Charlie Huston Books In Order

Hank Thompson Books In Publication Order

  1. Caught Stealing (2004)
  2. Six Bad Things (2005)
  3. A Dangerous Man (2006)

Joe Pitt Books In Publication Order

  1. Already Dead (2005)
  2. No Dominion (2006)
  3. Half the Blood of Brooklyn (2007)
  4. Every Last Drop (2008)
  5. My Dead Body (2009)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Shotgun Rule (2007)
  2. The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death (2008)
  3. Sleepless (2010)
  4. Skinner (2013)

Moon Knight (2006) (Collected Editions) Books In Publication Order

  1. Moon Knight Vol. 2: Midnight Sun (With: ,David Finch) (2007)
  2. Moon Knight, Volume 3: God & Country (With: ) (2008)
  3. Moon Knight, Volume 4: The Death of Marc Spector (By:) (2009)
  4. Moon Knight, Volume 5: Down South (By:) (2009)

Graphic Novels In Publication Order

  1. Deathlok (2010)
  2. Wolverine (2013)

The Ultimates Books In Publication Order

  1. The Ultimates (By:) (2004)
  2. The Ultimates Ultimate Collection (By:) (2004)
  3. The Ultimates 2, Volume 1 (By:) (2005)
  4. Ultimate Annuals, Volume 1 (By:) (2006)
  5. The Ultimates 2 (By:) (2007)
  6. The Ultimates 2, Volume 2 (By:) (2007)
  7. Ultimate Annuals, Volume 2 (2007)
  8. The Ultimates 3 (By:Jeph Loeb) (2007)
  9. Ultimates 3 (By:Jeph Loeb) (2007)
  10. The Ultimates Omnibus (By:) (2009)
  11. The Ultimates Omnibus (By:) (2009)
  12. The Ultimates, Volume 1 (By:) (2009)
  13. Ultimate Comics Doomsday (By:) (2010)
  14. The Ultimates, Volume 2 (By:) (2012)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Crucified Dreams (2011)

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Charlie Huston Books Overview

Caught Stealing

It’s three thousand miles from the green fields of glory, where Henry call me Hank Thompson once played California baseball, to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where the tenements are old, the rents are high, and the drunks are dirty. But now Hank is here, working as a bartender and taking care of a cat named Bud who is surely going to get him killed.

It begins when Hank s neighbor, Russ, has to leave town in a rush and hands over Bud in a carrier. But it isn t until two Russians in tracksuits drag Hank over the bar at the joint where he works and beat him to a pulp that he starts to get the idea: Someone wants something from him. He just doesn t know what it is, where it is, or how to make them understand he doesn t have it.

Within twenty four hours Hank is running over rooftops, swinging his old aluminum bat for the sweet spot of a guy s head, playing hide and seek with the NYPD, riding the subway with a dead man at his side, and counting a whole lot of cash on a concrete floor.

All because of two cowboys, two Russian mafia men, and some of the weirdest goons ever assembled in one place. All because of Bud. All because once, in another life, in another world, the only thing Hank wanted was to take third base without getting caught.

From the Hardcover edition.

Six Bad Things

Hank Thompson is living off the map in Mexico with a bagful of cash that the Russian mafia wants back and many, many secrets. So when a Russian backpacker shows up in town asking questions, Hank tries to play it cool. But he knows the jig is up when the backpacker mentions the money…
and the family Hank left behind. Suddenly Hank’s in a desperate race to get to his parents in California before anyone can harm them. Along the way he ll face Federales and Border Patrol, mafiosi and vigilantes, extortionists and drug dealers, and a couple of psychotic surf bums with an ax to grind. From the golden beaches of the Yucat n to the seedy strip clubs of Vegas, Charlie Huston opens a door to the squalid underworld of crime and corruption and invites the reader to live it in the extreme. From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Dangerous Man

