Chaz Brenchley Books In Order

Light Books In Order

  1. Dead of Light (1995)
  2. Light Errant (1997)

Kingdom of Outremer Books In Order

  1. The Tower of the King’s Daughter (1998)
  2. Feast of the King’s Shadow (1999)
  3. Hand of the King’s Evil (2000)

Keys to D’Esperance Books In Order

  1. House of Doors (2011)
  2. House of Bells (2012)

Kingdom of Outremer (US reissue) Books In Order

  1. The Devil in the Dust (2003)
  2. A Dark Way to Glory (2003)
  3. The End of All Roads (2003)

Selling Water by the River Books In Order

  1. Bridge of Dreams (2006)
  2. River of the World (2007)

Crater School Books In Order

  1. Three Twins at the Crater School (2021)
  2. Dust Up at the Crater School (2021)


  1. The Samaritan (1988)
  2. The Refuge (1989)
  3. The Garden (1990)
  4. Mall Time (1991)
  5. Paradise (1994)
  6. Blood Waters (1996)
  7. Dispossession (1996)
  8. Shelter (1999)
  9. Being Small (2014)
  10. Bitter Waters (2014)
  11. The Station of the Twelfth (2021)


  1. Anniversaries (2010)
  2. Eastlick and Other Stories (2014)
  3. Everything in All the Wrong Order: The Best of Chaz Brenchley (2021)


  1. Scouting for Boys (2011)
  2. Rotten Row (2011)

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Chaz Brenchley Books Overview

The Tower of the King’s Daughter

Set in the Kingdom of Outremer, TOWER OF THE KING’S DAUGHTER draws upon rich veins of history, religion and politics, bringing a powerful and imaginative new voice to fantasy fiction. Forty years on from the establishment of the Outremer, trouble is stirring. The religious, determined to root out heresies within the kingdom, have made a base in their stronghold of Roq de Rancon, protected by the Knight Ransomers. And in this remote and secretive place, a tale of love, duty and betrayal will unfold: for Marron, a young man newly sworn to the Ransomers; for Julianne, daughter of the King’s Shadow, en route to her wedding in Elessi; and for Elisande, her young and mysterious companion. All have a part to play in the coming upheaval, for their lives are intricately involved with the fate of the kingdom…

Feast of the King’s Shadow

Enemies of long standing are united under the fiercely charismatic Hasan and Outremer may be defeated before the first battle has even been fought. But one woman could make a difference…

Hand of the King’s Evil

In the fifth book of Outremer, a heretic people threaten the fragile peace and a renegade state becomes the battleground.

The Devil in the Dust

The desert kingdom of Outremer is ruled by a harsh king whose will is enforced by warrior priests called Ransomers. But when a young Ransomer in training meets the daughter of the King’s Shadow, the reign of blood and magic will be changed forever.

A Dark Way to Glory

The Sharai tribes await the coming of the Ghost Walker long promised deliverer of their people unaware that he walks among them, and that their enemies have the ability to control him.

The End of All Roads

The thrilling conclusion to the critically acclaimed Outremer series finds warriors from both the Knights Ransomer and the Sharai confronting the King on Mount Ascariel.

Bridge of Dreams

An epic fantasy from the author of the Outremer series.

For a thousand years, the great city of Sund stood impregnable while its enemy, Maras, remained outside the walls. Then the Marasi harnessed the powers of magic. Erecting an otherworldly bridge whose foundations were rooted in sorcery, the Marasi overran the walls of Sund, and threw them down.

In the city of Maras Sund, magic has been outlawed. Yet there are children being born with raw magical talent and there are those who would rally behind them to rebel against their hated overlords. Issel, a young water seller from the poorest part of the city, possesses the gift for magic. And when he is recognized for his talents, recruited, and trained in the arts, his abilities may hold the key to his people’s salvation.

River of the World

The city of Maras Sund has stood for more than 20 years two lands joined together by a magical bridge the Marasai used to conquer the Sundain. But the man known as Issel has magic of his own an ability to manipulate water which he will use to free his people. He finds an ally in Jendre, the daughter of a general in Maras’s army, and a woman with her own vendetta against the regime. Her sister is held captive, along with others whose life essences power the magical bridge between her land and Sund. Her plan: to help Issel enter the palace and break the spell.


An exceptional, strange and affecting psychological thriller…
mesmerizing, lyrical and hypnotic, with a stunning climax. The Bookseller Bewitchingly told…
. This is a story to savor, with a twist in the tail that chills the very marrow. Manchester Evening News England Rowan Coffey is nineteen when he leaves university, a bright burning boy come home to hide after the cruel, casual murder of a friend. Rowan had no alibi; exhausted after weeks of being under suspicion, he’s looking for Shelter, what s warm, familiar, and safe. But what he finds is chill. And danger. And death…

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