Charlotte Lamb Books In Order

Barbary Wharf Books In Publication Order

  1. Besieged (1992)
  2. Battle For Possession (1992)
  3. Too Close For Comfort (1992)
  4. Playing Hard to Get (1992)
  5. Surrender (1992)
  6. A Sweet Addiction (1992)

Enemies & Lovers Books In Publication Order

  1. Possession (1979)
  2. A Secret Intimacy (1983)

Forbidden! Books In Publication Order

  1. The Marriage War (1997)
  2. Hot Surrender (1998)

Man Talk Books In Publication Order

  1. An Excellent Wife? (1998)
  2. Man about the House (By:Alison Kelly) (1998)
  3. Fatherhood Fever! (By:Emma Darcy) (1998)
  4. Lost in Sensation (By:Maureen Child) (2003)
  5. Between Duty and Desire (By:Leanne Banks) (2004)
  6. For Services Rendered (By:Anne Marie Winston) (2004)

Pages & Privileges Books In Publication Order

  1. Dark Fate (1994)
  2. For Mercy’s Sake (By:Nancy Gideon) (1995)

Secrets Books In Publication Order

  1. Secrets to Keep (1980)
  2. Secrets (1984)

Sins Books In Publication Order

  1. Secret Obsession (1995)
  2. Dark Fever (1995)
  3. Deadly Rivals (1995)
  4. Haunted Dreams (1995)
  5. Wild Hunger (1995)
  6. Hot Blood (1996)
  7. Angry Desire (1996)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Prisoner of the Heart (As:Sheila Holland) (1972)
  2. A Crown Usurped (As: Sheila Coates) (1972)
  3. Love In A Mist (As:Sheila Holland) (1972)
  4. Carnival Coast (1973)
  5. Queen’s Letter (As: Sheila Coates) (1973)
  6. Follow a Stranger (1973)
  7. A Lantern in the Night (As:Sheila Holland) (1973)
  8. Flight of the Swan (As: Sheila Coates) (1973)
  9. Falcon on the Hill (As:Sheila Holland) (1974)
  10. A Family Affair (1974)
  11. Bells of the City (As: Sheila Coates) (1975)
  12. Growing Season (As:Sheila Holland) (1975)
  13. Shadows at Dawn (As:Sheila Holland) (1975)
  14. Sweet Sanctuary (1976)
  15. The Gold of Apollo (As:Sheila Holland) (1976)
  16. Caring Kind (As:Sheila Holland) (1976)
  17. Hawk in a Blue Sky (1977)
  18. Festival Summer (1977)
  19. The Devil and Miss Hay (As:Sheila Holland) (1977)
  20. Kingfisher Morning (1977)
  21. Florentine Spring (1977)
  22. The Heron Quest (1977)
  23. The Devil’s Arms (1978)
  24. The Cruel Flame (1978)
  25. Master of Comus (1978)
  26. Desert Barbarian (1978)
  27. Star-Crossed (1978)
  28. Duel of Desire (1978)
  29. Love’s Bright Flame (As:Sheila Holland) (1978)
  30. Eleanor Of Aquitaine (As:Sheila Holland) (1978)
  31. The Notorious Gentleman (As:Sheila Holland) (1978)
  32. Maiden Castle (As:Sheila Holland) (1978)
  33. The Long Surrender (1978)
  34. Dancing Hill (As:Sheila Holland) (1978)
  35. Pagan Encounter (1978)
  36. Twist of Fate (1979)
  37. Dark Master (1979)
  38. Frustration (1979)
  39. The Silken Trap (1979)
  40. The Masque (As:Sheila Holland) (1979)
  41. Forbidden Fire (1979)
  42. Dark Sweet Wanton (As: Sheila Lancaster) (1979)
  43. Sweet Compulsion (As: Victoria Woolf) (1979)
  44. Dark Dominion (1979)
  45. Love is a Frenzy (1979)
  46. Sensation (1979)
  47. Savage Surrender (1980)
  48. Crescendo (1980)
  49. Obsession (1980)
  50. Storm Centre (1980)
  51. Compulsion (1980)
  52. Night Music (1980)
  53. The Merchant’s Daughter (As:Sheila Holland) (1980)
  54. A Frozen Fire (1980)
  55. Fever (1980)
  56. The Tilthammer (As: Sheila Lancaster) (1980)
  57. Man’s World (1980)
  58. Miss Charlotte’s Folly (As:Sheila Holland) (1980)
  59. Seduction (1980)
  60. Desire (1981)
  61. Retribution (1981)
  62. Illusion (1981)
  63. Burning Memories (As: Laura Hardy) (1981)
  64. Abduction (1981)
  65. Stranger in the Night (1981)
  66. Dangerous (1981)
  67. Heartbreaker (1981)
  68. The Girl From Nowhere (1981)
  69. Dark Fantasy (As: Laura Hardy) (1982)
  70. Tears and Red Roses (As: Laura Hardy) (1982)
  71. Dream Master (As: Laura Hardy) (1982)
  72. Midnight Lover (1982)
  73. Mistress of Fortune (As: Sheila Lancaster) (1982)
  74. A Wild Affair (1982)
  75. Betrayal (1983)
  76. The Sex War (1983)
  77. Darkness Of The Heart (1983)
  78. A Violation (1983)
  79. Haunted (1983)
  80. Scandalous (1984)
  81. Love Games (1984)
  82. Infatuation (1984)
  83. Men Are Dangerous (As: Laura Hardy) (1984)
  84. A Naked Flame (1984)
  85. For Adults Only (1984)
  86. Sleeping Desire (1985)
  87. Woman of Iron (As:Sheila Holland) (1985)
  88. Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed? (1985)
  89. Man Hunt (1985)
  90. The Bride Said No (1985)
  91. Explosive Meeting (1985)
  92. Heat of the Night (1986)
  93. Circle of Fate (1987)
  94. Whirlwind (1987)
  95. Hide and Seek (1987)
  96. Kiss of Fire (1987)
  97. Echo of Passion (1987)
  98. Out of Control (1987)
  99. You Can Love a Stranger (1988)
  100. No More Lonely Nights (1988)
  101. Desperation (1988)
  102. Seductive Stranger (1989)
  103. Runaway Wife (1989)
  104. Dark Music (1990)
  105. Rites of Possession (1990)
  106. Dark Pursuit (1990)
  107. Spellbinding (1990)
  108. The Threat of Love (1990)
  109. Shotgun Wedding (1991)
  110. Sleeping Partners (1991)
  111. Forbidden Fruit (1991)
  112. Heart on Fire (1992)
  113. Dreaming (1993)
  114. Fire in the Blood (1993)
  115. Falling In Love (1993)
  116. Wounds of Passion (1993)
  117. Body and Soul (1994)
  118. Guilty Love (1994)
  119. Spellbinding and Dark Music (1994)
  120. Vampire Lover (1994)
  121. Dying for You (1994)
  122. Lovestruck (1997)
  123. In the Still of the Night (1997)
  124. Walking In Darkness (1997)
  125. Deep and Silent Waters (1998)
  126. The Yuletide Child (1998)
  127. The Seduction Business (1999)
  128. Treasons of the Heart (1999)
  129. Angel of Death (2000)
  130. Boardroom to Bedroom (2001)
  131. The Boss’s Virgin (2001)
  132. The Wildest Rake (2019)
  133. A Notorious Rake (2019)
  134. Love In The Dark (2020)
  135. To Kiss An Earl (2021)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Snowbound (1998)

