. Holcomb has competition: Colonel Cluck is setting up shop here too. Then, a butcher knife is missing and so is Banion! It’s anyone’s guess who will ruffle this killer’s feathers next…

Ground to a Halt

Sisters and innkeepers Meg and Quill have an inn full of guests who can’t stop fighting. Soon, one ends up murdered on a pig farm. And when a psychic correctly predicts a second murder, business grinds to a halt.

A Carol for a Corpse

For the Quilliam sisters, there’s nothing jolly about this Christmas. Someone with a paintball gun is taking down inflatable Santas all over town. And Meg and Quill are near broke. At least there’s one bright star on the horizon: a big time magazine and television show will feature the Inn. But soon the editor’s husband skis to his death. Now, if the Quilliams are to save the Inn from a lawsuit, they’ll need to prove this was no accident. But the slopeside slayer has a message for them: You better watch out.

Toast Mortem

The Inn at Hemlock Fall reopens for readers! Bernard LeVasque has opened a multi million dollar cooking school in Hemlock Falls and has even stolen customers from Sarah and Meg Quilliam’s Inn. But someone finds the infamous chef too bitter and takes him off the menu for good.

The Case of the Roasted Onion

Meet the McKenzies. On their farm nestled in upstate Trumansburg, New York, veterinarian Austin McKenzie and his wife Madeline keep themselves busy looking after a variety of ailing farm animals and pets in poor health. But while they may be able to mend creatures great and small, they have yet to find a cure for murder.

The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey

Readers will gobble up this new McKenzie Farm mystery.

Veterinarian Austin McKenzie has met plenty of snakes and none meaner than turkey farmer Lewis O’Leary. So it’s no surprise when O’Leary’s dead body is found in a dumpster. Circumstantial evidence points to a turkey feed salesman, but the doc has a feeling the guy was framed.

The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat

Animals and justice have found their hero in Dr. McKenzie. When a randy milk inspector is found dead in 400 gallons of goat milk, veterinarian Austin McKenzie and his wife Madeline will have to cull a killer from a herd of suspects. And along the way, the vet might just save some bleating hearts.

Death Dines at 8:30

Sixteen stories of crime and cuisine from: Claudia Bishop Camilla T. Crespi Bill and Judy Crider Barbara D’Amato Nick Danger Diane Mott Davidson Patricia Guiver Jean Hager Edward D. Hoch David A. Kaufelt Nancy Kress Tamar Myers Sharan Newman Mike Resnick Elizabeth Daniels Squire Valerie Wolzien

Death Dines in

All new recipes and author interviews included Sink your teeth into sixteen culinary capers from today’s masters of mystery slices of life and death, peppered with peril, seasoned with suspense, and marinated with malice. New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry introduces her newest sleuth, Justice Thelonius Quade, in ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence,’ and Midnight Louie smells something fishy at an all you can eat fugu dinner in Carole Nelson Douglas’s ‘License to Kill.’ These and fourteen other tales are sure to satisfy your craving for crime fiction. Available only in Mystery 4.

A Merry Band of Murderers

A Merry Band of Murderers is more than a compilation of short mystery stories from some of the genres finest writers. It is also an exploration of music. Conceived by Claudia Bishop and Don Bruns, the collection is staged in two acts: first, a non fiction discussion of short stories, mysteries, and music; and second, a compilation of musical short mysteries. The first act opens with an essay by Bishop explaining the role of the short story in mystery writing and another essay by Bruns discussing writers who play, sing, and compose. The second act is more whimsical. There are thirteen music centered stories from authors Mary Anna Evans, Jim Fusilli, Bill Moody, Rupert Holmes, Rhys Bowen, John Lescroart, Nathan Walpow, Peter Robinson, Jeffery Deaver, Tom Corcoran, Val McDermid, and, of course, the editors themselves. Each story is accompanied by a short introduction, song lyrics, and an interview with the writer. The book is packaged with a music CD with recordings by the authors. A one of a kind collection.

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