Christie Ridgway Books In Order

Bridesmaid’s Bet Books In Order

  1. The Bridesmaid’s Bet (1999)
  2. Bachelor Boss (2008)

From This Day Forward Books In Order

  1. From This Day Forward (2001)
  2. Mad Enough to Marry (2002)

Hot Water, California Books In Order

  1. First Comes Love (2002)
  2. Then Comes Marriage (2003)

Thrill of It All Books In Order

  1. The Thrill of It All (2004)
  2. An Offer He Can’t Refuse (2005)
  3. The Care and Feeding of Unmarried Men (2006)

Must have Mistletoe Books In Order

  1. Must Love Mistletoe (2006)
  2. Not Another New Year’s (2006)

Malibu and Ewe Books In Order

  1. How to Knit a Wild Bikini (2008)
  2. Unravel Me (2008)
  3. Dirty Sexy Knitting (2009)

I Still Do Books In Order

  1. I Still Do (2008)
  2. Runaway Bride Returns! (2009)

Three Kisses / Intoxicating Books In Order

  1. Crush on You (2010)
  2. Then He Kissed Me (2011)
  3. Can’t Hurry Love (2011)
  4. Original Zin (2011)

Crescent Cove CA Books In Order

  1. Beach House No. 9 (2013)
  2. Bungalow Nights (2013)
  3. The Love Shack (2013)
  4. Beach House Beginnings (2013)

Cabin Fever Books In Order

  1. Take My Breath Away (2014)
  2. Make Me Lose Control (2014)
  3. Can’t Fight This Feeling (2015)
  4. Keep On Loving You (2016)

Rock Royalty Books In Order

  1. Light My Fire (2014)
  2. Love Her Madly (2014)
  3. Break On Through (2015)
  4. Touch Me (2015)
  5. Wishful Sinful (2015)
  6. Wild Child (2016)
  7. Who Do You Love (2016)
  8. Love Me Two Times (2017)

Billionaire’s Beach Books In Order

  1. Take Me Tender (2015)
  2. Take Me Forever (2015)
  3. Take Me Home (2015)
  4. The Scandal (2016)
  5. The Seduction (2017)
  6. The Secret (2017)

One & Only Books In Order

  1. One Look (2017)
  2. One Kiss (2017)
  3. One Night (2017)
  4. One Love (2017)

Almost Books In Order

  1. Almost Wonderful (2017)
  2. Almost Always (2017)
  3. Almost Everything (2017)
  4. Almost Paradise (2018)

Heartbreak Hotel Books In Order

  1. Our Last First Kiss (2018)
  2. Me and Mr. Jones (2018)
  3. My Quickie Wedding (2018)

7-Stud Club Books In Order

  1. All In (2019)
  2. No Limit (2019)
  3. Ante Up (2020)
  4. Slow Play (2020)
  5. Wild Card (2021)
  6. Smooth Call (2021)
  7. Dealer’s Choice (2022)


  1. The Wedding Date (1995)
  2. Follow That Groom! (1997)
  3. Have Baby, Will Marry (1997)
  4. Ready, Set… Baby! (1998)
  5. Wish You Were Here (2000)
  6. This Perfect Kiss (2001)
  7. Do Not Disturb (2003)
  8. Not Just the Nanny (2010)
  9. Nothing But Blue Skies (2016)


  1. Montana Born (2002)
  2. Mistletoe and Mayhem (2004)
  3. Marked for Marriage / Love with Her Boss (2004)
  4. The Newlyweds / Right By Her Side (2005)
  5. Double the Heat (2009)
  6. I Still Do / Baby by Contract (2009)
  7. Son Between Them / Runaway Bride Returns (2010)
  8. Kiss the Bride (2011)
  9. Millionaire: Needed for One Month (2012)
  10. Out of Hours…Enticing the Nanny (2014)
  11. Wedding Wishes (2014)
  12. Anything But Business (2015)


