Christina Dodd Books In Order

My First/Medieval Books In Publication Order

  1. Candle in the Window (1991)
  2. Castles in the Air (1993)

Knight Books In Publication Order

  1. Once a Knight (1996)
  2. A Knight to Remember (1996)

Well Pleasured Books In Publication Order

  1. A Well Pleasured Lady (1997)
  2. A Well Favored Gentleman (1998)

Princess Books In Publication Order

  1. The Runaway Princess (1999)
  2. Someday My Prince (1999)

Governess Brides Books In Publication Order

  1. That Scandalous Evening (1998)
  2. Rules of Surrender (2000)
  3. Rules of Engagement (2000)
  4. Rules of Attraction (2001)
  5. In My Wildest Dreams (2001)
  6. Lost in Your Arms (2002)
  7. My Favorite Bride (2002)
  8. My Fair Temptress (2005)
  9. In Bed with the Duke (2010)
  10. Taken by the Prince (2011)
  11. A Pirate’s Wife for Me (2015)

Once Upon A Pillow Books In Publication Order

  1. Once Upon a Pillow (2002)
  2. Kidnapped (2013)

Lost Texas Heart Books In Publication Order

  1. Just the Way You Are (2003)
  2. Almost Like Being in Love (2004)
  3. Close to You (2005)
  4. Gabriel’s Gift (2014)

Switching Places Books In Publication Order

  1. Scandalous Again (2003)
  2. One Kiss From You (2003)

Lost Princesses Books In Publication Order

  1. Some Enchanted Evening (2004)
  2. The Barefoot Princess (2006)
  3. The Prince Kidnaps a Bride (2006)

The Chosen Ones Books In Publication Order

  1. Storm of Visions (2009)
  2. Storm of Shadows (2009)
  3. Chains of Ice (2010)
  4. Chains of Fire (2010)
  5. Wilder (2012)
  6. Stone Angel (2012)

Darkness Chosen Books In Publication Order

  1. Scent of Darkness (2007)
  2. Touch of Darkness (2007)
  3. Into The Shadow (2008)
  4. Into the Flame (2008)
  5. Wilder Family Halloween (2012)

Fortune Hunter Books In Publication Order

  1. Trouble in High Heels (2006)
  2. Tongue In Chic (2007)
  3. Thigh High (2008)
  4. Danger in a Red Dress (2009)

Scarlet Deception Books In Publication Order

  1. Secrets of Bella Terra (2011)
  2. Revenge at Bella Terra (2011)
  3. Betrayal (2012)

Virtue Falls Books In Publication Order

  1. The Listener (2014)
  2. Virtue Falls (2014)
  3. Obsession Falls (2015)
  4. Love Never Dies (2016)
  5. Because I’m Watching (2016)
  6. The Watcher (2017)
  7. The Woman Who Couldn’t Scream (2017)

Virtue Falls Collections In Publication Order

  1. A Dark and Stormy Night (2016)

Cape Charade Books In Publication Order

  1. Dead Girl Running (2018)
  2. Hard to Kill (2018)
  3. What Doesn’t Kill Her (2019)
  4. Families and Other Enemies (2019)
  5. Strangers She Knows (2019)
  6. Hidden Truths (2019)

Murder In Alaska Books In Publication Order

  1. Wrong Alibi (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Treasure of the Sun (1991)
  2. Priceless (1992)
  3. Lady in Black (1993)
  4. The Greatest Lover in All England (1994)
  5. Outrageous (1994)
  6. Move Heaven and Earth (1995)
  7. Right Motive (2020)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The Smuggler’s Captive Bride (2004)
  2. Wild Texas Rose (2012)
  3. Last Night (2013)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Tall, Dark, and Dangerous (1994)
  2. Scottish Brides (1999)
  3. My Scandalous Bride (1999)

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Christina Dodd Books Overview

Candle in the Window

Lady Saura of Roget lives a lonely life of servitude her fortune controlled by her cruel, unscrupulous stepfather. Yet it is she who has been called upon to brighten the days of Sir William of Miraval, a proud and noble knight who once swore to live or perish by the sword…
until his world was engulfed in agonizing darkness. Summoned to Sir William’s castle, the raven haired innocent is soon overcome by desire and love for the magnificent, golden warrior who has quickly laid siege to her heart. But there is grave danger awaiting them both just beyond the castle walls…
and a dear and deadly price to be paid for surrendering to a fiery, all consuming love.

