Chuck Logan Books In Order

Phil Broker Books In Publication Order

  1. The Price Of Blood (1997)
  2. The Big Law (1998)
  3. Absolute Zero (2002)
  4. Vapor Trail (2003)
  5. After The Rain (2004)
  6. Homefront (2005)
  7. Broker (2017)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Hunter’s Moon (1996)
  2. South Of Shiloh (2008)
  3. Fallen Angel (2013)

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Chuck Logan Books Overview

The Price Of Blood

In the last 20 years Phil Broker has pulled himself together. A good, tough undercover cop in Minnesota, he knows the difference between a sucker punch and a lucky break. And although he’s put his Vietnam years behind him, the grown daughter of his old commander has been dogging his heels for months. Nina Pryce is trying to exonerate her dishonorably discharged dead father and more importantly find the 10 tons of gold he helped liberate during a U.S. commando mission. Broker doesn’t like the smell of it. Still, Nina has her charms, and can be very persuasive. The only problem is, two of Broker’s old army buddies have beaten them to the search. Rich, sad*istic Cyrus La Porte has the means, but no direction. Convicted thief Jimmy Tuna has a line on the location but no cash. Jimmy’s a dying man with nothing left to win or lose. And Broker and Nina know both men would kill them for the slimmest chance to take it all. A riveting suspense novel that reads like a thrilling treasure hunt with a murderous legacy that echoes down from the past.

The Big Law

An emerging master of the thriller whose previous novel was named one of Amazon. com’s Ten Best Thrillers of the year pits brooding hero Phil Broker against the legendary Witness Protection Program, which has unwittingly hidden his ex wife’s killer. In The Big Law, Logan unfurls a sublime premiseThe Fugitive in reverseand graces it with ingenious plotting and fascinating explorations of the forces that drive men both to selfless heroism and murderous greed. The Big Law‘s intricate mechanics are set in motion by one fatal choice: Broker’s naive ex wife Caren decides to blow the whistle on her feckless husband, Keith Angland, a St. Paul cop who’s moonlighting as an informant for the Chicago mob. Unwisely for her, she confides in Tom James, a disaffected reporter nursing dreams of the perfect crime. Seeing a way out of his dead end life and into his dreams, Tom cajoles Caren into entrusting him with the suitcase full of greenbacks the mob has paid her informant husband. When Caren is killed, Tom frames Angland, absconds with the suitcase, runs to the FBI known to its employees as The Big Law, and wangles himself a berth in the Witness Protection Program. Only Broker senses something amiss in Tom’s testimony, and he sets out to find the truth. But to do that, he must find Tom, who has The Big Law and a big suitcase full of cash on his side. Logan probes the inner workings of the Witness Protection Program. as no novelist has before. He also brings to this tale an unsurpassed knack for combining white knuckle action with subtle characterizations and direct, lyrical prose. The Big Law proves how thoroughly he deserved to be called ‘one of the best of the new thriller breed.’ Publishers Weekly

Absolute Zero

On one of the coldest nights in Minnesota history, the difference between life and death is literally the blink of an eye for Phil Broker, until recently St. Paul’s most successful undercover cop. That blink will convey the urgent warning of a comatose man who knows the dark truth binding Broker to a remarkable cast of characters a weary anesthesiologist, a brilliant surgeon, a wealthy novelist, his exwife a reformed exotic dancer, and her unrepentant pimp. For Broker it all began when he agreed to take three big city professionals on a canoeing trip across Minnesota’s most remote lakes. One of the three is horribly injured in a freak October blizzard, and Broker embarks on a white knuckle rescue against time and the elements, ending with a writer in a coma and his accountant dead. Suspicious of foul play, Broker follows a twisted trail of manipulation and revenge that leads back to the writer’s beautiful wife and a ring of men caught in a deadly competition for her affections. Absolute Zero is suspense writing at its finest, a novel whose surprising reversals and unexpectedly nuanced characters secure Chuck Logan’s reputation as ‘one of the best of the…
thriller breed’ and blows the lid off Minnesota’s best kept literary secret.