  1. Turn Up the Heat (2013)
  2. New Year’s Resolution (2015)


  1. Out on a Limb (2011)
  2. Snow Job (2012)
  3. Three Little Words (2012)

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Christie Ridgway Books Overview

Bachelor Boss

Schoolgirl crush…
or forever love?
Lucy Sutton had a mission: to get over Carlo Milano once and for all. And when she became the successful security director’s temporary employee, she thought the arrangement was perfect. After all, a strictly professional relationship would help her overcome her longtime unrequited crush. But nothing was business as usual for Carlo For Lucy was no longer a pesky teenager…
she was still a vibrant, beautiful woman who just happened to work for him. She was smart, sweet and undeniably sexy! And yes he knew that he was playing with fire but the closer he got to Lucy, the more he was finding it impossible to resist the flame…

First Comes Love

Wilder women don’t wed and they don’t run! That’s been the motto of the Wilder women for years. But Kitty Wilder is about to change all that when she holds FBI special agent Dylan Matthews to his unexpected vows.

Then Comes Marriage

Honor Witherspoon suddenly found herself up to her neck in the most delicious trouble she’d ever been in: Marriage!

After she was rescued from a harrowing kidnapping, Honor’s billionaire father decreed she’d be completely safe in the hands of Bram Bennett small town, high tech security genius. Now, with her globe trotting days behind her, Honor must settle into a quieter life in Hot Water, California married technically to a disarmingly attractive stranger who seldom ventures beyond his fortress walls. Well, this is one situation and one man that could definitely use some shaking up…
and Honor’s just the one to do it!

To Bram, Honor only reminds im of the happiness he’s lost. But he promised to marry her, and Bram is a man who believes in keeping his promises. He longs to be left alone with his memories, but is that possible once this tantalizing intruder has breached his tight security? And now that she’s inside his house, what will keep her out of his heart?

The Thrill of It All

When Felicity Charm gets a call from her zany Aunt Vi begging for help, she heads back home to the clan of con artists she thought she’d left behind forever. But then her car fishtails…
heading straight for Michael Magee’s Jeep. First, he saves her life. Then they share a night she’ll never forget. But Felicity wants to forget! Her goal is to fix up her family, then return to the glamorous life she’s invented for herself. She doesn’t need some risk taker sweeping her off her feet! But he isn’t about to let her go, and soon, for the first time, Felicity is experiencing The Thrill of It All.

An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Meet Californian T a Caruso…
her mother drives her crazy, her sisters give ‘advice.’ She has a family just like any other, except for one tiny difference…
Her grandfather isn’t just in the mob…
he is the mob!

And no one knows this better than Johnny Magee. The Caruso family destroyed his dad. Now, it’s payback time and he’s going to need an unsuspecting insider…
one who won’t realize what he’s really after.

T a loves her family but hates what they do. She’s tried to stay far away from her notorious relatives, making a legit name for herself as an interior designer. But her grandfather Cosimo’s gala 80th birthday is coming up. Every mobbed up member of the family from San Francisco to Sarasota will be there and it’s time for T a to face the family or face the consequences.

Intent on using T a for revenge, Johnny hires her to redo his home, but then she makes him ‘offers’ he can’t refuse. Soon he’s falling in love with the enemy and when all the secrets are revealed, what will T a do…
and even worse, what will her family?

The Care and Feeding of Unmarried Men

Page Four asks: Which Palm Springs party girl has been caught canoodling with an out of town ‘Adam’?

Eve Caruso keeps her finger on the pulse of Palm Springs and reports every spicy celebrity tidbit to her loyal readers. She knows everyone in this town except that mysterious hunk who just strolled into the exclusive spa where she’s conferring with hot new starlet Jemima Cargill.