Among the new voices in twenty first century crime fiction, Charlie Huston…
is where it’s at. The Washington Post Huston writes dialogue so combustible it could fuel a bus and characters crazy enough to take it on the road. The New York Times Book ReviewReluctant hitman Henry Thompson has fallen on hard times. His grip on life is disintegrating, his pistol hand shaking, his body pinned to his living room couch by painkillers and his boss, Russian mobster David Dolokhov, isn t happy about any of it. So Henry is surprised when he s handed a new assignment: keep tabs on a minor league baseball star named Miguel Arenas. Henry has no pity for the slugger and the wicked gambling problem that got him in trouble, but he can t help liking the guy. After all, Henry used to be just like him: a natural born ball player with a bright future. But hell, that was long ago. Before Henry did some guy a favor and ended up running for his life. Before his girlfriend and buddies got gunned down by someone on his tail. Before he agreed to buy his parents safety with a life of violence. And when Miguel gets drafted by the Mets and is sent to the Brooklyn Cyclones, Henry must head back to New York, back to the place where all his problems began and where Henry might find a real reason to keep living, a reason that may just cost him his life. Huston reminds me of all my favorite writers Pete Dexter, Robert Stone, Crumley. If there is such a thing as compassionate noir, Charlie has found it. He s a true marvel. Ken Bruen, author of The Guards Charlie Huston is the real deal. Peter Straub

Already Dead

Those stories you hear? The ones about things that only come out at night? Things that feed on blood, feed on us? Got news for you: they re true. Only it’s not like the movies or old man Stoker s storybook. It s worse. Especially if you happen to be one of them. Just ask Joe Pitt. There s a shambler on the loose. Some fool who got himself infected with a flesh eating bacteria is lurching around, trying to munch on folks brains. Joe hates shamblers, but he s still the one who has to deal with them. That s just the kind of life he has. Except afterlife might be better word. From the Battery to the Bronx, and from river to river, Manhattan is crawling with Vampyres. Joe is one of them, and he s not happy about it. Yeah, he gets to be stronger and faster than you, and he s tough as nails and hard to kill. But spending his nights trying to score a pint of blood to feed the Vyrus that s eating at him isn t his idea of a good time. And Joe doesn t make it any easier on himself. Going his own way, refusing to ally with the Clans that run the undead underside of Manhattan it ain t easy. It s worse once he gets mixed up with the Coalition the city s most powerful Clan and finds himself searching for a poor little rich girl who s gone missing in Alphabet City. Now the Coalition and the girl s high society parents are breathing down his neck, anarchist Vampyres are pushing him around, and a crazy Vampyre cult is stalking him. No time to complain, though. Got to find that girl and kill that shambler before the whip comes down…
and before the sun comes up.

No Dominion

Joe Pitt’s life sucks. He hasn t had a case or a job in God knows how long and his stashes are running on empty. What stashes? The only ones that count to a guy like Joe: blood and money. The money he uses to buy blood; the blood he drinks. Hey, buddy, it s that or your neck you want to choose? The only way to lay his hands on both is to take a gig with the local Vampyre Clan. See, something new is on the streets, a new high, a high so strong it can send a Vampyre spazzing through Joe s local watering hole. Till Joe sends him through a plate glass window, that is. So it s time for Joe to gut up and swallow that pride and follow the leads wherever they go. It won t be long before he s slapping stoolies, getting sapped, and being taken for a ride above 110th Street. Someone s pulling Joe s strings, and now he s riding the A train, looking to find who it is. He s gonna cut them when he finds them the strings and the hands that hold them.

Half the Blood of Brooklyn

One of the most remarkable prose stylists to emerge from the noir tradition in this century. Stephen King Hard boiled horror, pulp noir vampires, decaying urban souls you re gonna need a shower after this one…
. Huston kicks down the door of horror. Fangoria, on Already DeadThere’s only so much room on the Island, only so much blood, and Manhattan s Vampyre Clans aren t interested in sharing. So when the Vyrus infected dregs of New York s outer boroughs start creeping across the bridges and through the tunnels, the Clans want to know why. Bad luck for PI and general hard case Joe Pitt. See, Joe used to be a Rogue, used to work off his own dime, picked his own gigs, but tight times and a terminally ill girlfriend pushed him into the arms of the renegade Society Clan. Now he has all the cash and blood he needs, but at a steep price. The price tonight is crossing the bridge, rolling to Coney Island, finding the Freak Clan, and figuring out what s driving that bunch of savages to scratch at the Society s door. No need to look far. The answer lies around the corner in Gravesend. Convenient, all those graves. From uptown to the boardwalk, war drums are beating. Murderous family feuds and personal grudges are being drawn and brandished, along with the long knives. Blood will spill and, big surprise, Joe s in the middle. But hey, why should this night be different from any other?Sunset to sunrise: put off a war, keep your head attached to your neck, and save your girl. Check. Joe s on the case. Praise for Charlie Huston and his Joe Pitt novels In conceiving his world a New York City divided by vampire clans, each with different reasons to hate Pitt, Huston gives a fading genre a fresh afterlife. Grade: A. Entertainment Weekly Huston creates a world that is at once supernatural and totally familiar, imaginative, and utterly convincing. The Philadelphia Inquirer

