Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Books In Order

Ogilvie, Tallant and Moon / Charlie Moon Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Ogilvie, Tallant and Moon / Bad Medicine (1976)
  2. Music When Sweet Voices Die / False Notes (1978)
  3. Poison Fruit / Poisonous Fruit (1991)
  4. Cat’s Claw / Dead Mice (1992)

Saint-Germain Books In Publication Order

  1. Hôtel Transylvania (1978)
  2. The Palace (1978)
  3. Blood Games (1979)
  4. Path of the Eclipse (1981)
  5. Tempting Fate (1981)
  6. The Saint-Germain Chronicles (1983)
  7. Darker Jewels (1993)
  8. Better in the Dark (1993)
  9. Mansions of Darkness (1996)
  10. Writ in Blood (1997)
  11. Blood Roses (1998)
  12. Communion Blood (1999)
  13. Come Twilight (2000)
  14. A Feast in Exile (2001)
  15. Night Blooming (2002)
  16. Midnight Harvest (2003)
  17. Dark of the Sun (2004)
  18. States of Grace (2005)
  19. Roman Dusk (2006)
  20. Saint-Germain Memoirs (2007)
  21. Borne in Blood (2007)
  22. A Dangerous Climate (2008)
  23. Burning Shadows (2009)
  24. An Embarrassment of Riches (2011)
  25. Commedia della Morte (2012)
  26. Night Pilgrims (2013)
  27. Sustenance (2014)

Messages From Michael Books In Publication Order

  1. Messages from Michael (1979)
  2. More Messages from Michael (1986)
  3. Michael for the Millennium (1995)
  4. Michael’s People (1998)

Atta Olivia Clemens Books In Publication Order

  1. A Flame in Byzantium (1988)
  2. Crusader’s Torch (1989)
  3. A Candle for d’Artagnan (1989)

Charity, Colorado Books In Publication Order

  1. Charity, Colorado (1989)
  2. The Law in Charity (1989)

Madelaine de Montalia Books In Publication Order

  1. Out of the House of Life (1990)
  2. In the Face of Death (2001)

Of War and Honor Books In Publication Order

  1. The Harriers/Of War and Honor (With: Gordon R. Dickson) (1991)
  2. Blood and War (With: Gordon R. Dickson,Christopher Stasheff) (1993)

Mme. Victoire Vernet Books In Publication Order

  1. Napoleon Must Die (1993)
  2. Death Wears a Crown (1993)

Crisis Of Empire Books In Publication Order

  1. Crown of Empire (With: David Drake) (2012)

Mycroft Holmes Books In Publication Order

  1. Against the Brotherhood (1997)
  2. Embassy Row (1998)
  3. The Flying Scotsman (1999)
  4. The Scottish Ploy (2000)

Sisters Of The Night Books In Publication Order

  1. The Angry Angel (1998)
  2. The Soul of an Angel (1999)

Merchant Prince Books In Publication Order

  1. Outrageous Fortune (2002)

Ian Fleming Books In Publication Order

  1. Death to Spies (2002)
  2. Siren Song (2003)
  3. Honor Among Spies (2004)

Trouble In The Forest Books In Publication Order

  1. A Cold Summer Night (2004)
  2. A Bright Winter Sun (2004)

Vildecaz Talents Books In Publication Order

  1. The Vildecaz Talents (2014)

Chesterton Holte Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Haunting Investigation (2015)
  2. Living Spectres (2016)

Sherlock Holmes Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The Case of the American Twins (2016)
  2. Brother Keeper (2016)
  3. Discrete Madame (2019)

Dungeons and Dragons Tale Books In Publication Order

  1. Hazeldene’s Gamble (2018)

Shattered Light Books In Publication Order

  1. Ruby Flames (By:Richard A. Knaak) (1999)
  2. Dark Light (1999)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Time of the Fourth Horseman (1976)
  2. False Dawn (1978)
  3. Ariosto (1980)
  4. Sins of Omission (1980)
  5. Dead & Buried (1980)
  6. The Godforsaken (1983)
  7. Hyacinths (1983)
  8. Nomads (1984)
  9. Locadio’s Apprentice (1984)
  10. A Taste of Wine (As: Vanessa Pryor) (1984)
  11. Four Horses for Tishtry (1985)
  12. To the High Redoubt (1985)
  13. A Mortal Glamour (1985)
  14. A Baroque Fable (1986)
  15. Floating Illusions (1986)
  16. Firecode (1987)
  17. Taji’s Syndrome (1988)
  18. Beastnights (1989)
  19. The Spider Glass (1991)
  20. Magnificat (1999)
  21. Alas, Poor Yorick (2002)
  22. Arcane Wisdome (2014)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. On Saint Hubert’s Thing (1982)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Cautionary Tales (1978)
  2. Signs and Portents (1984)
  3. The Vampire Stories of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (1994)
  4. Apprehensions and Other Delusions (2003)

Graphic Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Lost Prince (1983)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Fine Tuning Fiction (2013)

Dragonflight Books In Publication Order

  1. Letters from Atlantis (By:Robert Silverberg) (1990)
  2. The Dreaming Place (By:Charles de Lint) (1990)
  3. Dragon’s Plunder (By:Brad Strickland) (1992)
  4. Wishing Season (By:Esther M. Friesner) (1993)
  5. Born of Elven Blood (By:Kevin J. Anderson,John Gregory Betancourt) (1994)
  6. Monet’s Ghost (1997)