Nash Cargill nicknamed ‘The Preacher’ by all his rowdy friends is here to protect his flighty sister from a stalker, not fall for a sexy society columnist. But Eve has the perfect name she’s wildly tempting. Nash should resist; after all, her luscious lips speak trouble, her two sisters are too interested in their affair, and the rest of her family defines ‘notorious.’ But Eve is more vulnerable than she seems, and Nash has never said ‘no’ to a lady in distress…

Must Love Mistletoe

Bailey Sullivan can’t stand Christmas, even though her family’s business is a store specializing in the perfect holiday. But now her hometown’s chief supplier of rooftop Rudolphs and treetop angels is in danger of going under it’s up to Bailey to save the shop. She has it all planned: She’ll arrive on December 1 and be gone by Christmas. Plus there’s always spiked eggnog to ease the pain. But ‘Humbug’ Bailey’s not the only one home for the holidays. Finn Jacobson legendary local bad boy turned Secret Service agent and Bailey’s long lost high school sweetheart is once again the boy next door. Only this time he’s all grown up, and the sparks are flying faster and hotter than ever!Bailey believes in true love about as much as she believes in Santa Claus. But as the holiday draws closer, she’s starting to think about one thing she’d like to find under her tree…

Not Another New Year’s

After all, this year brought Hannah Davis nothing but the memory of her wandering fianc marrying someone else behind her back. Now, sitting alone at a bar in Coronado, California, on December 31, she decides to do something radical…
and lets a brooding good looker take her to bed. But when a hysterical woman bursts into their room much too early on New Year’s Day, Hannah realizes this guy’s more complicated than she thought…

Ex Secret Service Agent Tanner Hart screwed up, big time! Hoping to temporarily boot some of the ghosts from his life, he hooked up with this sexy stranger for a hot one night stand only to discover she’s the woman he’s agreed to protect…
from men just like him!

But a new year is a time for fresh beginnings. Despite the danger, the hoopla, and the hangovers, if Hannah’s brave enough to risk her heart again and Tanner’s wise enough to realize he deserves it maybe this one will be different.

How to Knit a Wild Bikini

AN IRRESISTIBLE READ SUSAN WIGGS from Berkley’s newest bestselling author.

The beachside knitting shop Malibu & Ewe is the perfect place for L.A. s hip young crowd to enjoy colorful yarn and intimate conversation. For personal chef Nikki Carmichael, it could be the softest place to land if her new job falls through. Working for magazine writer Jay Buchanan has come with some strange conditions like pretending to be his girlfriend. As for Jay, he finds himself drawn to the kitchen, where he s intrigued by his sexy cook s ability to withstand the heat between them. And now he thinks it s time to turn up the flames.

Unravel Me

The follow up to How to Knit a Wild Bikini.

Who knew knitting could be so sexy?

Young widow Juliet Weston finds solace and friendship at beachside knitting shop Malibu & Ewe. But closer to home, a longtime family friend and former soldier is the one who will help her discover just how to knit two hearts together.

Dirty Sexy Knitting

Conclusion to the trilogy that started with How to Knit a Wild Bikini and Unravel Me. Malibu & Ewe’s owner, Cassandra Riley, is about to turn thirty and wants to celebrate with her knitting club and her newfound half sisters, Nikki and Juliet, in a big birthday extravaganza. But with Juliet on her honeymoon and Nikki with her fianc , it seems everyone’s paired up except for Cassandra. Until a series of near death accidents causes Cassandra to run straight into the arms of the one man she’s avoided most.

I Still Do

Shy librarian Emily Garner needed to live a little. And a chance meeting with childhood love Will Dailey proved Sin City was the perfect place for a wild weekend. So wild, in fact, that they barely remembered getting hitched…
. Will hadn’t seen Emily in years…
and now she was his wife! She was every bit the schoolboy fantasy he remembered. But he’d spent the past seventeen years weighed down by family responsibilities, and now all he wanted was to enjoy the carefree bachelor life. He didn’t want to be tied to sweet, beautiful, deliciously innocent Emily…
did he?

Runaway Bride Returns!

Owen Marston could never forget the passionate Vegas weekend that ended at the altar with Isabella Cavaletti. Or the way his new bride walked out on him the morning after. The footloose librarian obviously wasn’t cut out for married life. So what was she doing at the injured firefighter’s bedside?