Castles in the Air

Bound by the King…
The document, signed and sealed by King Henry himself, commanded lady Juliana of Lofts to marry Raymond, Count of Avrach. Shattered by the Past…
She refused, though it was treason to defy one’s king. What man would have her once he discovered her secret?One Knight Would Crusade for His Lady’s Heart Yet Raymond would not be denied. And when he came for her, she’d learn that even the strongest will cannot resist the softest touch. ‘A great hero, a gripping plot and all the color and excitement of the Middle Ages. Christina Dodd is a joy to read.’ Laura Kinsale’Treat yourself to a fabulous bookanything by Christina Dodd.’ Jill Barnett

Once a Knight

A Lady’s ChampionOnly a threat to her life can make strong willed Lady Alisoun hire Sir David of Radcliffe to protect her castle. Although he had once been a hero and master swordsman, the good life has been a little too good, and his warrior skills have become as rusty as an old suit of armor. But he needs the money to support his motherless daughter, and Alisoun is in no position to haggle. At Alisoun’s grand estate, Sir David does indeed discover mischief makers afoot. But the danger that surprises him most is how quickly his own well protected heart is falling to a fiery damsel who brings him to his knees.

A Knight to Remember

His Power Matched Her PrideFallen from grace and sheltered in a convent, Lady Edlyn is a skilled herbalist forced to secretly tend the wounds of Hugh de Florisoun. A knight renowned for his prowess on the battlefield and in the bedchamber, Hugh is a man who is no stranger to Edlyn’s heart. Using the healing magic of herbs and the power of remembered love, Edlyn saves the warrior’s life. Now Hugh claims this brazen beauty for his own. But Edlyn, cynical in the ways of men, denies him even as her flesh burns with unaccustomed fire. Passion becomes their battleground with no mercy given…
in a bold age when danger and desire go hand in hand.

A Well Pleasured Lady

Prim, plain, desperately virtuous Lady Mary Fairchild stared at the seductive gentleman and wondered did he remember the elements of the night they met? Surely not. In the ten years since, she had abandoned her youthful impetuousness and transformed herself into a housekeeper disguising her beauty beneath a servant’s dour clothing determined to conquer the passions of the past. But Sebastian Durant, Viscount Whitfield, did recognize her as a Fairchild, one of his family’s bitter enemies. When he demanded her help recovering a stolen diary, she dared not refuse him. When he proposed they masquerade as a betrothed couple, loyalty forced her to agree. And when the restraint between them shattered and pleasure became an obsession, Mary had to trust a powerful man who could send her to the gallows…
or love her through eternity.

A Well Favored Gentleman

Where has she been? The rumors fly throughout the Scottish countryside about Lady Alanna, the beautiful and mysterious displaced mistress of Fionnaway Manor. And now she has emerged from hiding, only to find her beloved estate besieged by greedy relatives…
and coveted by a darkly handsome Englishman. Ian Fairchild knows that Fionnaway belongs to him alone. For years he yearned for the cherished place where he passed his childhood. He can secure his rights to the manor only through marriage with the enigmatic Alanna, but the exquisite hellion has warned him at knifepoint to leave her house. Now with skill and charm, Ian must penetrate the lady’s defenses, and boldly lay claim to her body and spirit. But first he must prove himself worthy, and he holds the power to enchant and delight, inflame and inspire…
and to convince this lady her true home is in her lover’s heart.

The Runaway Princess

MasqueradeEnglish orphan Miss Evangeline Scoffield has spent her life contenting herself with dreams. But with an unforseen inheritance, she can afford one perfect summer a summer she will spend the rest of her life remembering. She buys herself expensive clothes, travels abroad, and presents herself as a lady of mystery. MarriageBut she quickly discovers her mistake, for a darkly handsome man appears at her bedroom door, claiming to be a Crown Prince and her fiance. Or the Ever After of Her Dreams?One look into her eyes, and the prince recognizes her. She is his betrothed, The Runaway Princess of Serephinia. All her denials cannot change that, or alter the passion that burgeons between them. To fullfil their destinies, the prince will do anything abduct her, coerce her, or, best of all seduce his reluctant bride into his royal world of peril, promise and passion.

Someday My Prince

The Princess Must Marry Princess Laurentia leads a fairy tale life, attending glittering balls and wearing beautiful gowns. But after the ball is over, Laurentia finds herself getting into bed…
alone. She dutifully agrees to choose a husband, but when she casts her eyes over her sea of suitors, she doesn’t see a single man worthy enough to claim her. But Who Will She Choose?Then suddenly, she is swept off her feet by Prince Dominick, soldier of fortune, black sheep of his family…
and the man hired to protect her. He’s brazen enough to steal her kisses, yet tender enough to soothe her with one touch. He makes no promises, speaks no vows of forever…
yet Laurentia can’t help but hope that her prince has finally arrived.