War and Honor Books In Publication Order

  1. Blood and War (With: Gordon R. Dickson,Christopher Stasheff) (1993)

Smart Pop Books In Publication Order

  1. Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show (With: Scott Westerfeld,Charlaine Harris,Kevin Andrew Murphy,Christie Golden,Sherrilyn Kenyon,Nancy Holder,Lawrence Watt-Evans,David Brin,Jacqueline Lichtenberg,Jean Lorrah,Laura Resnick,Sarah Zettel,Nancy Kilpatrick,Michelle West,,,,,Roxanne Longstreet Conrad,Jennifer Crusie) (2003)
  2. Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix (By:David Gerrold) (2003)
  3. Five Seasons of Angel: Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Vampire (With: ,Laura Anne Gilman,Sherrilyn Kenyon,Nancy Holder,Jacqueline Lichtenberg,Jean Lorrah,Josepha Sherman,Laura Resnick,Michelle Sagara West,Candace Havens,,Steven Harper,,,Roxanne Longstreet Conrad,,Jennifer Crusie) (2004)
  4. What Would Sipowicz Do? Race, Rights and Redemption in NYPD Blue (By:) (2004)
  5. The Anthology at the End of the Universe: Leading Science Fiction Authors on Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (By:Stephen Baxter,John Shirley,,Lawrence Watt-Evans,Adam Roberts,Susan Sizemore,,Jacqueline Carey,Vox Day,Cory Doctorow,A.M. Dellamonica,,,,MariaAlexander) (2005)
  6. Navigating the Golden Compass: Religion, Science & Daemonology in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (By:) (2005)
  7. The Man from Krypton: A Closer Look at Superman (By:) (2006)
  8. James Bond in the 21st Century: Why We Still Need 007 (By:) (2006)
  9. Halo Effect: An Unauthorized Look at the Most Successful Video Game of All Time (By:) (2007)
  10. Secrets of the Dragon Riders: Your Favorite Authors on Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle (By:) (2008)
  11. Secrets of the Dragon Riders: Your Favorite Authors on Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle: Completely Unauthorized (By:) (2008)

Crisis of Empire Books In Publication Order

  1. An Honorable Defense (By:David Drake) (1988)
  2. Cluster Command (By:William C. Dietz) (1989)
  3. The War Machine (By:David Drake) (1989)
  4. Crown of Empire (With: David Drake) (2012)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Two Views of Wonder (1973)
  2. Against Tomorrow (1979)
  3. Beyond the Gate of Worlds (1991)
  4. Strangers In The Night (1995)
  5. Midnight Mass and Other Great Vampire Stories (1999)
  6. Graven Images (2000)
  7. Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show (2003)
  8. Halloween (2009)
  9. The Mammoth Book of Angels and Demons (2011)
  10. Halloween: Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre (2011)

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Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Books Overview

Ogilvie, Tallant and Moon / Bad Medicine

In OGILVIE, TALLANT & MOON best selling author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro introduces San Francisco attorney Charlie Moon, who happens to be an Ojibwa shaman. He’s got his lawbooks and a special gift for detection to make his cases for him but when things go wrong, it’s the way of his ancestors that shows him the path. All four of the Charlie Moon series novels are available from Ramble House.

Hôtel Transylvania

The classic tale that introduced the legendary Le Comte de Saint Germain, first published in 1978 and spawning 14 titles in the Saint Germain epic, is now available in paperback. A fixture in 1740s Parisian society, Saint Germain is a perfect gentleman and a vampire. When the fiery young Madeline falls in love with him, a group of evil sorcerers targets her for their black mass and only Saint Germain can save her soul.

The Palace

The anticipated paperback release of the second title in Yarbro’s long running Saint Germain series featuring immortal vampire Francesco Ragoczy da San Germano. Secluded in his Renaissance Florence palace, he falls for a beautiful courtesan and loses all desire for isolation.

Blood Games

Blending the dark eroticism of the vampire with the suspenseful adventure in history’s most exotic locales, Yarbro’s Saint Germain epic continues in this third book that takes place in the last chaotic days of Nero’s Rome.

Tempting Fate

Fifth in the Saint Germain series and number three for Stealth, Tempting Fate finds the count as guardian to a Russian war orphan during the Russian Revolution and the end of World War I. As he travels across Europe with his adopted daughter, he encounters three women all of whom will alter his tormented destiny: a duchess who will lead him into fateful temptation, a young widow who plunges him into an abyss of corruption and obsessive desire, and Madeline de Montalia the women for whom Saint Germain will risk eternity to protect. Driven by his insatiable need for this woman who shares his terrible secret, Saint Germain will commit a final, desperate act that could doom the lovers to a world of everlasting damnation.

Darker Jewels

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s immortal vampire, the Comte de Saint Germain, is one of the most popular characters of his kind ever created. Publishers Weekly has called him a ‘veritable Prince Charming of the darker arts.’In Darker Jewels the Count is sent by the King Of Poland to the court of Russia’s Ivan IV, to use his alchemical skills to craft unearthly gems for the mad emperor. there he finds not only dark intrigue and heart stopping danger, but a breathtakingly beautiful woman to whom he loses his heart.

Better in the Dark

Here at last is a long hinted at chapter in the undead existence of the immortal Count Saint Germain: the story of Ranegonda of Saxony, one of the three great loves of Saint Germian’s life. 937 A.D. The Saxon fortress of Leosan is under the almost unheard of rule of a woman. The Gerefa of the fortress has become a monk, leaving his sister, Ranegonda, to rule in his name as best she can and to deal with his embittered, headstrong wife as well. Into this tense and dire situation comes Saint Germain. Shipwrecked on the Baltic shore, near the true death, he is found by Ranegonda, whom he will come to love for the gift of blood she gives him, and for her own indomitable spirit.

Mansions of Darkness

Ambitious in its scope and provocative in its content, the saga of Count Saint Germain is a monumental feat of the imagination. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s powerful and evocative novels have captured Saint Germain throughout his long existence, from the temples of ancient Eygpt to our present century. Now the count’s endless travels bring him to seventeenth century Peru, where he finds solace for his loneliness in the arms of an Incan priestess. But mighty Spain has conquered the Incan people and brought the dreaded attention of the Holy Inquisition to the New World.

Writ in Blood

Ambitious in its scope and provocative in its content, the saga of the undying Count Saint Germain is a monumental feat of the imagination. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s novels have powerfully captured Saint Germain throughout his long existence, from the temples of Ancient Egypt to our present century. Now, on the verge of the First World War, Saint Germain accepts a top secret assignment from Czar Nicholas of Russia to deliver one last proposal for peace to the crowned heads of Europe. But powerful men plot against Saint Germain and may use his love for a talented young artist against him.