Marrying a man she’d known for only three days in the Elvis Luvs U Wedding Chapel definitely rated up there with one of Izzy’s wilder and crazier moments. But now her ‘impulse’ groom needed her back at his side. Except the longer she stayed with her too arousing temporary husband, the more permanent she wanted the arrangement to be

Crush on You

She made knitting sexy. Now she’s taking on a dilapidated winery, three sisters, and the bad boys next door. The Baci sisters are on a mission to save the winery that’s been in their family for generations by transforming it into the perfect wedding destination. If only Alessandra Baci affectionately known as the ‘Nun of Napa’ didn’t need the help of tempting neighbor and business rival Penn Bennett.

Then He Kissed Me

The three Baci sisters are on a mission to save the family winery by transforming it into a wedding destination. When Stevie Baci playfully names her own side business Napa Princess Limousine, she never dreams she’ll be driving a real prince around Napa Valley. Jacques Parini, aka ‘Jack’, is looking to expand his family’s wine interests. But after kissing Stevie, he finds this California girl in a black chauffeur’s hat does more than drive him crazy.

Can’t Hurry Love

Liam Bennett staked his claim to Tanti Baci after stepping in to help the Baci sisters save their family legacy. But Giuliana Baci doubts his motives. They’ve been at odds since the hot summer long ago that ended in heartache. With the fate of the winery on the line, the former lovers need to get a handle on their barely leashed hostilities and the attraction that still draws them toward each other.

The Wedding Date

Invited to her ex fianc ‘s wedding, Emma asks a handsome stranger to be her date . Handsome stranger says: ‘Let’s see if I have this straight. I attend the wedding with you. I kiss you several times to show the bride that I’m in love with you. You kiss me back to show the groom that you’re over him. They say ‘I Do,’ and we never have to see each other again.’He thinks it over. Emma holds her breath until he takes it away with a practice kiss .

Wish You Were Here

As unofficial matchmaker for beautiful Abrigo Island, Zoe Cash practices her own form of no risk romance. And when Yeager Gates arrives in town for a little R & R, Zoe decides that he’ll be her latest project. But the secure world Zoe’s created for herself is turned upside down when she finds herself falling for the sexy fighter pilot.

Yeager’s flying days might be over, but spending time on Mother Earth with tantalizing Zoe is putting him back on solid ground. Yeager makes no secret of the fact that his island stay is temporary, but when the time comes will he really be able to leave Zoe behind for good?

As unofficial matchmaker for beautiful Abrigo Island, Zoe Cash practices her own form of no risk romance. And when Yeager Gates arrives in town for a little R & R, Zoe decides that he’ll be her latest project. But the secure world Zoe’s created for herself is turned upside down when she finds herself falling for the sexy fighter pilot.

Yeager’s flying days might be over, but spending time on Mother Earth with tantalizing Zoe is putting him back on solid ground. Yeager makes no secret of the fact that his island stay is temporary, but when the time comes will he really be able to leave Zoe behind for good?

This Perfect Kiss

Curious people want to know: is dashing millionaire Rory Kincaid about to resign his position as the ‘sexiest man in town’? If Rory decides to step down as the most eligible bachelor in America, millions of women will be left crying on his way to the altar…
Rory Kincaid has everyone talking…
and the women swooning. After a lifetime of living down his family’s scandalous past, the handsome public figure decides to take up the mantle of respectability. But first he must survive the scandal caused by a curvy siren named Jilly Skye. With her snug, vintage clothes and free spirited ways, Jilly can’t quite discover why Rory makes her feel so…
. tingly. Though he’s far from an antique, no one that tempting should appear so stodgy. When the two are caught on film in a distinctly compromising position, Jilly agrees to pose as his fiancee at least until his reputation gets back in order. But neither of them counted on love…

Do Not Disturb

You can choose your friends,
but you can’t choose your family.

