Christine Warren Books In Order

Novels Of The Others Books In Publication Order

  1. Wolf at the Door (2006)
  2. She’s No Faerie Princess (2006)
  3. The Demon You Know (2007)
  4. Howl at the Moon (2007)
  5. Walk on the Wild Side (2008)
  6. One Bite With A Stranger (2008)
  7. You’re So Vein (2009)
  8. Big Bad Wolf (2009)
  9. Born to Be Wild (2010)
  10. Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here (2010)
  11. Black Magic Woman (2011)
  12. Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale (2011)
  13. On the Prowl (2012)
  14. Drive Me Wild (2012)
  15. Hungry Like a Wolf (2013)

Novels Of The Others Books In Chronological Order

  1. One Bite With A Stranger (2008)
  2. Big Bad Wolf (2009)
  3. Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here (2010)
  4. Black Magic Woman (2011)
  5. Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale (2011)
  6. On the Prowl (2012)
  7. Drive Me Wild (2012)
  8. Hungry Like a Wolf (2013)
  9. Wolf at the Door (2006)
  10. She’s No Faerie Princess (2006)
  11. The Demon You Know (2007)
  12. Howl at the Moon (2007)
  13. Walk on the Wild Side (2008)
  14. You’re So Vein (2009)
  15. Born to Be Wild (2010)

The Others Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Heart of the Sea (2011)

Gargoyles Books In Publication Order

  1. Heart of Stone (2013)
  2. Stone Cold Lover (2014)
  3. Hard as a Rock (2015)
  4. Rocked by Love (2016)
  5. Hard to Handle (2017)
  6. Hard Breaker (2017)

Alphaville Books In Publication Order

  1. Baby, I’m Howling for You (2018)
  2. Your Lion Eyes (2018)
  3. Something to Howl About (2018)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Devil’s Bargain (2014)
  2. Any Witch Way She Can (2015)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. No Rest for the Witches (2007)
  2. Huntress (2009)

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Novels Of The Others Book Covers

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Christine Warren Books Overview

Wolf at the Door

Sullivan Quinn didn t travel 3,000 miles from his native Ireland and his wolf pack just to chase rabidly after the most delectable quarry he’s ever seen. Quinn is in America on a mission to warn his Other brethren of a shadowy group willing to use murder and mayhem to bring them down. But one whiff of this Foxwoman s delicious honeysuckle fragrance and he knows that she is more than a colleague or a conquest she is his mate.
Anthropologist Cassidy Poe is a world renowned authority on social interaction, but the overpowering desire she feels around Quinn defies every ounce of her expertise. Working by his side to uncover The Others enemies poses risks she never expected to her own safety, to those she loves, and to her heart, as every encounter with Quinn proves more blissfully erotic than the last

Now, with no one to trust but each other, Quinn and Cassidy face a foe that s edging closer every day, threatening to destroy the life they ve always known, and the passion they ve just discovered

She’s No Faerie Princess

Queen Mab’s niece, Fiona, has long been bored to tears by the intrigues of Court life. She’d prefer to cut loose at a punk club, knock back a few Thai beers, and hook up with a likely lad of similar interests. But when Fiona goes AWOL, she only gets as far as Manhattan’s Inwood Park before a nasty demon nearly puts a permanent crimp in her plans and a dark stranger sparks her desire…

All work and no play make Tobias Walker one cranky werewolf. After six months of doing his part to keep the peace during the delicate negotiations between the Others and humankind, he’d like nothing more than a good night’s sleep preceded by an enthusiastic mating session. The alluring woman he rescues in the park might be the answer to his most lustful prayers, but only if they can both stay alive long enough to find out who wants her dead and why.

Now, Fiona and Tobias must unravel a tangled web of treachery that spans branches of the Fae, Other, and mortal worlds, all the while falling into a dangerous attraction that could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship or the end for them both…

The Demon You Know

As a research grunt at a local television station, Abby Baker tends to blend into the background, which is where she’s most comfortable. But when she ends up being the last resort to cover a hot story, Abby discovers a whole new side to her personality when she is possessed by a fiend a type of rogue demon. Suddenly everyone wants a piece of her. And now the demon Rule also a hunter of his own kind who have gone astray is Abby s only hope

Meanwhile, the Others vampires, werewolves, and witches, oh my! have come out of the supernatural closet and the rest of the humans are all aflutter. Mischief is afoot in the demon realm, and Rule knows that Abby is key to figuring it all out before the fiends tip the fragile balance between the newly discovered Others and the humans over into an epic battle. Now it s up to two lost souls to make love, not war ..