Blood Roses

The Comte de Saint Germain is living in relative peace and prosperity in the village of Orgon in fourteenth century France. He has won a grudging acceptance from the local populace, who are uneasy with his strange and foreign ways but appreciative of his generosity. But a new threat has upset the precarious balance: Plague has come to France, and the people’s fear turns to xenophobia. To avoid the scrutiny that could reveal his true nature, Saint Germain must flee. However, his travels drive him deeper into the heart of the Black Death and danger.

Communion Blood

In the Count’s latest adventure, Communion Blood, Saint Germain finds himself on the way to seventeenth century Rome, the center of power for the Catholic Church. Niklos Aurilios, the long time servant of Olivia Clemens, may lose Olivia’s estate to a young German who claims to be the son of Olivia’s fictional husband. Saint Germain must use all of his wiles and diplomatic skill to preserve Olivia’s will without revealing his true nature.

Come Twilight

In the early 600s, Saint Germain makes a vampire of the lovely Csimenae. As Spain pas*ses into the control of the Visigoths and is later conquered by the Arabs, Csimenae, against Saint Germains teachings, becomes a mother of vampires.

A Feast in Exile

A Feast in Exile draws readers back to the time when the Mongol hordes of Timur known in the West as Tamerlane swept across fourteenth century India and Asia. Delhi’s civilized veneer crumbles along with its walls. Foreigners, which the vampire Saint Germain here called Sanat Ji Mani surely is, lose their positions, homes, wealth, and sometimes their lives, if they cannot escape the falling city. Before he can flee Delhi, Sanat Ji Mani must ensure the safety of Avasa Dani, his beautiful ward, who has been abandoned by her husband. Sanat Ji Mani’s love has awakened Avasa Dani’s every sense; even she will become a vampire upon her death, but she finds no terror in this fate. Avasa Dani and Rojire, Sanat Ji Mani’s servant, successfully make their way out of Delhi, but Sanat Ji Mani himself is trapped. His life is bought by his skills with medicine, but, at Timur’s command, he must travel by day, and exposed to the sun with the conqueror’s army. Crippled and unable to escape, he knows that his vampire nature will soon be revealed, and then…
Avasa Dani, with a worried Rojire at her side, considers her options as a woman without a visible male protector in a land and time ruled by men. While one of Sanat Ji Mani’s allies searches desperately for the missing vampire, Saint Germain and a young acrobat, with whom he has escaped from Timur’s forces, make their slow and painful way to freedom. The journey changes them both forever.

Night Blooming

At the forced invitation of 8th century Germanic king Karl lo Magne Charlemagne, Hiermon Ragoczy de Santus Germainius, a dark and strange man rumored to have traveled to many far places, makes the dangerous journey to France. He is called to validate the authenticity of the king’s newly purchased maps, but unbeknownst to Karl lo Magne, Ragoczy’s knowledge stems from centuries of being chased from these countries, rather than traveling through them. Despite his longing for peace, he yields to Karl lo Magne. What he does not expect, though, is to meet the albino woman, Gynethe Mehaut, who shares his curse of solitude. Showing signs of stigmata, she seeks peace from the church. But when she is taken to Rome, accusations of witchcraft fly, and she is left with a difficult choice one that even Ragoczy cannot deny.

Midnight Harvest

Blending the dark eroticism of the vampire with high adventure in history’s most compelling locales, the story of Saint Germain is the enduring drama of a lonely hero who walks the earth throughout time, battling for honor…
and love. To escape the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, Saint Germain travels to San Francisco, where he reunites with Rowena Saxon, a past lover whose beauty and wisdom have matured with time. There he offers Rowena a choice: a natural death or immortality as a vampire. But unknown to the noble exile, an assassin has followed him from Spain, torturing his friends and his associates at every step. The next target will be Rowena, unless the vampire recognizes the peril that both he and his lover face. Will his ignorance achieve what time itself cannot the death of Saint Germain?

Dark of the Sun

It is the 6th century of the common era. The vampire Saint Germain, known in this time as Sangi Ragozh, is peacefully doing business in Asia when, unknown to him or anyone else in most of the world Krakatoa explodes in a massive volcanic eruption. The island is nearly completely destroyed; tidal waves swamp harbors hundreds of miles away, ravaging trade ships and their cargoes; tons of ash and dirt are flung into the air. In the months to come, the world grows colder and darker as the massive cloud of dust and ash spreads across the globe, blocking sunlight. Sea trade is ravaged. Crops fail. Livestock, and then people, begin to starve. Disease spreads. Panic rises. What has caused the sun to go dark? With his scientific bent, Sangi Ragozh suspects a natural cause, but most people assume a supernatural explanation and begin to seek supernatural remedies. As always in times of trouble, foreigners and the vampire is always a foreigner, wherever he travels become targets. Fleeing toward the West, where he hopes to find safety and sanity, the vampire travels with a nomadic tribe led by Dukkai, a female shaman who soon becomes Sangi Ragozh’s lover and main source of sustenance. But Sangi Ragozh’s problems are far from over. His vampire nature is discovered by an enemy; he is separated from Dukkai and begins to starve; he has lost everything, including his last sack of his native soil. With death no longer a distant possibility, Sangi Ragozh desperately tries to reach sanctuary in the one place he truly belongs his homeland, the country he first left centuries earlier. A land we now call Transylvania.

States of Grace

Franzicco Ragoczy di Santo Germano is a successful merchant in Venice. His lavish lifestyle and rumored cache of magnificent jewels have attracted the wrong sort of attention, and without Santo Germano’s noble and papal connections, he might be imprisoned, his property confiscated. Also under surveillance is the vampire s mistress, the lovely and talented musician Pier Ariana Salier.
Elsewhere, Ragoczy s publishing business is being investigated by the Inquisition. Erneste van Amsteljaxter, a writer whose intelligence Ragoczy finds attractive, is tarred with the brush of heresy. Ragoczy is trying to help her, when he learns that Pier Ariana has disappeared.
Back in Venice Santo Germano finds that his fortune has been embezzled, and that he is accused of kidnapping, and possibly murdering, a young man who had been spying on the vampire and his mistress. Another spy has discovered Santo Germano s true nature and intends to kill him before he can feast on all of Venice!