Every Last Drop

Charlie Huston’s action scenes are unparalleled in crime fiction and his dialogue is so hip and dead on that Elmore Leonard should be getting nervous. Publishers Weekly starred review, on Half the Blood of BrooklynIt s like this: a series of bullet riddled bad breaks has seen rogue Vampyre and terminal tough guy Joe Pitt go from PI for hire to Clan connected enforcer to dead man walking in a New York minute. And after burning all his bridges, the only one left to cross leads to the Bronx, where Joe s brass knuckles and straight razor can t keep him from running afoul of a sad*istic old bloodsucker with a bad bark and a worse bite. Even if every Clan in Manhattan is hollering for Joe s head on a stick, it s got to be better than trying to survive in the outer borough wilderness. So it s a no brainer when Clan boss Dexter Predo comes looking to make a deal. All Joe has to do to win back breathing privileges on his old turf is infiltrate an upstart Clan whose plan to cure the Vyrus could expose the secret Vampyre world to mortal eyes and set off a panic driven massacre. Not cool. But Joe s all over it. To save the Undead future, he just has to wade neck deep through all the archenemies, former friends, and assorted heavy hitters he s crossed in the past. No sweat? Maybe not, but definitely more blood than he s ever seen or hungered for. And maybe even some tears over the horror and heartbreaking truth about the evil men do no matter who or what they are. Praise for Charlie Huston and his Joe Pitt novels In conceiving his world a New York City divided by vampire clans, each with different reasons to hate Pitt, Huston gives a fading genre a fresh afterlife. Grade: A. Entertainment Weekly Huston creates a world that is at once supernatural and totally familiar, imaginative, and utterly convincing. The Philadelphia Inquirer

My Dead Body


Just ask Joe Pitt. After exposing the secret source of blood for half of Manhattan’s Vampyres, he s definitely a dead man walking. He s been a punching bag and a bullet magnet for every Vampyre Clan in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, not to mention a private eye, an enforcer, an exile, and a vigilante, but now he s just a target with legs.

For a year he s sloshed around the subway tunnels and sewers, tapping the veins of the lost, while above ground a Vampyre civil war threatens to drag the Clans into the sunlight once and for all. What s it gonna take to dig him up? Just the search for a missing girl who s carrying a baby that just might be the destiny of Vampyre-kind. Not that Joe cares all that much about destiny and such. What he cares about is that his ex-girl Evie wants him to take the gig. What s the risk? Another turn playing pigeon in a shooting gallery. What s the reward? Maybe one shot of his own. What s he aiming for? Nothing much. Just all the evil at the heart of his world.

The Shotgun Rule

The first stand alone thriller by critically acclaimed author Charlie Huston, The Shotgun Rule is a raw tale of four teenage friends who go looking for a little trouble and find it.

Blood spilled on the asphalt of this town long years gone has left a stain, and it’s spreading.

Not that a thing like that matters to teenagers like George, Hector, Paul, and Andy. It s summer 1983 in a northern California suburb, and these working class kids have been killing time the usual ways: ducking their parents, tinkering with their bikes, and racing around town getting high and boosting their neighbors meds. Just another typical summer break in the burbs. Till Andy s bike is stolen by the town s legendary petty hoods, the Arroyo brothers. When the boys break into the Arroyos place in search of the bike, they stumble across the brothers private industry: a crank lab. Being the kind of kids who rarely know better, they do what comes naturally: they take a stash of crank to sell for quick cash. But doing so they unleash hidden rivalries and crimes, and the dark and secret past of their town and their families.

The spreading stain is drawing local drug lords, crooked cops, hard riding bikers, and the brutal history of the boys fathers in its wake.

