Charles G West Books In Order

Jason Coles Books In Order

  1. Stone Hand (1998)
  2. Black Eagle (1998)
  3. Cheyenne Justice (1999)

Little Wolf Books In Order

  1. Wind River (1999)
  2. Bitterroot (1999)
  3. Medicine Creek (2000)

Trace McCall Books In Order

  1. Wings of the Hawk (2000)
  2. The Mountain Hawk (2001)
  3. Son of the Hawk (2001)

Culver Books In Order

  1. Savage Cry (2002)
  2. Hero’s Stand (2003)
  3. Evil Breed (2003)
  4. Bloody Hills (2004)

Jordan Gray Books In Order

  1. Devil’s Kin (2005)
  2. Hangman’s Song (2005)
  3. Cruel Rider (2005)

Matt Slaughter Books In Order

  1. Outlaw (2006)
  2. The Hostile Trail (2006)
  3. Vengeance Moon (2007)

Cole Bonner Books In Order

  1. Crow Creek Crossing (2014)
  2. Massacre at Crow Creek Crossing (2019)

John Hawk Books In Order

  1. Hell Hath No Fury (2017)
  2. No Justice in Hell (2018)
  3. Montana Territory (2020)


  1. The Tenant (1996)
  2. Duel at Low Hawk (2007)
  3. Tanner’s Law (2008)
  4. Range War in Whiskey Hill (2008)
  5. Luke’s Gold (2008)
  6. Lawless Prairie (2009)
  7. Shootout at Broken Bow (2009)
  8. The Blackfoot Trail (2009)
  9. The Marble Hill Hotel (2010)
  10. Reno’s Island (2010)
  11. Storm in Paradise Valley (2010)
  12. War Cry (2010)
  13. Ride the High Range (2010)
  14. Thunder Over Lolo Pass (2011)
  15. Left Hand of the Law (2011)
  16. Outlaw Pass (2011)
  17. Death is the Hunter (2012)
  18. A Man Called Sunday (2012)
  19. Day of the Wolf (2012)
  20. Black Horse Creek (2012)
  21. Way of the Gun (2013)
  22. Long Road to Cheyenne (2013)
  23. Mark of the Hunter (2013)
  24. Silver City Massacre (2014)
  25. Wrath of the Savage (2014)
  26. Trial at Fort Keogh (2014)
  27. The Devil’s Posse (2015)
  28. Slater’s Way (2015)

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Charles G West Books Overview

Black Eagle

When old timer scout Jason Coles ended the rampage of renegade Cheyenne Stone Hand, he quit tracking outlaws for the army for good. Settling down with his wife and newborn baby, Coles plans to spend the rest of his days on his ranch raising horses. But that dream is savagely torn from him as his ranch is burned to the ground, and his family is abducted by the bloodthirsty Cheyenne Little Claw, out to avenge the death of Stone Hand! With the lives of his family at stake, Coles must once again strap on his revolvers to hunt amerciless killer!


Charles G. West’s Wild River introduced readers to Little Wolf, the white man raised as Cheyenne. Now, the thrilling saga continues as Little Wolf teams up with a fugitive U.S. soldier to escape an army of former comrades and bounty hunters…
‘Rarely has an author painted the great American West in strokes so bold, vivid, and true.’ Ralph Compton’This is the West as it really was…
savage, heroic, and unforgettable.’ Ralph Compton This book continues the saga of Little Wolf that began with Wind River and will continue with Medicine Creek Also by Charles G. West: Stone Hand and Black Eagle

Medicine Creek

The white born, Cheyenne raised warrior Little Wolf has left the warpath behind to create a prosperous life with his wife Rain Song. But when a renegade army slaughters his tribe and takes Rain Song captive, Little Wolf’s dreams for peace are overrun by need for bloody vengeance.

The Mountain Hawk

In Book II of this exciting new trilogy, mountain man Trace McCall must rescue his beloved from a kidnapper without getting caught in a growing conflict between white homesteaders and Indians. 2nd novel in Charles G. West’s exciting Mountain Man series, following Cry of the Hawk

Son of the Hawk

When a war party of renegade Sioux slaughters his Shoshoni tribe, the young brave White Eagle has no choice but to venture into the world of the white man to find mountain man Trace McCall the father he never knew. ‘Savage, heroic, and unforgettable.’ Ralph Compton

Savage Cry

Clay Culver thought the Civil War was the last battle he’d ever fight, until he got word of his sister’s abduction and suddenly had his own war to wage.

Bloody Hills

Clay Culver is about to discover that the only thing worse than seeing a crazed killer go free is having him catch up with you when you least expect it.