Roman Dusk

Rome is crumbling. The child emperor, Heliogabalus, diverts the Roman populace with parties, circuses, and celebrations, while his mother and grandmother jockey for power behind the scenes. The government is riddled with scandal and no business is conducted without bribes which grow ever larger. Religions joust for prominence, with factions of Christians seeking to overthrow the ancient Roman pantheon. Courtesans, once honored for their skills and protected by special guards, have become targets of opprobrium. The vampire Ragoczy Germanius Sanct Franciscus, already subject to extra taxes and regulations because he is a foreigner, falls under the maleficent eye of Telemachus Batsho, a minor functionary who dreams of power and wealth. When Franciscus thwarts his attempts to extort ever increasing sums from a young Roman of good birth, Batsho swears revenge. Franciscus finds his activities closely monitored and is accused of treason and conspiracy. His friends, threatened with similar scrutiny, abandon him to Batsho’s mercies or urge him to leave the Eternal City. But Franciscus has many ties to Rome. He has taken under his protection a beautiful courtesan who was brutally beaten by the very men who should have been protecting her. She has been the vampire s sustenance for many months. Franciscus is also held in the city by the plight of the family Laelius. The Domina s health is failing despite the vampire s great medical skills; her son has converted to Christianity and rails against his mother s beliefs; her daughter Ignatia, who has sacrified her own life to care for her mother, realizes that when her mother dies, her fate will rest in the hands of her increasingly fanatical brother. Determined to claim pleasure for herself, Ignatia invites Franciscus s attentions, inflaming him with the power of her untapped sexuality. Unfortunately, they are not unobserved, and their simple yet powerful act of love sparks a conflagration that destroys Ignatia s family and nearly brings about the vampire s True Death.

Saint-Germain Memoirs

Focusing on Saint Germain one of the genre’s most memorable vampires this collection follows the dark immortal from ancient Greece to the present as tales of his timeless life are recounted. Also included is a brief essay by the author about her world renowned vampire, with an Introduction by Sharon A. Russell.

Borne in Blood

The year is 1817. In Switzerland, the Count Saint Germain leads a comfortable life with his paramour Hero whose husband died fighting Napoleon. Saint Germain’s loving kindness cannot keep Hero from missing her children who are being raised by their hard hearted grandfather. The Count has become intrigued by the work of an Austrian noble investigating the properties of blood, a subject always of key interest to a vampire. But when the noble’s beautiful ward fixates sexually on the Count, the vampire fears for himself and his gentle lover. With Borne in Blood, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s saga of Count Saint Germain, reaches a milestone the twentieth volume of the vampire’s adventures. The Saint Germain cycle is one of our age’s most compelling bodies of work of dark fantasy and horror, and the longest running series of vampire novels. Historically accurate, these deeply emotional novels have a devoted readership. Recognizing her impact on the genre, the International Horror Guild named Chelsea Quinn Yarbro a Living Legend at the World Fantasy Convention in 2006.

A Dangerous Climate

The vampire Count Saint Germain, disguised as a missing Hungarian nobleman, is on a spy mission in the heart of Czarist Russia. Almost by the power of his will alone, it seems, Peter the Great is wrestling the city that will one day be St. Petersburg out of swampland. Representatives of the heads of all European states are living in tiny, frigid, wooden homes as they jockey for power and influence over the Czar. When a man shows up claiming to be the Count Saint Germain, the vampire must figure out how to protect his title and wealth without revealing either his true identity or his True Nature.

Burning Shadows

Two decades strong, the Saint Germain cycle is one of the most compelling works of dark fantasy and horror of our age. Historically accurate, these deeply emotional novels have a devoted readership. In Burning Shadows, Yarbro looks at the legendary Huns from the perspective of the people who faced the brunt of their attacks. The vampire Saint Germain seeks sanctuary at an isolated monastery, unwilling to abandon the hundreds of terrified villagers he has led in flight from the Huns. A few Roman soldiers and some village Watchmen are the monastery’s defense force and they are undermined by the religious fervor of some of the monks, who argue that since everyone s fate is in God s hands, it is foolish to defend themselves. In the hothouse atmosphere of the high walled monastery, Saint Germain must take special care when slaking his vampire thirst, for discovery of his True Nature will result in his True Death.

An Embarrassment of Riches

More than two decades strong, the Saint Germain cycle is one of the most compelling works of dark fantasy and horror of our age. Historically accurate, often involving key events or figures from throughout world history, these deeply emotional novels have a devoted readership. Each novel is written as a stand alone and they are not chronologically consecutive, so readers may enter the saga with any book and move backward or forward in time as they choose, from Pharaonic Egypt to Paris in the 1700s, from the fall of the Roman Empire to World War II Europe. In An Embarrassment of Riches, the vampire Count finds himself a virtual prisoner in the Court of Kunigunde in Bohemia in the 1200s. Rakoczy Ferncsi, as Saint Germain is known, pas*ses his days making jewels to delight Queen Kunigunde and trying not to become involved in the Court’s intrigues. In this, the vampire fails. Handsome, apparently wealthy, and obviously unmarried, he soon finds himself being sexually blackmailed by Rozsa, an ambitious lady in waiting. If he does not satisfy her, she will denounce him to the priests and he’ll be burned at the stake, resulting in his True Death. Despite his care, the vampire makes more than one enemy at the Bohemian Court, and by the end of An Embarrassment of Riches, the Count can see only one road to freedom…
through death.

Messages from Michael

Twenty five years ago, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and her friends began sharing messages from a group entity that called themselves ‘Michael.’ Michael’s words were offered without alteration or interpretation for seekers, students, and skeptics alike. Pragmatic, insightful, and often witty, Michael insisted their work was simply to help questioners become more aware and better able to make their own decisions in life. Through this initial volume, Messages from Michael, and three more that followed, Michael spoke to thousands who found new understandings of themselves. Unfortunately imitators and frauds have since exploited the Michael teachings but even they admit that Messages from Michael was the first source of the teachings. Here, expanded for the twenty first century, is the long awaited new edition of this ground breaking book.