That Scandalous Evening

A Disastrous Season A simple statue began the scandal. A Lady Concealed An innocent English miss conceived of it, her hands gliding across the clay, delineating each smoothly defined muscle and sinew, creating a sculpture of the man she worshipped. When the likeness was exposed, along with Miss Jane Higgenbothem’s secret tendre for Lord Blackburn, the ton’s gleeful contempt sent the lady back to the country in disgrace. A Gentleman Revealed Now, a decade later, she’s back in London, as a chaperone to her beautiful niece. But to Blackburn, Jane’s unwitting model, the cool, reticent spinster is still a challenge. She once made the arrogant rake a laughingstock: so why is he tempted to revive an affair that almost began so long ago, on one scandalous evening?

Rules of Surrender

The Rules of Employment for The Distinguished Academy of Governesses: Always remember your station; after all, you are higher than the house servants but certainly not a member of the family. Be sure to maintain a disciplined schoolroom and to take your meals on a tray. And Bnever become too familiar with the master of the house…
Lady Charlotte Dalrumple is known as England’s most proper governess, a woman who has never taken a misstep socially or romantically. So, on the surface, she seems perfectly suited to accept the challenge of reforming English born Lord Wynter Ruskin, sadly uncivilized by his travels abroad. But the ruggedly handsome man has no desire to be taught manners. He has glimpsed an uninhibited beauty hiding beneath her prim exterior, and he’d much rather spend his days and nights instructing her in the ways of love. And when ardor erupts between them, Charlotte learns the pleasures of desire and Wynter the passions of the heart, but before they can love both must first master the rules of employment.

Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement: Choose a bride from this year’s debutantes. Decide on a proper settlement. Send an announcement to The Times. Inform the bride of her good fortune. Rules of Respectability Devon Mathewes, earl of Kerrich, has a plan that is sure to restore him to the Queen’s favor. First, he must hire a sensible, unattractive governess. Next, he will see to adopting a properly grateful orphan, which will surely lend him a patina of respectability. Finally, he must obtain a guarantee that his orphan and the governess will better his character and reputation without unduly disturbing his life love life or otherwise. Rules of Passion As a condition of accepting the governess position, Miss Pamela Lockhart of the Distinguished Academy of Governesses has a few rules of her own. Devon at all times must behave with propriety, an unlikely accomplishment that would delight the ton and completely astonish Pamela herself. She must be allowed to choose a suitable orphan at her own discretion. Most important, Devon must vow to neverever delve into Pamela’s background, or her appearance, lest he discover the truth behind the deepest secrets of her heart. But of course, all rules are made to be broken…
Rules of Engagement

Rules of Attraction

The Rules of Enticement: A woman should never surrender to a man without knowing his intentions. A man should never seduce a woman for the purposes of revenge. Rules of Society After nine years, Hannah Setterington has decided tosell the Distinguished Academy of Governesses and explore the secrets of her past. To that end she has agreed to be a companion to the elderly aunt of Lord Raeburn, a man enshrouded by dark mystery and haunted by the rumor that he murdered his wife. A strong minded woman accustomed to the vagaries of nobility, Hannah believes the rumor to be so much piffle, until she comes face to face with Lord Raeburn. Rules of Fascination Dougald Pippard, Lord Raeburn, is deviously satisfied when his plan to trap Hannah springs itself successfully. But his satisfaction is short lived as the indomitable Hannah draws the battle lines and kisses him with the pent up passion Dougald hasn’t felt for nine long years. The fire that has always flared between them rages again with every touch, every glance,until Dougald is almost ready to forget his wounded memories and plans of revenge for just one more night with her. Rules of Attraction

In My Wildest Dreams

Since she was a little girl, Celeste has had one burning desire:to marry Ellery Throckmorton. But what chance does a gardener’s daughter have of capturing the heart of one of England’s wealthiest gentlemen? However, the education she receives at the Distinguished Academy of Governesses enables Celeste to return to Blythe Hall with a refinement that complements her ravishing beauty and makes her bold romantic dream more attainable. But, alas, temptation gets in the way…
For wherever Celeste turns, it is not Ellery she encounters, but his serious, yet undeniably intriguing, older brother Garrick. The elder Throckmorton will have no one interfere with the younger’s impending nuptials, and his meddling infuriates Celeste to no end. Still, she cannot disregard the fluttering of her heart whenever Garrick deigns to smile at her. And the passion she senses smoldering beneath his formidable control is tempting her in a manner a lady must never allow…