Howl at the Moon

Noah Baker never wanted to betray The Others. But if his military commanders want him to covertly investigate a Lupine scientist whose extraordinary research on sensory perception in werewolves could be used to develop werewolf sharp senses in human soldiers Noah must oblige. Even if it means deceiving the woman he desires the most.

Samantha Carstairs is the personal assistant to the Alpha of the Silverback Clan, and as best friend to the Lupine community’s most brilliant scientist, she is privy to its most dangerous secret. Noah knows that Sam will never leak the scientific research so he must find another way to get it, while keeping Sam close. But someone else is after Sam s secret. Who is the other spy infiltrating The Others? If their genetic secrets get into the wrong hands, all hell could break loose. Now Noah s true loyalty is put to the test as he fights to protect The Others and his beloved Sam and find the imposter before it s too late.

Walk on the Wild Side

In national bestseller Christine Warren’s Others novels, vampires, witches, werewolves, and more have come out of the supernatural closet. Now, the world as we know it will never be the same…
Kitty Sugarman is a lot tougher than her name implies. Still, she s content with how her small town life keeps her removed from all the changes happening in the world like the Unveiling of the Others. That is, until a near tragedy strikes and Kitty discovers she has abilities…
thanks to a father she never knew was alive. He also happens to be a were lion and leader of one of the most powerful Prides out West. Walk on the Wild SideWhen Kitty heads to Vegas to find out more about her father, it s his sexy, seductive second in command or baas of the Pride, Marcus Stewart, who commands her attention. Now that she has tempted Marcus s hunger for a mate, Kitty finds herself stuck in a vicious struggle for her father s fortune, while deadly unrest stirs within the pride. Kitty s rivals won t rest until she s gone for good, but Marcus will fight until his last breath to save her even if it means going against the pride. Warren brings fascinating alternate realities to life. Romantic Times BOOKreviews

One Bite With A Stranger

When Regina’s friends insist on setting her up a Fantasy Fix to help her get over her cheating ex, she dreams up some kinky out of this world encounters that they could never possibly bring to life. But the next thing Regina knows, her friends have got her laced into a shiny black corset, tight leather pants, and a sexy pair of stilettos. It s time for some downtown vampire fantasy fun…

The Vampire Ball in Manhattan s East Village isn t really Dmitri Vid me s idea of a good time, but as a member of the Council that governs the Others, he has to keep an eye on all the young vamps who prey on the pretenders. After he feasts his dark eyes on fiery Regina at the bar, he knows that he must have her. But for the first time Dmitri meets a woman who is more than a match for his indomitable will. And he may be the fantasy Regina hoped for until she and her feisty friends discover her sexy new lover s bloodsucking secret

You’re So Vein

Ava Markham is beautiful, savvy, chic, and more at home with Kate Spade than with the idea of fangs and fur. She can t get quite used to the fact that some of closest friends have crossed over to the Other side. Then one night she is attacked by a rogue vampire, and her deepest fears are realized when her body begins a dangerous transformation from human to immortal a change she cannot survive without the help of an alluring stranger who comes to her rescue

Vladimir Rurikovich, an elite member of the European Council of Vampires, is on the prowl for a murderous vampire fugitive on the night he saves Ava from the clutches of death. It takes just one look for Dima to know he cannot live another eight centuries without the stunning and seductive Ava until he discovers a secret about her bloodline that could change everything

Big Bad Wolf

Missy Roper’s fantasies have revolved around Graham Winters since the moment they met. But the imposing leader of the Silverback werewolf clan always seemed oblivious to Missy s existence. At least he was, until Missy collides with him at a party and then abruptly runs away arousing Graham s interest and wild desires.