More Messages from Michael

When Messages from Michael was first published more than thirty years ago, there was a demand for more of the information. A second book, More Messages from Michael was published soon after. Out of print for more than a decade, More Messages from Michael joins the Caelum Press twenty fifth anniversary edition of Messages from Michael in this updated twenty fifth anniversary edition from Caelum Press. In More Messages from Michael, Mid Causal entity Michael delves more deeply into life choices, reincarnation, the working of the soul’s evolution, and the nature of living. Michael answers many questions ranging from the most mundane to the highly esoteric. Michael’s teaching, which remains consistent to this day, is both practical and unearthly, delivered with dry wit and idiosyncratic English, filled with insights, information, and a unique perspective that has kept people coming back for more for over three decades. Just keep in mind Michael’s admonitions, Belief is not required, All is chosen, and All choices are equally valid, and you may find that Michael’s teaching has a message for you.

Michael for the Millennium

In this follow up to Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Messages from Michael, the spiritual essence known as ‘Michael’ returns with startling revelations about our world and what the next millennium holds for the people of the Earth.

A Candle for d’Artagnan

Olivia Atta Clemens, immortal vampire, Roman noblewoman, beloved of the Count Saint Germain has come to Paris seeking only peace. But the year is 1637, and there is no peace to be found in the Court of Louis XIII, where Cardinal Richelieu maneuvers to control the throne. Caught up in the intrigue against her will, Olivia seeks and wins the protection of a young guardsman named d’Artagnan a man destined to become one of the greatest heroes of all time.

Out of the House of Life

More than a third of Saint Germain’s long, long life was spent in the shadow of the Pyramids, in service to the temples of Egypt but the tale of those years has never been told before. In Out of the House of Life, readers of Yarbro’s series can at last discover how a bloodthirsty demon, captured and enslaved by the high priests of the temple of Imhotep, was transformed into priest and physician and then, finally, into an immortal being of great power and greater wisdom.

In the Face of Death

This erotic and historical vampire novel is set in America in the years before and during the Civil War and features Madelaine de Montalia, sometime lover of Count St. Germain; General William Tecumseh Sherman; and, in a supporting role, St. Germain himself. Madelaine lives with and studies the native tribes of America, trying to document their culture and knowledge before they are changed unalterably by contact with the settlers new to North America, only to find herself in the middle of some of the most horrifying events of the war. The stubborn and highly disciplined Tecumseh wrestles with his conscience as he falls in love with Madelaine, while the strong willed Madelaine is torn between her love for Tecumseh and the demands of her nature.

Napoleon Must Die

When her husband is unjustly accused of theft and murder in Napoleonic France, Mme. Victoire Vernet sets out to clear his name and finds herself in the middle of a plot to assassinate Napoleon.

Death Wears a Crown

On a sensitive mission for her Inspector General husband, Victoire Vernet stumbles upon a traitorous cabal intent on preventing the coronation of Napoleon.

Crown of Empire (With: David Drake)

The Pact of Mankind is a dinosaur lumbering toward oblivion: hedged about by alien enemies, it is rotten with decadence and corruption. The Pact is run by competing oligarchies of criminal corporations, but it is ruled by a single man the High Secretary of the Pact. But if he should die, it would be feeding time in the piranha tank.

Embassy Row

Against the Brotherhood Forge, 1997 launched this series authorized by Dame Jean Conan Doyle and staring Sherlock Holmes’s older brother, Mycroft. Quinn Fawcett has revealed Mycroft as a major player in all things political, though he apparently never leaves his home in Pall Mall. Now, with Embassy Row, Fawcett brings us more skulduggery and sabotage written in true Conan Doyle style, sure to entertain both newcomers and devotees to the Holmes canon. Guthrie, Mycroft’s secretary and his Watson, is accompanying Mycroft to a series of discrete negotiations with Japanese, intended to secure England’s positions in Japanese controlled waters. But there are those on both sides who would like to see the talks come to naught, for reasons both political and radical. However, despite many setbacks, misunderstandings, and suspicious accidents, the agreement is near completion. The night the papers are to be signed and sealed, a British diplomat whose opposition to the negotiations is no secret is found dead with a Japanese dagger in his back. Mycroft and Guthrie must solve his murder, expose the agitators behind it, and see to the finalization of the agreement without finding themselves on the wrong end of the knife.

The Flying Scotsman

To keep the peace after an attempted assassination, a Prince must be smuggled out of England aboard The Flying Scotsman, the fastest train between London and Edinburgh. Disguised as journalists, Mycroft and Patterson Guthrie, guard the Prince. Also aboard is Pauline Gatspy. Is she on Mycroft’s side, or is the Prince her latest target?

The Scottish Ploy

Featuring the most intriguing sleuth to come along since Sherlock Holmes, and a supporting cast whose loyalty and intelligence are matched only by their humor and quick reaction times, the Mycroft Holmes novels appeal to new readers and to fans of all things Holmesian. In The Scottish Ploy, seemingly unconnected events pull Mycroft in several directions at once. To prevent the leaders of an anarchist group from reaching England’s shores, Mycroft must, much to his dismay, become part of the intended reconciliation of a husband and wife. To do so he has spy networks to monitor and men of influence to, well, influence. Then there are the minor puzzles: Why is a gentleman who claims to be Turkish seeking his supposedly kidnapped brother in London? Why does an eminent phrenologist urgently want Mycroft’s opinion on the inhabitants of his asylum? Who has been following Mycroft and his estimable secretary, the amiable Paterson Guthrie, through foggy streets? What motivated the attempted assassination of an Admiralty courier on Mycroft’s own doorstep? When the lovely Penelope Gatspy saves Guthrie’s life, is it because of the attraction between them, or on orders of the mysterious ‘lodge’ she serves?But, most important to Mycroft what is behind the kidnapping of his old friend, the actor Edmund Sutton, who was in the midst of a triumphant run as Macbeth?