Lost in Your Arms

A Groom Who Can’t Remember. Bride Who Wants Desperately To Forget. Enid MacLean is finally living a peaceful life when she receivesword that an explosion has injured the husband she hoped she’d neverhave to see again. Reluctantly, she agrees to do her duty but,except for his distinctive green eyes, the man she nursesback to health is not the man she remembers. And he remembers nothing. From the depths of his amnesia, he reaches out for the woman he believes is his wife, tempting her with ardent words and a reckless passion she finds herself unable to resist. And while Enid finds herself losing her heart to this achingly familiar stranger, she cannot help but wonder how her husband has become such a dangerous, seductive man…
and what secrets he carries locked away in his lost memories. Last time marriage cost her her happiness. This time love could cost her more.

My Favorite Bride

When Miss Samantha Prendregast arrives at Devil’s Fell to take charge of six rebellious girls, the vibrant, outspoken governess is not quite prepared to deal with the tall, dark and dashing master of the grand estate. The children she can manage with intelligence, guile…
and a little bribery. Their widowed father, Colonel William Gregory, is not so easily charmed and far too easy to fall in love with, which she dares not do. William always cherished the orderliness of his life, until this captivating troublemaker began flouting his authority and distracting him with her witty defiance and breathtaking beauty. Despite the fact that they clash at every meeting, William finds himself inexplicably drawn to Samantha’s fire. And now he’s even contemplating marriage, which would be sweet madness indeed. But before he can successfully woo her, William must discover what it is that Samantha is hiding from him. But the secret the lady is preciously guarding is far too shocking and dangerous to ever reveal…

My Fair Temptress

LEARN HOW TO FLIRT IN TEN LESSONS OR LESS! Miss Caroline Ritter, accomplished flirt, acknowledged beauty, and ruined gentlewoman, offers lessons to any rich, noble lord too inept to attract a wife. Discard your silly affectations and your garish clothing! Learn the arts of witty conversation, elegant dancing, equestrian feats and irresistible seduction at the opera! With Miss Ritter’s help, you can become the most sought after aristocrat at the ball! Send your request to the Distinguished Academy of Governesses. Please, absolutely no devastatingly attractive men with hidden agendas such as secret missions or vengeful plots against evil villains specifically not Jude Durant, the earl of Huntington, the most handsome, the most covert, the most dangerous of all the aristocrats in Regency London.

In Bed with the Duke

A return to historical romance from the New York Times bestselling superstar Lady’s companion Emma Chegwidden avoids defying society’s rules until she runs right into the arms of the seductive Reaper…
a mystery man whose goal is justice. Or is it vengeance? Only one thing is certain: he’s far too dangerous for the demure Emma. But some challenges are too tempting to resist…

Taken by the Prince

Only Victoria knows that Saber Lawrence is a renegade prince plotting to seize control of his country. But when Saber kidnaps Victoria to ensure her silence and vanquish her reserve, he finds that the proper English governess is not so easily seduced, unless Saber’s willing to surrender something of his own his heart.

Once Upon a Pillow

From two of romance fiction’s most exciting and acclaimed authors comes the sizzling saga of a magnificent bed and the lovers who have shared it through the ages. Collaborating for the first time, Christina Dodd and Connie Brockway take readers on an unforgettable adventure from medieval times to present day that sparkles with love and laughter. Once Upon a Pillow Within a beautiful old English manor house lies a sumptuous antique bed, one of many Masterson family heirlooms that have been sold along with the house. As Laurel Whitney leads the last tour group through the house before it’s closed to the public, she regales the visitors with romanticized tales of how this exquisite bed affected the lives of the couples who slept in it. The actual stories of a bawdy medieval knight trying to woo his reluctant bride; an insolvent Elizabethan aristocrat who plans to ruin a wealthy heiress but beds her impoverished cousin instead; and a feisty Regency lady whose scheme goes awry when she mistakenly manacles herself and a dashing colonel to the bedpost are funnier and certainly sexier than anything a tour guide could ever tell! Shocked to see her lover from the past on the tour, Laurel is even more surprised to find their love rekindled when a twist of fate leaves them no choice but to spend the night in the famed Masterson bed.

Just the Way You Are

New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd, one of the most acclaimed authors of historical romance, makes a dazzling foray into contemporary fiction in this intriguing and sensuous novel about a hard working young woman who mistakenly falls in love with Boston’s wealthiest bachelor.