The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death

With his teaching career derailed by tragedy and his slacker days numbered, Webster Fillmore Goodhue makes an unlikely move and joins Clean Team, charged with tidying up L.A.’s grisly crime scenes. For Web, it’s a steady gig, and he soon finds himself sponging a Malibu suicide’s brains from a bathroom mirror and flirting with the man’s bereaved and beautiful daughter. Then things get weird: The dead man’s daughter asks a favor. Every cell in Web’s brain tells him to turn her down, but something makes him hit the Harbor Freeway at midnight to help her however he can. Soon enough it’s Web who needs the help when gun toting California cowboys start showing up on his doorstep. What’s the deal? Is it something to do with what he cleaned up in that motel room in Carson? Or is it all about the brewing war between rival trauma cleaners? Web doesn’t have a clue, but he’ll need to get one if he’s going to keep from getting his face kicked in. Again. And again. And again.


From bestselling author Charlie Huston comes a novel about the fears that find us all during dark times and the courage and sacrifice that can save us in the face of unimaginable odds. Gripping, unnerving, exhilarating, and haunting, Sleepless is well worth staying up for. What former philosophy student Parker Hass wanted was a better world. A world both just and safe for his wife and infant daughter. So he joined the LAPD and tried to make it that way. But the world changed. Struck by waves of chaos carried in on a tide of insomnia. A plague of Sleeplessness. Park can sleep, but he is wide awake. And as much as he wishes he was dreaming, his eyes are open. He has no choice but to see it all. That’s his job. Working undercover as a drug dealer in a Los Angeles ruled in equal parts by martial law and insurgency, he’s tasked with cutting off illegal trade in Dreamer, the only drug that can give the infected what they most crave: sleep. After a year of lost leads and false trails, Park stumbles into the perilous shadows cast by the pharmaceuticals giant behind Dreamer. Somewhere in those shadows, at the nexus of disease and drugs and money, a secret is hiding. Drawn into the inner circle of a tech guru with a warped agenda and a special use for the Sleepless themselves, Park thinks he knows what that secret might be. To know for certain, he will have to go deeper into the restless world. His wife has become Sleepless, and their daughter may soon share the same fate. For them, he will risk what they need most from him: his belief that justice must be served. Unknown to him, his choice ties all of their futures to the singularly deadly nature of an aging mercenary who stalks Park. The deeper Park stumbles through the dark, the more he is convinced that it is obscuring the real world. Bring enough light and the shadows will retreat. Bring enough light and everyone will see themselves again. Bring enough light and he will find his way to the safe corner, the harbor he’s promised his family. Whatever the cost to himself. It is July 2010. The future is coming. Open your eyes.

Moon Knight, Volume 3: God & Country (With: )

Award winning TV writer Mike Benson Entourage takes over the reins, with co plotter Charlie Huston! Moon Knight is back in the game leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake and everyone wants to know the same thing: Who the hell gave this psycho a Registration Card? But no one wants to know more than the architect of the Initiative, Tony Stark. As the body count grows, the pressure to bring in the poster child for super powered irresponsibility might grow too much for Stark to ignore. And when that happens? Collects Moon Knight 14 19.

Moon Knight, Volume 4: The Death of Marc Spector (By:)

Moon Knight has been an eyesore to the Initiative…
and he’s about to pay the price! With Tony Stark forced onto the sidelines, Norman Osborn has been tapped to bring in the fugitive super hero by all means necessary! That’s right, True Believer, the Thunderbolts have just been sicced on Moon Knight. To survive, he’s going to have to go a bit crazy! Collects Moon Knight 21 25 and Annual 2008.

Moon Knight, Volume 5: Down South (By:)

Out of the frying pan…
into the inferno. Marc Spector may be dead, but Moon Knight is very much alive. Hiding out in the dark underbelly of Mexico City, trouble quickly finds the fugitive vigilante when a mysterious millionaire begs him to ensure the safe return of his kidnapped daughter. Problem is, the girl is in the clutches of corrupt cops that are currently in the crosshairs of a vigilante whose methods make even Khonshu blink. The Punisher has come down to Mexico, and God help anyone who gets between him and his prey. Collects Moon Knight 26 30; extras


Marvel’s ultimate cyborg is back in this Marvel Knights series written by Charlie Huston Moon Knight and breathtakingly illustrated by Lan Medina Foolkiller. In the not too distant future, war is a spectator sport, warriors die hard and live fast, and living larger than anyone is super soldier Lieutenant Mike Travers. That is, until Travers hotdogs it on the battlefield and gets himself and his C.O. Luther Manning blown to bits. The show must go on. Enter: Deathlok the Demolisher! Collects Deathlok 1 7.