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Charlotte Lamb Books Overview


A LARGE PRINT edition of the sixth volume in the six part series entitled BARBARY WHARF. Each novel features an independent love story in its own right.

Hot Surrender

An Undeniable Attraction Zoe was enraged by Connel Hillier’s arrogance! He’d been direct, demanding and had even invited himself to her home! Well, other women might simper over his brooding good looks, but not Zoe!Who was she trying to fool? Connel had the monopoly on sex appeal, and Zoe couldn’t deny their attraction to one another, no matter how hard she tried. She couldn’t handle this man in her life, her feelings were too intense! But Connel always got what he wanted and, this time, he was asking for Zoe’s passionate surrender.

Fatherhood Fever! (By:Emma Darcy)

His free wheeling bachelor days behind him, Matt is ready for family and fatherhood. And Peta seems to be the answer to his prayers. But first he has to convince her that he wants more than just her gorgeous body.’

Between Duty and Desire (By:Leanne Banks)

AND HE WAS JUST INCHES FROM CROSSING ITBound by a promise made to a fallen comrade, retired marine Brock Armstrong had no choice but to seek out the man’s widow. Past conversations and shared letters had given Brock great insight into Callie Newton; he knew her every like and dislike, her every dream…
and her every desire. Arriving on her door, seeing her in person, had Brock reeling. This Callie was even better than his fantasy. And it wasn’t long before he acknowledged how deeply he wanted her in his bed…
in his life…
forever. But, for a man of duty, Callie was a prize he dared not covet.