Just the Way You Are

When Hope Prescott’s parents disappeared, her carefree teenage life vanished forever. She and her three siblings were separated and sent to different foster homes around the country. Now, seven years later, Hope is still searching for them. To support herself, she works for an answering service, and cares for her clients as if they were family. When wealthy businessman Zachariah Givens hires Hope’s service, Hope initially mistakes Zack for his butler. Tired of being coddled and attered because of his money, Zack is charmed by Hope’s candor, not to mention her sexy voice, and keeps up the charade. As their friendship turns into passion, Zack is determined to have her, even if that means the unthinkable marriage. But when Hope discovers his deception, Zack knows he must solve the mystery that haunts Hope’s past in order to convince her that their futures lie together…

Almost Like Being in Love

New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd, whose first contemporary novel Just the Way You Are was hailed as ‘lively, sexy…
nothing short of a success’ Publishers Weekly, presents her new novel featuring the Prestcott sisters. As the middle child, Pepper Prescott’s rebellious nature helped her survive when her parents disappeared and she and her siblings were sent to different foster homes around the country. Now an independent young woman, Pepper finds herself on the run after witnessing a shooting. Fearing for her life, Pepper flees to the only place she ever considered home and is shocked to find her old lover, Dan Graham, living on the remote mountain ranch. A battle hardened ex Special Forces soldier, Dan no longer strikes Pepper as a man she can trust with her secrets, her life, and her love. But as long simmering desires flare into a deep, sensual passion, Pepper realizes the only way she can reclaim her life is to ally herself with the enigmatic warrior who’s willing to help fight for her future by solving the mysteries of her past and making her his wife today.

Close to You

Who knows the truth about her family?

Who wants to keep her past hidden forever?

Caitlin Prescott was only a baby when her parents disappeared. Adopted by a wealthy Texas oil family, she became Kate Montgomery, and grew up with no memory of her parents or her two older sisters and brother, who have been searching for her, hoping to right a terrible wrong that was committed twenty two years ago in a small Texas town.

Now an ambitious young news reporter, Kate realizes she is being stalked soon after landing her dream job at an Austin TV station. Why did a car try to run her down? Who would want to kill her? Turning her precarious situation into a story, she takes on a bodyguard and follows him on the job. But she didn’t plan on the cool, blade sharp strength of Teague Ramos or the attraction that sizzles between them. When Teague connects the death of an Austin socialite to unanswered questions about Kate’s childhood, she finds herself unlocking dangerous doors to her past. Now, with only her mysterious bodyguard to protect her, Kate is on a high stakes chase that may lead her to the family she has never known or into the trap of a ruthless killer.

Scandalous Again

Two exquisite cousins must exchange identities in a scandalous deception. Madeline de Lacy, the duchess of Magnus, prides herself on being one of the most sensible young women in England, which is why she can’t believe that, in a turn of the cards, her noble father has lost his entire estate and her! to a stranger. On a mission to salvage her family fortune, she changes places with her cousin and companion, sending the meeker Eleanor to confront the man who had won Madeline’s hand. Now, Madeline is free to enter the home of a notorious gambler, and pretends to be meek, humble, and competent with an iron. She is, of course, none of those things; she simply is resolved to win her family’s fortune back. Just when she thinks matters can’t get worse, she meets Gabriel Ansell, the earl of Campion, and they do. Horribly worse. Four years ago, Madeline was engaged to Gabriel, and worshipped his arrogant kisses. Now, being forced to marry a man she doesn’t know pales in comparison to the ordeal of facing Gabriel again, the man who betrayed her Gabriel, the only man she ever loved.

One Kiss From You

A bold woman known as the ‘duchess of Magnus’ was wagered and won in a card game. But the woman who arrived was her shy, quiet cousin Eleanor.

Eleanor de Lacy must have been mad to agree to exchange identities with her stronger willed cousin. She would never convince Remington Knight of the folly of this union especially since the man seemed so determined for it to take place. Worse still, she finds Remington dazzlingly attractive and she’s charmed by his attempts to seduce her, even though he believes she is already his. But if he ever learns of Eleanor’s deception, this daring rogue will wreak havoc upon her reputation and her heart.

Remington had expected a haughty, unbending aristocrat who would ensure his entrance into good society. But this ‘duchess’ is a most pleasant surprise modest, warm hearted, endearingly awkward, and a delight to the eye. In short, she is exactly the sort of bride Remington could fall passionately, completely in love with

if he weren’t so intent on his revenge.