The Soul of an Angel

Young and beautiful, Fenice Zucchar lives in opulent splendor on the world’s richest island. The pampered daughter of a wealthy and powerful owner of ocean going merchant vessels, Fenice’s soul yearns for the freedom of the sea for the adventures and breathtaking sights and sounds that await her far from Venice, her velvet prison. Determined to flee, she feigns an audacious kidnapping and stows away on one of her brother’s ships on the very eve of her own arranged wedding. But her plans are dashed to bits when, upon discovery, her brother refuses to offer her safe quarter and abandons the young noblewoman in the teeming port of Varna, just as panic is descending upon the city. For death has come to this place, spawning stories told in hushed, frightened whispers in the night a being of strange, alluring power and dark sensuality who has chosen Fenice, offering her more freedom than she could know in a hundred lifetimes. Subjugation is the price this mesmirizing creature demands fro the exquisite renegade’s eternal pleasure, as Fenice follows her Dark Lord to his mountain domain, where she is to live…
and die. But another is waiting there already, lurking in the shadows of the imposing castle keep: a lovely and crazed consort already corrupted by Dracula’s terrible passion…
a once mortal girl named Kelene, late of a distant realm called Greece who could prove to be Fenice’s staunchest ally and sister, or her most fearsome adversary.

Outrageous Fortune

The fight against the root of all evil requires a master!

Despite being a time traveler and literal Renaissance man, Dr. John Dee has adjusted admirably to life on Earth in 2100. But his mercantile genius is once again put to the test when he and his twenty second century comrades, Morgan d’Winter and Kelly Edwards, are called upon to protect their world from the machinations of an alien renegade posing as a messiah. When the chips are down, only John Dee can save the past, present, and future from this pretender and his expanding army of human zombies!

Death to Spies

Was Ian Fleming a master spy?After years of serving in the intelligence community, Ian Fleming retired and soon thereafter created James Bond, that debonair, dashing hero of countless novels and films. But what if Fleming never really retired from spying? What if his position as an international journalist was really a cover for Cold War cat and mouse games? In Death to Spies, Ian Fleming, master operative, steps out from the shadow of his creation to take his rightful place in the pantheon of fictional spies. Fleming’s idyll on the island of Jamaica is disrupted when a ranking member of British Intelligence shows up with a wild story of purloined nuclear secrets and moles within British Intelligence, then mysteriously disappears, apparently the victim of foul play. Investigating, Fleming faces hostility in Los Alamos where anyone not American is automatically suspect meets a glamorous, sexy woman with few scruples, and narrowly survives several attempts on his life.

Siren Song

Packed with car chases, concealed identities, and hidden truths, Siren Song showcases the imaginative inventions, sophisticated banter, and sex appeal of Ian Fleming’s own fiction. At a posh New Year’s Eve party, Flem ing falls hard and fast for the glamorous Nora. Later, operatives of British Intelligence offer him a scoop an American businessman who may be passing US secrets to Soviet Russia. He turns them away. A bomb planted in Nora’s hotel room ignites Fleming’s passions and he accompanies her to San Francisco where she will attempt to discredit the same man who was to have been Fleming’s next ‘assignment.’ In a world of concealed motives, love is a most dangerous game…

Honor Among Spies

Once again, Quinn Fawcett brings Ian Fleming and the early Cold War to life in a fast paced novel layered with intrigue, concealed identities, perverse sexual practices, and hidden truths. Fleming and a colleague from British intelligence are receiving threatening letters containing their darkest secrets. To stop the re velations, Fleming travels to exotic New Orleans, where he meets a voodoo queen and visits the dark side of the French Quarter.

A Cold Summer Night

Deep in the forest, trouble is brewing. No one is safe in the thick, dark forest no peasant, monk, minstrel, merchant, traveler, forester, or King’s man may go into the forest without taking his life and his soul in his hands. Those who dare the deep green are found dead soon after, or worse disappear. Only former Crusader Hugh deSteny is prepared to lead the fight against the bloodthirsty denizens of the forest, and he knows that the enemy he faces could damn him eternally if he loses the battle. Armed with precious knowledge, deSteny must undertake the fight of his life to preserve the forest and all who live within it from certain catastrophe and a fearsome enemy the likes of which none save him have ever faced before.

Ruby Flames (By:Richard A. Knaak)

Delos: a world not unlike out own…
until a reckless attempt to capture the primal power of the universe shattered the very laws of nature, transforming Delos into a realm of magic. Now men vie with monsters, sword with sorcery, good with evil. And behind it all is the dread entity that was freed when the light shattered: the Laria. Now, thousands of years later, two young would be heroes Jarric, a human fire mage and Feryin, a feline mrem warrior may be the last hope against an unholy alliance of evil creatures bent on the genocide of men and mrem alike! Based on the exciting new CD ROM game from Simon & Schuster Interactive, and the massive multi player game from Catware, at www. shatteredlight. com.

Locadio’s Apprentice

A young Pompeiian boy becomes apprenticed to a physician as the volcano Versuvius smoulders in the background.

Four Horses for Tishtry

Tishtry’s wish to buy her family’s freedom from slavery in the Roman Empire inspires her to perform dangerous feats of stunt riding.

A Mortal Glamour

A dark tale of obsession, possession, and passion set in the tumultuous atmosphere of 14th century France amidst the virulent onslaught of the Black Death, the ravages of the Hundred Years’ War, and the constant intrigues of a divided Church with two ruling Popes. Seur Aungelique, a headstrong young nun of noble birth, is driven by desire to seek refuge with the most notorious and sexually accomplished courtesan in Europe. Returned to the convent of la Tres Saunte Annunciacion, her lust still runs deep and soon ecstatic moans of pleasure and screams of pain are heard coming from behind her closed door. One by one the other sisters…
a priest…
a soldier…
succumb to carnality and defilement. Possessed by something unspeakable, the godly are catapulted into debauchery and damnation. Who has ensnared these souls? What haunts the convent? Where do the nightmares come from?

Apprehensions and Other Delusions

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is best known for her suave, vampire about the world Count Saint Germain, but she is also an accomplished short fiction writer as well. Five Star is proud to present the best of her dark fantasy and horror fiction all in one collection. Featuring a brand new short story, ‘Fugues,’ and an introduction by noted editor Patrick LoBrutto, Apprehensions and Other Delusions is a feast of psychological thrills and chills that readers will enjoy for many dark nights to come. Aside from writing, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has worked as a cartographer, read tarot cards and palms, and composed music, all of which she continues to do. Over the years she has studied seven different instruments, voice, and musical theory: composition, voice, and piano have continued to be active interests for her. 20021201

The Lost Prince

The story of Prince Rolon, who challenges the power of the Grand Inquisitor of Spain, and how he triumphs over being both chosen and damned. A tale of action and romance.

