Chris Mould Books In Order

Something Wickedly Weird Books In Order

  1. The Wooden Mile (2007)
  2. The Icy Hand (2007)
  3. The Silver Casket (2007)
  4. The Darkling Curse (2008)
  5. Smugglers’ Mine (2008)
  6. The Treasure Keepers (2008)

Spindlewood Tale Books In Order

  1. Pip and the Wood Witch Curse (2011)
  2. Pip and the Twilight Seekers (2011)
  3. Pip and the Lost Children (2011)

Pocket Pirates Books In Order

  1. The Great Cheese Robbery (2015)
  2. The Great Drain Escape (2016)
  3. The Great Flytrap Disaster (2015)
  4. The Great Treasure Hunt (2016)


  1. Dust ‘n’ Bones (2006)
  2. Fangs ‘n’ Fire (2009)
  3. Pirates ‘n’ Pistols (2012)

Picture Books

  1. Vesuvius Poovius (2006)
  2. 76 Pumpkin Lane (2007)
  3. The Ghost Train (2010)
  4. Wolfman (2014)
  5. The Prince and the Pee (2017)

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Chris Mould Books Overview

The Wooden Mile

The Wooden Mile VOLUME 1: PIRATES WEREWOLVES LOST TREASURE AND A SPOOKY HOUSESomething Wickedly Weird is most definitely here! Crampton Rock seems like a lovely seaside town at least until dark. When eleven year old Stanley Buggles inherits a house from a mysterious uncle he didn t know he had, he also inherits a mystery and some strange and sinister new neighbors. The questions begin to pile up: Why are all the dogs in town three legged? Why is no one on the streets after dark? Is it true that the man who runs the candy shop is a werewolf? And why do those shoemakers look an awful lot like pirates? With the help of Mrs. Carelli, a housekeeper, and a talking stuffed fish, Stanley begins to unravel the mysteries that haunt his great uncle’s death and have set their sights on him. A thrilling, spooky, and funny read, and the first installment of a kid pleasing new series.

The Icy Hand


Even more wicked and weird than the first! Stanley is looking forward to a relaxing winter. After all, nothing could have been weirder than the werewolf curse and plotting pirates he had to face the summer before! Or at least that’s what Stanley thinks; but he has a lot to learn about Cramdon Rock, especially after accidentally bringing some dead pirates back to life ones that make the previous pirates he faced look like cuddly puppy dogs and ones that are trudging across the arctic determined to fi nd a magical medallion in Stanley s house. The only person who can save him is his dead great uncle Bartholomew, which is a little tricky considering he s well, dead. Oh, and did we mention headless? With the help of a talking stuffed fish and a new friend named Daisy, Stanley sets out to fi nd his great uncle s head, stop the pirates, and win over some new readers in this second funny and spooky installment of a thrilling new series.

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The Silver Casket

SOMETHING WICKEDLY WEIRD IS HERE The only thing worse than pirates are undead pirates.

He might have survived the first two books, but Stanley Buggles has hardly found a quiet life in his home of Cramdon Rock. Now there are two more dead pirates out to find Stanely, and this time there’s an army with them. They want the precious key to The Silver Casket. Stanley doesn’t know what’s inside The Silver Casket, but he and his friends will do everything in their power to not find out.

The Darkling Curse

Stanley’s claim on Candlestick Hall the old house that his Great Uncle Bart left to Stanley in his will is being seriously questioned by a creepy family named the Darklings. They are obviously up to no good, and Stanley knows it, but how can he prove that Candlestick Hall is truly his?

Smugglers’ Mine

There’s a new addition to the island of Crampton Rock. His name is MacDowell yup, just one name and he claims to have had some amazing pirate adventures with Admiral Swift, the great uncle of Stanley Buggles. Stanley is eager to know more about this MacDowell. Could this man help him uncover the secret of the Smuggler’s map? Can he be trusted? Or once a pirate always a pirate?

The Treasure Keepers

The conclusion to this darkly funny series, Something Wickedly Weird, has it all: eerie black and white illustrations, swashbuckling pirates, werewolf showdowns, plenty of danger, and, best of all, secrets revealed.

Dust ‘n’ Bones

This book of ghost stories will send shivers down your spine! It contains ten tales, five retold classic ghost stories and five original ghost stories by Chris Mould. Illustrated throughout in colour and black and white. The contents include: ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ by Washington Irving, ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ by Edgar Allen Poe, ‘Man Size in Marble’ by Edith Nesbit, ‘The Bagman’s Story’ by Charles Dickens, ‘The Phantom Coach’ by Amelia B Edwards, And by Chris Mould: ‘A Bedtime Tale’, ‘The Stranger’, ‘By the Fireside’, ‘Aboard the Armadillo’, and ‘The Very Last Train’.

Vesuvius Poovius

Poo is a problem in ancient Rome and also a forbiddenus wordus. Vesuvius, the Roman inventor, has been trying to solve the pongy problem for many years with no luck. But one night he is struck by inspiration.

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