Some Enchanted Evening

With her twenty five glorious novels, New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd has won the hearts of readers with her sexy, classic romances. Join her now as she weaves a magical story filled with smart humor, high action, and true love. Once upon a time, high in the Pyrenees Mountains, there were two happy and prosperous kingdoms. In one kingdom, a son was born and declared the crown prince. In the other kingdom, three daughters were raised in royal splendor. This is the story of one lost princess, Princess Clarice, who flees with her younger sister to Scotland, where they survive by their wits and daring. But just when Clarice begins to believe she’s safe at last, she attracts the attention of one of Scotland’s most powerful and dangerous men. Robert MacKenzie, the earl of Hepburn, is enchanted by Clarice’s dazzling beauty and wary of her talent for disguise. For years justice had been his only desire. A war hero, he knows the cruelness of the world and he cares too much for the people of his village to let them be victimized and exploited. But the moment Robert sees Clarice riding into town her lush, smiling lips, her copper colored curls, her warm amber eyes he is overcome with emotions that have been deeply buried for far too long. Feeling he must have her at any cost, he invites her to stay with him at his manor house and won’t take no for an answer. Now, he has the chance to uncover the nature of her mysterious business in town, and possibly the chance to satisfy his burning desire for her as well. Soon Roberts knows all of Clarice’s most guarded secrets, and he uses this knowledge to blackmail her into giving her unwilling aid to his own perilous plan. Caught between her need to protect her sister and the dangerous man who mixes dark emotions with passionate kisses, Clarice plunges into Robert’s glamorous world. Her days are filled with colorful gowns, elaborate parties, and swirling waltzes. And her nights are marked by secret assignations and one all consuming passion. As Clarice’s golden beauty draws Robert from the shadows and her bright wit teaches him to live again, the treachery around them deepens. He swears to keep her safe, never suspecting that he will face an even greater hazard: losing his heart to the mysterious princess who just might make him believe in happily ever after…

The Barefoot Princess

Once upon a time…
in a kingdom high in the Pyrenees, three young princesses were forced to flee the chaos in their land vanishing without a trace and lost to their people…
until the day a courageous prince can bring each princess home. Life in exile has taught the passionate Princess Amy to hate injustice, and on the enchanting English isle of Summerwind, she finds injustice personified in the powerful and wickedly handsome Jermyn Edmondson, marquess of Northcliff. Since he has stolen the islanders’ livelihood, Amy decides to steal him. She kidnaps the arrogant nobleman, chains him with his own manacles, and holds him for ransom. It’s a simple plan, destined to succeed. Surely Jermyn’s uncle will pay his ransom. Alas, his uncle would be delighted if someone killed his nephew and left him to inherit the title and fortune. And holding the furious, guileful, sensual Jermyn chained in her baseme*nt provides a challenge to Amy’s restraint…
and her virtue. How could such a little revenge and blackmail go so passionately wrong?

The Prince Kidnaps a Bride

Betrothed in the cradle, Princess Sorcha and Prince Rainger were destined to rule their countries together. Then revolution sent Sorcha to a remote Scottish convent and Rainger into a dungeon so deep rumor claimed he was dead. Now danger threatens, and Sorcha must travel home with a simple fisherman as her companion Prince Rainger in disguise. Changed by his imprisonment from a careless lad to a dangerous man, he’s determined to win back his kingdom and the woman he wants more than life itself. But can he protect a woman who believes every person she meets is her friend, every tavern is an opportunity to sing bawdy songs, and each turn in the road hides new adventure? To keep his princess safe, he must resort to his most treacherous weapon: seduction.

Storm of Visions

First in a new back to back series from the New York Times bestselling authorHailed as ‘a star in any genre,’New York Times bestselling author J. R. WardChristina Dodd delivers an exciting new paranormal romance that introduces The Seven, a secret society created to combat evil in all its deadly forms…

Storm of Shadows

Brilliant Rosamund Hill has lived her life buried in academia, discounting the legend of the Chosen as a myth then Aaron Eagle shows up at her door. With the promise of a love that will defy fate itself, Rosamund is forced to confront the truth about the Chosen…
and the dangerous man who sweeps her into a world of dark secrets.

Chains of Ice

As a wildlife observer in the untamed mountains, Genny Valente had no idea that a beast more fearsome than any leopard lurked in the forest a man, one of the Chosen Ones, betrayed by his gift and tormented by his memories. John Powell fled his fate and his duty, yet in Genny he sees his one chance for redemption. He will stalk her, kidnap her, and love her as only a savage can.

Chains of Fire

From the New York Times bestselling author of Storm of Shadows Fourth in the thrilling series…
Samuel Faa is a Gypsy lawyer with the power to control minds. Isabelle Mason is wealthy, privileged, and refined, and has the gift for healing. Two of the Chosen Ones, they share a past filled with love and betrayal, and a future denied by fate until the day they’re trapped underground. No way out. No way to deny the passion that still burns beneath the surface. And when danger threatens, Isabelle has only one choice: to place her trust in the power of the one man she could never forgive…
or forget.