Lupine law decrees that every Alpha must have a mate, and all Graham s instincts tell him that the sensual, beguiling Missy is his. Trouble is, Missy is human every delectable inch of her. Convincing his clan that she s his destined mate, and keeping her safe from his enemies, will be the biggest challenge Graham has ever faced. And now that he is determined to have her as his lover and as his mate Missy s world is changing in ways she never imagined

Born to Be Wild

Josie Barrett brings out the animal in men. Literally. As the local veterinarian in a town that’s approximately seventy percent Others mostly shapeshifters Josie deals with beastly situations all the time. It s practically part of her job description. But when the werewolves of Stone Creek, Oregon, start turning downright feral, Josie smells a rat among other, more dangerous critter. Teaming up with the ferociously sexy Eli Pace, a full time sheriff and part time were lion, Josie tries to contain the shapeshifting problem before it spreads like a virus. But when more shifters get infected and stuck in their animal forms the fur really begins to fly. Josie and Eli have to find the cause, fast, before the whole town goes to the dogs. But first, they have to wrestle with a few animal urges of their own.

Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here

Danice Carter is not one for glass slippers. A stilettos wearing lawyer at one of Manhattan’s most elite establishments, Danice has a very strong grip on reality. So when she s asked by one the firm s founding partners to take on a personal case, Danice knows she s in for the opportunity of a lifetime. All she has to do is convince her top boss s granddaughter, Rosemary, to file a paternity suit. Sounds simple enough until Danice arrives at Rosemary s home and is pounced on by a handsome stranger. Private investigator McIntyre Callahan s was only following his powerful client s orders: Find Rosemary at all costs. Instead, he s found a super hot lawyer prowling around looking for answers he can t give. The half human, half Fae Mac tries to warn Danice that she s way in over her head that Rosemary may roam among The Others, and may have dangerous ties to the Unseelie Court but she won t be deterred. Even if that means following Mac to the ends of the earth to find Rosemary or surrendering to his supernatural powers of temptation until death do they part.

Black Magic Woman

Daphanie Carter is thrilled that her sister Danice finally found her Prince Charming even though he’s not quite, well, human. Daphanie is trying to keep an open mind. Which is why she jumps at the chance to enter the hidden world of The Others when a friendly imp invites her to a non human nightclub. Daphanie s curious to see how the Other half lives and parties but soon, one handsome stranger has her bewitched, bothered, and beside herself Enter Asher Grayson. As a Guardian, it s his job to protect humans who get mixed up in the affairs of Others. When he spots Daphanie in a club, going head to head with a notorious witch doctor, he steps in to cool things off. Now the heat is on. Daphanie becomes the target of strange magical attacks, and Asher s got to undo the voodoo before it s too, too late. But soon he starts to wonder if this beautiful, beguiling mortal has put a spell on him because every little thing she does is magic

No Rest for the Witches

MaryJanice Davidson ‘The Majicka’Life’s a bit crowded for Ireland and her roommates a fairy, a werewolf, a vampire, and now a zombie especially when a mysterious man walks through the door. Will there be any room left for love? Lori Handeland ‘Voodoo Moon’For Devil’s Fork based FBI Agent Dana Duran, the only way to fight a supernatural serial killer just may be to embrace life. But little did she know that voodoo could be so viciously sexy Cheyenne McCray ‘Breath of Magic’ San Francisco’s witches are in an epic battle. But even if Sydney can use her sultry ways and ancient Druid powers to save the world, can she risk losing her heart to handsome warrior Conlan? Christine Warren’Any Witch Way She Can’A desperately lonely witch decides to take matters of love into her own hands when she casts a cosmic personal ad only to find that the perfect formula for love is a strange brew indeed.


Christine Warren Devil’s Bargain Supernatural bounty hunter Lilli Corbin made a pact with the Prince of Hell: She agreed to recover a book of prophecies. When she learns it could trigger the apocalypse, Lilli is forced to make the ultimate choice: save her soul, or the man she loves?Marjorie M. Liu The Robber Bride Welcome to a post apocalyptic world where women are fed on for their life forces. Now it s up to Maggie, one of the last female survivors, to hunt down and destroy an army of darkness Caitlin Kittredge Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go Ava is a demon slayer who needs help from mage Jack Winter to reach the demon underworld a place of dark seduction and, maybe, one of no return. Jenna Maclaine Sin Slayer London 1889. Jack the Ripper is killing off the city s vampire population, and now it s up to Cin Craven to hunt him down and save the infected Michael, the love of her undead life.

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