Letters from Atlantis (By:Robert Silverberg)

On a mission to observe the fabled city of Atlantis through the mind of its royal heir, Ram, twenty first century time traveler Roy Colton soon becomes worried by Ram’s dark dreams of the island’s future destruction. AB.

The Dreaming Place (By:Charles de Lint)

A young woman locked in rage yet seeking magic, Ash is drawn into a wondrous Otherworld of totems and dryads, living tarots and mystic charms. At the same time, Ash’s cousin Nina is stalked by an Otherworld demon a manitou who can force her mind and soul into the bodies of beasts. Ash must find the strength to overcome her own anger, learn the full power of magic, and save Nina before she becomes the manitou’s weapon, turning the faerie realm into an arctic wasteland. De Lint fans will relish this urban and otherworldly fantasy, partially set in the author’s trademark Newford. ‘One of the most original fantasy writers currently working.’ Booklist

Dragon’s Plunder (By:Brad Strickland)

Jamie Falconer can whistle up a breeze anytime he wants. When captain Deadmon and his band of pirates discover Jamie’s talent, they plan to kidnap him and take him along on their quest for a dragon’s gold. Jamie makes a shocking discovery: Deadmon is dead! The mummified pirate captain once vowed never to rest until he’d plundered a dragon’s ho*ard and divided the booty among his men. Since there were few dragons even in those days, swearing such an oath was a foolish thing to do. The pirates have been searching for a dragon since Deadmon died in battle ten years before, and the search isn’t going well. There is one dragon left within their reach, but it lives on the Isle of Winds, where no ship can approach unless Jamie’s talent for whistling up the wind can get them there!

Wishing Season (By:Esther M. Friesner)

Approaching his graduation from magic school, young genie Khalid tries out a lamp of his own, but forgetting to tell his first human master that he can only have three wishes, Khalid is trapped by a wish for unlimited wishes.

Born of Elven Blood (By:Kevin J. Anderson,John Gregory Betancourt)

Escaping into the world of Faery when her own home begins to fall apart, Maria Blanca joins in the fight against the savage trogs that threaten the eleven great elven cities and is taken into the heart of the trog empire.

Monet’s Ghost

Blessed with the ability to literally throw herself into paintings, art lover Geena Howe enters one of Monet’s water lily paintings, where she encounters a mysterious ghost in a Victorian castle.’

Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show (With: Scott Westerfeld,Charlaine Harris,Kevin Andrew Murphy,Christie Golden,Sherrilyn Kenyon,Nancy Holder,Lawrence Watt-Evans,David Brin,Jacqueline Lichtenberg,Jean Lorrah,Laura Resnick,Sarah Zettel,Nancy Kilpatrick,Michelle West,,,,,Roxanne Longstreet Conrad,Jennifer Crusie)

COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED This collection of irreverent and surprising essays about the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer includes pieces by leading science fiction and fantasy authors. Contributors include bestselling legend David Brin, critically acclaimed novelist Scott Westerfield, cult favorite vampire author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and award winner Sarah Zettel. The show and its cast are the topics of such critical pieces as Lawrence Watt Evans’s Matchmaking in Hellmouth and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The Search for Spike’s Balls. An informed introduction for those not well acquainted with the show, and a source of further research for Buffy buffs, this book raises interesting questions concerning a much loved program and future cult classic.

Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix (By:David Gerrold)

COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED This thought provoking examination of The Matrix explores the technological challenges, religious symbolism, and philosophical dilemmas the film presents. Essays by renowned scientists, technologists, philosophers, scholars, social commentators, and science fiction authors provide engaging and provocative perspectives. Explored in a highly accessible fashion are issues such as the future of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The symbolism hidden throughout The Matrix and a few glitches in the film are revealed. Discussions include Finding God in The Matrix, The Reality Paradox in The Matrix, and Was Cypher Right?: Why We Stay in Our Matrix. The fascinating issues posed by the film are handled in an intelligent but nonacademic fashion.

Five Seasons of Angel: Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Vampire (With: ,Laura Anne Gilman,Sherrilyn Kenyon,Nancy Holder,Jacqueline Lichtenberg,Jean Lorrah,Josepha Sherman,Laura Resnick,Michelle Sagara West,Candace Havens,,Steven Harper,,,Roxanne Longstreet Conrad,,Jennifer Crusie)

The constellation of characters and themes created in Angel, the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin off, are explored in this collection of essays. A vampire author, a sex expert, a TV critic, a science fiction novelist, and Buffy writer Nancy Holder provide essays examining the different issues relating to the series, including Angelus as the prototypical high school bully, Angel as victim, Wesley’s many transformations, how Spike fits into Angel, the takeover of Wolfram & Hart, and Lindsey’s moral center.

What Would Sipowicz Do? Race, Rights and Redemption in NYPD Blue (By:)

Taking an entertaining, intelligent look at the culturally influential 11 year television run of NYPD Blue, this examination includes a collection of essays on topics ranging from the series’ portrayal of race relations in New York City to Sipowicz’s famously thorn*y demeanor. A media critic, two police psychologists, and addiction, interrogation, and sex experts contribute essays that take an accessible, intelligent look at a show that has redefined the police drama genre. From insightful analysis of the show’s evolution to lighthearted jabs at its quirks, this is a work that will deepen any fan’s Blue experience.

The Anthology at the End of the Universe: Leading Science Fiction Authors on Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (By:Stephen Baxter,John Shirley,,Lawrence Watt-Evans,Adam Roberts,Susan Sizemore,,Jacqueline Carey,Vox Day,Cory Doctorow,A.M. Dellamonica,,,,MariaAlexander)

COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED Every aspect of the science fiction classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is analyzed in a variety of quirky ways in this collection of essays. Topics include the logistics of the restaurant at the end of the universe, how the Internet is creating the real Hitchhiker’s Guide, an as*sessment of Vogon poetry, and an analysis of computing. The essays are written by both science fiction greats, such as Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Watt Evans, Stephen Baxter, Jacqueline Carey, and Alastair Reynolds, and up and coming writers.