Only beloved author Christina Dodd could bring you the explosive paranormal excitement of the Chosen Ones combined with Aleksandr Wilder‘s story…
and redemption…
As a young man, Aleksandr Wilder abandoned his duty and for that lapse, he was tortured, tormented…
and transformed. Now he prowls the tunnels beneath the city, fighting on the frontline against the forces of hell, never daring to dream that he can live as a man again. After seven years fighting the world’s ultimate evil, Chosen One Charisma Fangorn has become a tough, strong warrior without illusions or joy…
even her gift of hearing the earthsong has faded. Deaf to her own instincts, she never suspects that a monster lurks in the dark underneath the streets. When Aleksandr finds Charisma under attack, he rescues and cares for her, and hope stirs once more in his heart…
and in the world. But in the secret recesses of his soul, he knows the truth. A woman so exceptional could never love a beast…
could she? Customers who like books by Christine Feehan and J. R. Ward will enjoy this story.

Scent of Darkness

Ann Smith loves her handsome, dynamic boss, Jasha Wilder, but her daring plan to seduce him goes awry when she encounters a powerful wolf who before her horrified eyes changes into the man she adores. She soon discovers she can’t escape her destiny, for she is the woman fated to break the curse that binds his soul.

Touch of Darkness

Handsome, powerful Rurik Wilder holds the power to transform himself into a fierce bird of prey a gift that’s caused death and destruction. At last he’s offered the chance to redeem himself. Only one woman stands in his way a beautiful writer determined to wreak revenge on the assassins who murdered her family. Assassins, it’s been rumored, who have powers no human should ever possess…

Into The Shadow

Blessed or cursed with the ability to change into a sleek panther, and driven by a dark soul he’s accepted as his fate, Adrik Wilder abandons his family and his honor to pursue a life of wickedness. He excels at every vice, including kidnapping Karen Sonnet to use for his selfish purposes. But Karen s spirit and passion make him question the force of his family s curse. And when a new evil emerges, Adrik must choose whether to enact revenge on his enemies and redeem his soul, or save Karen from a fate worse than death

Into the Flame

meet Doug Black the Wilder brother who’s been missing for centuries. With no idea of where he s from, he s become an angry young cop with the ability to transform into a cougar. in search of others like him, he comes across a beautiful woman who may hold the secret to his destiny…

Trouble in High Heels

Trouble follows this ‘Master’ of romance right onto the bestseller lists. Now the New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd makes her NAL debut When Brandi Michaels discovers her fianc has hopped a flight to Vegas to marry someone else, she spends a sultry night in the arms of a gorgeous Italian stranger named Roberto Bartolini, convinced she’s found the perfect revenge, she then goes home to find that her apartment’s been ransacked, she’s become the mark for a killer, and somehow her new lover is more of a stranger than she thought. As the web of danger around her tightens, Brandi has no choice but to turn to Roberto. One thing’s for sure…
she’s not going down without a fight.

Tongue In Chic

How can one little lie land Meadow Szarvas in such trouble? Sure, Devlin Fitzwilliam catches her breaking into his mansion to steal a precious painting. And, yes, in sheer desperation she tells him she has amnesia. But then he claims she’s his wife. As Devlin s own treacherous agenda comes to light, Meadow finds herself locked in a match of high stakes deception. She doesn t dare take her eyes off him, and doesn t want to; yet the danger is just beginning. For a third player has entered the game, and is trying to kill them both .

Thigh High

TEMPESTUOUS AS THE STORM TOSSED SEAS Raised by her stern grandmother on the savage Cornish coast, she blossomed into a rare beauty. Though warned against the careless lusts of men, Judith boldly abandoned herself to one man, sought tender solace in the arms of another. PROUD AS THE TOWERING CLIFFS OF CORNWALL Twice abandoned, twice betrayed, forced into a loveless marriage, Judith would survive hardship, humiliation, violence, and tragic loss. Laughing, lusty Matt Thomas, the gray eyed sea captain, haunted her past. Cold, arrogant Venn Ettyn, master of Thornecarne, shadowed her future. But only one man could tame her…
could match her fiery spirit…
could fulfill the passionate promise of rapturous, timeless love.