The Heron Quest

I’ll do the work, he’ll get the credit. Kit firmly believed that’s what would happen when she had to team up with the great Adam Rothbury in making a TV documentary. Adam was brilliant, attractive, sarcastic and Kit had never liked him. Adam acknowledged Kit’s competence, but believed she owed her position to being the TV company owner’s niece. In tracing the life of a deceased Polish wartime flyer and poet, Adam and Kit discovered each other the true selves behind their working facades. And they discovered love!

Master of Comus

Number 2181 in the Harlequin Romance Series.


Would the past ruin her future? In the chaotic world of a London television network, Natalie struggled to rebuild her life and grieved privately over the death of her beloved husband, Angus. When she was promoted to Jake Lang’s production team, the whole network buzzed. Jake had hated Natalie ever since an unspeakably humilating night she’d tried to forget. But Natalie knew that if she was to have any kind of future, she somehow had to make Jake believe that he was more than just a substitute for Angus. It wouldn’t be easy!

Dark Dominion

MMPB, 16mo. 188pp. Pub 1980.

Man’s World

No. 412 in the Harlequin Romance series.

A Wild Affair

To Quincy it was a publicity stunt. Only because her young brother had entered her name in the contest had she agreed to go along with the plans when she was declared the winner. The prize? An evening out in London with dreamy, sexy, international pop singer Joe Aldonez. Most women would willingly have changed places with her. When the fantasy man became flesh and blood Quincy realized she’d fallen for his charm. But one glimpse of his sophisticated life made her deny the dictates of her heart…


PB Vintage Harlequin 585, no shelf wear, no scuffs, tight binding, clean pages, no marks, 1 flaw light spine line; William Biddle Cover Art, smoke/pet free home. Ships anywhere 7 days a week


PB Gift Quality Vintage Harlequin 700, no shelf wear, no scuffs, tight binding, clean pages, no marks, no spine crease, Lin Goldberg Cover Art, smoke/pet free home. Ships anywhere 7 days a week

No More Lonely Nights

Driving back to London after her vacation, reporter Sian Christian nearly ran over a fleeing bride. And not just any bride, either the bride of William Cassidy, powerful electronics magnate. Sian took the distraught young fugitive to London, then found to her dismay that she, not the hapless bride, was the one who had to deal with the jilted groom. He stormed into her flat and accused Sian of manipulation, of doing anything for a story. But Sian could see through his anger to his pain. She wondered what on earth he saw in his runaway bride. And then she wondered why she cared…

Heart on Fire

Claudia’s new boss, Ellis, was considered to be a troublemaker but that was okay because Claudia liked a job that was a challenge. Now they’re working together and it’s Claudia’s feelings that are a challenge and her heart that’s in trouble.

In the Still of the Night

Annie Lang, star of the TV police drama ‘The Force’, is a character known to millions. Men want to protect her; women warm to her too. But, in the real world, the actress with the innocent face harbours her own terrible secret. Why do those who get close to Annie have a habit of dying suddenly and violently In the Still of the Night? Two very different men dominated Annie’s past. Both vanished eight years ago. Since that fateful night, ambition has driven Annie to the top. Now at the peak of her success, she has everything she has ever wanted except love the one thing she would trade it all for. And then one day love begins to stalk her…

The Yuletide Child

Dylan was thrilled when, within a few weeks, handsome Ross met and married her. But marrying Ross meant Dylan abandoned her career and her friends. It also brought an unexpected pregnancy. Suddenly, Dylan found her previously passionate husband seemed to prefer his best friend’s wife.

The Seduction Business

Bianca Milne, cool, ambitious executive, is assigned to the buy out of Matt Hearne’s company. When Matt is called home to look after his little daughter, Bianca impulsively offers help but her proximity ignites a smoldering attraction between them.

Angel of Death

Still mourning the death of her husband, Miranda remains haunted by Alex Manoussi, the enigmatic Greek who rescued her from the cruel sea that had claimed Tom. Miranda witnesses a murder and is forced into hiding, and the job in a luxury hotel on the idyllic Greek island of Delephores seems heaven sent. Can it be mere coincidence that Alex is there, too? Has the Angel of Death come to make her his own?


Living through the winter months often means being at the mercy of the elements. In these three cozy novels, three reluctant hero*ines find themselves in a blizzard, stranded together with three irresistible heroes. But our hero*ines soon discover that the coldest weather can sometimes spark the warmest heat of passion. Republished titles.

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