Investigative reporter Angel Buchanan dug up a whopping surprise: The late ‘Artist of the Heart’ Stephen Whitney famous for his family values was the father who’d abandoned her when she was four. And there’s nothing like the reading of a will to bring people out of the woodwork, especially relatives you never knew you had…

Such as the grieving widow and her sexpot twin sister…
and a hunky man Angel is thrilled to learn is not any kind of cousin at all. He’s C.J. Jones, the legendary lawyer determined to keep her quiet about her late, not so great deadbeat dad’s secret life.

Angel knows he’ll try to woo her into submission, but how can she resist? The setting: Tranquility House, a remote retreat containing plenty of private rooms and romantic hideaways. But how far will C.J. go to get what he wants? And, for that matter, how far will Angel?

Not Just the Nanny

Time to confess the truth…
She’d been nanny to his children forever and she’d been in love with him for almost as long. But Kayla James had always managed to keep her relationship with Mick Hanson strictly professional. And now that his kids were older, she had a choice stay, and fess up…
or leave. Fireman Mick Hanson had enough responsibility. A working single dad, he didn’t need another complication but then he saw Kayla in a different light. Until now, he’d managed to look at her as nothing more than

Montana Born

Montana Big Sky Country. The Treasure State. And in the heart of it is Whitehorn. Home to rugged men and tender women, a thousand stories of passion, adventure and secrets…
The Marriage Maker by Christie Ridgeway Successful businessman Ethan Redford never proposed a deal he couldn’t close and that included marriage. Yet Cleo Kincaid Monroe’s demands opened him up to repercussions he’d never expected…
Christie Ridgway has a ‘smart, peppy style…
‘ Publisher’s Weekly And the Winner Weds! by Robin Wells Every woman wanted Austin Parker, the hottest ticket on the racing circuit. Yet Frannie Hannon’s pearls and pink sweater sets couldn’t compare with his boots and tight fitting jeans or so she thought…
‘Robin Wells’s…
touches of humor and passionate fireworks will steal readers’ hearts away.’ Romantic Times Magazine

Mistletoe and Mayhem

An unexpected visitor is about to arrive with an unexpected gift…
Will it be something wonderful or woeful, rueful or romantic…
or a little bit of everything?

In the expert hands of four unsurpassed storytellers, ‘the season of giving’ takes on an air of mystery. Get ready for a stockingful of shocking a potent holiday punch spiked with surprises, a hearty dash of romance and a twist of murder!

The incomparable Christie Ridgway sends a shy, lonely teacher on a mundane pre Yuletide errand that becomes the most daring, dangerous, and titillating adventure of her life.

Award winning mystery master Katherine Hall Page’s plucky sleuth Faith Fairchild discovers a Christmas miracle that comes wrapped in deception.

Judi McCoy’s spirited career girl Claire St. Germaine receives a truly magical gift with very mysterious origins.

And Rebecca Mayfield, the delightful creation of Joanne Pence, discovers the hard way that Santa isn’t always a saint.

Double the Heat

Sizzling all new stories, including a brand new Winston novella from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster. New York Times bestselling sensations Lori Foster and Deirdre Martin and USA Today bestselling authors Elizabeth Bevarly and Christie Ridgway join together for this enticing anthology. With authors like this, readers get double the pleasure and Double the Heat. In these four sexy stories of mixed up couples and mistaken identities, it’s not about winning, but how much you like to play. With a brand new novella featuring Hart Winston, whose switch with his identically hot twin brother has landed him in some serious foul play, it’s a safe bet that in the game of love no one is going to follow the rules.

I Still Do / Baby by Contract

I Still Do Christie Ridgway A chance meeting with childhood love Will proved Las Vegas was the perfect place for shy librarian Emily to discover her wild side. So wild, in fact, that they barely remembered getting hitched But would their gamble prove lucky and become true love? Baby by Contract Debra Salonen Libby wants a baby. That’s why she s offering shares in her business to the man who will father her child. Enter Cooper. Libby wants only one thing from him. But Cooper wants a stake in his child s future a future that includes Libby

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