Danger in a Red Dress

Down on her luck and desperate for work, beautiful Hannah Grey finds herself in a mansion on the wild Maine coast, caring for a lonely elderly woman. On her deathbed, she entrusts Hannah with a dangerous secret. Now Hannah’s on the run, pursued by killers, and she desperately needs the one man who can keep her alive. Gabriel Prescott has hunted for a home his entire life. Now he’s on the verge of finding his long-lost family. Only one person dares to stand in his way – Hannah Grey. Yet the delicate, determined woman who threatens his search for truth may be the only woman who can save him. ‘Christina Dodd is my go-to author [for…hot romance, fast action, and that magic ingredient – heart.’ – Jayne Ann Krentz


Headstrong and adventurous, Bronwyn Edana regularly stuns polite society with her reckless exploits. But there is one type of exploit the fiery beauty has never experienced. Still innocent when it comes to men and their roguish ways, she can barely believe the breathless desire she has begun to feel for Adam Keane, a distinguished nobleman and a man with more than his fair share of liaisons in his past…
Now branded by a haunting tragedy, Adam will not rest until he lures Bronwyn to his bed. When a shocking conspiracy threatens their lives, he’ll bring her from the dangerous streets of London to the sweeping countryside for he has seen enough of the world to know that a passion like theirs is Priceless.

The Greatest Lover in All England

No place for a woman

Rosie is an actress who disguises herself as a boy to follow her dream of being on the Elizabethan stage. Yet absurd rumor destroys her cherished dream the rumor that she’s the lost heiress to an estate currently owned by Sir Anthony Rycliffe. Vague memories of her past trouble her, but worse than that is Sir Anthony himself, a man determined to hold his estate by even if he has to seduce and HI

And he should have no troubleaccomplishing this, for he’s the self proclaimed’Greatest Lover in all England.’


A woman banished Griffith, battle seasoned warrior and the king’smost trusted emissary, expected to find ashallow, vain, frivolous woman at WenthavenCastle. After all, as lady in waiting to thequeen, lovely Lady Marian had been in aposition of privilege, yet she had been banishedfrom the court. And the rumors were that shehad given birth to an illegitimate child. An Outrageous offer When he arrived, Griffith found Lady Marianto be strong, intelligent and fiercely protectiveof the young baby in her custody…
. and verysuspicious of him. If he were smart, the knightwould just deliver the message with which hehad been entrusted. Instead, he longs to lingerto delve into the mystery that is Marian, todiscover what she so desperately fears andwhy he so improperly wants her.

Move Heaven and Earth

Miss Sylvan Miles dreaded the moment she’d see Lord Rand Malkin again. Once a dashing rogue, he’s returned from battle a changed man. Sylvan, too, has suffered. Sharpened by scandal and tragedy, she vows to heal Rand’s body and spirit. But when Sylvan arrives at Clairmont Court, the man she encounters is far from the great pleasure in taunting her with stolen kisss and the legend of his ancestor’s ghost. But Sylvan isn’t fooled by his bravado and sets out to break down his defenses…
while she fortifies her own against temptation.

Tall, Dark, and Dangerous

Three stories of love in the Old West follow a preacher’s daughter who falls for the most notorious man in town, the love affair between a female sheriff and a Texas Ranger from the future, and romance between an ex convict and the witness who sent him to prison.

Scottish Brides

A land of legend and wild beauty of clans, lairds, honour, and passion Scotland forever stirs the soul of romance. Now, in one incomparable volume, four of Avon Romance’s bestselling authors present stirring tales of hearts won and weddings to be, featuring a quartet of unforgettable hero*ines about to discover the rapture of love in a world as untamed as the men they will one day marry

My Scandalous Bride

Christina Dodd, ‘The Lady and the Tiger’Laura Haver will stop at nothing to find out who killed her brother even if it means posing as the wife of notorious rogue Keefe Leighton, the Earl of Hamilton. But things go too far when Keefe engages Laura in an artful game of seduction a game that can have only one winner…
Stephanie Laurens, ‘Melting Ice’Once, Dyan St. Laurent Dare, Duke of Darke, dreamed of making Lady Fiona his bride. Now they’re together again at a scandalous dinner party where debauchery is the menu’s main course. But will wedding bells ring after the guests get their just desserts?Celeste Bradley, ‘Wedding Knight’Alfred Knight will do anything to avoid a scandal even marry a woman he barely knows. But his bride has a most titillating secret…
one she’ll share as soon as she conquers her temptation for the man she was never supposed to marry!Leslie LaFoy, ‘The Proposition’Rennick St. James, the Earl of Parnell, has four days to seduce London’s most popular widow into becoming his wife or else she’ll marry another man. It won’t be easy…
but Rennick has been lu*sting after the beguiling Julia Hamilton far too long to let her go now…

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