Charles Nuetzel Books In Order

Noomas Books In Order

  1. Raiders of Noomas (1969)
  2. Warriors of Noomas (1969)
  3. Torlo Hannis of Noomas (2007)
  4. Slavegirl of Noomas (2008)
  5. Conquest of Noomas (2013)


  1. Lost City of the Damned (1961)
  2. Sex Is My Business (1962)
  3. Never In Her Arms (1965)
  4. Whodunit? Hollywood style (1965)
  5. Queen of Blood (1966)
  6. Star Bit*ch (1967)
  7. Born to Be Loved (1969)
  8. Hollywood Mysteries (1969)
  9. Krista (1969)
  10. The Slaves of Lomooro (1969)
  11. Swordmen of Vistar (1969)
  12. Adapt or Die (2006)
  13. Any One Can Die (2006)
  14. Bodies 4 Sale (2006)
  15. Gold Lust (2006)
  16. Midnight Lovers (2006)
  17. Murder Times 4 (2006)
  18. One Summer of Love (2006)
  19. Operation: Double Cross (2006)
  20. Parley in Passion (2006)
  21. Softly as I Kill You (2006)
  22. Blues for a Dead Lover (2006)
  23. The Epic Dialogs of Mhyo (2006)
  24. The Sex Cult Murders (2006)
  25. The Casting Couchers (2006)
  26. Hollywood Nymph (2006)
  27. The Body Merchants (2007)
  28. Sex Queen (2007)
  29. Long Dead Road (2014)


  1. Mistress of the Damned / Death in Her Arms (2006)
  2. Ersatz / Talisman (2006)
  3. Tropic of Passion / Amazon Gold Fever (2006)
  4. 2 Westerns 1 (2012)
  5. Merchants Of Death (2012)


  1. Fluff (2006)
  2. Dimensions (2007)
  3. Ten Science Fiction NIGHMARES (2015)
  4. Hollywood After Midnight (2015)

Anthologies edited

  1. If This Goes on (1965)

Non fiction

  1. True Stories of Scandal and Hollywood Mysteries (2006)
  2. Pocketbook Writer (2008)
  3. Egomania (2013)

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Charles Nuetzel Books Overview

Torlo Hannis of Noomas

On this new world of primitive city states, dominated by the mysterious Muties, Torlo falls in love with a beautiful princess only to discover a terrible truth that made her untouchable! Originally published in two volumes as ‘Warriors of Noomas’ and ‘Raiders of Noomas,’ here for the first time is the complete saga of Torlo Hannis of Noomas!

Lost City of the Damned

GREED, PASSION, AND GUTS SHOVED THEM INTO THE HUNGRY ARMS OF DEATH! In South America, two desperately competing teams race in search of ancient treasure. They dare the unknown terrors of the Lost City of the Damned, determined to strip it of every valuable artifact. But they didn’t know it was protected by an ancient science lost to modern man! First published in 1961 as a paperback original, then reprinted in the book ‘Jungle Jungle’ in 1961, Lost City of the Damned has been long out of print. Now the author offers this special revised and expanded edition.

Born to Be Loved

Johnny had come to Hollywood to get a fresh start, after too many years of living off lovely widows as their paid lover. This was a new beginning, and he was determined to make the most of his chance for a new life, a new start. But it wasn’t that simple. Things might have worked out if Laura Henderson, his uncle’s young wife, hadn’t wanted him as her personal slave lover. Uncle Ben was a dangerous and violent man, connected to the po*rno business, owner of a classy strip club where Johnny was put to work. In desperation to break free from Laura, Johnny becomes involved with two other women: a stripper and a struggling young actress who had made the wrong king of films for his uncle! But Laura isn’t about to let him escape her clutches. And all hell breaks loose when Ben Henderson discovers the truth!

Tropic of Passion / Amazon Gold Fever

They came for ancient treasure…
and discovered death, destruction, and love! Two tales of jungle adventure, ‘Tropic of Passion’ and ‘Amazon Gold Fever’!

True Stories of Scandal and Hollywood Mysteries

If you have ever wondered what made Hollywood the Sin City of the world during the 1920s and how it finally cleaned itself up, this book will reveal some of the startling answers. Why is it that Hollywood stars, who seem to have everything money, fame, love find it necessary to take to the needle, booze, and the ‘dolls’? What is it about the ‘town’ the industry that uses up talent as if it were some kind of stone object, without feelings, emotion and driving ambitions, which finally is responsible for the destruction of its most important products? Is it the town or the touch of ‘talent’ that drives the ‘beautiful people’ towards escape through fast sex, wild parties, and the ‘happy pills’?

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