Claire Thornton Books In Order

City of Flames Books In Order

  1. The Defiant Mistress (2005)
  2. The Abducted Heiress (2005)
  3. The Vagabond Duchess (2006)


  1. Ten Guineas on Love (1992)
  2. Raven’s Honor (2002)
  3. Gifford’s Lady (2002)
  4. My Lord Footman (2007)
  5. Runaway Lady (2009)


  1. An Unsuitable Match / The Love Child (2003)
  2. Perdita / Raven’s Honour (2006)
  3. Miranda’s Masquerade / Gifford’s Lady (2006)
  4. Regency Lords & Ladies Collection Vol 15 (2006)

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Claire Thornton Books Overview

The Defiant Mistress

For eight years Gabriel Vaughan, Marquis of Halross, believed he was duped by a clever, money-grabbing harlot. Left at the altar, he was to witness his betrothed in the arms of another man. Now a chance meeting in Venice brings back all the old hurts and bitterness. Although Athena Fairchild claims to be innocent, maybe this is just another of her deceptions. It’s time to exact a little revenge.

The Vagabond Duchess

He’d promised to return. But Jack Bow is dead. And Temperance Challinor’s quietly respectable life is changed forever. Practical Temperance has no time to grieve for the irresistible rogue who gave her one night of comfort in a blazing city. She must protect her unborn child by pretending to be Jack’s widow. A foolproof plan. Until she arrives at Jack’s home and the counterfeit widow of a vagabond becomes the real wife of a very much alive duke!

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