Vapor Trail

No tears were shed when the hunt went cold for ‘The Saint’ an elusive vigilante who earned folk hero status after fatally pumping twelve bullets into a known pedophile. Now, a year later, in the blistering heat of the hottest Minnesota summer in memory, a priest has been executed in a church confessional a medal of Nicholas, patron saint of children, stuffed into his mouth. The Saint may be back and retired law enforcement officer Phil Broker is being called into service as a favor to a friend. Only an outsider can dig deeply enough into an investigation the police seem to have no enthusiasm for but for Broker, it means stirring up dangerous ghosts from his own haunted past. And once he himself becomes the hunted, there will be nowhere to turn for sanctuary. Because this time the killer might be a cop…

After The Rain

Headlights off, a panel truck drives by moonlight across an open field, following tracks that have been there for decades…
Nina Pryce and her husband, Phil Broker, couldn’t have more opposite views of the military. Broker’s loyalty to the men he served with in Vietnam is matched only by his certainty that they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Nina, though, is a new breed, a decorated and ambitious vet of the first Gulf War. As Nina proceeds along her chosen career path, Broker until his recent ‘retirement,’ Minnesota’s most effective, unorthodox, and controversial undercover cop finds himself struggling in the role of patient military spouse. The driver is a local entrepreneur taking advantage of a decades old tradition of smuggling and bootlegging by crossing a border too vast and undermanned to be effectively patrolled…
Incommunicado for months as part of a top secret Delta anti terrorist operation, Nina, with daughter Kit in tow, suddenly emerges in Langdon, North Dakota, a town in the heart of the Cold War Minuteman II missile belt. When Broker arrives to take Kit back home, he realizes that the legacy of those warheads still casts a sinister shadow across the desolate north border country, in the person of a damaged psychopath. Somewhere in the middle of this empty field he will cross, undetected, from one side of the U.S. Canada divide to the other. He and his cargo illegal cigars, whiskey, machine parts, or something much more terrifying thus slip undetected across the longest undefended border in the world. Broker discovers he’s been drawn into an elaborate con within a con, made an unwitting participant in a black bag anti terrorist detail. But his anger toward Nina for involving him and putting their daughter at risk quickly fades as a larger, more deadly reality becomes evident. With time running out, husband and wife unite with local North Dakota law enforcement to form a last line of defense against a brilliantly simple act of espionage with potentially catastrophic consequences.


The daughter of ex cop Phil Broker and ex army major/anti terrorist operative Nina Pryce, Kit Broker is no ordinary eight year old. She has seen more and survived more than most grown ups. And now she has inadvertently invited a nightmare into the lives of those she loves.

Phil Broker and his family moved to tiny Glacier Falls, Minnesota, to heal from the psychological wounds they received while helping to avert an inhuman act of terror. But young Kit chose the wrong adversary when she triumphed over local schoolyard bully Teddy Klumpe for the boy’s disreputable clan does unholy business from the darkest shadows of their small town…
and they do not forgive. What begins as a minor feud between neighbors quickly escalates into a major offensive of intimidation, destruction, fear…
and death. And the worst is yet to come because terror has come home.

Hunter’s Moon

Harry Griffin is a loner who’s witnessed some of war’s rawest moments. A survivor, he is guided in all things by his unfailing loyalty and honesty. But a tragic altercation in Minnesota’s North Woods that leaves a young man dead and suspicions of murder hanging in the air tests Harry’s courage as never before. Nothing could have prepared him for the eerie silence that has fallen over the incident, the challenge to his nerve, and the raw carnality of his best friend’s wife. Digging for answers in a town ready to lash out in fear of the dark secrets he is moving ever closer to, Harry ignores the signs of danger athis own peril. Until it all ignites in a fire of unexpected betrayal and a bloody settling of accounts.

South Of Shiloh

A nameless sniper is targeting participants in popular Civil War battle reenactments, and Minnesota reenactor Paul Edin is killed at the mock Battle of Kirby Creek, near Corinth, Mississippi. His death is ruled an accident, but Paul’s widow, Jenny, discovers that the sniper’s bullet was meant for the man standing next to Paul, a cop named Kenny Beeman. To penetrate the Mississippi smokescreen, Jenny enlists the aid of her former lover, news photographer John Rane. Appealing to be covering a story, Rane pokes into the Tennessee Mississippi border country and teams up with Beeman. With demons nipping at his heels, Rane picks a Sharps rifle and live ammunition and heads off to the Shiloh Battlefield and a showdown with a killer.

South Of Shiloh is a pulse pounding thriller from a master of the genre a story that uses a popular national pastime as the springboard for a page turning read.

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