Hangman’s Song

Preacher Nathaniel Rix and sons deliver the Lord’s Word with a gun. Homesteaders and heathens alike are relieved of such temptations as gold and weapons. But Jordan Gray decides to deliver his own vengeance when he’s wanted for a killing committed by the Rix family.

Cruel Rider

When pretty Polly Pike hires mountain man Jordan Gray to guide her to the Black Hills, he has no problem taking the job. There’s no shortage of sinister men in town who want to get Polly under the sheets for a spell and put Gray under the ground forever. But the greatest danger is yet to come. For Polly’s husband is a cold blooded killer on a rampage and he’s coming to Deadwood to take back what’s his.

The Hostile Trail

Matt Slaughter and Ike Brister barely survive a clash with the Sioux led by the dreaded Iron Claw. Back at Fort Laramie, Matt and Ike sign up as cavalry scouts, just as Iron Claw declares war on all whites. And when Matt’s girl is taken captive, a bloody showdown with Iron Claw is inevitable, beyond the mountains Matt and Ike fled for dear life in a valley called Little Bighorn.

Vengeance Moon

On the run for a murder he didn’t commit, Matt Slaughter is lying low in the badlands with a new life, and a new woman. But old troubles are right behind him: her name is P.D. Wildmoon, a hard drinking bounty huntress armed with a . 44, a rawhide horsewhip, and three wild eyed sons bred to kill. The job? Bring the fugitive back to Virginia dead or alive.

Duel at Low Hawk

Boot Stoner spent twelve years behind bars for stealing. Upon release, he added murder and kidnapping to his list and U.S. Deputy Marshal John Ward is the only one who stands a chance of stopping Stoner’s bloody rampage.

Tanner’s Law

Tanner Bland leaves his Virginia home on foot to fight for Dixie and rides back on a fine horse. Most folks would call that a profit until they consider his loss. Thinking him dead, his intended marries his brother shortly before Tanner returns home. With no desire to remain in Virginia, Tanner heads west to join an old army pal. The two friends are destined for a world of trouble in the form of the Leach brothers in the untamed Montana Territory.

Range War in Whiskey Hill

Almost ten years ago, eighteen-year-old Colt McCrae was sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. When his estranged father is murdered, he is released, and returns to Whiskey Hill, Wyoming.

He’s not welcome by everyone. Colt means trouble-because he knows who killed his father. Ruthless range baron Frank Drummond wants the land and will bury anyone who dares oppose him.

But Colt is no longer a kid with a chip on his shoulder. He’s a prison-hardened man with a mind for justice…

Luke’s Gold

Cade Hunter never had a place to call home until veteran ranch hand Luke Tucker saw something worth trusting in him. Which is why Luke shares a secret with Cade. A secret of hidden gold. But when they try find the fortune, a cur from Luke’s past murders him and leaves Cade for dead. Now Cade has something to live for revenge.

Lawless Prairie

Clint Connor stole a horse to protect it from its brutal owner and went to jail for his trouble. Caught up in a daring jailbreak, Connor is now on the run from both the law and the lawless.

Shootout at Broken Bow

Outlaw Roy Blanton’s raised his four boys in the family business since they were half pints. That is, until U .S. Deputy Marshal Casey Dixon had hot headed Billy, the youngest, hanged for shooting a policeman. Now the Blantons have vengeance on their minds…

The Blackfoot Trail

Despite his apathy toward white folks, mountain man Joe Fox reluctantly agrees to lead a group of settlers through the Rockies to Oregon. Taken aback by their appreciation, he soon finds himself enjoying their company especially the attentions of young Callie Simmons. That is, until her parents warn Joe to keep his distance. But they should have worried about Max Starbeau, who travels with the party until the opportunity arises to steal and murder.

Storm in Paradise Valley

Retired lawman Jason Storm sets up a new life for himself as a rancher in Paradise Valley. But when a gang of outlaws invade the town, Storm straps on his gunbelt one more time…

War Cry

Will Carson is the best scout at Fort Dodge. Then he saves the life of Sarah Lawton, a lovely widow with her young daughter, both helpless under Indian fire. And by doing so, he’ made mortal enemies with the Cheyenne who are now out for his blood…

Ride the High Range

Young Jim Moran never had a real family but his sense of honor and razor sharp instincts earned him a loyal partner who gave him a second chance, a home with a Montana Indian tribe, and a new name: Rider Twelve Horses. And when his friend is brutalized by a trio of killers, nothing can stop Rider’s merciless search for justice.

Thunder Over Lolo Pass

Roberta Morris goes to the McCloud brothers seeking help in finding her uncle. He’s gone missing in the Bitterroot Mountains while mining for gold. They are happy to oblige a pretty little lady who’s all alone. But she’s not alone. Frank Burdette and his gang are hot on her trail…
and they know more than Roberta is letting on to the McClouds…

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