The Ultimates (By:)

A teenager is climbing walls in Manhattan. Mutants are attacking the White House. Nick Fury, head of the elite espionage agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., knows the only way to combat these strange new threats is with a team of hisown superhumans. Backed by a billion dollar budget, Fury recruits Giant Man, the Wasp, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. And while the team is strong enough to engage in a ferocious battle with the Hulk, will they implode under the weight of their internal conflicts? Rising above their own agendas, the Ultimates forge ahead with the introduction of new allies and face a major global threat. Collects THE ULTIMATES VOL.1: SUPER HUMAN and THE ULTIMATES VOL. 2: HOMELAND SECURITY. PLUS: A hefty helping of DVD Style extras!

The Ultimates Ultimate Collection (By:)

Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. The X-Men and Magneto. Strange beings with incredible powers have risen up to challenge the old order, and ordinary citizens are scared witless. The government’s solution: a small but lethal army known as the Ultimates, created to protect us all from the newly rising threats to mankind! Millar and Hitch’s widescreen super-hero epic helped define Marvel’s then-new Ultimate line pf comics. Now you can own all the action across two titanic trade paperbacks! Collects Ultimates 1-13.

The Ultimates 2, Volume 1 (By:)

It’s been one year since they stopped an alien invasion, and now things get hard. New members, new costumes, and 12 months of gossip to catch up on! Who’s getting married? Who’s divorced? Who’s gone nuts since we last saw them? Why, just in this first story, we see Ultimate Hulk and the secret origin of Ultimate Thor, and get a look at the entire Ultimate Universe as drawn by Bryan Hitch! It’s guest stars galore featuring the X Men, Daredevil, Captain Britain, and even the Defenders! Collects The Ultimates 2 1 6.

Ultimate Annuals, Volume 1 (By:)

The Ultimate Inhumans debut, two lives are forever changed, you’ll never guess who’s back and everyone guest stars in the first ever Ultimate Annuals! In Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 1, it’s the first appearance of the Ultimate Inhumans! From a hidden race, she came to steal the heart of the FF’s youngest member: the beautiful elemental called Crystal! In Ultimate X Men Annual 1, it’s the return of Ultimate Juggernaut! Juggie makes a play for the Gem of Cyttorak, the jewel that will make him truly unstoppable. Only two small things stand in his way: Rogue and Gambit, the new prince and princess of thieves! In Ultimate Spider Man Annual 1, Spidey goes toe to toe with some old foes and winds up with a new girlfriend! Who is she? Let’s just say she has a familiar face. And in The Ultimates Annual 1, if you thought The Ultimates were the only team S.H.I.E.L.D. was creating you were wrong! Get ready for the next wave of super soldiers designed to protect America’s vital interests. But is this all that Director Nick Fury is up to, or is there much more to this ultra clandestine program? And can even S.H.I.E.L.D. keep all these super people under control? Collects Ultimates Annual 1; Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 1; Ultimate X Men Annual 1; Ultimate Spider Man Annual 1.

The Ultimates 2 (By:)

This deluxe hardcover collects Ultimates 2 Vol. 1: Gods & Monsters and Ultimates 2 Vol. 2: Grand Theft America, plus extras. In Gods & Monsters, it’s been one year since they stopped an alien invasion, and now things get hard! New members, new costumes and 12 months of gossip to catch up on! Who’s getting married? Who’s divorced? Who’s gone nuts since we last saw them? See Ultimate Hulk and the secret origin of Ultimate Thor, and get a look at the entire Ultimate Universe as drawn by Bryan Hitch! It’s guest stars galore featuring the X Men, Daredevil, Captain Britain and even the Defenders! And in Grand Theft America, Tony and Natasha are on the eve of their wedding but when Nick Fury makes his move against the mysterious traitor that’s been plaguing the team, the Ultimates will never be the same! Also, Captain America and Wasp hit a serious snag in their relationship. Is this the end for the Ultimate Universe’s hottest couple? Is this the beginning of the end for the Ultimates? Collects Ultimates 2 1 13 and Ultimates Annual 1.