Navigating the Golden Compass: Religion, Science & Daemonology in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (By:)

COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED Contributors with backgrounds in philosophy, theology, science fiction, and children’s literature bring their expertise to this critical investigation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, and the insights it offers to today’s world. The His Dark Materials trilogy is an unusual sort of young adult series: one that appeals to adults as much as to their children thanks to its richly imagined world, rigorously explored cosmology, and unflinching confrontation of the modern answers to life’s big questions. Essays from a variety of critical disciplines do justice to the complexity and intrigue of this trilogy, exploring the answers to questions such as: Is His Dark Materials a new antireligious myth, or a failed perversion of Christian truth? and How does the story of the Specters of Cittagazze challenge our modern day scientific practices?

The Man from Krypton: A Closer Look at Superman (By:)

COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED Leading writers discuss, debate, and celebrate the legend of Superman in this anthology, contending that his legend is a truly American myth. Superman was an immigrant with little more than the clothes on his back and raised by simple farmers, absorbing their humble values. He always chose to do the right thing, fighting for truth, justice, and the American way, and represents America at its best. The in depth analyses of the comics, films and cartoons are at turns funny, philosophical, insightful, and personal, exploring every aspect of the Superman legend.

James Bond in the 21st Century: Why We Still Need 007 (By:)

COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED The staying power of the world’s most dashing secret agent and the evolution of the James Bond franchise are explored in this smart yet nostalgic collection of essays. Leading writers, including Raymond Benson, J. A. Konrath, Raelynn Hillhouse, and John Cox, discuss the 10 sexiest Bond girls, the best villains, and the controversy surrounding the latest actor to play James Bond. Topics covered range from the playful how to build a secret lair and avoid the perennial mistakes made by would be world dominators to the thought provoking, such as Bond s place in the modern world, his Oedipal tendencies and perceived misogyny, and the unerring allure of the charming spy.

Halo Effect: An Unauthorized Look at the Most Successful Video Game of All Time (By:)

Halo Effect is a collection of essays on the bestselling video game Halo and is not authorized by Bungie, Microsoft, or any entity associated with Halo. Examining the Halo phenomenon from every angle from profiling the greatest Halo player who ever lived to providing a behind the scenes look at the making of the wildly popular, virtual reality Halo movies this guide is the ultimate companion for anyone who wants to truly understand this amazingly successful video game. With discussions on the role of religion and science in the game, this collection of essays also looks into the creation of and community reaction to the launch of the Halo series. Speculations on the upcoming movie and a rigorous analysis of the vehicles of Halo are also included.

Secrets of the Dragon Riders: Your Favorite Authors on Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle (By:)

Millions of readers adore Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle: its earnest hero, its breathtaking battles and, of course, its awe inspiring dragon Saphira. But there’s so much more to the series than meets the eye and Secrets of the Dragon Riders, edited by today’s second hottest dragon writer James A. Owen, shows readers what they’re missing. Why might Roran be the real hero of the Inheritance Cycle? What does Paolini’s writing have in common with role play games and modern action films? Are teenage writers judged more harshly than their adult counterparts? The YA authors in Secrets of the Dragon Riders some of them no older than Paolini when he wrote Eragon each take on a different aspect of the series to engage and entertain Paolini fans.

Secrets of the Dragon Riders: Your Favorite Authors on Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle: Completely Unauthorized (By:)

The author of ‘Here, There Be Dragons’ compiles a collection of essays from some of today’s hottest YA authors some of them no older than Christopher Paolini was when he wrote ‘Eragon’ who each present a different aspect of the series to engage and entertain Paolini fans.

An Honorable Defense (By:David Drake)

The first Crisis of Empire begins with the death of the Emperor, leaving a child as his successor. Will the leaders of the empire rally behind the child Emperor? If they do not, interstellar civilization will once again dissolve into civil war and slide into another long night of barbarism.

Strangers In The Night

These three spooky love stories include Anne Stuart’s Dark Journey Cloaked in the form of a stranger, he lived a lie with the one woman he couldn’t deny himself. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Catching Dreams He existed only in her dreams, until she found him in the flesh, and herself in a nightmare. And Maggie Shayne’s Beyond Twilight He was a vengeful vampire hunter fated for a forbidden love to last an eternity.

Midnight Mass and Other Great Vampire Stories

From the horrifying to the humorous, some of today’s finest authors share stories about one of mankind’s oldest imagined evils, the vampire. The contents of this original audio production include ‘Bite Me Not, or Fleur de Fur’ by Tanith Lee, ‘Food Chain’ by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, ‘Moonlight in Vermont’ by Esther Freisner, ‘Madeleine’ by Barbara Hambly, ‘Victims’ by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, ‘Seat Partner’ by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and ‘Midnight Mass’ by F. Paul Wilson.

Graven Images

In this thrilling new anthology from the editors of In the Shadow of the Gargoyle cited by Locus as one of the year’s best anthologies, today’s top fantasy and horror talents take a close look at our distant idols. Ancient gods who faded into history, all that remains are the mortal made likenesses of their images sacred relics, holy statues, and hallowed trinkets bearing the images of those fabled gods who ruled over of all creation…
Now, at last, the old gods have returned in these all new tales of the sacred and profane, the beautiful and grotesque, the loving and vengeful. Includes stories by: Nebula and Hugo Award winner Robert Silverberg Nebula winner Esther M. Freisner World Fantasy Award winner Brian McNaughton, Tanith Lee, and Gene Wolfe Hugo Award winner Lawrence Watt Evans and Other acclaimed authors, including Jack Ketchum, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Storm Constantine, Chelsea Quinn Yarboro, Kathe Koja, and Yvonne Navarro


Shivers and spirits…
the mystical and macabre…
our darkest fears and sweetest fantasies…
the fun and frivolity of tricks, treats, festivities, and masquerades. Halloween is a holiday filled with both delight and dread, beloved by youngsters and adults alike. Celebrate the most magical season of the year with this sensational treasury of seasonal tales spooky, suspenseful, terrifying, or teasing harvested from a multitude of master storytellers.

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