The Ultimates 2, Volume 2 (By:)

Tony and Natasha are on the eve of their wedding…
but when Nick Fury makes his move against the mysterious traitor that’s been plaguing the team, the team will never be the same! Also, Captain America and Wasp hit a serious snag in their relationship…
is this the end for the Ultimate Universe’s hottest couple? Is this the beginning of the end for the Ultimates? Collects Ultimates 2 7 13.

Ultimate Annuals, Volume 2

In Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 2, something strange has happened at Nursery Two, the Baxter Building’s Think Tank counterpart in Oregon. It’s disappeared, seemingly swallowed up by the earth itself! And if you think that heralds the return of the macabre Mole Man, go to the head of the class! In Ultimate X Men Annual 2, Dazzler has awakened from her coma only to discover her life is in deadly peril! And even her former fellow X Men may be powerless to save her as a betrayal within the ranks has left them shellshocked. In Ultimate Spider Man Annual 2, Punisher and Daredevil return! While Foggy Nelson offers Spidey some legal advice, Police Captain Jean DeWolfe gives him some other advice on how to take down the Ultimate Kangaroo! And in The Ultimates Annual 2, as the Ultimates clear the wreckage from the recent attack on the United States, a monstrous evil from the past rises from the ashes to launch an attack when America is at her weakest. And with the ranks of the Ultimates severely depleted, all that stands in the path of the long thought dead bio fanatic Arnim Zola is the indomitable Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, and Sam Wilson, the high flying Falcon! Collects The Ultimates Annual 2, Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 2, Ultimate X Men Annual 2 and Ultimate Spider Man Annual 2.

The Ultimates 3 (By:Jeph Loeb)

A year later, who are the Ultimates? After going through the tumultuous events of the past two volumes, the Ultimates find themselves operating out of Tony Stark’s mansion in New York where, no longer working for S.H.I.E.L.D., they have to make it on their own. But a terrible secret is about to tear them apart and bring about a murder at the mansion! One of Earth’s greatest heroes will die, and there’ll be plenty of suspects! New Members! New Adventures! And New Secrets! All this, and Ultimate Venom, too! Join Eisner winner and Emmy nominated writer Jeph Loeb TV’s Heroes, Fallen Son and the superstar team of Joe Madureira and Christian Lichtner Uncanny X Men, Battle Chasers as they take the Ultimates on their wildest ride yet! Collects Ultimates 3 1 5.

The Ultimates Omnibus (By:)

Is even an Omnibus big enough to contain Millar and Hitch’s widescreen super hero epic?! They are the greatest heroes the world has ever known: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Wasp, Giant Man, Hawkeye, the Black Widow, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch! Brought together by Nick Fury, head of the elite espionage agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., the Ultimates are Earth’s last line of defense against a rising storm of strange new threats to humanity menaces such as the rampaging monster known as the Hulk, and an army of shape shifting aliens bent on destroying the world and killing all humankind. But just as they begin to get comfortable in their roles as international celebrities and America’s champions, things get hard! Can the Ultimates survive the Hulk’s execution, Thor’s imprisonment and the advent of the Ultimate Defenders?! The world’s greatest heroes are in for the battle of the century and not all of them will be walking away! Collects Ultimates 1 13, Ultimates 2 1 13, Ultimates Annual 1, and Ultimates 2 1 Variant Sketch Edition.

The Ultimates, Volume 1 (By:)

Following their nihilistic run on The Authority, Millar and Hitch turn their attention to reinventing the Avengers, the Mightiest Heroes of Marvel’s Earth, into a more contemporary, less optimistic team.

Ultimate Comics Doomsday (By:)

Who is the face of true evil in the Ultimate Universe? What is the biggest secret the world doesn’t know? Join the gathered heroes as they embark on an adventure unlike anything seen in Marvel Comics…
and that’s a promise!!Collecting: Ultimate Comics Enemy 1 4, Ultimate Comics Mystery 1 4, Ultimate Comics Doom 1 4

The Ultimates, Volume 2 (By:)

After managing to take down the Hulk, the government sponsored superhero team called the Ultimates have run into some problems. A shape changing alien race, which are responsible for some of humanity’s worst moments Captain America fought them in World War II are once again rearing their head to wipe out humanity…

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